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56 Gold St
San Francisco, CA 94133

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(415) 433-6300

  • Sun - 5:30pm - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Wed 4:30pm - 10:00pm
  • Thu 4:30pm - 11:00pm
  • Fri 11:30am - 12:00am
  • Sat 5:30pm - 12:00am

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Coffee and Tea, Most Romantic Restaurants, Steak Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 113 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Bix in San Francisco, CA
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  • Bix in San Francisco, CA

Bix Reviews

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  • bobbi2 reviewBix was good to me. All I can say is that my potential business deal became a big deal to me thanks to Bix. I really believe that it is the perfect place to entertain work people and take family when they come to town. Great San Francisco food from bread to dessert!!!

    44444 by bobbi2

  • sfx1 reviewVisited SFO for the first time this Jan. Was lucky enough to hear about BIX. Very sexy atmosphere. Great artwork, flattering lighting, good acoustics. Try to get a booth upstairs. Female Jazz vocalist was easy listening. Dinner was absolutely amazing. Heard they have a fabulous new chef and he lived up to his reputation. Bartenders are very professional and friendly. Good looking crowd of all ages. Compared to NYC the meal was great value. Remember it comes with excellent live entertainment and every course we had was outstanding. We will definately go again!

    44444 by sfx1

  • fsmith reviewGreat restaurant! Very much like a 'New York supper club,' yet distinctively San Francisco. Good people watching.

    44444 by fsmith

  • alexkoshellward reviewAfter trying to change a drink order at the bar, my friends' already delivered orders were poured out with a `I guess you aren't ordering another round` comment from the bartender.His comment had more truth than he knew: I'll never ever have another round at Bix.

    11111 by alexkoshellward

  • mrbtxtc reviewIf you feel like waiting...and waiting...and waiting, then Bix is the restuarant for you.For a reservation at 9:30 (this was the earliest after 3 weeks of trying for a Sat night) we expected to be seated before 10pm, especially since the table we were given had been free since before our reservation. UGH! The food is good, but not worth the cost - honestly for a restaurant that serves $700 bottles of wine, you'd expect better. Plus, what's with the additional 35 minute wait between courses?Aside from the hostess' bodily enhancements, this restaurant really isn't worth a second glance.

    22222 by mrbtxtc

  • Suzanne L.The ambiance and music is what I look for if I'm feeling nostalgic.

    55555 by Suzanne L.

  • Foodie P.Try the Marrow Bone - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Foodie P.

  • Foodie P.Try the Cable Car Cocktail - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Foodie P.

  • Foodie P.Try the Aviation Cocktail - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Foodie P.

  • Ami A.Good service, although pricey for the quality of food. Mom and pop shops could do it better.

    55555 by Ami A.

  • Elizabeth B.Recommend the steak and banana foster dessert

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Ami A.The service was superb! The food itself wasn't my favorite, but I would go back because everyone was so nice :)

    55555 by Ami A.

  • Thomas MurphyAtmosphere, presentation

    55555 by Thomas Murphy

  • Liz S.Beautiful old school, sophisticated atmosphere. You feel like wearing your pearls and ordering a martini. The deviled eggs are phenomenal.

    55555 by Liz S.

  • Wilson JDark, secluded, jazzy. Speakeasy vibe and great food at this SF classic. Take your visitors and parents here.

    55555 by Wilson J

  • Chris M.Get the truffle-core burger. James said so.

    22222 by Chris M.

  • Tina S.Fun times watching Alex Vargas sing live

    55555 by Tina S.

  • Kevin JDo not get their truffle burger. Everything on that plate is the too salty and unedible. Lobster spaghetti was good but not amazing. Poor inattentive service. Overall a disappointing restaurant.

    33333 by Kevin J

  • Paul de HalléThe steak tartare is to die for. Amazing ambience and food.

    55555 by Paul de Hallé

  • Dave N.Pork chop and bone marrow were both delicious.

    55555 by Dave N.

  • Brendan CurranGreat atmosphere and an opulence that's rare for SF. However, you're definitely paying for that, and not the fare, which is good but not equal to the cost.

    55555 by Brendan Curran

  • Leah J.Spaghetti lobster is divine. Lives up to the reviews left here.

    55555 by Leah J.

  • Brad D.Sit upstairs in the mezzanine. The booths up there are cool.

    55555 by Brad D.

  • Rob H.Classic cocktails served by an old-school professional staff. Steak tartare was great, with a dash of sriracha. Pork chop was juicy and flavorful. Great place.

    55555 by Rob H.

  • Astrid B.Give yourself sometime and enjoy a drink at the bar. Amazing atmosphere, fantastic service. Excellent dining experience.

    55555 by Astrid B.

  • Bee S.Great interior decor, makes you want to dress up to fit in. Impressive service. A good place for a special occasion.

    55555 by Bee S.

  • Brian S.A mainstay on my personal "martini trail". Love the classic SF cocktail atmosphere. Love the potato and caviar puffs.

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Sam W.Great live jazz, great martinis, great steaks. One of my all time favorite restaurants in America. Strongly recommend.

    55555 by Sam W.

  • Mark McElligottSteak tartare & warm chocolate brioche bread pudding were superb. Excellent wine recommendation by our waiter

    55555 by Mark McElligott

  • Sara K.I love the atmosphere here. Live music and lots of energy every time 💗

    55555 by Sara K.

  • Kevin S.Open Friday for lunch!

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Peter B.Has an old school jazz club vibe. Fish dishes are great, esp. the whole roasted fish if it's on the menu.

    55555 by Peter B.

  • Sarah D.Bix - live jazz every night - solo piano to vocals - only entrance is off an alley, true speakeasy style

    55555 by Sarah D.

  • CourtneyDate night 💕

    55555 by Courtney

  • Chefs FeedLori Baker, chef of Baker & Banker, eats here on her nights off. She loves the Warm chocolate brioche bread pudding.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Scott Wilsonbix sidecar

    55555 by Scott Wilson

  • Braden HoeppnerPana Cotta - quite possibly the best finish for an amazing meal.

    55555 by Braden Hoeppner

  • Asahi, pls.great atmosphere especailly the view from upstairs table.

    55555 by Asahi, pls.

  • Mirella M.Overpriced and nobody is there to listen to the amazing jazz music!!! Kind of right place and wrong people!

    33333 by Mirella M.

  • Sam M.Eat at the bar! Ask for Bradley. He has great recommendations

    55555 by Sam M.

  • Tracey B.Very cool, darkly lit, old timey San Francisco speakeasy. Upscale and spendy! Everything was impeccable from the cocktails to the service.

    55555 by Tracey B.

  • Andy M.Have the truffle burger (delicious and filling). Don't have the pork (possibly the smallest piece of meat I've ever seen served in this country).

    55555 by Andy M.

  • Diane P.Make reservations early, great ambiance loved the lobster spaghetti and the ginger lemon margarita

    55555 by Diane P.

  • Michel A.Creamed spinach - hands down most delicious I've ever had, and I don't say that lightly

    55555 by Michel A.

  • LilianTruffled deviled eggs. Alexander Valley Merlot & Silver Oak Cab. Spectacular.

    55555 by Lilian

  • Jerrie N.Get the bone marrow!

    55555 by Jerrie N.

  • Wilfredo G G.If you like Hispanic food, you must try the Chicken Hash!

    55555 by Wilfredo G G.

  • HeatTucked down a quiet alley, Bix stands alone. Consistently on the Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurant list, nothing in San Francisco means old glamour like this.

    55555 by Heat

  • JoAnne K.Try the Linguini With Lobster And Tomatoes - Delicious (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • JoAnne K.Try the fried chicken - Must try (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • JoAnne K.Try the Bone Marrow - Love! One of my favs! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by JoAnne K.

  • Jesse A.For some reason Yelp! lists this as a great place for vegetarians. It is not. If you ask they can make a mushroom pasta, but it is not on the menu.

    55555 by Jesse A.

  • Jorge J.always go for the manhattan best in the city

    55555 by Jorge J.

  • Tim P.Great, old-style steakhouse tucked away in a random alley. Get the deviled eggs to start.

    55555 by Tim P.

  • Tablet HotelsA swanky speakeasy-style supperclub in a hidden alley downtown, Bix is private, exclusive, atmospheric, and with live jazz most nights, it’s almost too precious to be true.

    55555 by Tablet Hotels

  • Hugo B.Zagat 24, live music, recommended by SF Magazine

    55555 by Hugo B.

  • Russ L.Try the Cheese Plate (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Russ L.

  • Russ L.Try the Duck Breast Cutlet (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Russ L.

  • Anton S.Bix Club burger is on 7x7's Big Eat 2013.

    55555 by Anton S.

  • Joel A.Bix Club burger

    33333 by Joel A.

  • Christina D.Bananas foster will change your life

    55555 by Christina D.

  • Eric A.Vodka martini — shaken, not stirred!

    33333 by Eric A.

  • Henry H.Try the Perfect Manhattan (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Henry H.

  • YC L.Steak tar tar was yum..!

    55555 by YC L.

  • Ashley N.Amazing vegetarian meal, it's not on the menu, but oh so good! Ask about it!

    55555 by Ashley N.

  • Nespresso USALocated on a romantic alley in San Francisco's charming Jackson Sq., this spot is perfect for any occasion. Be sure to take in the live, nightly jazz!

    55555 by Nespresso USA

  • Nespresso U.Located on a romantic alley in San Francisco's charming Jackson Sq., this spot is perfect for any occasion. Be sure to take in the live, nightly jazz!

    55555 by Nespresso U.

  • Glenda L.Normally my favorite restaurant in SF however, Mon night seems like they had the C team in the kitchen. My lobster spaghetti was terrible! Very disappointed!

    33333 by Glenda L.

  • Pacific Union InternationalNice mix of chic and old San Francisco. Great martinis!

    55555 by Pacific Union International

  • Kelly P.Get a Sidecar, bone marrow and truffle fries for starters. Chicken hash is unusual so you might want to try that. Fish portions are generous for this type of restaurant. Bread is sourdough!

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • Tony O.Bix Burger is the bomb!

    55555 by Tony O.

  • Larry H.Bone marrow = delish! Deviled eggs, butternut salad, lobster spaghetti, duck and truffle cheeseburger also fit into this same category. A delectable experience with amazing staff. <3

    55555 by Larry H.

  • Nebojsa R.Bix club burger is awesome but bit pricy

    55555 by Nebojsa R.

  • Lauren F.Cheeseburger is out of this world.

    55555 by Lauren F.

  • Benny S.Bix burger

    55555 by Benny S.

  • Colleen D."I'm so smitten with this place. From the live piano to the bone marrow and white suited bartenders. I can't even handle it."

    55555 by Colleen D.

  • SFGate M.You might linger over snacks like harissa-spiked lamb sliders to fortify yourself. But even a quick pit stop for one of Bix's stiff, proper drinks is a true San Francisco treat.

    55555 by SFGate M.

  • Rob D.Order the Lobster Spaghetti and you will have a lifetime addiction.

    55555 by Rob D.

  • Fabian G.Overrated; tourist trap; mediocre food; 80s ambiance (dated!) not quite the mad men I hoped for...

    22222 by Fabian G.

  • Nicole E.The steak tartar and potato pillows are amazing! Love the French 77 cocktail also.

    55555 by Nicole E.

  • PersonalTraining S.I'm such a speakeasy fan. Love the food. One of my top 5 in SF. Visit me at www.personaltrainingSF.com

    55555 by PersonalTraining S.

  • Eden A.A very delightful, SF ambiance. This restaurant has amazing food. You can't go wrong with any of the choices. I definitely recommend the Brandt Beef Short Ribs and the Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding.

    55555 by Eden A.

  • Beau H.27. Tuna tartare.

    55555 by Beau H.

  • Donald W.I love pasta and the spaghetti in lobster sauce is AMAZING (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Donald W.

  • Erik H.In the 1991 film Class Action, Gene hackman and May Elizabeth Mastrantonio have drinks and dinner here

    55555 by Erik H.

  • Brian S.7x7's Big Eat 2012 says the tuna tartare is delicious. Yum!

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Gabe R.Highly recommend the fish special or pork. Lamb burger app is also fantastico.

    55555 by Gabe R.

  • Dan S.It feels like I'm on Mad Men when I come here

    55555 by Dan S.

  • Tara A.bix a modern supperclub with amazing jazz musicians! i suggest going on a friday or sat night enjoying dinner or a drink and apps at the bar and listening to ken the pianist and the band!!!

    55555 by Tara A.

  • Scott A.Steak tartare and salmon tartare are excellent. Don't miss the truffle fries and bananas foster as well.

    55555 by Scott A.

  • 42nd Street MoonBix offers those attending our Sunday matinees a complimentary glass of house wine or martini with your dinner.

    55555 by 42nd Street Moon

  • Alex N.bix burger with pomme fries

    55555 by Alex N.

  • Iza S.Love the live piano!

    55555 by Iza S.

  • LisaDEVILED EGGS. yeah.

    55555 by Lisa

  • Josh B.Make sure you tell your cab driver this place is down a back alley!

    33333 by Josh B.

  • Sonia H.This place has AMAZING food, but if you don't have time time to enjoy dinner here, try and grab a seat at the bar, order one of their famous cocktails and their Bananas Foster. HEAVEN!!

    55555 by Sonia H.

  • Pete M.The ceviche is out of this world. Pork chops and manhattans ain't too shabby either.

    55555 by Pete M.

  • Food & WineIn this recreation of a 1930s supper club, Chef Bruce Hill serves his truffled Pecorino cheeseburger on buttered rye.

    55555 by Food & Wine

  • Food & WineThis supper club evokes the ambience of Cunard ships from the '30s and '40s with classic drinks, a massive spirits selection and live jazz every night.

    55555 by Food & Wine

  • Alicia H.The pork shoulder is beyond incredible. Melts in your mouth. Butterscotch chocolate brownie was not what I expected but also very good.

    55555 by Alicia H.

  • Jolene T.Vegetarian? They'll offer pasta or a hodgepodge of 4 farm fresh veggie items- tapas style- some of which were not on the menu e.g. patatas bravas. The pumpkin w/steamed kale was INCREDIBLE!!

    55555 by Jolene T.

  • EaterTucked away in a random Financial District alley, Bix is a restaurant like no other in SF. Classic cocktails flow at the bar and the dining room is alive and popping every night. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Rebecca R.Manhattan, sazerac & pork shoulder. Done.

    55555 by Rebecca R.

  • @A.G. Wine - iPhone/iPadTry this exceptional wine tonight (good price too!): Château Leydet-Valentin (Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux) from the excellent 2005 vintage. Generous flavors of dark fruits, with smoke highlights. Enjoy!

    55555 by @A.G. Wine - iPhone/iPad

  • FoodspottingTry the Bone Marrow

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Shawn K.The wagyu steak is amazing!

    55555 by Shawn K.

  • Andrew C.The Carmel and Chocolate Brownie dessert is one of the best I've ever had anywhere.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Jack G.Amazing place, some of the finest food n San Francisco

    55555 by Jack G.

  • Allison OThe lobster spaghetti was very good!

    33333 by Allison O

  • Steve PPerhaps the best martini in sf

    55555 by Steve P

  • Todd W.If you've never had beef tartar, this is where you should give it a try. 10!

    55555 by Todd W.

  • 7x7 M.Can you resist a tuna tartare and a gin martini? Didn't think so...it's #29 on 7x7's Big Eat SF 2010.

    55555 by 7x7 M.

  • aaron d.lam burgers. hot.

    55555 by aaron d.

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