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Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original

542 Green Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

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(415) 982-9738

  • Sun - Thu 11:30am - 11:30pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:30am - 2:30am

Cuisine: Pizza Places

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4.7 of 5.0 from 203 reviews

price range:Less than $10


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Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA
  • Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original in San Francisco, CA

Golden Boy Pizza-Sodini'S Original Reviews

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  • Anamalia reviewI feel in love with Golden Boy pizza this past summer and every time I got to SF I HAVE to stop and get a piece of pie! I wish they made enough of the Garlic - Clam slice though everytime I go they are SOLD OUT - such a bummer. Oh Mike is a cutie too!

    55555 by Anamalia

  • Jose P.Sausage pizza and pesto veggie are the best

    55555 by Jose P.

  • Graham SiegelGet the garlic and clam pizza!

    55555 by Graham Siegel

  • Brittany SübersTastes like Ellio's frozen pizza...

    11111 by Brittany Sübers

  • Abdulelah DAmazing and cheap with great rock music in the background.

    55555 by Abdulelah D

  • Simon CAmazing crust on all the pizza

    55555 by Simon C

  • Tom CBest slice in the city

    55555 by Tom C

  • Colin T.Clam pie... No contest

    55555 by Colin T.

  • Liza JUgh. If thick chewy pizza by the slice is your thing... sure! Won't be back.

    33333 by Liza J

  • Daddy said I'm specialCheap, tasty, fulfilling

    55555 by Daddy said I'm special

  • SarahThe only place worth going to for a late night in North Beach. Cash only. Totally worth the wait, plus the service is surprisingly nice ✨

    55555 by Sarah

  • Anthony K.Love the corner slices filled with clams and garlic; or if I have to interact with others after I get the (non-veggie) combo slice.

    33333 by Anthony K.

  • frank ramirezWhen you drive from Antioch to San Francisco for pizza! You know it's good.great value with a great taste

    55555 by frank ramirez

  • Jared KThis is my ideal pizza place. Love to come here and grab a slice and a glass of wine and chill!

    55555 by Jared K

  • Brodie WBest Sicilian pizza in the city, especially late night. Garlic and clam is my go-to, but everything is top-notch and cheesy.

    55555 by Brodie W

  • J TThe pizza I crave when I dream.

    55555 by J T

  • Chloé fDelicious garlic clam pizza slice for $3.75

    55555 by Chloé f

  • Alessandro M.This is what in Italy we call "pizza al taglio". The pizza is not the most authentic (you know, pepperoni ain't a thing back there) but it's great! I go for the cheese and the vegetarian.

    55555 by Alessandro M.

  • Amber L.Most amazing drunk food

    55555 by Amber L.

  • Victoria GBEST pizza in my life!!! Try it!

    55555 by Victoria G

  • Minh DClam pizza was tasty and not "wet pizza" as other Clam pizzas I've had

    55555 by Minh D

  • Chart MHad it two nights in a row, had all 6 variations, they are all incredible. Garlic and clam and Combo at the top of the list, but you can't go wrong!

    55555 by Chart M

  • Bigyan MCan't go wrong with anything here!

    55555 by Bigyan M

  • Fernanda BVeggie pizza is awesome!!!

    55555 by Fernanda B

  • Damian BayonaSlice and a beer. Line can get long.

    55555 by Damian Bayona

  • zeynep Asan franciscoya geldiyseniz ve yolunuz çin mahallesine de düştüyse kesinlikle kaçırılmaması gerekilen bir ara sokak pizzacısı .. sırada beklediğiniz her saniye değicek

    55555 by zeynep A

  • Tiago FerreiraGreat square pizza!

    55555 by Tiago Ferreira

  • Dustin L.Can't go wrong with a slice (or two!)

    55555 by Dustin L.

  • Lisa DBest pepperoni pizza ever

    55555 by Lisa D

  • Abdulrahman SI love the place, they have an amazing pizza. Good atmosphere

    55555 by Abdulrahman S

  • Charles MbaruguruThe pizza is one of the best in SF! So filling, but yet not sleep inducing. Get the pepperoni!

    55555 by Charles Mbaruguru

  • Fredo A.Pizza is good and crispy. A slice and a beer will run you about $8-10, less if you get a soda instead. Cash only (ATM on premises), line starts out the door.

    33333 by Fredo A.

  • Michelle EThe pizza is the best!

    55555 by Michelle E

  • Claudia DLa pizza vegetariana es muy rica y la de almeja con ajo es novedosa, se hacen filas muy largas y sólo se paga en efectivo adentro se toma cerveza y se escucha rock

    55555 by Claudia D

  • Kat CGarlic clams! (cash only)

    55555 by Kat C

  • Vansi V.Amazing! I love the crust, I can't even imagine how good it must be drunk.

    55555 by Vansi V.

  • Bommy ChaMmm delicious sicilian style square pizzas by the slice! Crust is thick and doughy yet still crispy and crunchy. Clam-garlic pizza is $3.75 cash only and pretty fishy... Bar and counter seating only.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Pablo LCombo pizza 👌🏻

    55555 by Pablo L

  • Peiying WenLove their pizza! Simple, cheesy, and square. Cool in-the-wall restaurant setup too.

    55555 by Peiying Wen

  • Kian LaviClam pizzas!!

    55555 by Kian Lavi

  • Jannelle JI'm a pizza connoisseur. Last night I had the best slice of pizza I've had in the Bay Area.

    55555 by Jannelle J

  • Juan PDe las mejores pizzas

    55555 by Juan P

  • Matthew S.Garlic clam

    55555 by Matthew S.

  • Andrew S.Bring a lot of cash, because you will want all the pizza

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Benson SPretty good late night pizza spot. Big greasy slice. There can be a line but when you're sloshed that doesn't matter.

    55555 by Benson S

  • Santosh Bhadria good grub after all the drinking

    55555 by Santosh Bhadri

  • Sarah MBest pizza in town!

    55555 by Sarah M

  • Andres NLa pizza y el ambiente son lo mejor

    55555 by Andres N

  • Christian B.The best slice in SF. Punk rock vibes, craft beer, and outstanding Sicilian style pizza. Can request edge, corner, or center pieces.

    55555 by Christian B.

  • Despina TSimply the B-E-S-T late night pizza i had in SF! Crusty, tasty, delicious!

    55555 by Despina T

  • MissBngLate owl favorite - thick crust delicious pizza

    55555 by MissBng

  • Gunnar AasenThis is Sicilian style pizza. It's not a New York slice, but it holds its own better than almost every other pizza in SF. The regular cheese and clam & garlic pizzas are both excellent.

    55555 by Gunnar Aasen

  • Andy F.Late night pizza.

    55555 by Andy F.

  • borys m.Good value for money. Proper American pizza sold in slices. Good beer.

    55555 by borys m.

  • Lena K.Pesto veggie is delicious

    55555 by Lena K.

  • Kat CGarlic clam pizza!!! They open until 2:30am but the wait is long.

    33333 by Kat C

  • Arte Yescaswe picked three flavors, all amazing, I was full with 2 pieces; I will definitely go back!

    55555 by Arte Yescas

  • Rafael MCheese pizza

    55555 by Rafael M

  • Maryk110 DI had the pesto veggie one and I really liked it, we went twice to this place in a week

    55555 by Maryk110 D

  • Arthur Leeclam and garlic, as everyone else says!

    55555 by Arthur Lee

  • Kyle P.Clam pizza all the way.

    33333 by Kyle P.

  • Adam S.Get whatever is fresh in the window - it's all good.

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Shawn SAny pizza you get will not disappoint. Best pizza I've ever had.

    55555 by Shawn S

  • Cameron M.One slice of clam and garlic to go, eaten at Washington Square Park is an SF must-do

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Juan ABest pizza in San Francisco. Very authentic place. Try clam and garlic pizza!

    55555 by Juan A

  • Chanel FThe clam and garlic pizza lived up to the other reviews. And the pepperoni was delicious. 2 slices and a drink for $8.

    55555 by Chanel F

  • Joshua URelatively thicker crust - so soft, so delightful - their combination, vegetarian pesto, and garlic clam are my go-to choices. Just get them all dang it!

    55555 by Joshua U

  • Maiko LBest pizza place for takeaways and quick bites. Thick slices of American pizza

    55555 by Maiko L

  • Saurav wPepperoni. Nothing else.

    33333 by Saurav w

  • James TLate-night pizza

    55555 by James T

  • Onur MIf u don't mind to wait on the cue for 15 minutes get ur pizza this is the 2nd best after Toni's Italian

    33333 by Onur M

  • Natalie M.The clam and pesto and veggie are my go tos and they better be corner pieces!

    55555 by Natalie M.

  • ChristopherGreat pizza! Pesto vegetarian is awesome!

    55555 by Christopher

  • Ondrej NThere's not much places where they make pizza with fluffy dough, it's a pleasant change. The music was very loud but bearable for a pizza snack. I would not go out of my way just to eat there again.

    55555 by Ondrej N

  • Vegard SWhat a gem! Great, cheap pizza, decent selection of beer and punk music blasting. The staff were funny and made you feel welcome.

    55555 by Vegard S

  • Matthew C.If you have enough people, grab a spot inside while the other waits in line. Be sure to have your cash ready, but once you're inside there's beer and good times.

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Tyler B.A "sheet" is two (2) whole square "pies" of goodness. AKA a metric fuck-ton of pizza.

    55555 by Tyler B.

  • Sarah S.We died over the Garlic & Clam slice!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Trella R.Favorite late night food in North Beach!

    55555 by Trella R.

  • Chris OgbonnaPick a slice. It's all good!

    55555 by Chris Ogbonna

  • oohgodyeahCash only but they have a decent selection of beers on tap (draught). Their liquor license requires you to consume all booze by 1:00 am.

    55555 by oohgodyeah

  • Alan x el mundoVeggie Pesto yummy!

    55555 by Alan x el mundo

  • Jocelyn TranGet the combo!

    55555 by Jocelyn Tran

  • Ryan O.Good but fairly in expensive pizza by the slice

    55555 by Ryan O.

  • Gary TsaiGreat pizza, not very saucy. Light thick crust

    55555 by Gary Tsai

  • Keith F.Narrow, hot, crowded. High quality, good service, if a little slow. You'll probably be glad for the fork & knife.

    55555 by Keith F.

  • Serious EatsYou're already here. You don't need tips. Get the pizza, be happy.

    33333 by Serious Eats

  • ChristineStarving in the middle of the night?😄 Golden Boy will rescue you😂😊 The pizza is in a class of it's own here. simple seating but interessting nice atmosphere😊🍕💕

    55555 by Christine

  • nora w.If they are out of garlic clam, try not to weep.

    55555 by nora w.

  • NataliaÓtima opção para um almoço rápido. A pizza é realmente boa. Eu fui de veggie.

    55555 by Natalia

  • Patrick F.Such a great pizza spot. I've tried a bunch and can't go wrong with anything they put in the window. Make sure to bring cash!

    55555 by Patrick F.

  • Nicholas BoosVeggie and clam slices are my favs.

    55555 by Nicholas Boos

  • Andreas lindlahrLecker Pizza, knusprig

    55555 by Andreas lindlahr

  • Debbi S.Clam pizza

    55555 by Debbi S.

  • Tracy C.the perfect crispy crust~ 👌

    55555 by Tracy C.

  • SFGateSold by the slice or sheet, Golden Boy rocks. Soft, fresh, cheesy and square, Golden Boy's foccacia-style pizza slices are even great when you're not ordering them after a few beers.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Stephanie YGarlic clam focaccia pizza. Your breath afterwards will kill ppl but so worth it

    55555 by Stephanie Y

  • Ty W.Clam pizza and a pint at the bar.

    55555 by Ty W.

  • Sam L.Get a slice of pizza and a pint of lagunitas for under $10

    55555 by Sam L.

  • Tasting TableThick Sicilian-style pieces of focaccia-like crust are loaded with toppings that range from pepperoni to clams and garlic.

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • HelenClam pizza got me clambering back soon

    55555 by Helen

  • Sofie GrahamThe best pizza by the slice in the city! Get two slices, they are very reasonably priced. The place is tiny though, so you probably won't sit down.

    55555 by Sofie Graham

  • Roger M.Garlic clam is bomb!! Remember, cash only

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Gaurav B.These square slices are delicious fatty pieces that you can guilt-free enjoy only when you're drunk.

    55555 by Gaurav B.

  • SFGateThe best is the vegetarian ($3.75), with slices of zucchini, black olives, tomatoes, onions, pesto, loads of cheese and a pleasantly bread-like crust with crisped edges.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Brittany B.Best pizza in the whole darn city.

    55555 by Brittany B.

  • Alyssa FooteI almost cried once when someone ordered the last four slices of pepperoni in front of me - if they are out of a flavor, they can sometimes be out for 20-30 minutes so hold the line!

    33333 by Alyssa Foote

  • Travis G.Best pizza in the city. Don't tell the tourists.

    55555 by Travis G.

  • Mike W.Golden Boy Pizza serves up amazing square Silician slices so good that even this native NJ/NYer loves. Don't miss the Garlic & Clam Slice and read all about my visit on WinstonWanders below!!

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Kyle S.Sicilian (rectangular) pizza that could stand its own in a New York pizza shop. Pan pizza with a thicker tomato sauce than your typical NY pie.

    55555 by Kyle S.

  • Baxter H.Awesome pizza by the slice and good beer!

    55555 by Baxter H.

  • Harrison B.Best Sicilian style pizza around! Be sure to put garlic on that slice 👌🍕

    55555 by Harrison B.

  • Jenny W.$0.50 increase in prices!

    33333 by Jenny W.

  • NorthBeach U.Try the margherita pizza - it’s awesome! Tip: take an Uber in North Beach for FREE (up to $20) anytime between now until Friday 12/20/13 using the promo code NorthBeachSF. (Excludes TAXI). #NBSF

    55555 by NorthBeach U.

  • Scrapp H.Anyplace that plays punk rock inside is great to me, huge upgrade, last time I was hear some ghetto chick was playing rap, was intolerable to eat there.

    33333 by Scrapp H.

  • MelissaEither I've been out of NY for too long, I'm way too drunk or this pizza is really f*cking good.

    33333 by Melissa

  • Justin M.This place is worth the wait! The pepperoni is great!

    55555 by Justin M.

  • Jenny W.Garlic + clam. Staple.

    55555 by Jenny W.

  • Chris H.Fairly overrated pizza that just doesn't match the hype surrounding this place.

    22222 by Chris H.

  • Anton S.Get the vegetarian ($3.75).

    33333 by Anton S.

  • Nick I.Excellent for take out or for a quick sit and eat at the counter. Try their clam pizza and pesto vegetarian too. Bring cash- no cards here!

    55555 by Nick I.

  • LaShea R.The clam and garlic pizza is so good.

    55555 by LaShea R.

  • Classie V.Best pizza in town! ! Fa sho

    55555 by Classie V.

  • TheYumYum F.Good not great. The crust kind of reminds me of glorified pizza hut

    55555 by TheYumYum F.

  • LJ Y.Great place for lunch!

    55555 by LJ Y.

  • Stefanie S.Best drunk pizza ever

    55555 by Stefanie S.

  • MegsCash only, and long lines

    55555 by Megs

  • Gürkan G.Am I digging the music more or the pizza? Tough one!.. #pestovegetablepizza

    33333 by Gürkan G.

  • Jeffrey C.Great after the bar pizza lol 😃

    55555 by Jeffrey C.

  • Irving G.SO delicious and has a great vibe inside. I can order at the walk-up window while my dog patiently waits outside.

    55555 by Irving G.

  • Ben B.The pizza is good under all conditions -- if you happen to get it right out of the oven it is UNGODLY DELICIOUS!

    33333 by Ben B.

  • Brady G.They have a twilight sparkle and rainbow dash pony behind the bar. Also pizza.

    33333 by Brady G.

  • Jean T.Really great fresh slices

    55555 by Jean T.

  • Rey F.Nothing says SF original than the Sicillian style pizza served here fresh hot and by the slice.

    55555 by Rey F.

  • Edgar R.Clam & Garlic... 'nuff said

    55555 by Edgar R.

  • Andrea L.Worst service in the world! Girl taking order extremely rude...redeeming quality, the pizza is really good!

    22222 by Andrea L.

  • Bastien V.24 bucks, 2 piece, 1 IPA

    33333 by Bastien V.

  • Dan D.The staff pick the music via their personal iPods - almost always 80's and 90's punk rock though the new girl has some ska for variety.

    55555 by Dan D.

  • Dave Z.Try the Clam & Garlic Pizza (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Dave Z.

  • DillonAll the pizza is great! Get a slice that's fresh from the oven.

    55555 by Dillon

  • Anthony MBring cash and get a square of the clam and garlic! Less than $5 and oh so good.

    55555 by Anthony M

  • Michelle W.The clam pizza is amazing!

    55555 by Michelle W.

  • Cass C.Ellio's pizza for adults

    22222 by Cass C.

  • Niko D.Sit at the bar. You'll skip the line and be able to get a beer.

    33333 by Niko D.

  • Erika M.Combo all the way. Bring cash!

    33333 by Erika M.

  • Priya S.I've become somewhat of a regular here and I keep coming back for the sausage pizza! It's absolutely addicting. Add some chili pepper flakes for some spice action.

    55555 by Priya S.

  • RajatClam garlic pizza! Win.

    55555 by Rajat

  • Priya S.Every pizza here is made with focaccia bread crust! Could it get much better than that?

    55555 by Priya S.

  • AshAwesome musicccc

    55555 by Ash

  • Cass C.Strive for a corner piece of pizza

    33333 by Cass C.

  • David S.Try the Half Pepperoni Half Combination Pizza - Was told "best slice of pizza in the city." Dayum! Straight up.

    55555 by David S.

  • Gus C.Really good pizza. Really, really good. All flavors are excellent.

    55555 by Gus C.

  • Danny S.Best pizza I've found (so far) in San Francisco. Cash only.

    55555 by Danny S.

  • Rey F.Here since '78 for good reason - simple recipes = great food! I've had their pizza since '84! You can't go wrong with any slice, Clam & Garlic, the Combo, and Pesto Veggie are must-haves!

    55555 by Rey F.

  • Armand S.Good luck getting a slice at 2am

    33333 by Armand S.

  • Norris T.Not a lot of meat but the crust is perfect and the sauce is packed with flavor. Best north beach hangover cure after closing. Goto: garlic and clam. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Norris T.

  • eh?It's Pizza Hut for adults.

    55555 by eh?

  • Ben M.Cure for the drunchies!!!

    55555 by Ben M.

  • Britt R.I'm pretty sure this is the best pizza I've ever had - and I'm sober. Clam garlic is delicious.

    55555 by Britt R.

  • Henry WuGet a corner piece. Pesto veggie and clam garlic are the top dogs here.

    55555 by Henry Wu

  • Samora M.Veggie pizza is awesome!!!!

    55555 by Samora M.

  • Donald W.This place is great. Arguably in the top three beat pizza places in the city. Only flaw is that it's cash only but worth the hassle. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Donald W.

  • Chandini D.Try the cheese pizza

    55555 by Chandini D.

  • Ghost NestTry the hemp beer! It's a delicious darker beer. YUMMM

    55555 by Ghost Nest

  • Ron A.Best Pizza Ever & Great staff!

    55555 by Ron A.

  • Shefali B.Best pizza in the city! Try one of everything!!

    55555 by Shefali B.

  • Stacey L.Pizza by the slice . Always expect a line out the door

    55555 by Stacey L.

  • Melissa D.Amazing pizza! Cash only!

    55555 by Melissa D.

  • Chris B.Try the clam and garlic. But you won't go wrong with whatever is just out of the oven and a beer. Ever.

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Diego SI could have my wedding reception here

    55555 by Diego S

  • Jordan H.Your late night fix. I like the combo, get it to go and eat in Washington Square while watching the bums, drunks, and weirdness of SF nightlife.

    55555 by Jordan H.

  • Zeb G.Bring cash, get the pepperoni and dont be scared of the wait.

    33333 by Zeb G.

  • Gabriel S.Good price, and limited options (so you don't need to make any difficult decisions). I was disappointed by the clam and garlic pizza that everyone was raving about.

    55555 by Gabriel S.

  • AD N.Want. To. Be. Mayor. Even if garlic + clam = nightmare you should have put her

    33333 by AD N.

  • Andy S.Try the clam & garlic pizza with lagunitas pale ale!

    55555 by Andy S.

  • Shane H.Grab a corner slice of pepperoni and you'll be set.

    55555 by Shane H.

  • John P.I am from Dallas and this is awesome pizza just off the tourist lane

    55555 by John P.

  • Carolina M.BEST. PIZZA. EVER.

    55555 by Carolina M.

  • Meagan R.Don't be a pussy. Eat it with your hands

    33333 by Meagan R.

  • 30 Minutes Or LessNothing masks the smell of under-performing antiperspirant like a room full of garlic. Crises averted. #DontBlowIt

    33333 by 30 Minutes Or Less

  • Mary A.Clam garlic and a lagunitas. Done.

    55555 by Mary A.

  • Jay S.Love the Pizza and atmosphere. Definitely stop here when in SF!!!

    55555 by Jay S.

  • Andrew S.Try the vegetarian pesto pizza. You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Annette H.The pepperoni rocks!

    55555 by Annette H.

  • Marsh G.Proof that San Fransisco does have good pizza! Reminds me of Pinocchio's sicilian-style pizza in Cambridge, MA.

    55555 by Marsh G.

  • Kat C.Stick with the pepperoni, it's a classic. Pick anything you can't go wrong.

    55555 by Kat C.

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly's Best of Winner 2010 - Editorial Pick - BEST PIZZA BY THE SLICE

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • Rachel L.Bad breath special, but one could argue that the clam garlic is "life-changing".

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Fatimacash only + veg pizza is delicious!

    55555 by Fatima

  • Torrey N.Watch the drunk chicks screaming about how drunk they are after the bars close.

    22222 by Torrey N.

  • Keegan Y.Love their pizza and that they're open so late. Have cash on hand as they don't take cards and be sure to tip them :)

    55555 by Keegan Y.

  • Abraham A.Wait for the combos

    55555 by Abraham A.

  • Yasi G.The pesto is delicious!! Been coming here for over 15 years..it's still the same and yummy!!

    55555 by Yasi G.

  • aelwin AOMG, best pizza we have had on our roadtrip of 3000 miles so far!! The line in front of the door tells you to hold on, because the taste is so good, you'll come back for more!! Try the veggie also!!

    55555 by aelwin A

  • AD N.Cash only, beer + sports on tap. Super friendly.

    55555 by AD N.

  • Ray P.The garlic clam pizza is quite possibly the BEST pizza I've ever had... And that's a very bold statement coming from a certified fatass!

    55555 by Ray P.

  • Vanessa L.OMG!!!!

    55555 by Vanessa L.

  • Ryan CPizza here is kinda doughy, but thats why its good. Very odd.

    55555 by Ryan C

  • Sosia B.Pizza with a foccaccia crust. Heaven. So much better than North Beach pizza.

    55555 by Sosia B.

  • Mike MThis place is my every other meal.

    55555 by Mike M

  • j zclam and garlic is perfection; it's hip to be square! ;)

    55555 by j z

  • j zTiny in square footage, but big on taste and friendly service. They're open til 2AM on Friday and Saturdays -- great neighborhood place to grab a quick bite

    55555 by j z

  • Andrew T.Ask for corner slices... means more crispy goodness.

    55555 by Andrew T.

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