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The House

1230 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

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(415) 986-8612

  • Sun - 5:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:30am - 10:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:30am - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Thai Food Restaurants

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4.8 of 5.0 from 136 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA
  • The House in San Francisco, CA

The House Reviews

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  • ChefMozI've searched all over the San Francisco Bay Area, but The House is definitely the best fusion restaurant there is, hands down! Everything they offer, from salad to main dish to dessert is just sublime.

    55555 by ChefMoz.org

  • An DEverything's good! The soft-shell crab (from the specials) was super creative. Must try the scallops and the sea bass 🐟

    55555 by An D

  • Andrew G.try the oysters! So fresh

    55555 by Andrew G.

  • Jeff JGet the black cod if it's available. Everything is good though.

    55555 by Jeff J

  • Cindy Y.Sea bass is delicious

    55555 by Cindy Y.

  • Rich JDeep fried salmon roll and wasabi noodles with steak were both delicious.

    55555 by Rich J

  • Lisa P.Expect a wait regardless if you have a reservation. We waited 1/2 hour along with at least 2 other couples who had a 7:30 reservation. Great food! Sea bass and cod were perfectly seared and delicious!

    55555 by Lisa P.

  • Brodie WTiny little place with out of this world seafood. The unique flavor combos will keep you coming back. It's impossible to get something bad here. Call ahead for a reservation to avoid the long wait.

    55555 by Brodie W

  • Vivian CSea bass & unagi

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Derek D.The best of 'Asian Fusion', I can see why it's a hood favorite, even if the menu can seem dated. Garlic noodles are amazing and the Cod. Service was a little rushed, but was still mostly good.

    55555 by Derek D.

  • Isabelle MWasabi noodles with salmon!

    55555 by Isabelle M

  • Jimmy LuDelicious wasabi noodles! A must!

    55555 by Jimmy Lu

  • Amy SDon't order pick up from there. They won't take your order unless you've ordered in person. We've ordered in person before but they couldn't find our number in the system.

    22222 by Amy S

  • gald3r GWasabi noodles! 😍😍😍. If you have to wait for a table, Tosca Cafe is a good place to have a drink 👍

    55555 by gald3r G

  • ShaneHands down my favorite Asian fusion restaurant in SF! Wasabi noodle is a must. Sea Bass and Black Cod (or any fish) are excellent protein choices! Desserts are also amazing.

    55555 by Shane

  • Steven KThis place is almost perfect. Small. Everything I had was memorably excellent. Steak (a usually boring choice) was as render as butter, perfectly cooked and full of flavor. Highly recommended.

    55555 by Steven K

  • Graham SiegelMost dishes leaned too heavily on sauces, for my taste. Service wasn't very friendly, either.

    33333 by Graham Siegel

  • Henna RAlmost forgot... The spare ribs were to die for.

    55555 by Henna R

  • Henna ROrder the scallops and sashimi platter to start. The cod is always amazing :).

    55555 by Henna R

  • S K.They custom made a vegetarian dish with wasabi noodles for me. It was very yummy!

    55555 by S K.

  • Ting AOne of my favorite restaurant in town.

    55555 by Ting A

  • Amanda S.Sea bass is just as amazing as everyone says. Loved the tuna tartare and white shrimp dumpling apps. Get a side of the wasabi noodles with your meal, and finish it off with the apple crumb pie!

    55555 by Amanda S.

  • Kat CThe pork chop!

    33333 by Kat C

  • Melay MThe dumplings and grilled octopus was incredible also The dessert was delicious we had the Apple pie

    55555 by Melay M

  • Melay MThe tuna tartare dumplings and grilled octopus

    55555 by Melay M

  • Adrienne C.Everything is good here

    55555 by Adrienne C.

  • Dave CummingsIncredible food. If you can't gets table for dinner, try going at lunch

    55555 by Dave Cummings

  • Estelle JRude host.

    11111 by Estelle J

  • Estelle JYou can't go wrong with anything, but especially loved the crispy salmon roll (the wasabi sauce is BOMB) & house wasabi noodles (you can order it as a side). Literally devoured them both! Yummm!

    55555 by Estelle J

  • Jimmy LuWasabi noodles are fucking good!

    55555 by Jimmy Lu

  • Abood AbussaudMushroom Rice with grilled prawns was one of the best things I ate in a while

    55555 by Abood Abussaud

  • Sam S.Good date spot. I'd recommend making a reservation.

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Nico P."The House has been one of North Beach's gems since Larry and Angela Tse opened it back in 1993, and it remains one of the best Asian-influenced seafood restaurants in the city."

    55555 by Nico P.

  • Tye ChaitMake a reservation! Tiny place with awesome food

    55555 by Tye Chait

  • Renata BaccaratAmazing food! I tried the mushroom rice with grilled praws and it was more than perfect. I strongly recommend!

    55555 by Renata Baccarat

  • Wolfgang M.Such a great place. The flavors so balanced. Delicious!

    55555 by Wolfgang M.

  • Thomas DuchampJust delicious

    55555 by Thomas Duchamp

  • Terry YangWasabi noodle is a must try. Everything else was very good, well executed dishes, but nothing really mind blowing here.

    55555 by Terry Yang

  • Margaret LeeClam appetizer

    55555 by Margaret Lee

  • Agatha Y.Coming during the early weekdays and you won't have to wait long

    55555 by Agatha Y.

  • Navin P.One of my Top 5 in SF. Start with the salmon roll slathered in mind-melting Chinese mustard. The black cod paired with chewy noodles, crisp green beans and soy ginger sauce is in perfect balance.

    55555 by Navin P.

  • Caren ChangAlways get the salmon rolls

    55555 by Caren Chang

  • Jorge MadrigalWasabi noodles. You MUST try them!

    55555 by Jorge Madrigal

  • Jennifer Y.sea bass is the best I've ever had and it comes with a side of garlic noodles! wasabi noodles have only a small hint of wasabi for those like me who don't like the taste of it!

    55555 by Jennifer Y.

  • Alma VelazquezBuenísimo! De lo mejor que he comido.

    55555 by Alma Velazquez

  • gary b.Really nice place. Outstanding Asian fusion. Reasonable prices and nice selection of dishes. :-)

    55555 by gary b.

  • static_signalIf they have the Kobe beef on special, just order it. And order it rare.

    55555 by static_signal

  • Tito N.Great food all around. Best to make reservations in advance. Parking can be hard to find, so be there early.

    55555 by Tito N.

  • John MauroThe flat iron steak with noodles was amazing

    55555 by John Mauro

  • Pedro K.This place is now officially in our Top 10! Try the Sea Bass with Wasabi Noodles!

    55555 by Pedro K.

  • H K.warm wasabi noodles with salmon was amazing

    55555 by H K.

  • Andrew W.Don't get the Angus Rib Eye Steak. Though the flavor was great, the meat quality was sub-standard, bringing chewiness to a whole new level.

    33333 by Andrew W.

  • Wayne P.Make reservations

    55555 by Wayne P.

  • Norbert H.You know your seafood is in good hands with a HK chef. Try their famous sea bass!

    55555 by Norbert H.

  • Norbert H.If you're wondering why every other tip raves about the sea bass, you'll have to order one and judge for yourself.

    55555 by Norbert H.

  • Isabelle JacquemondBon, service assez rapide.

    55555 by Isabelle Jacquemond

  • Björn J.One of San Francisco's true gems. You can't really go wrong on the menu, but the house noodles and the sea bass are fantastic.

    55555 by Björn J.

  • Limor FaragunaAnother amazing meal! Tuna tartar & fish specials are amazing.

    55555 by Limor Faraguna

  • N Becquartsalmon roll, sea bass, flatiron steak, wasabi noodles with pork, truffle cake= all delicious! 

    55555 by N Becquart

  • NorthBeach U.Try the wasabi noodles and sea bass - awesome! Tip: take an Uber in North Beach for FREE (up to $20) anytime between now until Friday 12/20/13 using the promo code NorthBeachSF. (Excludes TAXI). #NBSF

    55555 by NorthBeach U.

  • jocelyn l.Try the Wasabi Noodles With Grilled Prawns

    55555 by jocelyn l.

  • Tommy P.Brunch is a killer deal

    55555 by Tommy P.

  • Nada C.Garlic noodles!!! nom nom nom I don't know why I waited 7 years to come back.

    33333 by Nada C.

  • HURMake reservations!

    55555 by HUR

  • AlexandraThe dumplings are great & the octopus/chicharrón/red pepper salad was fantastic if you're feeling adventurous.

    55555 by Alexandra

  • Samira M.About to have the sea bass again with the wasabi noodles. Also breaking my "no sweets" diet to try the peach and blackberry crisp. I'm sure it will be amazing!!

    55555 by Samira M.

  • Michel A.Halibut + cauliflower + mashed potatoes + black truffle sauce. Money

    55555 by Michel A.

  • Morgan C.Mostly ok. Not great.

    55555 by Morgan C.

  • Eugene K.Udon noodle soup. Game over.

    55555 by Eugene K.

  • Camilo CarreñoDon't come in a big group, the place is small, food is amazing though I had the wasabi noodles with stake and it was incredible

    55555 by Camilo Carreño

  • Sara W.Been wanting to come here a long time since reviews are pretty high for this restaurant. Unfortunately the dishes were either too bland or the opposite, one element was too over powering.

    33333 by Sara W.

  • Kevin C.Try the Housemade Wasabi Noodles With Flatiron Steak

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • Yejin Y.Crazy wait time during dinner. Expect to wait around 2 hrs if you're on the waitlist. But the daily special scallops were one of the best I've ever had. Wasabi noodles and sea bass were also amazing!

    55555 by Yejin Y.

  • natalie l.My only complaint is that the steamed mussels does not come with bread. I don't see how, you need it! Then they charge you $3 for bread.

    33333 by natalie l.

  • Jessica F.This place is listed as $$$ but lunch entrees are priced more at $$ ($11-25).

    55555 by Jessica F.

  • Edward K.If you're a hater in the city and had a bad day, then come here and eat a Mango Tapioca. Bet $10 in bitcoins you'll like it.

    55555 by Edward K.

  • Carrie W.Black Cod...melt in your mouth. Never come with give people. Crammed in dark corner at table meant for four.

    22222 by Carrie W.

  • Delfina J.One of the best restaurants in the city. Try the sea bass.

    55555 by Delfina J.

  • Rob P.Hidden gem!! Go early as there are not many tables. The sea bass and wasabi noodles were awesome.

    55555 by Rob P.

  • Caroline RBitter chocolate cake was so good!

    55555 by Caroline R

  • Alex T.Holy hell this place is good.

    33333 by Alex T.

  • Shannan S.The sea bass was cooked to perfection and the pork chop is one of the best I've ever had. Try the mango (with almond) tapioca pudding! It was light and flavorful and a wonderful way to end the meal.

    55555 by Shannan S.

  • Amanda DAlways order the specials!! You won't be disappointed, EVER!

    55555 by Amanda D

  • Maira S.The black cod and the steak is awesome :) a must try

    55555 by Maira S.

  • Jerry alove the risotto prawn and cod. this place never disappoints!

    55555 by Jerry a

  • Delaney O.MAKE A RES! Walkups were waiting 1 hour+. Black cod is a must. Rib eye is AMAZING. If you're brave, order the rice, it's amazing & you're in for a surprise. Scallop Cesar is amazing. Wine a bit warm

    55555 by Delaney O.

  • Danny S.Coconut creme brûlée. Do it.

    55555 by Danny S.

  • Michelle G.Sea bas and wasabi noodles are a must!!

    55555 by Michelle G.

  • Rob M.Ordering is a no brained. Sea bass. It's incredible.

    55555 by Rob M.

  • Denise Do a 3 course meal: Appetizer, Main, & dessert. You won't be sorry!

    55555 by Denise "Niecee" G.

  • Jerry H.The salmon roll is amazing. Get the black cod and sea bass as well!

    55555 by Jerry H.

  • Doug T.The sea bass is phenomenal!! Make sure you get the noodles to go with it. Can't say enough how fantastic this dish is! Will eat here again next time I visit SF.

    55555 by Doug T.

  • Michel S.DON'T READ THE MENU! Just ask for the noodles and you will be fine!

    55555 by Michel S.

  • Carmen M.Heavenly sesame asparagus

    55555 by Carmen M.

  • Jay S.Try the Ahi Tuna Tartare

    55555 by Jay S.

  • Jay S.Try the angus beef hangar steak

    55555 by Jay S.

  • Jay S.Try the Salmon Rolls

    55555 by Jay S.

  • Joseph EThe sea bass is basically what you come here for. Reservations are necessary.

    55555 by Joseph E

  • Elissa S.Relatively small place - call in advance, there might be a wait. Fried salmon rolls appetizer were really unique and very tasty. Lovely service!

    55555 by Elissa S.

  • AliciaBest meal I've had in a long time! I got the flatiron steak with black truffle sauce, mashed potatoes and cauliflower. Try the apple pie ala mode for dessert. Definitely recommend!

    55555 by Alicia

  • Mary L.Must try: Sea Bass in a soy garlic sauce. Best dish I had in San Francisco and I have eaten at many restaurants!! The special app, scallops with yuzu sauce was also delicious.

    55555 by Mary L.

  • amy c.Kale salad with blue cheese and pine nuts was delicious. Black cod with miso is not prepared like the traditional Japanese way so it was disappointing but it tasted fine.

    55555 by amy c.

  • Nikki S.Bean tempura is to die for and the food is overall amazing. So fresh and melt in your mouth good!

    55555 by Nikki S.

  • Andrea C.a great place! great food! try the salmon roll!

    55555 by Andrea C.

  • Marcel JGreat service. Try the scallops.

    55555 by Marcel J

  • Pam L.You can't go wrong with sea bass or black cod, and creme brulee is a favorite. Today's specials, Kobe beef tartare appetizer and seared hamachi with clams in amazing sauce, were delicious too!

    55555 by Pam L.

  • Wenting X.Must get the sea bass and the ribeye. Creme brule is delicious! Can't go wrong here!

    55555 by Wenting X.

  • Radhika JThe crab cake app is divine!

    55555 by Radhika J

  • Heather S.Uni Clam Chowder, Angus Flat Iron Steak, Chilean Sea Bass over Wasabi Noodles...nuff said. Y to the Capital UM!!!!!!

    55555 by Heather S.

  • Absence A.The scallops are awesome! Everything is tasty really.

    55555 by Absence A.

  • CC H.The roasted shiitake mushroom soup was to die for. And try the red rice beer for a nice change of pace.

    55555 by CC H.

  • Robin F.The black cod is amazing!

    55555 by Robin F.

  • Stewart A.Try the Blue Lake Beans Tempura - With soy ginger sauce

    55555 by Stewart A.

  • Jeffrey Z.You can't go wrong with the salmon.

    55555 by Jeffrey Z.

  • Marco B.Try the lobster tempura as a starter special, when available

    55555 by Marco B.

  • Maira S.Sea bass n Kobe beef is yummmm

    55555 by Maira S.

  • Radhika JThe crab cake was to die for.

    55555 by Radhika J

  • Emily L.Don't pass over the scallops appetizer (3) if available - delectable. I could eat 10!

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Elon L.Wow! Get the black cod special if it's being served. Just WOW!

    33333 by Elon L.

  • cyn k.a bit pricier, but the service is fast. i recommend whatever fish is in season on the wasabi noodles.

    55555 by cyn k.

  • cyn k.best cooked fish in the city. especially the butterfish and the seabass if they're in season.

    55555 by cyn k.

  • Carl MGet the eel appetizer. It's delicious! The best of the three we tried (we also had tuna tartare and salmon rolls).

    55555 by Carl M

  • Helen Z.I recommend the seabass, it is to die for!

    55555 by Helen Z.

  • Ale G.Sea bass is amazing!

    55555 by Ale G.

  • Madalina RThe unagi is to die for! So is the pork chop!! Always try the specials :)

    55555 by Madalina R

  • Mary Grace M.Delicious: -Raw Oysters w' Spicy Cilantro Maignonette-Scallops w' Micro Greens-MusselsDecent:-Nigori (Sake)-Unagi over Sushi Rice-Pumpkin-Pecanish Pie

    55555 by Mary Grace M.

  • twozebrasThe flatiron steak just cracked my list of the top five things I want to taste before I die. Start with the deep fried salmon rolls. Best meal ever. My compliments to the chef!!!

    55555 by twozebras

  • Kenny L.Make a reservation a week in advance. Enjoy the delicious food (get the pork belly as an appetizer). The sea bass is amazing.

    55555 by Kenny L.

  • Bridget Y.The salad with lobster was good, not to mention their mango tapioca was so rich and delicious!

    55555 by Bridget Y.

  • Elena cWasabi noodles tasted more like hot chili flavor

    22222 by Elena c

  • Allison D.Caesar salad with fried scallops = amazing

    55555 by Allison D.

  • Angus B.Great fusion food well priced. Good service but the staff wasn't particularily friendly. Don't sit in the back - you can smell the bathroom there.

    55555 by Angus B.

  • Edward TGet the bbq'd oysters in chipotle... very good

    55555 by Edward T

  • Josh EGo to the House and order the deep fried salmon roll.

    55555 by Josh E

  • stealthypoosea bass is nomlicious.

    55555 by stealthypoo

  • Amanda C.Bring in your own favorite merlot, and order the Wasabi noodles with angus flatiron steak. YUM.

    55555 by Amanda C.

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