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The Red Bar

70 Hotz Avenue
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

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(850) 231-1008


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars, Italian Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 112 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • The Red Bar in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The Red Bar Reviews

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  • Miranda E.Only cash or check?? For the price of your menu, you could afford to run cards 🙃

    33333 by Miranda E.

  • Bryan H.Great food. Great drinks. Great time.

    55555 by Bryan H.

  • Dee Dee B.What can I see except I LOVE this place. Had manicotti this time

    55555 by Dee Dee B.

  • Linda EThe waitress was overbearing and the food was expensive

    33333 by Linda E

  • Aaron GHad pane chicken with capers and mashed potatoes. Could have split with my wife, because you get two breasts. Really cool environment and live music!

    55555 by Aaron G

  • Nick L.Parking shuttle helps big time! Bring cash, enjoy the wait with your dinner companions and eat whatever fish they're throwing on top of that delicious grit cake.

    55555 by Nick L.

  • Jamie L.Cash only. Good local spot. Reported celebrity sightings. Outdoor patio. Good selection of tap beers! Try the 30a bleach blonde ale

    55555 by Jamie L.

  • Lena MThe best jazz band there!

    55555 by Lena M

  • Gary ASBL is best (period).

    55555 by Gary A

  • 30AEATSBring cash! No credit cards but they do have an ATM. Definitely the best place to spend a Sunday and the Bloody Mary's are the best. Chalk Board menu. Panned Chicken or Crab Cakes! #30AEats

    55555 by 30AEATS

  • Courtney JillThis is a delicious local spot for seafood. Go!

    55555 by Courtney Jill

  • Aja HeckAlways packed and you had better have cash or check- it is all they accept. No credit cards!!

    55555 by Aja Heck

  • TC Sakir GGreat service, great food, amazing music

    55555 by TC Sakir G

  • lrm1 JSmoked tuna dip is really good! Tastes like summer sausage. Mudslides are pretty good too, but could use ice cream in it to thicken it & add more flavor.

    55555 by lrm1 J

  • Andy P.Cash only! Everything here is amazing. You can't go wrong.

    55555 by Andy P.

  • Mariangela d.Smoked tuna dip is a must to try. Can't go wrong with cold beer.

    55555 by Mariangela d.

  • Glen MurphyBring cash. No checks or credit cards, but there are ATM's on the premise.

    33333 by Glen Murphy

  • Barry W.Blackened grouper....over grit cake anaizing

    55555 by Barry W.

  • Justin E.Get the Chicken! It's a big portion and delicious! Remember this place is CASH ONLY!

    55555 by Justin E.

  • Phillip NguyenDon't forget to bring cash. and get the crab cakes if you haven't tried it here.

    55555 by Phillip Nguyen

  • Grant J.The Shrimp & Crawfish entree is great!

    55555 by Grant J.

  • Ben H.Great food, great service.

    55555 by Ben H.

  • Tyler AIf you're droving down the 30A, the red bar is a must. Very loud, fun crowed. Bring cash or check because you won't get far with a credit card! Awesome food, awesome atmosphere.

    55555 by Tyler A

  • Melinda W.Crab cakes wonderful but remember they only accept cash and only one ticket per table

    33333 by Melinda W.

  • Keith WarfordBeen to Florida Destin area 6 times- ALWAYS eat here. Nothing like it.

    55555 by Keith Warford

  • Kym M.Best Key Lime Pie on 30A.

    55555 by Kym M.

  • Jean MGreat food. Very popular destination making for an incredibly long and crowded wait.

    55555 by Jean M

  • Andrea M.Keylime pie!! Shrimp Po-boys are ok

    55555 by Andrea M.

  • Terri D.The seafood stuffed eggplant is absolutely yummy!

    55555 by Terri D.

  • Jess S.Everything I tried here was delicious! Must try the key lime pie for dessert, it's one of the best ones I have ever had.

    55555 by Jess S.

  • Amelia H.The Onion Rings are good

    55555 by Amelia H.

  • Maggie RTuna dip >>>>>>>>

    55555 by Maggie R

  • Brian B.Start with a Texas patron margarita and some smoked tuna dip and then nicely ask for a blackened mahi salad and if u have room finish it w a piece if key lime pie. It's heaven on earth!

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Trina S.Best crab cakes ever! Martinis are Oh so nice too!

    55555 by Trina S.

  • Ben MDon't be in a hurry and prepare to lose all sense of personal space. Terrible first impression.

    22222 by Ben M

  • Destin Beach MMost amazing place on the Emerald Coast!!! Be sure to try the smoked tuna dip/salad, it is by far superior than any other!!!

    55555 by Destin Beach M

  • David H.Limited parking. Plan on waiting or come early. It is worth the wait.

    55555 by David H.

  • Michele H.Good food...too bad the staff is less than honest...don't leave anything on accident and expect them to turn it in. Have been there many times but now I will never go back.

    33333 by Michele H.

  • Danny C.The grouper was pretty solid, grits was a great pairing

    55555 by Danny C.

  • Pam P.I've loved it for years. Some of the best food I've had. BUT, the rude and crude customers have changed it. Previous post saying "Dis place is da tits" sums them up. We won't be back.

    33333 by Pam P.

  • jbrentsalter ARun it back - best bread pudding ever

    55555 by jbrentsalter A

  • 30AEATSGet there early on Sunday to enjoy jazz, a Great Bloody Mary, and paneed chicken!

    55555 by 30AEATS

  • Sylvia A.Just had a beer. Packed on a Sunday afternoon.

    55555 by Sylvia A.


    55555 by Andie L

  • Alex B.Killer Shrinp+Crawfish

    55555 by Alex B.

  • John W.You haven't seen Destin or Grayton Beach till you''ve been to The Red Bar- -pee before you get here.

    55555 by John W.

  • HJ S.This place is packed on a Friday night. fyi take-out pick up is at the cashiers podium just to the right of the hostess, not the bar. Navigating your way around that place is a deafening nightmare.

    33333 by HJ S.

  • Mary Ruth J.Hands down best food I've had in a long time!! It is a total dive bar but then you taste this wonderful food! Drinks awesome.... Jazz band was the icing on the cake!!

    55555 by Mary Ruth J.

  • Ted E.Waited 2 hours for table.. Our buzzer went off only to find out the hostess wrote down incorrect number in party. Buzzer went off again but our table wasn't available. We finally ate outside.

    11111 by Ted E.

  • Dina C.Live music, great food, amazing atmosphere!!

    55555 by Dina C.

  • Tomi S.The best grouper ever!! And the best bread pudding I've had!

    55555 by Tomi S.

  • Barney M.The food is great, menu is very simple, prices reasonable, and always consistent.

    55555 by Barney M.

  • Brent SalterThe best bread pudding ever. Stick a spoon in me. I'm done...

    55555 by Brent Salter

  • Evan T.Lots of rules. Cash or check only, no split tickets, no substitutions...

    33333 by Evan T.

  • Christen X.Worst effing place EVER!!!!! Expect to be here no less than 4 hours!

    22222 by Christen X.

  • Candyce DGet the smoked tuna dip. It's the bomb.com :)

    55555 by Candyce D

  • Holly KChicken or Manicotti. Both to die for! Make sure you go early early....there's always a line!

    55555 by Holly K

  • Rob F.Best crab cakes in the entire country! Much best than those east coast ones!

    55555 by Rob F.

  • Kate BWonderful Gumbo!

    55555 by Kate B

  • Sam C.The grouper and grit patty is on point. Server brian is cool too.

    55555 by Sam C.

  • Sam C.Wednesday's night is ladies night!

    55555 by Sam C.

  • Jasmine L.Love the bloody Mary's, great place to sit outside and people watch!

    55555 by Jasmine L.

  • Jay BrimberryMake sure you ask for Johnny when you come. Best waiter bar-none. Got the manicotti and it was spectacular.

    55555 by Jay Brimberry

  • 30AEATSFavorite Bar on 30A. Sundays 11-3 with Dread Clampitt and a Bloody Mary!

    55555 by 30AEATS

  • Heidi S.The Bloody Mary is a must!

    55555 by Heidi S.

  • Stephanie S.Best food around!! Drove all the way from PCB

    55555 by Stephanie S.

  • SchrazThe margaritas make ya feel all warm and fuzzy. Cool, funky place, but they do not take any plastic. Bring CASH!

    55555 by Schraz

  • Jenn L.Crab cakes - DELISH.

    55555 by Jenn L.

  • 30AEATSSunday's at The Red Bar are the best! So are the Bloody Mary's!

    55555 by 30AEATS

  • Paul dMimosa's are big!

    55555 by Paul d

  • Lauren C.Got to go on the nights they serve crab cakes... there unbelievable

    55555 by Lauren C.

  • South WaltonIf you have not have the privilege of trying a bloody mary from here, do yourself a favor and get one ASAP!! It comes with all the fixings.

    33333 by South Walton

  • Dave D.Arrive early to fond parking!!!

    55555 by Dave D.

  • Todd B.Don't forget cash only. It's the only way to keep Barak from getting all your money.

    33333 by Todd B.

  • Todd B.Smoked salmon salad so so. Paneed chik sand huge and good too.

    55555 by Todd B.

  • Jeff B.The grouper is the best! Get there early though - it gets crowded and parking is not plentiful. Absolutely worth the wait though! Also, bring cash/checks - they don't take credit cards.

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • JanaCash or check only, but soooo worth stopping at the ATM. Great food, great entertainment, great people.

    55555 by Jana

  • Spence N.Great food, great experience. Bring cash, leave the kids.

    55555 by Spence N.

  • Keith K.Parking is major issue. There @ 5:30 and drove around for 10 mins. Food is good, should be better with only 6 entrees on the menu. Service from Dennis the Russian was fantastic. Drinks only nexttime

    33333 by Keith K.

  • Scharlene H.The plates are huge! Highly recommend sharing.

    55555 by Scharlene H.

  • Mark M.Fish sandwich for lunch

    55555 by Mark M.

  • Scott JCheese grits are Awesome !

    55555 by Scott J


    55555 by Peter B

  • JB S.Free WiFi!

    55555 by JB S.

  • Sara S.Sunday Fundays are GREAT here, Georgette makes the best drinks!!

    55555 by Sara S.

  • JB S.Can't go wrong with the special of the day!

    55555 by JB S.

  • Madison L.The bartenders are weirdly hard on ids. Not cool

    22222 by Madison L.

  • Amy S.Mojito and crab cakes.

    55555 by Amy S.

  • Michael W.Shrimp and Crawfish Penne, I can't say enough. 15 yrs of perfection.

    55555 by Michael W.

  • Kevin MBlackened Grouper on Grit cake - beyond words - PERFECT

    55555 by Kevin M

  • david s.Very cool atmosphere. Good service at lunch (on a very cold day). Stay away from hamburger. No flavor and tasted like the grill hadn't been cleaned in a while

    33333 by david s.

  • Brian H.Shrimp and crawfish penne outstanding. Also have the padron margarita. What they are known for.

    55555 by Brian H.

  • Tracy JGreat Food

    55555 by Tracy J

  • Mikey N.Visiting from England. Had crab cakes and cousin had 4 cheese manicotti. Both delicious!

    55555 by Mikey N.

  • Sarah B.The manicotti is delicious, which is what we usually get.....BUT....the grilled grouper over a cheese grit patty was TO DIE FOR! Can't wait to go back! Great atmosphere.

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • Scott R.manicotti is fantastic, i try to go atleast once a month to eat it. also, have sunday brunch or dinner and listen to the band Dread Clampitt, they have a long held residency at the bar.

    55555 by Scott R.

  • Sundy V.The crab cakes were delish! This place is a gem.

    55555 by Sundy V.

  • Justin M.Don't miss the crabcakes on Fri and Sat nights! Good lord they are good!!! A beach favorite that can't be topped.

    55555 by Justin M.

  • Jeremy H.The best crab cakes ever!

    55555 by Jeremy H.

  • Jerry ABeautiful day

    55555 by Jerry A

  • Exie M.Service sucks but food actually makes it ok!

    33333 by Exie M.

  • Ryan A.Grouper and crab cakes. Superb

    55555 by Ryan A.

  • Anne E.Complaints in previous tip still stand, but the food was excellent - salad, grouper, mahi, grits cake all fab.

    55555 by Anne E.

  • Anne E.Spotty service, cash or check only, tiny menu, crab cakes on Fri or Sat nights only. Unimpressed.

    55555 by Anne E.

  • Gary T.Manicotti and bloody mary's are the best you can find.

    55555 by Gary T.

  • Jason D.They have great crÀb cakes, but only available on Fri and Sat night.

    55555 by Jason D.

  • Jason D.Cash only, but they do accept checks.

    55555 by Jason D.

  • Drew W.Red Bar is an absolute must if you are on 30A. They only take cash, so leave your AMEX at home. Also, the crab cake special is only served on Friday, so make sure you try it!

    55555 by Drew W.

  • Mark HNo credit cards. Cash or check only. ATM insure. Food and atmosphere are totally worth the hassle.

    55555 by Mark H

  • Mark HNo credit cards. Cash or check only. ATM onsite. Food and atmosphere are totally worth the hassle.

    55555 by Mark H

  • Sarah 3Salmon dip appetizer is AWESOME!

    55555 by Sarah 3

  • CaytiFriday night Crab Cake Special!

    55555 by Cayti

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