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1621 East Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98102

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(206) 324-2577


  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch, Coffee and Tea

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4.7 of 5.0 from 112 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
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  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
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  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
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  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA
  • Glo's in Seattle, WA

Glo's Reviews

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  • Orion P.Tasty coffee, with lots of refills!

    55555 by Orion P.

  • Anousha RThis waitress Callie had the worst behavior I have ever seen with the customer. It was so bad And when confronted, she said, "you can complian to my Manger. As you see she doesn't care"

    11111 by Anousha R

  • Ilya P.Best eggs Benedict in town!

    55555 by Ilya P.

  • Maram LSo goood 👅👅

    55555 by Maram L

  • Katia JFood was great but be prepared to wait over an hour...they only have a couple tables inside

    33333 by Katia J

  • Nima TalebiA good portion of the down-raters on yelp are complaining about the wait here being too long, and not being able to wait inside. That's not how you rate a place. Wait is too long? then don't wait.

    33333 by Nima Talebi

  • Sheila NOutstanding everything. Eggs Benedict and coffee

    55555 by Sheila N

  • Krishna J2-2-1 A! God I love the pancakes here.

    55555 by Krishna J

  • Nitish MeenaBreakfast is amazing here. And Freshly squeezed juice 😍👌

    55555 by Nitish Meena

  • Majed MFruit pancake is so delicious & the Benedict is yummy. Serves is good even in small shop.

    55555 by Majed M

  • Kristin MSlowest service possible.

    11111 by Kristin M

  • Alfredo B.Breakfast all day! can't beat that. expect to wait up to 45 min if you have a party of 4 or more...they have more 2 tops...

    55555 by Alfredo B.

  • Erkan BFresh and delicious with a good selection of breakfast menu.

    55555 by Erkan B

  • Steve C.Great coffee and excellent breakfast! Yummy coffee cake and ripe, fresh fruit!

    55555 by Steve C.

  • Hailey CGreat brunch place, but be prepared to wait, especially during the weekend

    55555 by Hailey C

  • Rohan FYou can call in advance to reserve a table! This will make your life easy!

    55555 by Rohan F

  • Rohan FExcellent food, small space but feels special. Another brunch place in my favorites list!

    55555 by Rohan F

  • Yas NThe eggs were to die for in The Sonoran dish, killer hash browns and great waffles. Totally worth the 30 minute wait on a weekday.

    55555 by Yas N

  • Gloria C.Late night breakfast midnight-4pm!! Get the waffles w/ fruit

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Logan CBest diner in cap hill

    55555 by Logan C

  • Mouni ReddyTerrible service, great food. Ugly ambience.

    33333 by Mouni Reddy

  • Brian S.Amazing Eggs Benedict! Substituted hash browns for fruit. Extra three bucks but get quality fruit. Also the place is teeny so there will be a line.

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Spencer S.Eggs Californian! Hash browns were incredible as well...was that coconut oil I tasted there? Delish!

    55555 by Spencer S.

  • Valerie D.Eggs Benedict was good. The waiting time was 1.5 hr and half, then another 20 minutes to place and order. Took about 30 min to get our food. No mimosas, no ice and no lemon.

    22222 by Valerie D.

  • Joe MFood is good- service is horrible. Hour and a half wait to be seated, 30 minutes to take order and another 30 minutes to get food and water refills

    22222 by Joe M

  • Kelly E.Hash browns and fruit are amazing

    55555 by Kelly E.

  • Janelle DSalmon eggs Benny! #onpoint

    55555 by Janelle D

  • Kevin GSalmon scrambled eggs! And coffee cake! Great food. Be prepared for HUGE portions.

    55555 by Kevin G

  • Fiona ChenYou cant go wrong w/ egg benedict

    55555 by Fiona Chen

  • William S.Amazing eggs Benedict and biscuits n gravy. They play metal on the speakers.

    55555 by William S.

  • Elise LThe eggs Benedict. O. M. G.

    55555 by Elise L

  • Falcon Darkstar AEggs Benedict are awesome.

    55555 by Falcon Darkstar A

  • Robert FavuzzaBenedicts are great

    55555 by Robert Favuzza

  • Alexandra RobertsWent there this morning for a pre-flight breakfast and they're currently closed for renovations!

    55555 by Alexandra Roberts

  • Mouni ReddyHuevos Rancheros is huge! Poor service is a signature feature of Glo's but they are f****g amazing.

    55555 by Mouni Reddy

  • Tyler SzaboVery popular for weekend brunch or after-bar food, so there may be a wait. However, you can wait list and grab a coffee and sit in patio chairs outside until your name is called.

    55555 by Tyler Szabo

  • JesseScrambles,

    55555 by Jesse

  • Tom Z.Eggs Benedict

    55555 by Tom Z.

  • Nicholas BaldwinDelicious seasonal pancakes and French toast. The wait can be a bit long but it's well worth it.

    55555 by Nicholas Baldwin

  • Alanna R.Amazing pancakes

    55555 by Alanna R.

  • Prad LThe waffles are amazing!

    55555 by Prad L

  • Marek StępniowskiGreat egg benedict. Horrible coffee.

    55555 by Marek Stępniowski

  • Eppy T.Prepare for an hour long wait any time of day. Longer if they're closed.

    33333 by Eppy T.

  • Ben W.Seasonal wild berry pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice.. So good.

    55555 by Ben W.

  • 3 HowlsGlo's is awesome!

    55555 by 3 Howls

  • James R.Black bean omelet if you're really hungry and two egg with bacon if less so. Either way you can't lose when you go to glos!

    55555 by James R.

  • Clarke R.Be sure to check out the specials before deciding your order!

    55555 by Clarke R.

  • Kim D.Great breakfast and atmosphere

    55555 by Kim D.

  • Numa G.Best Eggs Benedict I've had. Wow.

    55555 by Numa G.

  • skinny_cyclistHoney oat pancakes are incredible. Food looks amazing and tastes even better. Any place that uses real maple syrup is a winner for me.

    55555 by skinny_cyclist

  • Jeff P.Good eggs benedict, especially for the price. For a different type of benedict, try the Eggs Blackstone benedict with spinach and bacon.

    55555 by Jeff P.

  • Andy K.Go with the bacon, it's delicious.

    55555 by Andy K.

  • Matthew M.Check out the fruit bowl!

    33333 by Matthew M.

  • Jessi W.The blueberry french toast here tastes like blueberries! Not as in has a few blueberries in it, or piled on top of it, or thrown in as an afterthought, but honestly tastes like blueberries. So yummy.

    55555 by Jessi W.

  • Kaleem R.Salmon scramble is dope.

    55555 by Kaleem R.

  • Amber S.Ask for fruit instead of hash browns.

    33333 by Amber S.

  • DenMom & MoMo W.Forgot to add. Absolutely the most phenomenal people watching in town!!!

    55555 by DenMom & MoMo W.

  • DenMom & MoMo W.2-2-1 C. Makes everyone drool! It's yummy too.

    55555 by DenMom & MoMo W.

  • Steven D.Always packed but worth the wait.

    55555 by Steven D.

  • Lauren M.Best breakfast in the WORLD!!!! And the crack bread!!!!!!

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Ashley C.The best eggs florentine I've ever had! Call ahead to get your name on the list to cut your wait time.

    55555 by Ashley C.

  • Yatharth G.Salmon Benidict + Coffee Cake. Coffee while you wait outside.

    55555 by Yatharth G.

  • Smaak.IsBe prepared for them to make you wait. Also expect busy rude servers. But hey isn't that why you came to breakfast on Captiol Hill.

    33333 by Smaak.Is

  • Vaibhav J.Black Bean omelette is the way to go

    55555 by Vaibhav J.

  • Sam G.Great cheap diner brunch. Love the lemon pancake special when they have it. Call ahead and expect to wait anyway in the morning. Open all night.

    55555 by Sam G.

  • Sam G.Lemon Curd Poppyseed Pancakes special when they have it!

    55555 by Sam G.

  • Alex T.Try the Ham Eggs Benedict With Hash Browns - Good stuff, worth the wait. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alex T.

  • RyanAmazing food, quaint, typically a line but worth it's breakfast and better than average coffee

    55555 by Ryan

  • Dan H.Best Eggs Benedict anywhere.

    55555 by Dan H.

  • Josh W.Build you own omelet is awesome! Get it!

    55555 by Josh W.

  • Tyler B.As a starter get the coffee cake! It's heaven on a plate! Literally

    55555 by Tyler B.

  • Julie G.Get here early or make sure you aren't extremely hungry when you get here. The wait on the weekends can get extremely long since it only holds 43 people.

    55555 by Julie G.

  • Stas G.Huevos racheros, muy bueno!

    55555 by Stas G.

  • Farrish C.Be VERY CAREFUL about hidden charges in the menu for substations.

    33333 by Farrish C.

  • AmandaTake out orders are welcome!!

    55555 by Amanda

  • Adam S.If there's an add fruit option, you should do that

    33333 by Adam S.

  • sara k.Vegans: try the Aaron special, or the massive oatmeal

    55555 by sara k.

  • Farrish C.Cute place, BUT IF YOU ARE SOUTHERN, don't waste your time on the biscuits and gravy.

    33333 by Farrish C.

  • Dino F. P.The potato pancakes are even better than those touted the best in the Midwest!!!

    55555 by Dino F. P.

  • Felice L.Try the Ham Eggs Benedict With Hash Browns - Yummy brunch! @vivekmaya (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Felice L.

  • Spencer H.Get the Benny, it got best in Seattle a few times and is pretty bomb.

    55555 by Spencer H.

  • Uber S.Have you ever had heaven in your tummy? If not it's cause you haven't had the Eggs Californian. #uberapproved

    55555 by Uber S.

  • James W.There are a couple of really cute guys work here.

    55555 by James W.

  • George M.Go there while pumpkin oat pancakes with cranberry orange compote is still a special. Order them. Put them in your mouth.

    55555 by George M.

  • Garick C.What? Home-made corn beef hash?!?

    55555 by Garick C.

  • Garick C.Totally awesome customer service. Made reservations but ended up a bit late. Honored to be seated right away & treated like rockstars.

    55555 by Garick C.

  • Matthew C.Love glo's for breakfast!

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Allen P.Seriously? The eggs Benedict is the best I've ever had, by a large margin.

    55555 by Allen P.

  • Wendy A.Go on a weekday to avoid insane waits.

    33333 by Wendy A.

  • Rick G.Good food, love the vegetarian gravy & biscuits; only wish the service was as good.

    55555 by Rick G.

  • Colin B.Come hungover and order some coffee while you sit outside and wait for your table.

    55555 by Colin B.

  • Danielle S.I didn't know Corned Beef Hash could taste this good

    55555 by Danielle S.

  • Christopher M.i second the amazingness of the eggs florentine...DO IT!

    55555 by Christopher M.

  • Reza P.Best hollandaise sauce in the city.

    55555 by Reza P.

  • Ryan D.Show up before you think you'll be hungry on a weekend. There'll be a wait for a table.

    55555 by Ryan D.

  • BridgetThe Caprese Scramble. It's seasonal and worth coming back for.

    55555 by Bridget

  • Sugar D.The food is pretty tasty. Coffee not so much. The service is lacking more often than not, but I love their stuffed french toast.

    55555 by Sugar D.

  • Ryan A.Cinnimon swirl French toast with fruit! Nuff said..

    55555 by Ryan A.

  • Kyle R.Aaron special ;)

    55555 by Kyle R.

  • Jenny TCinnamon swirl French toast with fruit. You can't go wrong!

    55555 by Jenny T

  • Patrick V.come here drunk on a Friday night

    55555 by Patrick V.

  • Tony-Wan KenobiUmmm, I'll have the two-egg breakfast with eggs scrambled, sausage links and wheat toast. Oh! And a side of biscuits & gravy. Yeah...I'll have that fo sho!

    55555 by Tony-Wan Kenobi

  • T.J. KPotato Pancakes with side o' Eggs & Bacon ..Sat Special

    55555 by T.J. K

  • Nathan C.the coffee cake is amazing. served warm!

    55555 by Nathan C.

  • Melissa T.eggs florentine = amazing

    55555 by Melissa T.

  • AlyBelgian waffles. Do it.

    55555 by Aly

  • william r.Huevos Rancheros are orgasmic

    55555 by william r.

  • Maggie GrovesBiscuits. Get the biscuits.

    33333 by Maggie Groves

  • Tiffany M.Amazing eggs benedict. Hubby says best corn beef hash he's ever had!

    55555 by Tiffany M.

  • Doug R.Enjoy some of the best Eggs Benedict you'll find.

    55555 by Doug R.

  • Ben Rtry the Belgian Waffles. made from scratch and COMPLETELY DELICIOUS.

    55555 by Ben R

  • David A.try to get a pork chop and eggs (good luck)

    55555 by David A.

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