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Southlake Grill

4.5 of 5.0 from 140 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA
  • Southlake Grill in Seattle, WA

Southlake Grill Reviews

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  • Vincent M.Any Burger with truffle mayo and sweet potato fries with honey mustard sauce 😋

    55555 by Vincent M.

  • Andreas SchreiberGreat place for having a burger experiment. Had the Chuck Norris which is definitely a burger that beats all other burgers in the world. Believe me. It's true.

    55555 by Andreas Schreiber

  • Chef B.Great food

    55555 by Chef B.

  • Andrew PVery good burger and good fries. Interesting menu and a good selection.

    55555 by Andrew P

  • Ulysses HFantastic burgers in person but not via delivery. Try the one loaded with a couple different kinds of mushrooms.

    55555 by Ulysses H

  • Brace C.One of my favorite burger bars in Seattle!

    55555 by Brace C.

  • Samantha SMac & cheese!!!

    55555 by Samantha S

  • PureWowThe “lab” serves about a dozen chocolate- and vanilla-based shakes, plus a handful of eccentric, boozy ones like the Cinnamon Toast Crunk spiked with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Todd A.Pretty good burger. I've had better but I would still come back and have another.

    33333 by Todd A.

  • MjB BIt's a great little spot for burgers and the customer service has been good the 2 times I've been. I'm not much of a beer drinker but these were 1.25 and they were good. Burgers were good and filling.

    55555 by MjB B

  • Anthony VGo with the dork burger - half duck and half pork

    55555 by Anthony V

  • MichelleSolid cocktails and tater tots. All you need.

    55555 by Michelle

  • Chris A.Go for the garlic tots! The homage to Dick's Deluxe is by far my favorite!

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Knave K.Great selection of unique burgers made to order (or build your own) plus tasty cocktails and shakes.

    55555 by Knave K.

  • Duane B.Mediocre food. Not worth the visit. I'd not come back.

    22222 by Duane B.

  • Mouni ReddyMilkshakes with alcohol.

    55555 by Mouni Reddy

  • Joey BrantleyHad their tots with the works. Pretty good, really rich.

    55555 by Joey Brantley

  • Tiare D.The fries are so perfect!

    55555 by Tiare D.

  • Stacy H.I tend to do a make your own burger version, but the veggie patties are good. I also am a sucker for the peanut butter cup smoothie.

    55555 by Stacy H.

  • Jacquie R.Totchos are indulgent but worth it.

    55555 by Jacquie R.

  • BrrianThe boozy shakes are worth it.

    55555 by Brrian

  • Vinay B.Food is great! Service is ...

    55555 by Vinay B.

  • Nicole CCaramel macchiato booze shake and the tear jerker

    55555 by Nicole C

  • Mary SMan such a good burger.

    55555 by Mary S

  • Ben WebsterGet the James West - beef patty cooked with a cowboy steak rub, with Guajillo cream cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and onion rings. 😵 add a fried egg - you won't regret it.

    55555 by Ben Webster

  • Mary SChurken burger is yummy.

    55555 by Mary S

  • Carol T.Tangorita is delicious.

    55555 by Carol T.

  • amber ksuch friendly staff, great atmosphere. milkshakes were a little too sweet but I'd definitely go again

    55555 by amber k

  • Sean K.Good food, atmosphere, and all of the staff was friendly and welcoming.

    55555 by Sean K.

  • sam chungThe burgers and milkshakes are really good. There's almond joy, all the Neapolitan flavors, banana crime pie, different candy bar flavors, and Nutella milkshake are all good.

    55555 by sam chung

  • Ben JGot to be the best burgers in Seattle!!

    55555 by Ben J

  • Jason S.Awesome burgers, and an intriguingly off-beat menu. Definitely try a milkshake.

    55555 by Jason S.

  • Billy H.Start with the Margarita!

    33333 by Billy H.

  • Nashid BThe Upper State New York burger tastes like a dream.

    55555 by Nashid B

  • Harpreet S.burger of the gods + tater tots all the way...

    55555 by Harpreet S.

  • Hussein A.Best kosher corn dogs ever! The Mediterranean burger with lamb and feta cheese is phenomenal!

    55555 by Hussein A.

  • Carolina R R.Burgers are good. Get the Nutella milkshake. And the tater tots

    55555 by Carolina R R.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Lunchbox Laboratory as seen on Food Paradise

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Saket MTotizza were good

    55555 by Saket M

  • AFAR MediaTry the "dork" (duck + pork) patty. Happy hour features $4 drinks plus discounted burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

    55555 by AFAR Media

  • AFAR MediaYou can get enormous, super-customized burgers (pictured here is the Truffle Love), tater tots with a variety of seasoning blends, and amazingly delicious milkshakes.

    55555 by AFAR Media

  • Matthew E.Shakes. Best.

    55555 by Matthew E.

  • Jodi V.Terrible service always.

    22222 by Jodi V.

  • sonsonTry the burger of the gods.. Yum!

    55555 by sonson

  • David DacorroGreat food!

    55555 by David Dacorro

  • Ivan V.The milkshakes are where it's at.

    55555 by Ivan V.

  • Cory M.Slowest service in SLU. If you want a burger, go to bluemoon, you'll pay half as much and wait a fraction of the time.

    33333 by Cory M.

  • EverydayOverpriced burgers, but always good surrounding parking. Good milkshakes!

    55555 by Everyday

  • Daniel B.Get the dork with tots. Then enjoy the best food coma ever.

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Andrew S.Service could be better.

    33333 by Andrew S.

  • Manda T.A little loud but worth every calorie

    55555 by Manda T.

  • Stephanie S.This whole place smells like bacon so come here if you want to smell bacon and then eat it.

    33333 by Stephanie S.

  • Neil M.Wifi access code is 1253Lunchbox.

    55555 by Neil M.

  • Daniel M.Yummy greasy burgers. Have been here a couple of times always trying something different as there are many options. So far all great

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Martin M.I had Santa FeSlammer. It was good but I was epecting more after reading all the reviews. The meat was good, bun was nothing special, but the additional ingredients excess the taste of the meat.

    33333 by Martin M.

  • Ricardo L.Dork, mmmmm

    55555 by Ricardo L.

  • Brandon S.Suck it Canada!

    33333 by Brandon S.

  • Sean G.Get the egg on the burger. Best egg burger I've had

    55555 by Sean G.


    55555 by Jessi B.

  • Obi O.Don't come here late. Fries are cold. Unenthusiastic service. Happy hour is subpar. Much better burgers at Woody's down the street.

    33333 by Obi O.

  • Cristina G.Everything is extremely filling so I recommend splitting stuff!

    55555 by Cristina G.

  • Tom M.Amazing burgers and a totally superb Nutella Shake...

    55555 by Tom M.

  • USA TODAYThis quirky restaurant uses local Snoqualmie Ice Cream in its shakes. (The Almond Joy is a favorite)

    55555 by USA TODAY

  • EverydayGreat place to hang out! Burgers are HUGE and I recommend sharing or taking half home. Request your shake to be in beaker to look SUPEEEER nerdy!

    55555 by Everyday

  • Maddie C.If you order the Nutella shake and don't like it, you must not be human.

    55555 by Maddie C.

  • Eric M.The Dork (duck + pork) is amazing

    55555 by Eric M.

  • Nat H.Almond Joy. Weekly News, and with use of local Snoqualmie Ice Cream and homemade chocolate ganache, there's no question why shakes like Boston Crème Donut took home the prize.

    55555 by Nat H.

  • Eric S.Eat everything. And add bacon.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Adam W.Root beer barrels. Dork balls. It's madness! Delicious! Madeliciouness!

    55555 by Adam W.

  • Sunil G.Arrive with an appetite, leave with a food coma.

    55555 by Sunil G.

  • Julie C.Get a Nesquick shake - they're sooooo delicious and they come in a breaker!

    55555 by Julie C.

  • Anthony D.If you're lucky enough to walk in on a day when they have the Snickers Shake, don't leave without trying it!

    55555 by Anthony D.

  • BillysBurgerBlog.comBurger of the Gods

    55555 by BillysBurgerBlog.com

  • Tyler H.The sweet potato fries with sweet chili mayo were excellent, but avoid the dork (duck and pork) and stick with the beef burgers.

    55555 by Tyler H.

  • Tyler F.Helps to wait for coupons or specials, but it's one of the best burgers in Seattle. Shakes are great too.

    55555 by Tyler F.

  • Dave SDrunken Elvis Shake was AMAZING!

    55555 by Dave S

  • Tiffany M.If you ever want a burger so delicious you want to have its baby, eat here. Also, tater tots.

    55555 by Tiffany M.

  • Eric B.Use your fivestars card here!

    33333 by Eric B.

  • Maria G.Beware of satan's tears other than that all the cocktails are delicious and the Mac and cheese is a MUST

    55555 by Maria G.

  • Marilyn W.Too Kool For Skool is hands down the best drink here ever.

    55555 by Marilyn W.

  • Carmel C.The Elvis shake is bomb! Who can go wrong w/chocolate, peanut butter, banana, and booze?

    55555 by Carmel C.

  • Carmel C.Make sure to get a milkshake w/booze!

    55555 by Carmel C.

  • zachary h.If you don't drink a vanilla milkshake I'm going to appear out of nowhere and slap you.

    33333 by zachary h.

  • Snap Krackle P.Try the Truffle Love (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Snap Krackle P.

  • Alvin W.Homage to the dicks deluxe!!!!

    33333 by Alvin W.

  • Steve H.Peanut butter milkshake. That is all.

    55555 by Steve H.

  • Mark B.Got the bean burger as a vegetarian.

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Edward C.Used to be super tasty in Ballard. Now is overpriced and mediocre

    33333 by Edward C.

  • Liz T.Don't know any other place that offers Gluten-free buns!! Great service, great food, open late, dog's ok.

    55555 by Liz T.

  • Alonso C.Nutella shake is awesome but recommend splitting it with someone because is very sweet.

    55555 by Alonso C.

  • FitzThe LB cocktails special doesn't apply to all the cocktails. Ask before ordering!

    55555 by Fitz

  • Beau R.Kick Ass hour aka Happy Hour from 3 - 6pm!

    55555 by Beau R.

  • Garth K.One word: Tots.

    55555 by Garth K.

  • Brian G.Over priced sell out. Avoid at all costs. Not worth the $$.

    11111 by Brian G.

  • Seattle Happy HourHome of the "Burger of The Gods", LunchBox Laboratory has #hh everyday from 9pm to close!

    55555 by Seattle Happy Hour

  • James R.Super expensive, but great place if you love burgers

    55555 by James R.

  • SW StreetGet the Mediterranean Marvel. It's a lamb patty with feta, onions, pepperoncinis, and basil pesto mayo. Order an Oreo Milkshake.

    55555 by SW Street

  • RVNBring your appetite...and your stretchy pants!

    55555 by RVN

  • Katy M.Service is soooo slowwwww and it's not busy

    33333 by Katy M.

  • SW StreetGet the Unnamed Lamb Burger. It comes with sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and basil-caesar spread. Order a Kool-Tang to drink.

    55555 by SW Street

  • Garth K.Schedule nap time after you eat one of these awesome burgers

    55555 by Garth K.

  • Mark A.Don't go here anymore. The old location was wayyyy better.

    22222 by Mark A.

  • Nick S.We were told the happy hour menu is "in transition". She handed us the specials menu (same specials all day) and said that's the new happy hour. No deals to be found. Won't be coming back for happy hr

    33333 by Nick S.

  • Jasenka G.Try the nutella shake... Mind blowing!

    55555 by Jasenka G.

  • ByrdieThe Tribute to the Dicks Deluxe is pricier than the original, but also bigger, messier & comparatively loaded. I like the natural light at this location. It was what I wanted when I wanted it.

    55555 by Byrdie

  • Zale B.Try the Tater tots. It will,make your balls sweat really good... Salty!

    55555 by Zale B.

  • Antonio E.Go between the hours of 3pm-6pm to get some kick ass prices on some burgers and shakes.

    55555 by Antonio E.

  • B G.a shake that is donut flavored??? Yumm

    55555 by B G.

  • Josh H.They have awesome gourmet burgers, good for parties.

    55555 by Josh H.

  • Christopher P.Fantastic burgers

    55555 by Christopher P.

  • Madan M.Buff pops are awesome

    55555 by Madan M.

  • Janessa J.Try the tater tots with truffle mayo. Also, the happy hour is great.

    55555 by Janessa J.

  • Doug S.Happy hour after 9pm!

    33333 by Doug S.

  • Reza P.Try the DORK patty on any of their burgers. Duck and pork goodness.

    55555 by Reza P.

  • Tyler F.Happy hour menu really takes the sting off the prices and the food's gotten much closer to the old place since opening day. Worried for a bit there, but no, still my favorite burger in Seattle.

    55555 by Tyler F.

  • Chris C.Get the Hothead, but be ready. Its everything you shouldn't be eating, piled onto a bun. I swear there's 8 slices of bacon. Tastes incredible. WARNING: Total day-changer, don't have post-meal plans.

    33333 by Chris C.

  • Matthew C.The smokey burger is more bacon than patty and that is not a put down. Not only do they offer the best burgers, but they have tater tots! For adults. I love the place.

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Samson N.The Truffle Love (Kobe beef, sweet onions, bacon, Swiss cheese, truffle mayo) is insanely good.

    55555 by Samson N.

  • Ashley A.We just got appetizers and each dish had one item that completely over-powered the rest of the flavors. It was all pretty bad and not worth the price (which is high for what you get and the quality).

    33333 by Ashley A.

  • Sandeep S.Must have: Buff Pops; Orange Creamsicle milkhake

    55555 by Sandeep S.

  • Sandeep S.Tearjerker burger now jerks more tears than before. Don't believe until you've tried it.

    22222 by Sandeep S.

  • EpicuriousModestly named “Burger of the Gods,” this heavenly burger is a mix of freshly ground sirloin, prime rib, and rib eye, topped with sweet onions and sharp Gorgonzola sauce. Need we say more?

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Dawn H.Where else can you get Tang, 2 different flavors of kool aid and Tator Tots with your meal!?! Plus Kick ass hour kicks ass!!!

    55555 by Dawn H.

  • Nam N.good, but not great. disappointed that the beef patties didn't have much flavor. 3.5/5

    33333 by Nam N.

  • KiahTry the royal burger with basil pesto mayo.

    55555 by Kiah

  • BrrianDon't go here. Overpriced and nasty.

    11111 by Brrian

  • Craig M.Excellent server, but the food was an explosive mess. Certainly not for those of you with families, as there isn't a clean way to eat the food. 7 dollars for an 8 oz milkshake is highway robbery.

    33333 by Craig M.

  • Daniel H.Might - MIGHT - live up to its sky-high hype. Def the best burger I've had in Seattle, hands down. "Burger of the Gods."

    55555 by Daniel H.

  • Grace P.The Nutella Shake so delicious! I'm not really into burgers, but I must say, I was very impressed by their burgers!

    55555 by Grace P.

  • Terry-Jo L.Boston creme donut shake was awesome!!!!!

    55555 by Terry-Jo L.

  • Billy S.Tater tots. Amazing. No joke. Period.

    55555 by Billy S.

  • Jen L.Overpriced and overrated.

    11111 by Jen L.

  • Maria B.The maple bacon milkshake is an exquisite treat for my tastebuds. A must have.

    55555 by Maria B.

  • Jason MONKEY R.Yess you can order extra bacon!!! The dicks is a great burger... And when you think you are ready try it with extra bacon!

    55555 by Jason MONKEY R.

  • JoshuaSad! After hearing so many wonderful things, we took an adventure to see the new location. Small burgers (nothing like the pictures online) small shots, red robinesque decor. I could go on...

    33333 by Joshua

  • Dave C.Overrated.

    11111 by Dave C.

  • Sandeep S.My personal fave is the spicy 'Tearjerker' burger. Just fantabulous!

    55555 by Sandeep S.

  • Sandeep S.Veggie burger couldn't taste any better! Try any!

    33333 by Sandeep S.

  • Mario S.as a patron of the original location, i am disappointed-don't care for the upscale ambiance & while the burgers still taste pretty good, the price went up to $14 & the patties went from 1/2 to 1/4lb

    33333 by Mario S.

  • John L.Want a burger with a kick? Try the hothead! And don't forget your sweet potato fries!

    55555 by John L.

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