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Mr. Wong

3 Bridge Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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(029) 240-3000


  • Sunday: 10:30 am - 3:00 am
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 am
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 am
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 am
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 am
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:30 am - 3:00 am

Cuisine: Chinese Food Restaurants

4.6 of 5.0 from 113 reviews


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Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
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  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
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  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW
  • Mr. Wong in Sydney, NSW

Mr. Wong Reviews

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  • Sebastien M.The fried rice and the angus beef 👌🏻

    33333 by Sebastien M.

  • Lala MFood is OK. Service, atmosphere and martinis are lovely

    55555 by Lala M

  • M Squared JResidential Building Company http://www.msquaredconstructions.com.au/residential-villas-townhouses-duplex-sydney/

    33333 by M Squared J

  • Noah W.Upscale Chinese in a great vibe with good cocktails. Lamb, crispy eggplant, and dim sum style dumplings.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Monica D.Fancy but delicious, the crispy eggplant and all dumplings were excellent.

    55555 by Monica D.

  • Chris CThe dumplings were awesome.

    55555 by Chris C

  • Katrina PEverything at Mr. Wong is always a winner. Crispy eggplant was a surprising standout, and you can't go wrong with the kung pao chicken and Peking duck pancakes.

    55555 by Katrina P

  • Paul JDumplings. Duck

    55555 by Paul J

  • Sam RAwesome place. Fantastic service. Perfect place if u want to drop bucket loads of cash

    55555 by Sam R

  • Ina NGreat hot&sour soup and huge portions of fried rice 😋

    55555 by Ina N

  • Wendy AGreat food and great people. The chicken is alright but the pork is amazing along with the duck pancakes! 🌸

    55555 by Wendy A

  • Aleksei SJust WoW! Worrh to visit!

    55555 by Aleksei S

  • Rodolfo KDumplings are incredible. All of them. Also loved the duck spring roll. Pretty good wine selection.

    55555 by Rodolfo K

  • Carpe BCrab fried rice

    55555 by Carpe B

  • Carpe BSweet & Sticky Pig

    55555 by Carpe B

  • Joshua P.The dim sum is good - especially crispy calamari and foie gras dumplings. The main dishes are okay

    55555 by Joshua P.

  • John D.Not worth the hype. Was there with a bunch of other tourists. It's pretty straightforward high-end Chinese. Peking duck, dim sum, etc. Extensive (and expensive) wine list, mediocre service.

    33333 by John D.

  • Erin JCocktails are unreal. Try the Hong Kong Kick! And the duck spring rolls!

    55555 by Erin J

  • Trevin C.Shockingly expensive for Chinese food but I begrudgingly admit it was damn tasty.

    33333 by Trevin C.

  • Tiki JBest yum cha I've ever had; not your average fare. Prawn toast with fois gras & almonds, Crispy calamari dumplings, duck spring rolls, king crab dumplings with golden soup.

    55555 by Tiki J

  • MiaCrab fried rice! And everything!

    55555 by Mia

  • Jamie EFantastic food, excellent cocktails.

    55555 by Jamie E

  • Rollin' bSushi. Fish. Cocktails.

    55555 by Rollin' b

  • Will SPeking duck and shrimp balls are a must, good restaurant good atmosphere. A little annoying hostess tries to force people to sit at bar even when there was plenty of empty tables

    55555 by Will S

  • Matthew P.Overpriced Unexceptional Chinese food - would just avoid. Enough said.

    33333 by Matthew P.

  • Jason NDim sum shouldn't be missed.

    55555 by Jason N

  • Jeung Hwa H.Try a variety of dim sum. The crispy eggplant was a tastyyyy choice.

    55555 by Jeung Hwa H.

  • Jeung Hwa H.Don't have a rez? Come for lunch and you might get a table.

    55555 by Jeung Hwa H.

  • Markella SThe food... the wine... the staff... The place .. Anything and everything you try is tasty and of quality!

    55555 by Markella S

  • Stephanie AHave eaten here so many times now and it never fails to offer an amazing gastronomic expected experience. For something special book the private dining room upstairs for up to 12 & order the banquet!

    55555 by Stephanie A

  • Josh CLine up early to book your seat for later. Great food and totally worth the wait.

    55555 by Josh C

  • Matthew TThe pork.....is...amazing

    11111 by Matthew T

  • Laura AAmazing Chinese food. But the real killer are the deserts! Despite an extensive drinks menu, I didn't like their cocktails too much

    55555 by Laura A

  • Shirps E5.30pm is a good time to line up. Not much of a queue at this time.

    33333 by Shirps E

  • Vicky JLet them choose your order; everything is great

    55555 by Vicky J

  • Gé gGreat selection of fusion food. But very noisy and difficult to get a table. Add drinks to your menu and the bill will easily run over $150 for 2.

    33333 by Gé g

  • Krishna OI never go to Sydney and not go to this joint. Its legit!

    33333 by Krishna O

  • K PFood and ambiance are fantastic

    55555 by K P

  • Ashleigh TDumpings were the best! So crunchy.. its a must try

    55555 by Ashleigh T

  • Saad KOverhyped & the food wasn't that authentic but good ambiance & people watch!

    33333 by Saad K

  • Elliot CThe food is very good here and it's open late. The sweet and sour pork is not what you expect but it's incredible.

    55555 by Elliot C

  • Janey GBloody good

    55555 by Janey G

  • Katherine B.Crab and sweet corn fried rice 💙

    55555 by Katherine B.

  • Lesley SThe prawn and scallop dim sum are maybe the best dumplings I've ever had.

    55555 by Lesley S

  • Petra S.Delicate, deluxe, upmarket yum cha in a beautiful dining room with fantastic service running strictly 10.30-12 on weekends. Try the luxury take on 1970s prawn toast with foie gras and almonds.

    55555 by Petra S.

  • Andrew JFood was amazing however constantly waiting to be seated your entire order to reach the table.

    33333 by Andrew J

  • João JLoved the dim sum

    55555 by João J

  • Andrew SBalmain bugs

    11111 by Andrew S

  • Jennifer E.So good! Get the duck, any of the dim sum and their crab fried rice. They also serve amazing veggies.

    55555 by Jennifer E.

  • Linda HSteamed fish, pork hock, Shanghai stir-fried noodles, oh every dish is very tasty. This must be the trendiest Chinese restaurant in Sydney. Steamed rice was the only let down, was under cooked.

    55555 by Linda H

  • Catherine AОчень вкусно. Очень многолюдно. Интересный интерьер.

    55555 by Catherine A

  • Samia ABest Chinese food I've ever had in a restaurant. Shrimp and scallop dim sum to die for...

    55555 by Samia A

  • Jason DennyAnything with duck!

    55555 by Jason Denny

  • Lisette NEverything we had was good, especially the Peking Duck. Get there early, you'll have to wait a while but they will take your number and send you a text when your table is ready.

    55555 by Lisette N

  • Richard LExcellent food. Roast Duck, XO Sauce Pippies, Crabmeat Fried Rice with roe are all good. Dim Sums are gems too. Scallop Prawn Shumai, Abalone/Chicken Glutinous Rice, Prawn Toasts w Foie Gras all 👍

    55555 by Richard L

  • Liz EGo for lunch. They don't take reservations for groups <6 for dinner, so lunch is your best bet if you don't want to wait around. Staff have great wine knowledge.

    55555 by Liz E

  • Emre Berge E.Love the ambience, the interior is a fusion of Chinese details and American 1920s. To top that there is a hidden door to Palmer & Co at the lower floor – one of Sydney's best speakeasy cocktail bars!

    55555 by Emre Berge E.

  • National Geographic Traveller (UK)Sydney has long adopted Southeast Asian cuisine as its own. Look for Mr Wong, a high-end dumpling den hidden behind the Establishment Hotel.

    55555 by National Geographic Traveller (UK)

  • Camilla MMake sure you book...!! Will take bookings for all table size & time

    33333 by Camilla M

  • Ting IWhat a cool Chinese restaurant! Even if you don't eat here, it's worth a visit just to see the interiors. There is a secret access door in the basement to the bar next door.

    55555 by Ting I

  • Jennifer C.Spicy white cut chicken + wok fried squid , celery, leek & ginger. Delicious!

    55555 by Jennifer C.

  • Phil N.Sashimi tuna is delectable as are the desserts. Service no better than Chinatown thou

    55555 by Phil N.

  • Dennis MUndoubtedly the best Chinese in Sydney CBD North. Plump dumplings + delicious usual suspects like Peking duck & mapo tofu. Must try multiple desserts to share. Ideal for groups, bookings for 6+ only.

    55555 by Dennis M

  • Kylie JayCocktails. Dumplings. Great spot.

    55555 by Kylie Jay

  • Vivian CNice atmosphere and decor, way overpriced chinese food.

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Christopher P.We couldn't understand the waiter very well and ended up ordering $193 snow crab. Good thing it was the best crab I've ever eaten in my life. It was also enough food for 4 people, so it worked out?

    33333 by Christopher P.

  • Nicolas CWow, what a find! Highly recommend the crispy eggplant

    55555 by Nicolas C

  • Ardi RDeep fried ice cream was awesome! Shumai, drunken chicken and hargow are must try dishes!

    55555 by Ardi R

  • Reg MAngus beef short rib 'Shangdong' style. Get it with some rice to soak up that sauce!

    55555 by Reg M

  • Howard NIf you're Chinese or are familiar with typical Chinese cuisine, don't come here.

    55555 by Howard N

  • Neil Cdumplings are amazing

    55555 by Neil C

  • Christine JYummy food, consistent service! One of my favorite Chinese restaurants!

    55555 by Christine J

  • Wahyu S..........................

    55555 by Wahyu S

  • Anna PThe mango pudding is the most divine dessert. A beautiful mixture of textures and flavours.

    55555 by Anna P

  • Vadim JMind you it Closes kitchen for lunch at 15.30!

    33333 by Vadim J

  • Jade RTry EVERY dessert!

    55555 by Jade R

  • Sumeet S.Fish fragrant egg plant is unreal!! The best ever.

    55555 by Sumeet S.

  • Andy AIt's a crime to not have the Dim Sum's!! The roasted Duck and Crabmeat noodles definitely aren't illegal either!!!

    33333 by Andy A

  • Riad HAwesome dim sum, hot but fantastic Kung pao chicken! But give the lamb cutlets a miss (battered but with no flavour or spice at all)

    55555 by Riad H

  • HL JAlways ask the host to recommend their daily specials...let us not too focused on just the menu! Cocktails are great here too!

    55555 by HL J

  • Ken AMr Wong's pork xiao lung bao are absolutely toe-curlingly eyes-rolling-backingly amazing! #Foodgasm

    55555 by Ken A

  • Howard T.Get the salt and pepper squid, it's the real deal. Also the XO mud crab is delicious.

    55555 by Howard T.

  • Julie CThe eggplant is wonderful!

    55555 by Julie C

  • Mike M.I highly recommend the roast duck, but be sure to make a reservation unless you don't mind sitting at the bar. This place is very popular.

    55555 by Mike M.

  • Caroline MBest yum cha I've had!

    55555 by Caroline M

  • Mirvettium JDecent but limited vegetarian options great mushroom dumpling

    55555 by Mirvettium J

  • Wing BThe availability of dim sims for lunch makes lunch a much better experience than dinner. I would recommend the crab wrapped in egg noodles.

    55555 by Wing B

  • Thomas PPerfect service, good food. Recommendation: deserts "Fried vanilla ice cream" and "Chocolate cream with ..." - unbelievable delicious!

    55555 by Thomas P

  • Fatteddy KPork hock a must have

    55555 by Fatteddy K

  • Virginia EBaby spinach and morel mushroom dumpling, baked BBQ pork puff, prawn har gau and jade seafood dumpling is a great first round of tastes. Dan Hong is always in the house on Saturdays.

    55555 by Virginia E

  • Suzi ADelicious dim sum and roasted meats. Service is a bit scrappy.

    55555 by Suzi A

  • Kelpen H.The banquets are a good idea with a big group. Wine selection excellent

    55555 by Kelpen H.

  • Phoebes AFoie gras prawn toast is to die for ! As are most dishes, like Kung pao chicken, Lobster Mi Roll and Scallop and Prawn dumplings are sensational with salmon roe  x

    55555 by Phoebes A

  • Graham PLong wait time during dinner service. Expect to put your name on the door and park your ass at the bar for an hour... on a quiet night!

    33333 by Graham P

  • Phil G.Crispy Eggplant.

    55555 by Phil G.

  • Rebecca P.Beef tartare standout and mushrooms were amazing

    55555 by Rebecca P.

  • Phoebes AAddictive x

    55555 by Phoebes A

  • Rob PDon't skip desert!

    55555 by Rob P

  • Darren P.The best lamb chops. Period. Seriously, the best tasting crust, the largest juiciest chops. Divine. And I use that word sparingly.

    55555 by Darren P.

  • Hendy O.Love the attention to details at this place. Give peking duck, dim sum platter and pork belly a go. If you like your food spicy, try mapo tofu or chili king prawns!

    55555 by Hendy O.

  • Kristin BPork belly with apple was delish. Egg noodles with wagyu also a must have plus the eel, silken tofu and century egg starter were all delish..

    55555 by Kristin B

  • Rob T.food is pricey but worth it. great wine list. the bbq pork is amazing.

    55555 by Rob T.

  • Chris CSnooty staff. Food was delicious, but a little pricey. Decor is amazing though.

    55555 by Chris C

  • Amy TBad service

    22222 by Amy T

  • Daniel C.Terrible. Just standard Chinese food at expensive prices. Over fitted out and sub standard service. Staff didn't know what we ordered, brought all the food at once and tried to sit us at a crappy tbl.

    22222 by Daniel C.

  • Claire DLive your name on the list early and grab a drink nearby. Kung pow chicken is not for the faint hearted!

    55555 by Claire D

  • John N.Must try peaking duck pancakes. Don't try pork belly with Apple.

    55555 by John N.

  • Mooksy MPeking duck, beef tartare, salt and pepper squid, beef vermicelli noodles, venison puffs from the fried platters... Too much to name. If you are authentic Chinese, go back to Chinatown :)

    55555 by Mooksy M

  • Anna PWhat's good....dumplings, crispy chicken, duck, steamed fish, and desserts!!!

    55555 by Anna P

  • Steve FCheck out the two bars, one upstairs and one downstairs. Both nice but not too busy or loud, so you can talk.

    55555 by Steve F

  • Jess N.Everything is great here! Standouts are the mushroom dumplings and the salt and pepper crusted lamb cutlets.

    55555 by Jess N.

  • Jack TGreat Chinese and Asian cuisine in town hall Sydney cbd skyview plaza

    55555 by Jack T

  • Jack TGreat Chinese and Asian cuisine in the middle of town hall Sydney cbd

    55555 by Jack T

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