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Burger King

2.7 of 5.0 from 22 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Burger King in Taylor, MI
  • Burger King in Taylor, MI
  • Burger King in Taylor, MI

Burger King Reviews

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  • Brian D.Great place for Detroit Tiger fans!

    55555 by Brian D.

  • Jennifer H.This has got to be the slowest BK ever!

    11111 by Jennifer H.

  • Robert B.I think I aged a whole year while waiting.

    33333 by Robert B.

  • David P.This drive thur is slow

    22222 by David P.

  • Sara C.I was the only car in the drive thru and it took forever!

    11111 by Sara C.

  • Julie A.My boys love the baseball study

    55555 by Julie A.

  • Ryann C.Super slow!! From morning to nite

    33333 by Ryann C.

  • Nicole S.Hurry up and wait!!!!! Super slow!!!!!

    33333 by Nicole S.

  • Erica S.Worst service ever today!!

    11111 by Erica S.

  • PolishSausageâ„¢Eat here and you will get sick!

    33333 by PolishSausageâ„¢

  • Ryann C.Super hella slow good lawd

    55555 by Ryann C.

  • Alicia B.The grilled chicken sandwich is dry.

    33333 by Alicia B.

  • Henrietta D.Service is way too slow

    33333 by Henrietta D.

  • Aimee A.Longest wait ever no matter what time you come...but there is one lady kinda short lots of tattoos she is freekin awesome

    55555 by Aimee A.

  • Kim M.Blech!! They never get my order right. Even when it's as is from the menu.

    33333 by Kim M.

  • Brian B.And the order taker was friendly*

    22222 by Brian B.

  • Brian B.Nothing was wrong with my visit. The food was right and exactly the way I ordered it.

    33333 by Brian B.

  • Solomon W.Dirty soda fountain, bathroom stall with no lock, country music, AND they forgot my sauce????? Fuuuuuuuuu......

    22222 by Solomon W.

  • Denise M.this is the slowest burger king in all the land

    22222 by Denise M.

  • Karma O.Check your bags here. Y didn't I get my fruit for my oatmeal? #UPSET

    22222 by Karma O.

  • Kevin H.Untrained*

    11111 by Kevin H.

  • Kevin H.Raw bacon, old fries, and untained employees who dont know there own menu... DISLIKE

    22222 by Kevin H.

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