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Jacobs and Co Steakhouse

12 Brant Street
Toronto, ON M5V 2M1

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(416) 366-0200

4.7 of 5.0 from 30 reviews

price range:more than $50

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Jacobs and Co Steakhouse in Toronto, ON
  • Jacobs and Co Steakhouse in Toronto, ON
  • Jacobs and Co Steakhouse in Toronto, ON
  • Jacobs and Co Steakhouse in Toronto, ON
  • Jacobs and Co Steakhouse in Toronto, ON
  • Jacobs and Co Steakhouse in Toronto, ON

Jacobs and Co Steakhouse Reviews

Add your review for Jacobs and Co Steakhouse.

  • Hady K.This place is amazing! Be sure to try the house caeser salad - it is the one of the best you will ever have guaranteed. The service is beyond extrodinary, with a level of smart attentiveness.

    55555 by Hady K.

  • Xuehai F.Really cool server, atmosphere nice. Salad made infront of you. Share the massive porterhouse

    55555 by Xuehai F.

  • Xuehai F.Great atmosphere, awesome steak selection, $$$$

    55555 by Xuehai F.

  • Shawn B.Bread and Caesar salad to die for

    55555 by Shawn B.

  • Luce V.Excellent service, excellent food.

    55555 by Luce V.

  • AshanthiGet their signature Cesar Salad. The best I've ever had. And they make the dressing and salad right in front of you.

    55555 by Ashanthi

  • Kyle V.Amazing dinner, one of the best in Toronto.

    55555 by Kyle V.

  • D C.The Wagyu steak is incredible

    55555 by D C.

  • Richard T.Oakley Wagyu T Bone!!! Delicious

    55555 by Richard T.

  • Bea T.Not that I didn't LOVE the entire meal (esp. Caesar salad) but I couldn't taste a HUGE diff between the $38 striploin and the $78 wagyu ribeye? So.. Get the striploin for a better deal?

    33333 by Bea T.

  • J.P. G.The Japanese wagyu is the best steak I have ever tasted.

    55555 by J.P. G.

  • Karishma B.Everything about this place was amazing - from the service to the steaks. The poutine and chocolate truffles are a definite must-try. If you're going to Jacob's, be prepared to splurge!

    55555 by Karishma B.

  • Scott S.Table-side caesar was great, steak was amazing, and sides are delicious and generous ... plan accordingly!

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Danielle P.Bunch of snobs at the reception !!!

    33333 by Danielle P.

  • JP C.The flatiron Wagyu-NSW is the hidden gem. Buttery and indescribably delicious. I'll be coming back to try the poutine.

    55555 by JP C.

  • Jon D.The Caesar salad made at your table is something you absolutely must do.

    55555 by Jon D.

  • Ronald E.Make sure to order a Caesar Salad - yummy!

    55555 by Ronald E.

  • Corby F.Share the steak to allow room for all the sides and appetizers.

    55555 by Corby F.

  • Mar L.Steak for 200 dollars? It makes sense if tastes so good as they cook it in Jacobs.

    55555 by Mar L.

  • JugnooMeJacobs & Co. serves great food and made it onto Jugnoo's NXnecessities list. Hungry for more good eats? Check out http://www.nxnecessities.com for the rest of the NXnecessities.

    55555 by JugnooMe

  • Holly S.Food- STELLAR. Wine- meh. A bottle that would cost 100 at any other restaurant was 165 here. Ye be warned...

    33333 by Holly S.

  • Sotheby's International Realty CanadaThe steaks are some of the best we've had in the city... and so is the Jacobs Caesar salad, prepared tableside.

    55555 by Sotheby's International Realty Canada

  • Farhan D.Steak & Service, beyond reproach. One word: Waygu.

    55555 by Farhan D.

  • Anndrea C.Poutine is a must have!

    55555 by Anndrea C.

  • Heather L.Every dollar is worth it but get more bang for your buck by splitting a 32 oz. or 40 oz. dry-aged steak with your diners if you all like the same meat temperature.

    55555 by Heather L.

  • Heather L.Asparagus and hollandaise: it sounds passe but you'll want to lick up the last bit of eggy-buttery goodness with this seasonal veggie.

    55555 by Heather L.

  • Michael B.The waitstaff was top-notch. The guy even brought me my umbrella that I almost left behind!

    33333 by Michael B.

  • National PostJacobs grills at a fissionable 1,800F and dry-ages its steaks, hanging them as they rot slowly in a temperature-controlled environment, emerginh tasting of highland whisky. Read more:

    55555 by National Post

  • Lily T.Best steak and service.

    55555 by Lily T.

  • Tara O.Just enjoy the food...

    55555 by Tara O.

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