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Moroco Chocolat

99 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, ON M5R3K

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(416) 961-2202

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4.4 of 5.0 from 30 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON
  • Moroco Chocolat in Toronto, ON

Moroco Chocolat Reviews

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  • Stacia_ T.Amazing tiramisu !!!!!

    55555 by Stacia_ T.

  • Fee D.Life's sinful indulgences. High tea? Yes please! Chocolates? Don't mind if I do! Decor? Ladies, you're going to want to strike a pose and then Instagram it. Remember, pinky up.

    55555 by Fee D.

  • Tiffany H.The tea comes with a piece of macron, and the $3 is for the macron for every extra cup. But the waitress forgot to give us our macrons, so she had to take off the charges. Food, tea, and atmospher:-)

    22222 by Tiffany H.

  • Tiffany H.We were ths only table there; there were 4 waiter and waitresses in total. Everytime we need to refill our pot I had to wave them down because they were all chatting behind the bar.

    22222 by Tiffany H.

  • Adam F.Delicious chocolate, friendly staff, rude customers.

    55555 by Adam F.

  • ValThey put dairy in the dark chocolate. Worked with Callebaut Belgian chocolate for 14 years and I've never heard of anyone doing this. Pure chocolate lovers, avoid!

    55555 by Val

  • ValNo vegan chocolates. Even the dark contains dairy. Keep walking.

    33333 by Val

  • Stephanie S.The eggs Benedict is a must!

    55555 by Stephanie S.

  • Humara K.I love this place. This is their smores that feeds 2-3 people. Marshmallows are fresh, I think made in house and the graham cookies are so thick you only need one. I had two and was satisfied.

    55555 by Humara K.

  • Oliver P.The Milk Chocolate Chai Sipping chocolate is absolutely devine

    55555 by Oliver P.

  • Alicia d.Sipping chocolate is ridiculous. So succulent. Also try the caramel peanut butter eggs if its around easter. So so delicious!

    55555 by Alicia d.

  • AS T.Love the hot chocolate here. I've tried the Milk Chocolate Chai & the 66% Dark Chocolate.

    55555 by AS T.

  • Trish C.White Chocolate Mint, Lychee, Cass and Lavender Macarons.

    55555 by Trish C.

  • Trish C.The lobster mac and cheese is incredible. Great portion size and big chunks of lobster.

    55555 by Trish C.

  • Fahd A.Try the fondue, super sweet and rich. Slow service..

    55555 by Fahd A.

  • WinterliciousJoin us at MoRoCo Chocolat January 25 – February 7, 2013 for a delicious, 3-course, prix fixe meal as part of Toronto's Winterlicious. #LiciousTO

    55555 by Winterlicious

  • HanBi K.I wouldnt come here for good macaroons...i would only come here for the atmosphere. They've got great interior design done. Other than that i didnt like any of their food+drinks+desserts...seriously..

    33333 by HanBi K.

  • HanBi K.A tea set($10) includes one macaroon. Premium teas are $4 extra (chocolates are added) If you are sharing one tea set with a friend $3 extra for a cup.

    55555 by HanBi K.

  • HanBi K.Grat is 18% and it's already included.Macaroon $2.75- very chewey... And too sweet.

    33333 by HanBi K.

  • Erika J.Had the Mac and cheese, a la lobster? Soul food got fancy!! Was delish. Will definitely return to order from the dessert menu as well... Very elegant, beautiful place. Love!!

    55555 by Erika J.

  • Scott D.The sipping hot chocolate is rich and delicious. Must be 1,000,000 calories though.

    55555 by Scott D.

  • Tara S.They do custom macaroons! Get them made for party favours or wedding favours :) Great atmosphere and desserts.

    55555 by Tara S.

  • Sam P.S'more Love is messy but delicious. Very decadent, save it for a sweet tooth.

    55555 by Sam P.

  • Linda K.If you sit on the patio, expect a 18.5% tip to be included.

    33333 by Linda K.

  • Zoriana Z.Make sure you don't get the bitchy Asian waitress or you'll wait 40 minutes before ordering then once you do, you'll wait 40 minutes for some chocolate

    22222 by Zoriana Z.

  • Cindy R.Chocolate heaven.

    55555 by Cindy R.

  • Perla C.Chocolat foundue brunch is heaven. Please don't miss all the ambiance, is GREAT!

    55555 by Perla C.

  • LindsayGrilled cheese sandwich is delicious. S'mores are amazing - you get six, so three for two people or two for three people (share between two - you'll want more!)

    55555 by Lindsay

  • Nino D.Had the Penance for Pleasure selection and found it bland and gimmicky (e.g. mini burgers that have absolutely no taste). Sorry. Impressive decor though.

    33333 by Nino D.

  • Pedro F.Great service & great Food

    55555 by Pedro F.

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