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Thompson Diner

550 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2V5

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(416) 601-3533


  • Sunday: Midnight - Midnight
  • Monday: Midnight - Midnight
  • Tuesday: Midnight - Midnight
  • Wednesday: Midnight - Midnight
  • Thursday: Midnight - Midnight
  • Friday: Midnight - Midnight
  • Saturday: Midnight - Midnight

4.3 of 5.0 from 120 reviews

price range:more than $50

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Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
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  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
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  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON
  • Thompson Diner in Toronto, ON

Thompson Diner Reviews

Add your review for Thompson Diner.

  • Eric IGreat burger - absolutely the place to go grab a bite after King St.'s last call!

    55555 by Eric I

  • Alëna TAmazing matzo soup. Such a must at midnight.

    55555 by Alëna T

  • Paulette JThe duck poutine fries are ok fries needed to be fried some more

    33333 by Paulette J

  • Alina D.The waiter got my order wrong, we waited so long for the waiter to come and so long for the food to come, the taste was okay, the presentation ok. Price ok but they cld make their food taste better

    22222 by Alina D.

  • Jamie ATry the Hot chicken wings! Or read my review here: http://jamiesarner.com/toronto-life/2016/06/downtown-toronto-restaurants-quick-bite/

    55555 by Jamie A

  • Adam KHorrible service. Went at 6am for breakfast. There was 1 other customer. 10 minutes later I didn't even have a menu yet. Walked out.

    22222 by Adam K

  • Izabela M.Unfortunately changed for the WORSE. If it's 3:28am and nothing else is open, stop in, but otherwise go just about anywhere else for a similar vibe, tastier food, a larger menu and MUCH better value.

    33333 by Izabela M.

  • Jason KThe only place to eat in the downtown entertainment district after 2am. Exactly what you'd expect.

    55555 by Jason K

  • Ricky S.Friendly service but okay food. Open 24 Hours which makes it a nice option for a quick meal.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Seema M.Great late night food. Burgers and chicken and waffles great options after the bar:

    55555 by Seema M.

  • Dan SeamanCobb salad was a big disappointment. It was worse than bad; it was bland.

    11111 by Dan Seaman

  • Desiree MacDonaldDelicious diner food served on wooden trays. Serving sizes are large and boy is everything so yummy. You just can't go wrong with anything! *thumbs up*

    55555 by Desiree MacDonald

  • Laurel T.Perfectly serviceable diner food. Not elevated, not crappy.

    55555 by Laurel T.

  • Robbie H.Macaroni and cheese is amazing but very rich.

    55555 by Robbie H.

  • Keith M.Honestly, the best mac & cheese I've had anywhere.

    55555 by Keith M.

  • Laura ShumFriendly service, okay food

    55555 by Laura Shum

  • K M4am and drunk? Mac & cheese it is.

    55555 by K M

  • Michael PlastinaOpen 24 hours, usually no waiting for a table; food is decent, large portions of greasy breakfast fare, although some healthier options do exist. A little pricey, but worth the 24 h convenience.

    55555 by Michael Plastina

  • K@te ☤Great comfort food. I had the Buttermilk fried chicken and the West coast burger. The food was SOOOOO good, and the staff were nice and friendly.

    55555 by K@te ☤

  • Elina ✈The decor is modern with a very casual ambience. We ❤️ the Buttermilk fried chicken, Chicken and Waffles, Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Bacon Truffle Mac n' Cheese. Prices are fairly reasonable.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • Nicole F.I wished I loved it but the truth is everything I've had is so greasy. The service was really friendly and sweet but the food is pretty disappointing.

    55555 by Nicole F.

  • Mike ViscontiMake your own grilled cheese - add whatever you like to their buttery Texas toast. The burger was average, but the breakfast food is all pretty good.

    55555 by Mike Visconti

  • Monica L.Portions are quite large.

    55555 by Monica L.

  • Fatema HoqueTry the brunch burger for breakfast or the chicken and waffles for dinner. They're good at sweet and savory dishes.

    55555 by Fatema Hoque

  • Marie GurcharnFried chicken.

    55555 by Marie Gurcharn

  • Nick AnghelAVOID at all costs!!! Extremely long wait, could squeeze the grease out of my sandwich, full of white trash drunks and rude staff, $$$$$$$$ .

    11111 by Nick Anghel

  • Robin H.There's no wifi available so be prepared....

    55555 by Robin H.

  • TabThey accept Tab - download the app and never wait for your bill again: http://get.tabpayments.co

    33333 by Tab

  • TabThey accept Tab - download the app and never wait for your bill again: get.tabpayments.co

    33333 by Tab

  • K.J. I/OFilm Location - Orphan Black S1E2 - "...Fung’s Restaurant, where Sarah/Beth meets Art to go over the Maggie Chen case file..." http://orphanblack.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:2607

    55555 by K.J. I/O

  • Emily Sauer ByrneChoc chip pankcakes were great. Service was also good but then again Wasnt busy. Also san Ben Mulroney here... :s lol

    55555 by Emily Sauer Byrne

  • Kevin PersaudDefinitely try the Grilled Cheese Burger

    55555 by Kevin Persaud

  • Kate S.Great place for after bar

    55555 by Kate S.

  • Ani H.Great food! No debit accepted. ATM inside. Visa and Cash is fine.

    55555 by Ani H.

  • Dan S.It's difficult to believe, but the Guinness Shake is a must-try. Don't let the sound of it put you off.

    55555 by Dan S.

  • TOTweetFestGrilled Cheese sandwich burger will leave you full for the rest of the day but worth it! But found service to be slow, so don't go when you're REALLY hungry!

    55555 by TOTweetFest

  • Louise Erika LasquetyThumbs up for their mac & cheese!:)

    55555 by Louise Erika Lasquety

  • Grace C.http://xmasbb.blogspot.com/2012/09/crazy-burgers-at-thompson-diner.html?m=1#! BURGERS!

    55555 by Grace C.

  • Liz TeodoriniGood decor. Terrible food. The salad dressings were overly vinegary and the chicken completely dry. The calamari breading was so salty it was inedible. :(

    11111 by Liz Teodorini

  • TOTweetFestBLT w/ ciabatta bread - more than enough bacon. Poutine good too. Service was quick. Good-sized portions.

    55555 by TOTweetFest

  • Ted H.Breakfast is served!

    55555 by Ted H.

  • Amber PurnisHave the double Mac & Cheese and add goat cheese and bacon!!!! Delish #nomnomnom

    55555 by Amber Purnis

  • ElenaDon't take debit and won't run it as a credit card.

    22222 by Elena

  • Dee H.Server was awesome, good waffle however the compote and lemon creme were amazing. My favourite jam on the tables (huge points)

    55555 by Dee H.

  • Jerry A.Double grilled cheese sandwich burger. Do it.

    55555 by Jerry A.

  • Kate I.Mac and cheese is awesome! Onion rings were also good! Portions are huge so I recommend sharing.

    55555 by Kate I.

  • Vicki TrottierService is iffy but food is good. HUGE portions.

    55555 by Vicki Trottier

  • Sandra PaonessaHuge portions!!

    55555 by Sandra Paonessa

  • Andrew C."The Fat American" isn't just insulting, it's crap. Don't be fooled by that alluring malty aroma; these are the driest pancakes you'll ever eat.

    33333 by Andrew C.

  • Annuh S.Buttermilk fried chicken. No questions.

    55555 by Annuh S.

  • Ian L.Had another Turkey Burger; the "Deep South" with flavorful pulled pork and crispy onions. Still big and juicy, and better without cheese. Fries were fine. Overall meal hit the spot. Still pricey

    55555 by Ian L.

  • Sadie W.Turkey Brie sammy was totally saturated in olive oil. Took an hour and 45 mins to get it. Filled with obnoxious club rats. A definite miss!

    22222 by Sadie W.

  • Ian L.Turkey burger was good..big, juicy and tasty. Bit too cheesy. Onion rings were good, kind of chicken fried - could have used a few more. Not bad overall, but expensive for $20

    55555 by Ian L.

  • Collin N.Shitty service, pretty decent food.

    33333 by Collin N.

  • Grace C.Donut Burger - not as sweet as you'd have imagined. Grilled Cheese Burger, as insane as it sounds.

    55555 by Grace C.

  • King Blue CondosI figure go big or go home!

    55555 by King Blue Condos

  • CJBGreat menu! The only "negative" is that the portions are HUGE and you can never finish what you just paid for. That's why I just always order the alcohol or coffee.

    55555 by CJB

  • Nathan AragonOk, the special still works after 1am, just got free crab cakes, be nice to the server and tip well.

    33333 by Nathan Aragon

  • Shera Everett SinghSweet, free appetizer

    55555 by Shera Everett Singh

  • Izabela M.The option to have your burger on a bun OR wrapped in lettuce is something I wish more establishments offered. Great low-carb alternative because eating a burger with your hands is a sacred ritual. :)

    55555 by Izabela M.

  • Shannon S.The fried chicken is my new fav menu item. It's super yummy, but I get it with spinach rather than the cheesy mashed potatoes.

    55555 by Shannon S.

  • Murray @Terrible service, when our waitress was asked why it took so long she did not apologize, and rather looked down.

    11111 by Murray @

  • Maxmillien Rosenberg1st time checkin get a free app! Go for the crab cakes!!!!

    33333 by Maxmillien Rosenberg

  • Lucy M99 cent hot dog in a one dollar bun. :(

    33333 by Lucy M

  • Marcelo TWorst service. Disgusting food. Awkward servers. Bizarre music. 0/10

    11111 by Marcelo T

  • Justin JMy family LOVES the Thompson Diner! They have GREAT food and FANTASTIC service. The fact that thery're open 24/7 is bonus!

    55555 by Justin J

  • Andrew"Fat American" pancakes = Delicious

    55555 by Andrew

  • Henry HoGreat place to eat late at night!!!

    55555 by Henry Ho

  • Jason AGrilled Cheese Burger is EPIC! Not for the faint of belly!

    55555 by Jason A

  • Christopher B.Break your routine of late night Chinese on Spadina... this is the BEST 24hr eats in the city and the 2nd best way to end a boozy night.

    55555 by Christopher B.

  • Julia GalloTry the grilled veggie sandwich. Loads of veggies grilled to perfection lightly topped with pesto, yum.

    55555 by Julia Gallo

  • Fiona L.open 24 hours.

    55555 by Fiona L.

  • Sotheby's International Realty CanadaRub shoulders with the after-hours glitterati- this spot is open 24 hours. Must try after a night out: amazing truffle mac n’ cheese.

    55555 by Sotheby's International Realty Canada

  • Izabela M.The Pastrami Reuben is really really good. Onion Rings also kick ass.

    55555 by Izabela M.

  • Odie L.Don't go between 2-3pm during kitchen shift change.. Ull never get Ur food!

    33333 by Odie L.

  • Jeff KFridays and Saturdays are busy after 2am! There is a line up and usually a 15-20min wait for a table depending on the size of the group! Be patient! If not... There's always McDonalds up the street!

    55555 by Jeff K

  • Edward R.Check in for the first time and unlock the Newbie special: get a free appetizer of your choosing! Free wings and crab cakes, huzzah!

    55555 by Edward R.

  • Natalie C.Had the chicken club it was awesome

    55555 by Natalie C.

  • Wendy FosterThe BLT is the best sandwich on the menu.

    55555 by Wendy Foster

  • Lauren S.Huge portions! turkey burger in lettuce ftw.

    55555 by Lauren S.

  • Shannon S.fav things: The Reuben, Prairie Omelette, Smoked Salmon Platter & the Nicoise Salad (but the tuna is canned, not fresh). Turkey burgers are good, but the beef ones are always dry & over cooked.

    33333 by Shannon S.

  • Jon HaywoodGrab the all day breakfast, and then shimmy to the rooftop for sunrise over T Dot!

    55555 by Jon Haywood

  • Thompson HotelsThe Fat American: sausage & bacon stuffed pancakes, topped with crispy battered onions & fried eggs. Yum!

    55555 by Thompson Hotels

  • Anna NThe Brunch Burger is fantastic. Burger & Breakfast on a doughnut! YUMMM!

    55555 by Anna N

  • Mackenzie C.Ask for Anna as your server... She's fun.. Good times!

    55555 by Mackenzie C.

  • Reg AOPEN 24hrs! Their Mac & Cheese is a must try!

    55555 by Reg A

  • Shawn LOne of the best burgers in Toronto. Onion rings are AMAZING

    55555 by Shawn L

  • ClickflickcaThis place is "open" 24 hrs and seems to cater to "Club scene" after midnight. Don't let that fool you. The food is great here. Fried chicken and the breakfast options are always a good choice here.

    55555 by Clickflickca

  • FoodspottingTry the Mac and Cheese with bacon

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Chad JTry the kaiken malbec. Awesome.

    55555 by Chad J

  • Jeffrey AAwesome food. Turkey Burger and rings are seriously incredible.

    55555 by Jeffrey A

  • PennachettiI could eat here every day. Amazing mac and cheese. Mash with cheese. Its soul food at its finest!

    55555 by Pennachetti

  • Brian ClareyAsian Steak Salad is awesome

    55555 by Brian Clarey

  • Raj Patelamazing west coast turkey burger!

    55555 by Raj Patel

  • Melissa A.Mac and cheese was very creamy but not cheezy enough. Would have been better with a sharper cheese. Could have used more truffle flavour too.

    55555 by Melissa A.

  • Sebastian GaticaGreat menu and open 24hrs! Major design flaw with nowhere to hang your coats though

    55555 by Sebastian Gatica

  • Carolyn@Minto775 JOpen 24/7! Try the mac and cheese! Awesome modern-diner vibe.

    55555 by Carolyn@Minto775 J

  • Ishy DeeThe veggie burger is a chick-pea patty with spices and whatnot according to our server. I ate the bun and toppings because no one knew what else was in it.

    33333 by Ishy Dee

  • Jenny S.Buttermilk fried chicken is AMAZING! Nice and crunchy on the outside, super moist on the inside!!!

    55555 by Jenny S.

  • Lorraine S.Cute modern diner - cheddar mashed & turkey burger are yum. Too bad the service is slow & terrible.

    33333 by Lorraine S.

  • Tom E.Awesome mac and cheese and grilled cheese but fries are basically McCains. Great 24/7 place!

    55555 by Tom E.

  • Tom E.Dare u to eat the Brunch Burger: donut, fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and fries!

    55555 by Tom E.

  • //tophThe veggie burger is ten day old mashed potatoes . Avoid.

    33333 by //toph

  • Justin EltonMac and cheese, that's it, order that and thank god.

    55555 by Justin Elton

  • Brandi ParsonService is ridiculously slow, utensils were dirty and food was cold when it finally arrived. Menu and atmosphere are great. Hopefully everything else improves with time.

    22222 by Brandi Parson

  • Khaleed J.St. Lawrence is the perfect midnight snack!

    55555 by Khaleed J.

  • Kat P.You have to try the double mac & cheese, delicious!

    55555 by Kat P.

  • Khaleed J.24 hour breakfat! 3 eggs and more!

    33333 by Khaleed J.

  • Khaleed J.You can't go wrong with a heart breakfast after 11pm

    55555 by Khaleed J.

  • Rhiannon JordanI'm not sure if I just ordered the wrong thing, but the Buttermilk Fried Chicken was disgusting. Looked awesome, but tasted like feet.

    22222 by Rhiannon Jordan

  • Simeon BThe coke machine is totally flat - try a different beverage.

    33333 by Simeon B

  • Nadia IssaBellaThe West Coast Burger with a the Double Mac'N'Cheese as a side is like a big taste of Heaven!

    55555 by Nadia IssaBella

  • Kara AFood is great, service is terrible. If you think your server forgot, they did.

    33333 by Kara A

  • Michael B.Don't mess around - just get the Mac & Cheese.

    33333 by Michael B.

  • Tiffany Strobelhad the turkey and brie - was delicious. A little too much mayo though.

    55555 by Tiffany Strobel

  • Jason P.Looks like it was designed by a committee of four who never met each other. Been waiting over an hour for food and nothing has arrived and they can't even give us an idea of when. AVOID THIS PLACE!

    22222 by Jason P.


    55555 by Shannon S.

  • JeffDouble mac & cheese with pancetta = foodgasm.

    55555 by Jeff

  • Shannon S.Fantastic design and service. Burger was just okay, but I'll give it another try (thinking it was just over cooked). Highlight - the milkshakes and pop shoppe pop floats. YUM!

    33333 by Shannon S.

  • AskMenFor food you have a choice (among many others) between double mac & cheese, buttermilk fried chicken or some sort of brie & focaccia. Bonus: available 24 hours a day.

    55555 by AskMen

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