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609 King St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

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(416) 703-7775


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 1:00 am

Cuisine: Bars

4.7 of 5.0 from 162 reviews

price range:more than $50

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WVRST in Toronto, ON
  • WVRST in Toronto, ON
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  • WVRST in Toronto, ON
  • WVRST in Toronto, ON
  • WVRST in Toronto, ON

WVRST Reviews

Add your review for WVRST.

  • Alex PalmerBeautiful idea, wonderfully executed! Delicious food, great selection of beer, awesome ciders! 😍😋

    55555 by Alex Palmer

  • Brian KGood beer but also german bratwursts!

    55555 by Brian K

  • Besma JEnjoyable experience, lots of options but most sausages are wrapped in pork casing.

    55555 by Besma J

  • Jason KInteresting setup. Great beer selection but not really feeling waiting in line for food.

    55555 by Jason K

  • Vivian MAll the sauerkraut!

    33333 by Vivian M

  • mahsa dI love it.. duck fat fries, bear selection, sausage selection... you should be experienced here to get a good combination😄😄

    55555 by mahsa d

  • Stella Z.Great if you love sausage. Went with a few friends and we were satisfied. They even have vegetarian options! Kind of overpriced if you compare it to street meat though haha the kranjska is my fav.

    55555 by Stella Z.

  • Zbyszek GGot a kangaroo sausage & duck fat fries. To put it simply, I wasn't blown away. Place was packed, if you're a group, def make a reservation.

    55555 by Zbyszek G

  • Rob IacoccaGreat selection of sausages and beer. The atmosphere is extremely loud if busy- so come prepared to yell.

    55555 by Rob Iacocca

  • Cameron DearsleyFantastic beer selection. Grab a Paulaner 🍺 and Octoberfest sausage — don't forget the duck fat fries. To die for.

    55555 by Cameron Dearsley

  • Zahid AAuthentic German wurst and sausages. Every kind of sausage you can imagine from rabbit, kangaroo, pork, veal, etc. And yes the beer is amazing, though a bit pricy. The duck fat fried fries is a must!

    55555 by Zahid A

  • Kevin R.One of my favorite sausage places in North America. Interesting game sausages, venison, bison, kangaroo...Communal Tables, Nice Craft Beer Selection, Good Location.

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Amy CGreat selection of beer but the food isn't too great. Overcooked and over salted duck fat fries and super fatty hot dog.

    55555 by Amy C

  • Jamie ANo matter what else you order, go for the duck fa fries with it! Ranked 4 in Best TO restaurants for a quick bite: http://jamiesarner.com/toronto-life/2016/06/downtown-toronto-restaurants-quick-bite/

    55555 by Jamie A

  • Daryl PritchardTry the duck fat fries, definitely the best part.

    55555 by Daryl Pritchard

  • Mitchell ButlerKangaroo sausage with the dirty duck fat fries is a killer combo.

    55555 by Mitchell Butler

  • MeenahGreat ambiance with communal seating so you can mingle with other guests. Good selection of beers and sausages. Good for celebrating with a group

    55555 by Meenah

  • Rita SchepokGreat cider selection!

    55555 by Rita Schepok

  • Kyle M.You haven't lived until you've tried the duck fat fries.

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • prima filiLots of interesting sausages and beers. The fries are a bit too cooked but are still addictive. Help!

    55555 by prima fili

  • Philip Doucettevegan options R wonderful, juicy & have amazing toppings & very unique beers

    55555 by Philip Doucette

  • Hina dThe ambiance is great, and the selection of meats is kind of extraordinary. However, it gets pretty busy on the weekends and they restrict entry if the place is full. Call ahead to ask how busy it is.

    55555 by Hina d

  • Sameer A.Meh... The name pretty much says it all

    33333 by Sameer A.

  • Ian ZSe vier para um encontro romântico, não coma a mostarda em grãos! 😜 No mais, a cerveja e as salsichas são excelentes! Na segunda, algumas cervejas custam $5,00!

    55555 by Ian Z

  • Ernest GGet the Giardiniera as a topping for your sausage. It's worth the extra $, believe me...

    55555 by Ernest G

  • Bahar KhToo busy but aslo cool, fries are incredibly delicious! They have a large list of beers❤️

    55555 by Bahar Kh

  • Dina RughaniThe elk, duck, and venison were great. Great quality

    55555 by Dina Rughani

  • mistermediciBeer!! Amazing German beer

    55555 by mistermedici

  • yvonnnneeeegreat ambience and amazing selection of beer. (if youre unsure which one to get you can ask for samples) the dirty duck fat fries are sinful and can fill up four people.

    55555 by yvonnnneeee

  • David RamalhoGet the sausage.

    33333 by David Ramalho

  • Grey LExcellent sausages and great beer, without breaking the bank.

    55555 by Grey L

  • Adam DOutstanding beer selection both on draught and by the bottle. A bit loud on the weekends.

    55555 by Adam D

  • Jarratt MYou need to get the large dirty duck fries. They're so good!

    33333 by Jarratt M

  • Chris RobertsI got the Kaas on a bun. It was great but I tried the traditional (Oktoberfest w/ Currywvst) and it was better. Get the duck fat fries 🍟 dirty style!

    33333 by Chris Roberts

  • Justine VLove this place for awesome sausages and mugs of beer with friends. Great for large group reservations

    55555 by Justine V

  • Anthony MDuck fat fries and cold beers

    55555 by Anthony M

  • Kevin R.WVRST gives us two important food groups. Beer & Sausage. If you want some fries, do that as well. Duck Fat. Yes.

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Dave K.Did you say sausage and beer? Great selection of both. Fabulous duck fat fries too! A MUST go to place in Toronto.

    55555 by Dave K.

  • Alida S.Duck sausage is so good.

    55555 by Alida S.

  • Peter StraussWieners served by a bunch of wieners

    55555 by Peter Strauss

  • Jan wSausages to die for.

    55555 by Jan w

  • Jake GarrettSurprisingly there are good veggie and vegan sausage options. Black bean with chipotle is a good choice.

    55555 by Jake Garrett

  • Andrew ClunisSausages. Yes.

    55555 by Andrew Clunis

  • Mazen BaradhyTons of sausage choices in a friendly atmosphere with communal tables. Get the duck fat fries with your Wurst.

    55555 by Mazen Baradhy

  • Danny DMusic, beers :-)

    55555 by Danny D

  • Jac C.Kangaroo sausage is dank as hell!

    55555 by Jac C.

  • Corinne LalondeSausage in a bun and sauerkraut!!!

    33333 by Corinne Lalonde

  • Jessica JungTheir game sausages are definitely worth trying it, and get it on a regular toasted bun. The country bread in currywvrst is really small.

    55555 by Jessica Jung

  • K@te ☤Such a fun place, very trendy, with outstanding food and exceptional service! I had the duck sausage which i loved and the duck fat fries were of course amazing.

    55555 by K@te ☤

  • Elina ✈Amazing Dirty Duck Fat Fries with maple rosemary & bacon mayo dipping sauces, Curry Sausage, and Wild Boar Sausage. Not cheap but if you're looking for quality sausages you've come to the right place.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • That girl rayDuck fat fries and sooooo many different kinds of sausages!

    55555 by That girl ray

  • Shane M.Their onions are mushy. Recommend double peppers on your sausage

    33333 by Shane M.

  • Salomon ZSit yourself then order at the cash. Order the large fries to share even the small fries would be good as portion are generous. As for the hot dog there's some interesting choices.

    55555 by Salomon Z

  • claire janikat least 3 vegan sausage choices

    55555 by claire janik

  • Steve J.Great selection of beers and sausages, but no table service.

    55555 by Steve J.

  • Shane M.Duck Fat Fries, Beer & Sausages. What else do you need?

    55555 by Shane M.

  • Robin JohannsenDelicious good and beer. Great place to try something new but, man, it was very loud!

    55555 by Robin Johannsen

  • Jamie B.Lots of custom sausages from varying animal sources. Go at it a la Pokemon style…gotta try them all!

    55555 by Jamie B.

  • Richard J.You can taste all kinds of exotic sausages and fries here. Many beers on tab.

    55555 by Richard J.

  • Sarah GiesbrechtEverything is so delicious! Perfect for a casual night of beer, food and friends.

    55555 by Sarah Giesbrecht

  • Brandon DonnellyLove the big communal tables.

    55555 by Brandon Donnelly

  • Chris DaviesBeer selection is pretty great

    55555 by Chris Davies

  • Kerstin Russ ZaraTry the currywurst with a Hefeweissbier.

    55555 by Kerstin Russ Zara

  • Little ImpertinentNice vegetarian selection with gluten free vegetarian options (all meat sausages are gluten free), but no gluten free bun. :/ Duck fat fries mmm

    55555 by Little Impertinent

  • LorenzoAwesome atmosphere, great beer selection and the sausages are amazing!

    55555 by Lorenzo

  • Michael MckerracherThe danger dog with the duck fat fries is an excellent pre-drinking meal.

    55555 by Michael Mckerracher

  • VVAll kinds of sausages to be had! (Incl more than one veg sausage option!)

    55555 by VV

  • Ronald LopezThe food is great, but it is a very noisy place.

    55555 by Ronald Lopez

  • Zack DistefanoTrendy selection, delicious fries. Try the maple/rosemary dip.

    55555 by Zack Distefano

  • David KerrDifferent beers every week

    55555 by David Kerr

  • Phil T.They have any type of sausage that you could possibly want

    55555 by Phil T.

  • Mat KrepiczThe weird venison, buffalo, whatever sausages are something everyone should try. Great beer selection too.

    55555 by Mat Krepicz

  • Michael NiduazaIf you need a venue for a birthday dinner then come here. They take reservations. Try and get the corner booth. Great food, great beer, great vibe all around ! Any sausage with duck fat fries !

    55555 by Michael Niduaza

  • Johnny ChauvetKangaroo and Bison are my faves!

    55555 by Johnny Chauvet

  • Dan Browngreat sausages, great for groups. Kind of expensive though.

    55555 by Dan Brown

  • Praan MisirPaulaner and dirty duck fries. Bliss.

    33333 by Praan Misir

  • Mark KwongGet sides as salad if you want some vegetables. Cartelized onions and roasted bell peppers, but you'd need to order 5

    55555 by Mark Kwong

  • Chuck SmidIt's a sausagefest in here.

    33333 by Chuck Smid

  • Emilie W.Kangaroo sausage with duck fat fries is the way to go

    55555 by Emilie W.

  • Armin HammerSit at the bar and you don't have to line up for food or beers!

    33333 by Armin Hammer

  • @kingmoGreat food, but noisy - not for intimate dinners and quiet conversation. Also not much for vegetarians, gluten and soy allergies

    55555 by @kingmo

  • LenBe a man or a hearty woman and get a masse of beer. It's like drinking and going to the gym, just remember to switch drinking hands every so often.

    55555 by Len

  • Jon C.Duck fat fries with WVRST mayo. Amazeballs.

    55555 by Jon C.

  • George LTwo words: Kangaroo sausage.

    55555 by George L

  • walterI feel like I'm in an Instagram filter...and I like it.

    55555 by walter

  • Ryan B.The service is slow, it's expensive, the beer pours are chintzy and I still can't get enough of the delicious sausages these crazy krauts keep concocting.

    55555 by Ryan B.

  • TutorBuddies.comDuck fat fries are the best!

    55555 by TutorBuddies.com

  • Annalie K.If you're South African, don't order the Boerewors-it's not authentic. But the beer and the vibe is fantastic!

    55555 by Annalie K.

  • Kevin LeeHad the Elk. Delicious!

    55555 by Kevin Lee

  • hatice irem gunesWe had been waiting for 40 minutes then they realized they forgot what we ordered..

    11111 by hatice irem gunes

  • Hani H.If you're not starving, the large fries to split for two was too much. We wish we'd gone with the small order.

    33333 by Hani H.

  • Pat N.Duck fat fries were underwhelming - not as crispy as i expected although the wvrst sauce was delish. Bison sausage & beer selection were great - just not sure if they were worth the pretty hefty price

    55555 by Pat N.

  • Major B.Holy crap! The best place ever! Makers Mark on tap! Grant is the best! Thank you for making two Miami residents feel really great and happy. I will fly back for this!

    55555 by Major B.

  • Nitla KYou can't not get the duck fat fries!

    55555 by Nitla K

  • Jeffrey LiawThe bun just make the sausage divine!

    55555 by Jeffrey Liaw

  • Ken C.I like game-y meat but the kangaroo was too dry. The duck fat fries are amazing.

    55555 by Ken C.

  • Doug H.Fancy hotdogs, fries and beers. What else can you ask for!

    55555 by Doug H.

  • Jeff KarpalaSome of the best tasting fries in the city, great beer list and the bar staff have always been awesome.

    55555 by Jeff Karpala

  • CristinaIve been to Germany and this place is legit. Best currywurst in the city. Get the traditional bratwurst

    55555 by Cristina

  • CristinaLove the community-style tables and atmosphere. Takes me back to Germany. the Elk with sauerkraut is amazing

    55555 by Cristina

  • Dj BTry anything on the menu you won't be disappointed

    55555 by Dj B

  • Kelvin LeeThis place is a gem. Great environment, amazing service and food! Duck fat fries are awesome, and so is the bison blueberry maple sausage.

    55555 by Kelvin Lee

  • Lauren S.A huge variety of sausages + excellent selection of craft beer!

    55555 by Lauren S.

  • Duncan Camerondon't get the jalapeno topping, its just chopped up fresh jalapenos with no added or reduced flavourings.... takes away from the meat

    33333 by Duncan Cameron

  • Yuri V.The chorizo sausage with jalapeños will erase your childhood. Jesus will come down from heaven and wipe the sweat from your brow. Then your face melts off.

    55555 by Yuri V.

  • Yuri V.Don't touch the jalapeños and rub your eye. Or do. Whatever. You're weird. People secretly like you.

    33333 by Yuri V.

  • Joey M.Bratwvurst is amazing.

    55555 by Joey M.

  • LenActually very vegan/vegetarian friendly, 4 kinds of veggie sausages

    55555 by Len

  • Matt E.Two related tips. 1. Come here for beer&sausage. 2. The wifi password: beer&sausage

    33333 by Matt E.

  • LindsayMonday night $5 Ontario craft beers! The guinea fowl is my fave - the cheddar in it melts just a little and is perfect. Jalapeños are great toppings, but they're fresh, so pretty spicy!

    55555 by Lindsay

  • Anthony CiavarellaYou can order a beer when you go to the food counter and they'll bring it to your table - avoid the bar lineup!

    33333 by Anthony Ciavarella

  • Desmond FooGet the sausage on a toasted bun with your toppings of choice, much better than the currywvrst. And definitely get the duck fat fries.

    55555 by Desmond Foo

  • HarrisThe Kangaroo and Guinea Fowl sausages are a killer. Great vibe. This is a winner.

    55555 by Harris

  • Atticus RLove the Bratwvrst on a bun with peppers and onions, with the King Vienna Lager to drink.

    55555 by Atticus R

  • ChristineTry the mini danger dog wrapped in bacon (only $4!) and duck fat fries with chive and garlic sauce. Perfect place for large groups with picnic style seating. They've even got kangaroo on the menu!

    55555 by Christine

  • Collin N.$5 pints of Ontario beers on Monday. Don't forget to get some fries!!

    55555 by Collin N.

  • Adam WennemanDrrrrty duck fries

    55555 by Adam Wenneman

  • will carriganKangaroo was awesome and you gotta get duck fat fries too!

    55555 by will carrigan

  • Tara R.good beer selection, but they don't do mixed drinks or shots (except jäger!)

    55555 by Tara R.

  • Tim Y.Sunday beer 101 with nickel brook must be informed about the beer culture

    33333 by Tim Y.

  • LenHuge selection of sausages including 4 veggie style which are fantastic curry wurst style get the double portion the best value because doubles are the best!

    55555 by Len

  • ed aGo for the Kranjska. You won't be disappointed.

    55555 by ed a

  • MPThe bison sausage is delish!

    55555 by MP

  • James BellGreat sausages, interesting selection of beers including Bellwoods and Kensington, awesome fries. Boisterous crowd, great for a party!

    55555 by James Bell

  • Billy B.Order every sausage they sell and eat them as fast as you can like Kobiashi. I dare you.

    55555 by Billy B.

  • Jeremy B.Boerwors with sautéed onions and sauerkraut, side of duck fat fries and a pint of Paulaner. Perfect.

    55555 by Jeremy B.

  • Kurt ReckziegelGet a dirty duck. You won't be disappointed.

    33333 by Kurt Reckziegel

  • Saima Kabsolutely love the bison! blueberries & maple, you can't go wrong!

    55555 by Saima K

  • Kaspar ATry the Bison sausage! And have it curry wurst style so you can taste the sausage without bread and sides.

    55555 by Kaspar A

  • Andrew JagdatThey have dyson airblade hand dryers in the bathroom. Amazeballs!

    55555 by Andrew Jagdat

  • Mike N.Maybe the perfect place to have a large birthday gathering.

    55555 by Mike N.

  • WardoKangaroo w sauted onions, do it!

    55555 by Wardo

  • King Blue CondosGrab a pint @burnstammy

    55555 by King Blue Condos

  • Christine DGreat selection of beers. The vegetarian food selection could definitely be improved though.

    55555 by Christine D

  • Patricia M.Duck fat fries are a must! And no, they don't taste like duck or resemble anything to do with duck. Just absolutely delicious, especially with the chive dip!

    55555 by Patricia M.

  • Matt KBison sausage is unreal

    55555 by Matt K

  • Sarah ChiuGot venison with sweet sautéed onions and jalapeños + duck fat fries. Added some Dijon to the sausage and it was delish! Definitely coming back to try them all :)

    55555 by Sarah Chiu

  • Kevin QuanEnjoy polka in washroom

    55555 by Kevin Quan

  • Jason S.Do NOT come here if you are a fan of NBA basketball. They will not put a game on. The owners only want NHL or soccer. Wack!!

    33333 by Jason S.

  • Jess C$5 Ontario craft beer pints on Monday evenings!

    55555 by Jess C

  • Izabela M.Don't even think about getting plain fries. Get 'em dirty!

    22222 by Izabela M.

  • Ryan Lawrence"try the sausages" says the assholes that think they're funny but everyone hates.

    33333 by Ryan Lawrence

  • the BREL teamIn case you don't already know: communal tables, only sausage, beer and fries. Still reading? Awesome, you're in the right place. Enjoy.

    55555 by the BREL team

  • Karin A.Currywurst in Berlin is better but, for Toronto, this will do.

    55555 by Karin A.

  • Wendyduck fat fries are to die for!

    55555 by Wendy

  • Ines ObtinallaIf you like Fruili, you will probably love the Thornbury cider beer! Sweet and refreshing!

    55555 by Ines Obtinalla

  • Ryan LawrenceMy bladder is too small for there to only be one urinal here.

    33333 by Ryan Lawrence

  • Jessica A.Jalapeno/Cilantro yogurt dip is excellent with duck fat fries

    55555 by Jessica A.

  • Brian HoggDear god, order the Bison with carmelized onions, then, when you recover, try everything else.

    33333 by Brian Hogg

  • Dan GaedeTry the kangaroo.

    55555 by Dan Gaede

  • Aaron R.Kangaroo is bursting with flavour! Who knew?

    55555 by Aaron R.

  • Duane B.Share with 3/4 people: Get a double order of sauage & fries and then pick a game sauage.

    33333 by Duane B.

  • Metro NewsJust like any good sausage hall, it's crazy loud fun in here. Choose your style, choose your sausage, choose your booze and treat yourself. Golden crisp Duck Fat Fries are a must.

    55555 by Metro News

  • Jason KucherawyTry the sausages. And the beer is great too!

    55555 by Jason Kucherawy

  • Ksenija YTry the currywurst style lamb wurst and u will enter heaven! No joke.

    55555 by Ksenija Y

  • Christopher Y.Try the wurst

    55555 by Christopher Y.

  • Ian Z.Great food! Awesome environment!

    55555 by Ian Z.

  • Miguel F.Cute waiters. Oh ya, the food is good too, liked the guinea fowl.

    55555 by Miguel F.

  • Mike TullTry Rabbit with sweet peppers & onion

    55555 by Mike Tull

  • AskMenSausage-and-beer themed restaurant opening should make your palms sweat with excitement. With 20 types of sausage on the menu we find a Bavarian beer hall aiming to redefine the term sausagefest

    55555 by AskMen

  • Colorado HGreat food and dipping sauces!

    55555 by Colorado H

  • Mike TullAsk for a litre of beer in the Ice Cold Mug!!!

    33333 by Mike Tull

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