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Tim Horton's

3.6 of 5.0 from 22 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Tim Horton's Reviews

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  • Steve SchuurmanThis is the slowest Tim Hortons I have ever been to, even when there are only a couple people in line. Skip the line and use the Tim Hortons around the corner at 33 University Ave.

    33333 by Steve Schuurman

  • katherine torresI always pick the wrong line here!

    33333 by katherine torres

  • Darren HammondLemonade is yummy if you have no job

    55555 by Darren Hammond

  • Duane JukemaBusy spot! Remember to pick something up for the guy outside too... He's a person too...

    55555 by Duane Jukema

  • Hekate CobosTry the low fat muffins and the wheat and carrot too, both are my favourite!

    55555 by Hekate Cobos

  • Hekate CobosThis Tim Hortons is an outlet, so the washrooms are always impeccable

    55555 by Hekate Cobos

  • Hekate CobosAs any other Tim Hortons in Toronto, the coffee is really good as well as the chicken soup

    55555 by Hekate Cobos

  • Hekate CobosThe frozen lemonade is very good!

    55555 by Hekate Cobos

  • Jason AzevedoThe washroom here is disgusting... Enter at your own peril...

    11111 by Jason Azevedo

  • Warren DavisUse the self-serve kiosk at the main door during morning rush to jump to the front of the line for coffee/pastries (not applicable with hot food items, you'll still need to wait for them separately)

    33333 by Warren Davis

  • Roop BirdiGreat service! Just gotta watch for the homeless.

    55555 by Roop Birdi

  • Ozum TublukYogurt with berries and french vanilla

    55555 by Ozum Tubluk

  • Stephanie ButlerThis store never has vegetarian soup after 4pm. Very frustrating.

    33333 by Stephanie Butler

  • Pamela SantosDespise all the craziness during rush hours they're usually very nice staff, at least with me.

    55555 by Pamela Santos

  • Jennifer KirnerThis location is not in Union Station. The Union Station location is 65 Front St.

    33333 by Jennifer Kirner

  • Michael CowanAbsolutely the WORST washroom of any Timmies in the GTA. The scheduled cleaning here is the 1st Saturday of every leap year!

    22222 by Michael Cowan

  • Jesse HelmerThe mens' washroom at this Tim Hortons is usually terrible. Door is broken, messy and the hand dryer doesn't work. And there are no paper towels. Avoid!

    22222 by Jesse Helmer

  • Marian VWhen you give them 2 reloadable cards and ask them to use a specific one first thy do NOT listen! Don't just hear what the customer is asking for, please LISTEN to what the customer is asking!

    22222 by Marian V

  • Marian VThey need to learn to move faster here. People need to get to work!

    22222 by Marian V

  • Marian VThey need to learn the difference between sugar and sweetener and between milk and cream!

    33333 by Marian V

  • Jennifer KirnerThe last thing I need first thing in the morning is Jeannette screeching at me, pouring my coffee while I'm still 5 people back from the cash causing my coffee to be cold by the time I get to my desk!

    22222 by Jennifer Kirner

  • Neil MacLeanJeanette is The Best! My coffee is always ready!

    55555 by Neil MacLean

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