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162 Water Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2

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(604) 568-7022

4.7 of 5.0 from 106 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC
  • Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC

Pourhouse Reviews

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  • Steve SGreat cocktails, friendly staff

    55555 by Steve S

  • Albert CExcellent food, a but pricey. The ravioli, burger and scotch egg were excellent.

    55555 by Albert C

  • kelly JWhiskey Sour; Classic Cocktails

    55555 by kelly J

  • Natalie V.Burger was good but could use more flavor and was light on the toppings (like cheese). Pork belly special was good too.

    55555 by Natalie V.

  • Adri KAmbiente gostoso e comida excepcional! Quero voltar!!!

    55555 by Adri K

  • Nina AExceptional service. Katie the bartender is so good it's almost painful to watch.

    55555 by Nina A

  • Tania YoloGreat friendly service, good food and local beer.

    55555 by Tania Yolo

  • Jay HoltslanderMezcal Old Fashioned is my favourite.

    55555 by Jay Holtslander

  • Simple F.Scotch Egg, Octopus, Carpaccio & Beef Ravioli

    55555 by Simple F.

  • Adam DGreat, prohibition era-style bar. Solid cocktail list. A bit pricy, though.

    55555 by Adam D

  • Fran MFabulous meal. Gorgeous food. Try the scotch egg, it is amazing

    55555 by Fran M

  • Silvia IAmazing coctels. Better atmosphere and the service is the best. Definatelly a must in Vancouver. And some days...they hace life music. Could it be better?

    55555 by Silvia I

  • Zachary S.Great cocktails. Try the Redhook or the Black Rider.

    55555 by Zachary S.

  • Jon L.Great cocktails. Forget the menu and just tell the bartender a few things you like. For small plates, try the braised pork cheek and mac & cheese.

    55555 by Jon L.

  • Dylan KoutskyChris makes great custom cocktails

    55555 by Dylan Koutsky

  • Matty DPourhouse burger is delish

    55555 by Matty D

  • David S.Burger. Mmmmmmm, burger. Shout out to the mushroom brioche.

    55555 by David S.

  • Diraj G.Great lunch specials with beer.

    55555 by Diraj G.

  • Colleen WongThey know their drinks here but the food is just alrights!

    33333 by Colleen Wong

  • Goran AOne of the most succulent burgers I have ever had.

    55555 by Goran A

  • Serena XoxMushroom cap & great bottles of cab sav for an amazing price

    55555 by Serena Xox

  • Laurence B.I told them I didn't like fernet, so they made me three different whiskey-based cocktails that used fernet as a component, and they were all absolutely delicious.

    33333 by Laurence B.

  • Massiel JBest burger in town

    55555 by Massiel J

  • Garreth YGreat cocktails and food. Amazing burger.

    55555 by Garreth Y

  • Deniz LGood hamburger and sirloin

    55555 by Deniz L

  • Chris BaltExtremely impressive bartending and great cocktails

    55555 by Chris Balt

  • R Pchickpea croquettes are perhaps one of the best vegetarian dishes I have ever had! #delish

    55555 by R P

  • Ioana 🚲✈🚀 LSundays come with Jazz concerts!

    55555 by Ioana 🚲✈🚀 L

  • Kelly WongNice relaxing bar. Friendly staff. Good old fashion.

    55555 by Kelly Wong

  • Arash NarchiAmazing jazzy music and nice drinks...a bit more on the high end but you can have a nice chat and really appreciate the atmosphere here

    55555 by Arash Narchi

  • Shelley C.Come here for happy hour 2-6pm. Not only do you get solid cocktails, you get $4 treats like bacon brussel sprouts and osyter rockefeller.

    55555 by Shelley C.

  • Mark DanielAwesome selection and bartenders!

    55555 by Mark Daniel

  • Timothy John GarciaLunch specials are a treat.

    55555 by Timothy John Garcia

  • Daniel RoyReally good food and atmosphere. I recommend the chicken liver on toast.

    55555 by Daniel Roy

  • brainsikProbably the best burger I've ever had. Really. #really

    55555 by brainsik

  • jake sandersvery fancy place

    55555 by jake sanders

  • Holly C.Awesome cocktails! Our food was a little lacking but it may have been just one of those night. We had the steak and the burger. Meh.

    55555 by Holly C.

  • Louise GriffithsCouldn't get in which was a pity but an hour plus wait for two (on a Tuesday) for bar seating is unacceptable.

    22222 by Louise Griffiths

  • Jason FCauliflower steak main dish was delicious and filling. Seasonal heirloom salad was fantastic. I would get both again!

    55555 by Jason F

  • David G.The Old Cuban is out of this world! The food is to die for as well.

    55555 by David G.

  • Jake GarrettGreat selection of drinks. Surprised by the amount of interesting vegetarian options on the menu. The chickpea croquette was delicious.

    55555 by Jake Garrett

  • PhilipThe lunch deal is pretty sweet.

    55555 by Philip

  • Evan HavemanOrder your burger "Evan style" 🍔🍳

    55555 by Evan Haveman

  • Ava NavesOh, my goodness. Their whisky sour is amazing! Their apple pie is enough for three people. And when Casa Rosa is playing, you'll truly feel like you're in Paris in the 30s!

    55555 by Ava Naves

  • Jason BradshawTry the Absinthe Sour!

    55555 by Jason Bradshaw

  • Tou'Saint C.Cocky waiter almost ruined my night but the drinks and food were great

    22222 by Tou'Saint C.

  • Cassandra AndertonOne of the only places to do Absinthe properly in Vancouver. SPECTACULAR Cocktails. Scotch eggs and devils on horseback.

    55555 by Cassandra Anderton

  • J WGet the Pork Chop!

    55555 by J W

  • Hamish McIntyreOutstanding Old Fashioned cocktails, made with their own bitters :)

    55555 by Hamish McIntyre

  • Mick FaganA bar can always be measured in their Old Fashioned and the Pourhouse has an exceptional Old Fashioned

    55555 by Mick Fagan

  • James BryantGood lunch specials

    55555 by James Bryant

  • K.J. I/OAsk them to work there majic

    33333 by K.J. I/O

  • Andrew C.I want to marry the Mac and Cheese.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Evan HavemanBest burger in the city hands down.

    55555 by Evan Haveman

  • Jessica NaimarkTry the sazerac, unusually balanced and bright in flavor!

    55555 by Jessica Naimark

  • Jeannette V.after hours drinks

    33333 by Jeannette V.

  • NiñaGet the Pourhouse Burger medium rare.

    22222 by Niña

  • Steph S.$14 lunch is killer. Sandwich, soup/fries/salad, and a beer. Can't go wrong!

    55555 by Steph S.

  • Slynky C.Love the 1920s style theme inside, you feel like you are walking into the set of an old movie.. Great cocktails (try the brandy flip) & staff lovely. Good live music regularly too. A favourite ++

    55555 by Slynky C.

  • Chris WestCold ? Get a Brandy Flip. Warming, delicious, and dangerously more ish :-)

    55555 by Chris West

  • Slynky C.wi-fi network: p.our.house.guest wi-fi password: pourhousevan - via 4sqwifi.com

    33333 by Slynky C.

  • Damien OtisFood is amazing and the bar tenders are top notch. They have no qualms improvising a drink. And the bathroom sink is operated by foot pedal.

    55555 by Damien Otis

  • Alexandra CharitouBut still nice music...

    55555 by Alexandra Charitou

  • Renaissance HotelsWhether you want a basic classic like a Sazerac, a house specialty like the “Back Hand of God”, or a custom-made “dealer's choice”cocktail, you can t go wrong.

    55555 by Renaissance Hotels

  • Solange G.As an out-of-towner, got a recommendation from a friend for a Back Hand of God stout. Great malty, nutty flavor.

    55555 by Solange G.

  • Stephen BonnerTry the Country Sausage With Saurkaut - Excellent with the crisp citrusy Red Racer IPA

    55555 by Stephen Bonner

  • Jim A.Try the Mushroom Tart - Exceptional! Order anything in the the Pacific Northwest that includes mushrooms.

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jim A.Try the Schramm Vodka Martini

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jim A.Try the Pork Croquettes - These are "Pork Tater-Tots." You must eat them. Amazing!

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jim A.Try the Scotch Egg - This did not suck. Seriously, I loved it. Apparently, the trick is don't serve the thing cold. That's just hideous.

    33333 by Jim A.

  • Chris DThe Scotch Egg here is amazing and should be on every restaurant's breakfast menu

    55555 by Chris D

  • Bryan C.Great lunchtime spot for burgers. Good beer selection, food, drinks, and atmosphere.

    55555 by Bryan C.

  • Alice F.Try the Pork Croquettes - It's like pork tater tots. Awesome!

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Jen IBest grilled cheese ever!

    55555 by Jen I

  • Leni ABoulavardier will warm u to the bottom of yer heart

    33333 by Leni A

  • •BeBeSkoda•Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder;-) at least mine did

    33333 by •BeBeSkoda•

  • Pavel B.Order the Old Fashioned. Best in the city.

    55555 by Pavel B.

  • •BeBeSkoda•The food and drinks are crazy good... The bartenders are friendly and creative with alc concoctions. I say yes!!! I'll be back' again and again and again oh yes and again:-)

    55555 by •BeBeSkoda•

  • Lee B.Outstanding craft bartenders, get the seasonal flips in the winter.

    55555 by Lee B.

  • ClearlyContacts.caLooking for an intimate dinner spot in one of Vancouver’s beautiful districts? The “old time” ambiance and delicious menu makes this restaurant a definite must visit while in Vancouver.

    55555 by ClearlyContacts.ca

  • Vivian LauPatrick is one of the best bartenders in town! Try his Arsenic and Old Lace, or Clover Club.

    55555 by Vivian Lau

  • Jose RojasAsk for a Red Hook if you like Rye Whiskey cocktails.

    55555 by Jose Rojas

  • Jose RojasThe grilled Caesar salad is by far the best Caesar salad I've ever had. Just amazing.

    55555 by Jose Rojas

  • Shane G.Most authentic absinthe experience in the city.

    55555 by Shane G.

  • I SGreat for a three year anniversary, thanks Mark for the great service

    55555 by I S

  • AlGive the Cornish Hen a try! You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Al

  • Stephen BonnerTry the Scotch Egg best in the city. Get Patrick or Chris to make you a Last Word

    55555 by Stephen Bonner

  • Robert H.Try the devils on horseback and the Back Hand of God!!!!

    55555 by Robert H.

  • Hugo N.Even their bathrooms smell like cocktails.

    33333 by Hugo N.

  • @RinaChong http://rinachong.wix.com/angelmissionHave the absinthe for 4!!

    55555 by @RinaChong http://rinachong.wix.com/angelmission

  • Per MOrder a French '75. Trust me.

    55555 by Per M

  • PurdeyLove the taste and size of their fries

    55555 by Purdey

  • Yumi A.They use fresh cranberry juice here. Ooo, they even brought liquid sugar if I found it too sour.

    55555 by Yumi A.

  • Brooks DuncanTheir fries are pretty exceptional.

    55555 by Brooks Duncan

  • Phoenix BlackThe Draught beers (Backhand Of God if you like chocolate/fruity aftertaste) and the house cocktails are very nice. I approve.

    55555 by Phoenix Black

  • Marcy. Y Jgreat little spot, very cool ice

    55555 by Marcy. Y J

  • Thomas Z.If Brian is behind the bar try his Negroni or the Old Fashioned, two of the finest versions of classic drinks I've had In Vancouver.

    55555 by Thomas Z.

  • Radar DDBClassic, rustic, and always a good time. Grab a seat at the bar to catch the hockey game.

    55555 by Radar DDB

  • Mark MagnussonStanley Park Brew's Amber is epic!

    55555 by Mark Magnusson

  • Elaine Hungcome hungry and order the Pourhouse Brunch... greasy, delicious goodness!

    55555 by Elaine Hung

  • Toby Barazzuolthe whiskey sour made with an egg white is a drink that cannot be missed...gottta go off the menu for the best drinks!

    55555 by Toby Barazzuol

  • Saul JOrder drinks not on the menu. I really like the Sasarats and Whiskey Sours.

    55555 by Saul J

  • Paul RickettColin @pourhousevan just made me a fab sherry cocktail. No name to this beauty but well worth trying.

    55555 by Paul Rickett

  • Jon Paul JanzeLet me just say "negroni". That's it, must have.

    33333 by Jon Paul Janze

  • Metro NewsThe 1920s-inspired drinks are worth it alone, but the food is the real draw. Try the neon squid steaks (worth having twice), chicken liver pate or a Sloppy Joe, and chilled rice pudding with figs.

    55555 by Metro News

  • Shea C.One of my favourite Bars in the city. Awesome Old Fashioned's from Jay Jones behind the wood. Food is stellar too.

    55555 by Shea C.

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