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325 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7

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(604) 558-4444


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

4.8 of 5.0 from 167 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC
  • Revolver in Vancouver, BC

Revolver Reviews

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  • Claudia MGreat coffee

    55555 by Claudia M

  • John RFantastic range of coffees from around the world, served in a range of styles. Small selection of cakes and pastries available as well....

    55555 by John R

  • John RSuperb ever-rotating range of coffee from around the world with different brewing styles to chose from. Cakes and snacks and a cool minimalist interior...

    55555 by John R

  • Axel DiewaldFabulous coffee in a unique atmosphere.

    55555 by Axel Diewald

  • John Atry a taster. its really interesting how different brew methods can make the same bean taste differently. or how one method produces varying complexities from different beans. a place for connoisseurs

    55555 by John A

  • Andreas SchreiberVery good coffee. The place itself is a bit overcrowded sometimes but still good to do some work. Wifi available but slow.

    55555 by Andreas Schreiber

  • NuffCool spot with friendly staff and a more extensive range of ways to drink coffee (for example, with tonic). Can fill up.

    55555 by Nuff

  • Daryl PritchardKnowledgable staff, if you have the time try the espresso flight for a fun experience.

    55555 by Daryl Pritchard

  • Annie TThe least precious third wave coffee shop in YVR

    55555 by Annie T

  • David BDouble Espresso

    55555 by David B

  • Pedro RodriguezTiene un lindo ambiente, preparación de buenos cafe

    55555 by Pedro Rodriguez

  • T LTry anything, no disappointments here. Great location.

    55555 by T L

  • Andre BSome of the best coffee I've had.. and I'm from Australia

    55555 by Andre B

  • Dave D.Coffee, service.

    55555 by Dave D.

  • Tyler C.There's a reason why this is the highest rated coffee shop in Vancouver. Fantastic space, design and of course coffee. Vancity loves Espresso but Revolver kills the brews too! Get the coffee flight!

    55555 by Tyler C.

  • Denis KIf you don't like the steel cone filter you can ask them to brew using another alternative method. They have them all!

    33333 by Denis K

  • Christopher LangmuirBest third wave coffee shop in town.

    55555 by Christopher Langmuir

  • @nolim1tBest coffee in Vancouver

    55555 by @nolim1t

  • Devin eGet a pour over. They have a custom setup with gold filters so they can bash out great filter coffee en made. Lovely.

    55555 by Devin e

  • Martin IThey have coffees from world class roasters around North America and Europe. Of course, good baristas.

    55555 by Martin I

  • Roger D.The coffee and service. The staff was so friendly

    55555 by Roger D.

  • Victor S.Many people come here to buy fresh 6-packs!

    55555 by Victor S.

  • eifeh sNice little coffee shop near Gastown. Great coffee, friendly staff and good pastries. The raspberry coffee cake was delicious. Not great for working as it can get loud. Good for hanging out or dates.

    55555 by eifeh s

  • Ashley M.Dope multi roaster cafe. The baristas are perfect, their drinks are perfect, and you can tell they take their shit seriously.

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Marta MIncredible capuccino! It is expnsive though

    55555 by Marta M

  • Cleiton Caco BOne of the best coffee shop in the world!!! Amazing environment

    55555 by Cleiton Caco B

  • Thomas S.Espresso drinks

    55555 by Thomas S.

  • Christopher LangmuirBest coffee shop in the city.

    55555 by Christopher Langmuir

  • Kevin S.Absolutely killer coffee

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Pascal TGreat hipster-ish place for fresh coffee.

    55555 by Pascal T

  • Michele W.The tasting flight

    33333 by Michele W.

  • Leah TPour over and espresso

    55555 by Leah T

  • Tiago FerreiraMy new favorite place in Vancouver. Probably the best coffee in the city. You gotta try the espresso.

    55555 by Tiago Ferreira

  • Martin PGreat place to take guests or business contacts from out of town. Good coffee. Chill atmosphere that represents the coffee passion of the Pacific Northwest and Vancouverites in particular.

    55555 by Martin P

  • Erin K.The lemon cake and espresso drinks are next level

    55555 by Erin K.

  • cnelson ︻.Pour over is the way to go.

    33333 by cnelson ︻.

  • Patrick ASplurge the extra 50c if they have a fancy espresso. Its worth it.

    55555 by Patrick A

  • Ruogu K.The inner room is pretty big, good for work, except that the music is too loud.

    55555 by Ruogu K.

  • Matt G.Exquisite coffee made with care and understanding of the craft.

    55555 by Matt G.

  • Scott DEspresso is always on point, The Baristas are very knowledgeable and educated in a wide variety of coffee extractions

    55555 by Scott D

  • Arnoud A.Pro-shop. Great coffees, great latte-art and nail-art on the wall!

    55555 by Arnoud A.

  • Vivian CBest macchiato! So good.

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Neil Loohh great one of the best coffee shop.

    55555 by Neil L

  • JackieGreat selection of coffee from around the world (including Vancouver's Matchstick). Absolutely love the design and atmosphere of the shop, and baristas are awesome too! ☝️

    55555 by Jackie

  • Colleen WongTry their flights!

    55555 by Colleen Wong

  • Kirill Z.Lovely place to work in Vancouver. Make sure you laptop is fully charged before you come. Sip great coffee and enjoy your day!

    55555 by Kirill Z.

  • Abdulaziz HEverythinggggggg is amaaaaaaaazing

    33333 by Abdulaziz H

  • Alaa S.Get the Tasting Flight and watch them brew all three in front of you (3 cups, so you could also share them with a friend).

    55555 by Alaa S.

  • Kathryn I.Excellent coffee in a beautiful and friendly environment. Don't overlook the baked goods.

    55555 by Kathryn I.

  • Onur Karaagaoglugo for brew flight

    55555 by Onur Karaagaoglu

  • Trevor KCoffee and ambience

    55555 by Trevor K

  • Vincent F.The Santa Clara pour over is quite good.

    55555 by Vincent F.

  • Joey BrantleyBeautiful and unique looking shop in Gastown. They really know what they're doing behind bar too.

    55555 by Joey Brantley

  • Kittie ChanTakes their coffee seriously. Try the brew or taste flights that give you a selection of their brews "on tap".

    55555 by Kittie Chan

  • Jake SThe filter of the day's always a good bet.

    55555 by Jake S

  • Grace P.Enjoyed the macchiato!

    55555 by Grace P.

  • Zach NegreyPour over coffee. Mmm.

    55555 by Zach Negrey

  • Andrew TA coffee creation haven. One of the most fascinating, eclectically stimulating shops in the world.

    55555 by Andrew T

  • Mark KPlenty if room to sit next door in Archive and read their excellent magazine collection.

    55555 by Mark K

  • Huda I.They have a wicked pour over coffee system going. Try the featured coffee!

    55555 by Huda I.

  • Gordon MeiEthiopian cold brew here.

    55555 by Gordon Mei

  • Leticia MThis café is the essence of this third wave of coffee movement.

    55555 by Leticia M

  • Arthur LeeDidn't try their pour-over, but it looks totally legit

    55555 by Arthur Lee

  • Avagreat atmosphere and delicious coffee. lots of seating.

    55555 by Ava

  • Arash NarchiBest coffee place in Vancouver. Hands down.

    55555 by Arash Narchi

  • Adam DThe cold-brew coffee is almost worth it for the bottle alone.

    55555 by Adam D

  • Andrew H.Slightly more quiet seating area to on the right side of the main coffee shop. Beautiful displays of all sorts of coffee making devices.

    55555 by Andrew H.

  • Daniel T.Brew flights and coffee flights are awesome ideas. Do both! ☕

    55555 by Daniel T.

  • Morten MOne of the best coffee places ever. Ever! Ever!

    55555 by Morten M

  • Seungwon RGet a ritual Americano and sit by window and people watch. There is more sitting next door. A big communal table

    55555 by Seungwon R

  • Seungwon RCoffee, service, great atmosphere!!

    55555 by Seungwon R

  • Joseph M.Best espresso in the western hemisphere.

    55555 by Joseph M.

  • Joshua WallGreat atmosphere! I love the variety of coffees.

    55555 by Joshua Wall

  • Zeid MohamedaliVery cool ambiance. Great coffee. You got try.

    55555 by Zeid Mohamedali

  • Isaac OverackerBest macchiato ever.

    55555 by Isaac Overacker

  • Le JordanThe coolest coffee shop in Canada. Try a brew flight.

    55555 by Le Jordan

  • экатерина НоваGreat place to try new coffee - make sure to get it as pour-over!

    55555 by экатерина Нова

  • Jessica JungIf you like acidic coffee, this is a place for you. Otherwise, get something else. On the other hand, the cafe is a greal place- you can get some work done, chat with some colleagues/friends, and more

    55555 by Jessica Jung

  • Joshua WallSo much awesomeness here. Love the coffee!

    55555 by Joshua Wall

  • Jeehae LeePour-over coffee is perfect!

    55555 by Jeehae Lee

  • Hiroki Tanakaワインテイスティングのように3種類の豆を同じ入れ方で、または同じ豆を3種類の入れ方で楽しめます

    22222 by Hiroki Tanaka

  • Curtis M.Best coffee in Vancouver.

    55555 by Curtis M.

  • Timothy John GarciaNice place to unwind and get a pot of black coffee.

    55555 by Timothy John Garcia

  • Julien V.Awesome coffee place!!

    55555 by Julien V.

  • Jordan BorthProbably the best coffee selection in the city. Plus they stock only the freshest and highest quality beans.

    55555 by Jordan Borth

  • Daniel RoyCoffee here is absolutely fantastic. One of my favorites in Canada.

    55555 by Daniel Roy

  • Eka B.Remarkable representation of not only local roasters, but regional (PNW) & now international third wave (The Barn) - and dynamic rotation.

    55555 by Eka B.

  • Charlie BrummittThey occasionally do free tastings of coffee in the room with the long table. It's sure to over-caffeinate you

    55555 by Charlie Brummitt

  • StefanLovely space and great coffee. Seating can be limited when the tables are occupied by lonely hipsters with MacBooks.

    55555 by Stefan

  • Erik VoldGreat work music playing with vinyl records.

    55555 by Erik Vold

  • Rachael CurrieAmazing coffee! Some of the best I've had here in Van so far. They also have Ritual coffee from SF, yum! Super nice atmosphere too.

    55555 by Rachael Currie

  • RTWgirl A.Good coffee in Gastown. Get the cold brew of you like iced coffees! The bottle is cool, take it home.

    55555 by RTWgirl A.

  • Braeden MayerSmall place but a really good place to go for coffee.

    55555 by Braeden Mayer

  • Marc AafjesGood collection of single origin from a variety of roasters. Well designed space! Recommend.

    55555 by Marc Aafjes

  • Becca GilganDo yourself a favour and order the Ritual blend. It's from San Francisco and you can TASTE the marshmallow!

    55555 by Becca Gilgan

  • Andy K.Dress like a hipster.

    33333 by Andy K.

  • Max B.Try the raspberry coffee cake. Perfect addition to a flat white!

    55555 by Max B.

  • Brandon LooThey don't have chocolate sauce, so no mochas. Good old espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes

    55555 by Brandon Loo

  • Stefano J. A.Macchiatos. Choice of three different beans.

    55555 by Stefano J. A.

  • Ira ShestakCoffee, any coffee. All the coffee. Coffee

    55555 by Ira Shestak

  • Maryam SalariOne of the best coffees I had in vancouver as far as espresso's are concerned! A hipster kind of place! New ways of brewing espresso and brewed coffee! Few options for pastry and very good quality!

    55555 by Maryam Salari

  • The Network HubCan't go wrong with Revolver, every thing here is awesome!!!

    55555 by The Network Hub

  • Jon BGet their cold brewed coffee in a bottle and save 50 cents on your subsequent visits. It's like a mini coffee growler!

    55555 by Jon B

  • Tommy ChenThese are true coffee geeks. They take the time to explain their offerings, so just ask. There's no wifi, just great coffee! There's ample seating in the adjacent room, entrance towards the back.

    55555 by Tommy Chen

  • Sam Dal MonteVancouver’s third-wave coffee Mecca. Great for people-watching, especially if you like hipsters. Try the off-menu flat white.

    55555 by Sam Dal Monte

  • Patrick H.Wonderful coffee shop with great atmosphere. Awesome espresso drinks, but if you have a little time try a Tasting or Brew Flight - you won't regret it. If you love coffee don't miss this place.

    55555 by Patrick H.

  • Martin D. C.Perfect strong coffee. Love the decors. Great staff and fast service!

    55555 by Martin D. C.

  • Rowan RThe coffee is made to perfection every time, and the vibe makes it a wonderful place to sit down and chill.

    55555 by Rowan R

  • Joe NickollsGreat coffee. Hipster Valhalla

    55555 by Joe Nickolls

  • David G.Got the Duet, a single shot espresso with a single shot macchiato. No regrets.

    55555 by David G.

  • Jordan BorthSuper tasty coffee and an awesome atmosphere for conversation.

    55555 by Jordan Borth

  • Tatsuhiko MiyagawaGreat coffee selection including Ritual Coffee from San Francisco and a serious hipster look. A must after a porchetta at Meat&Bread.

    55555 by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

  • Shawn ParkinsonBest coffee in Vancouver. Period.

    55555 by Shawn Parkinson

  • Nick JohnsonThe cold brew coffee is pretty great.

    55555 by Nick Johnson

  • PhilipThe cold brewed coffee!

    55555 by Philip

  • The Wall Street JournalThis small, independent cafe exemplifies Vancouver. It's not overly decorated. There's a roughness to the design. They make simple and precise coffee that hipsters love.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • Sri R.cappuccinos are great.

    55555 by Sri R.

  • Paola BenavidesGeorge's macchiati are the best

    55555 by Paola Benavides

  • KristinaBest coffee in Vancouver with true experts on the brewing devices. (Incredibly friendly btw.) Ask for the daily recommendation at market price. If you're up for some tasting, try the brew flight.

    55555 by Kristina

  • Raphael M.They have a whole bunch of more seating now at the Archive space! Still same excellent coffee

    55555 by Raphael M.

  • Eren Atakan Dah be revolver :DDD

    55555 by Eren Atakan D

  • Arshia AGreat latte and drip coffee

    55555 by Arshia A

  • Ami SanyalPour-over champs. Staff knows how to handle a rush while remaining friendly and efficient

    55555 by Ami Sanyal

  • Omar Wadian-ChalcraftFriendly and knowledgeable staff, I'd say they (probably) have the best coffee in town!

    55555 by Omar Wadian-Chalcraft

  • Andrew HoZomg espresso and coffee both delicious. Day we went was quite busy though!

    55555 by Andrew Ho

  • Jannes WesselsAmazing coffee. Highly recommend. Be sure to try the cold brew in the summer

    55555 by Jannes Wessels

  • Nicole d.Just stand back and let them work their magic.

    33333 by Nicole d.

  • Jennifer CSeriously try the cranberry cake with your coffee. It's amazing. Also can I just say as a montrealer a little out of her element this place is a friendly slice of comfort!

    55555 by Jennifer C

  • Richard FlemingAsk for a 8oz capp... Great balance of milk and coffee

    55555 by Richard Fleming

  • Quinten F.Great coffee and incredibly nice, helpful staff. And they have wifi! Network "Middle Earth" password "revolvercoffee"

    55555 by Quinten F.

  • Gagan DieshTables are just that tad too short to be comfortable for a work meeting with more than two people. But hipster heaven to the max. To the m.a.x.

    55555 by Gagan Diesh

  • irishboyinlondonAmazing place with great coffee and nice staff! Gets very busy! Try and get a bench along the side (though these were packed when I visited)

    55555 by irishboyinlondon

  • Bianca AbbottCold brew coffee is back!!! \0/

    55555 by Bianca Abbott

  • Raphael M.These guys sell Phil & Sebastian coffee beans!

    55555 by Raphael M.

  • Jordan BorthPhenomenal latte

    55555 by Jordan Borth

  • Mrs. PrimeCoffee was okay, but the VOLUME of the music does not to be at a 2 am bar level, when it is only 4:30pm in the afternoon!!! Will not be coming back, or if you do, bring earplugs!!!

    33333 by Mrs. Prime

  • californiablue s.tasty Hot Chocolate $4 off menu!

    55555 by californiablue s.

  • Mariana A.Seriously best coffee in North America! Get the macchiato soooo good! Specially on a cold rainy day... (any day in Vancouver that is :)

    55555 by Mariana A.

  • Aaron D.Try the cold brew, it's strong and super refreshing.

    55555 by Aaron D.

  • Jason BrackmanTry something a bit different. They have a '12 hour brewed cold coffee' that comes in a glass flask you get to keep. I imagine its coffee's equivalent to bong water. Its strong and refreshing.

    55555 by Jason Brackman

  • Dolapo F.a must add to any hipster coffee shop list. cool spot.

    55555 by Dolapo F.

  • V Marysol IWhat are you eating there?

    33333 by V Marysol I

  • Hugo N.They take debit!

    22222 by Hugo N.

  • Dee D.Best coffee in town, hands down.

    55555 by Dee D.

  • Tristan Aeverything is good. lattes are sublime and smooth. lots of brew methods including syphon and aeropress

    55555 by Tristan A

  • Caro MastrettaBest coffee downtown. Have the Macchiato. :)

    55555 by Caro Mastretta

  • Sam Dal MonteSit across from someone you don't know.

    33333 by Sam Dal Monte

  • Tobias ReynoldsDo ask for the flat white, it's lovely.

    55555 by Tobias Reynolds

  • Ryan NusThere are no available electrical outlets so if you want to work on your laptop you basically only have as long as your battery lasts.

    33333 by Ryan Nus

  • Nimalan MLike Meat & Bread for coffee

    55555 by Nimalan M

  • michaelnunSome of the best coffee in town. Definitely worth it.

    55555 by michaelnun

  • Lindsay ChetekTry the coffee feature but be warned - it's pricey.

    55555 by Lindsay Chetek

  • Muerta RicoI love it when a spot is even better than you had heard!

    55555 by Muerta Rico

  • Bryan C.Best coffee and espresso in town with a serious hipster feel

    55555 by Bryan C.

  • Nikki WongGluten free chocolate cake is delish!

    55555 by Nikki Wong

  • Kate DuffyTry a soy latte..love that it's served in a glass, as it should be.

    33333 by Kate Duffy

  • Keaton RGorgeous space despite a slightly inaccurate world map. Ask for notes

    55555 by Keaton R

  • michaelnunExcellent coffee and an amazing space. Done with some serious style.

    55555 by michaelnun

  • Mac PartingtonCoffee knowledge is top shelf! Great coffee experience !!!

    55555 by Mac Partington

  • Sophia S.Some of the best coffee in town and prices with no pretension. Panama is good and don't miss the homemade baking, especially the raspberry coffee cake. (Same owners as Crema in West Van)

    55555 by Sophia S.

  • Hugo N.Beware, they serve double espressos that are appropriately priced. Don't rejoice too loudly.

    33333 by Hugo N.

  • Robyn YagerAsk for a barista's recommendation and go stand at the back standing bar. There's also reading material at the front shelves :)

    33333 by Robyn Yager

  • Hugo N.The Sprite here is flat and lacks sweetness. It tastes like water. Don't order it!

    22222 by Hugo N.

  • Izzam @.Macchiato and a chocolate croissant!

    55555 by Izzam @.

  • Emily RDelicious nuts

    55555 by Emily R

  • Bfortch F.The iced mochas here are gonna be so tasty! Ask for xtra whip they make their own!!

    55555 by Bfortch F.

  • Nick I.The Gibraltar will be stunning when they open.

    55555 by Nick I.

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