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The Naam Restaurant

2724 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K 1R1

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(604) 738-7151

Cuisine: Vegetarian Restaurants

4.5 of 5.0 from 85 reviews

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The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC
  • The Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, BC

The Naam Restaurant Reviews

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  • Jessica tI've been to The Naam twice now, and both times the food has been just alright. I came the second time just to give it another chance, but it still wasn't doing it for me. I'll pass on this place!

    22222 by Jessica t

  • Aida P.One of the FIRST all vegetarian restos in Vancouver & still one of the best! Loved this Popeye pizza!

    55555 by Aida P.

  • Özge Yazar$7 breakfast special on weekdays!

    55555 by Özge Yazar

  • Joe mNaam has a huge menu, with so many choices from comfort food to healthy options. Open long hours, if you go off peak you won't have to wait for a table. Has a very West Coast vibe. Friendly service.

    55555 by Joe m

  • Typhoon Bfeta spinach next time :)

    55555 by Typhoon B

  • Janik RBeware, they don't serve meat, but the portions a still enormous!

    33333 by Janik R

  • Christian AyotteWith enough cheese and miso gravy, you don't miss the meat.

    55555 by Christian Ayotte

  • Alice XiaoAwesome vegan food! Miso gravy is to die for

    55555 by Alice Xiao

  • Curtis M.It wasn't as good as Heirloom or The Acorn, however it was cheaper.

    33333 by Curtis M.

  • Miranda GagneGet the Tuscan nachos!

    33333 by Miranda Gagne

  • Mayu DGreat American brunch and bliss ball💜VANCOUVER: THE NAAM *Vegan* | MOCHEhttps://mcocoon.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/we-love-to-eat-vancouver-the-naam-vegan/

    55555 by Mayu D

  • Wanda HalpertWe had a very colorful vegetarian meal that was delicious.

    55555 by Wanda Halpert

  • Arash NarchiGold dragon bowl is amazing here!

    55555 by Arash Narchi

  • AyeMin A.Hungry! Dragon plate!

    55555 by AyeMin A.

  • Junia Abi JaudiOpen 24 hours ! Amazing vegetarians food !

    55555 by Junia Abi Jaudi

  • Sharon FungBrunch is not the best here but their lunch and dinners are amazing

    55555 by Sharon Fung

  • Savio CaixeteI had the Mexican bowl and it was to die for. I also ordered an orange-strawberry juice that was very good, but for next time I'd rather ask for a bigger size - small is too small.

    55555 by Savio Caixete

  • Daniela SHealthy breakfasts!

    55555 by Daniela S

  • Megan KennedyService can be slow at times but I love the bowls. Bring good company and don't go when you are in a rush.

    55555 by Megan Kennedy

  • Kamila AlencarDelicious vegan mexican food! Dessert is perfect too!

    55555 by Kamila Alencar

  • Ave FaneWow the service is so terrible and the staff are sooooo rude

    22222 by Ave Fane

  • Nathanael DraperThe food is excellent. The service is slow, but that's part of its charm.

    55555 by Nathanael Draper

  • Valen AYou can't go wrong if you get the house dressing on your salad!

    55555 by Valen A

  • William JohnsonScandal Lager is great. Food was okay.

    55555 by William Johnson

  • Mike WuMexican omelette for breakfast/brunch — a little spicy and very tasty!

    55555 by Mike Wu

  • Paul 🎏 KalupnieksShahi paneer curry. It's a special, but if it's on the board toy can't have anything else.

    55555 by Paul 🎏 Kalupnieks

  • Mimi X.Nothing like it! Super cozy, great place to hang out on a rainy afternoon in raincouver!

    55555 by Mimi X.

  • Florine KoeppenOne of the best places in town. 24/7 veggie restaurants (tons of vegan options). Great atmosphere, live music. Must try: sesame fries (wedges) with miso gravy and warm apple crumble with tofulati!

    55555 by Florine Koeppen

  • Florine KoeppenOne of the greatest places in town! It's warm, it's cozy, there's live music and it's open 24/7! The food is awesome! Vegan paradise too!

    55555 by Florine Koeppen

  • Edward C.Blueberry soy shake

    55555 by Edward C.

  • Sharon FungDelicious, and lots of miso gravy. Love the Naam Bowl

    55555 by Sharon Fung

  • Calli B.Gold dragon bowl forever. It's healthy Poutine! Get it with vegan Daiya cheese. Even my cheese eating friends love it!

    55555 by Calli B.

  • Margo RyanHad tha blueberry apple pie with I've cream and yummy ... Will have the leftover for lunch

    55555 by Margo Ryan

  • Gaelen G.I can't remember the last time I had service this slow!

    33333 by Gaelen G.

  • Claudina AlvarezWorst service ever but the food is really good and it is open 24/7. Just leave loads of time to dine!

    33333 by Claudina Alvarez

  • Jukeboxprint.comDragon Bowls – Naam or Thai! Yum.

    55555 by Jukeboxprint.com

  • Barb SnelgroveGreat late night eats! Hasn't changed in 30 years and that is a good thing!!

    55555 by Barb Snelgrove

  • Aimee KeayLove the carrot cake! Prepare to line up, but its so worth it! Avocado enchilada is amazing. Nachos aren't worth it though- not much topping!

    55555 by Aimee Keay

  • Kamila AlencarVegetarian http://www.happycow.net/north_america/canada/british_columbia/vancouver/

    55555 by Kamila Alencar

  • Amelia MooreIt was GREAT the first time, but afterwards every time I've been, I can't help but think all the food tastes the same with different names... The food isn't flavoursome enough for me...

    33333 by Amelia Moore

  • Dinah MacArthurGet the naam dragon bowl

    55555 by Dinah MacArthur

  • Carla B.The best Vegetarian burgers I have EVER eaten, and their Miso gravy is better than CANDY!

    55555 by Carla B.

  • Fatima B.Chai Shake is delish!

    55555 by Fatima B.

  • Mandy MThe Naam bowl is a "must try" :)

    55555 by Mandy M

  • Home CHasn't changed since the '60s thank heaven. Loud hippie haven, huge portions very fresh offerings always lines out the door and never a suit and tie in sight

    55555 by Home C

  • ellasgang AThe BEST restaurant! Service is fast if you know what you want. You can make substitutions on all meals - they are super flexible. Portions are large and you definitely get your money's worth.

    55555 by ellasgang A

  • Jennifer ChuThey best green salad I've had to date!

    55555 by Jennifer Chu

  • Visnja POrder poppyseed dressing or go home. Naam dressing tastes like mold!

    22222 by Visnja P

  • meruThe Croissant Melt was so good! The Italian Melt looked

    55555 by meru

  • meruService is slow at peak times but totally worth the wait!!!

    55555 by meru

  • Terri DaviesCashew Avocado Enchilada Platter - massive!

    55555 by Terri Davies

  • Ting K.BUDDHA FEAST and apple crumble a la mode. Live music in the evenings! Too good to be true.

    55555 by Ting K.

  • Taylor L.Weekday breakfast is something ridiculous like $5 - the Naam is all vegetarian with many vegan options. If you're coming for dinner, you'll wait a while. If the moussaka is on special, ORDER IT. 24hrs

    55555 by Taylor L.

  • Din ChienThe pasta is good! : )

    33333 by Din Chien

  • Josh KBlueberry milkshake!'

    55555 by Josh K

  • Nav JYeah it's real slow someone's food is decent as there are not too many decent options late night

    33333 by Nav J

  • Liheng ATry the Burger Platter

    55555 by Liheng A

  • Caley SMiso Gravy

    55555 by Caley S

  • The Network HubLate night hunger pang? Yep this place will do it for you. Must try: miso gravy and fries!

    55555 by The Network Hub

  • AndreaAn obvious must for vegetarians.

    55555 by Andrea

  • Marc ThompsonDon't come with more than 2 people!

    33333 by Marc Thompson

  • Andy GaoThought I was being healthy; I was very wrong. LOL!

    33333 by Andy Gao

  • Chris V.Tempeh Reuben. It's the only thing that needs to be on the menu.

    55555 by Chris V.

  • Nimalan MThis is where I go when I want to know what it would be like if I had been born without taste buds. I feel sorry for those people, but they feel sorry for me because I went here, TWICE.

    33333 by Nimalan M

  • Britt CYou have to try everything here!!! <3

    55555 by Britt C

  • Calli B.I get the Gold Dragon every time. Healthy poutine with wedge fries, cheese or daiya for us vegans, steamed veggies all smothered in miso gravy. heats up great the day after too!

    55555 by Calli B.

  • Mandeep DhaliwalMy fav place ever!!! Dragon bowls are best. Heuvros Rancheros are pretty decent. Hate home fries.

    55555 by Mandeep Dhaliwal

  • Marc-Oliver G.Did you know that meatcan stay up to 50 years in your "system"? Think about it next time u eat at MC-D. Stay clean - it green!

    33333 by Marc-Oliver G.

  • Kyle PearceThe best vegetarian food I've had in Vancouver. Get the Dragon Bowl.

    55555 by Kyle Pearce

  • Kimberly SFood is amazing, vegetarian, but get there early to beat the line.

    55555 by Kimberly S

  • DilaraThe miso gravy is to die for!

    55555 by Dilara

  • Jon BThe pita pizza here is mind-blowing. Omnaamnaamnaam

    55555 by Jon B

  • Ryan Saxby TThey use JJ bean coffee here. Delicious stuff.

    55555 by Ryan Saxby T

  • Sofia RibeiroLove the miso gravy! And that noah-pie... best on Earth!!

    55555 by Sofia Ribeiro

  • Jon W.I usually find vegan/veggie cuisine a little lacking, as if nuts or bad fake protein could replace forbidden flavors. This place however was delicious. Highly recommended even for omnivores.

    55555 by Jon W.

  • K.C. BatemanAsk for the lentil soup

    55555 by K.C. Bateman

  • D@nny B.Is this really a vegetarian restaurant? ... coz the food is delish even for a carnivore's palate. Try their sweet potato fries & the shakes!!! I <3 this place!!!

    55555 by D@nny B.

  • AdamHave the Shakti Cake!!!

    33333 by Adam

  • Toby SullivanTry the Italian Melt. Trust me. Just do it.

    55555 by Toby Sullivan

  • Rodre TSave yourself the trouble of reading the menu and just order the gold dragon bowl and a reed's ginger beer.

    33333 by Rodre T

  • Terrell CIf you're asked to go here and aren't a fan of vegetarian cuisine, try the grilled cheese for a light treat. The bread is sweet and the cheddar/mozza combo is great.

    55555 by Terrell C

  • Jamie KService is slow during peak hours, awesome food an great atmosphere! A definite must for vegetarians/vegans!

    55555 by Jamie K

  • Taylor L.MISO GRAVY on everything!!!!! nomnomnom

    55555 by Taylor L.

  • Oz L.great vegetarian place. the veggie burrito is pretty good but the service is slow and the wait is often quite long. try and go at off-peak times.

    55555 by Oz L.

  • Sarah Y.Terribly slow service, terribly good food !

    33333 by Sarah Y.

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