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Chinatown Coffee Co.

475 H St NW
Washington, DC 20001

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(202) 320-0405


  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Cuisine: Chinese Food Restaurants, Coffee and Tea

4.7 of 5.0 from 107 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Chinatown Coffee Co. Reviews

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  • Vincent SStunning place, friendly staff, love the pour over 👍👌😊

    55555 by Vincent S

  • katherine k. r.Great coffee, free wifi, friendly staff, hard and mostly backless seating.

    55555 by katherine k. r.

  • Hugo JWaste of time - asked for Chenex and given a lazily made v60 with none of the flavour or taste of a good bean

    22222 by Hugo J

  • Tom M.Check out the signs in the bathroom

    22222 by Tom M.

  • A F.Coffee, pour over, espresso, cold press

    55555 by A F.

  • c0uPExcellent cortado. Bonus points for the glassware.

    55555 by c0uP

  • Karla SosaDelicious coffee and espresso drinks in a great atmosphere

    55555 by Karla Sosa

  • Molly LGood third wave coffee

    55555 by Molly L

  • J. VBrazilian hand pour!

    55555 by J. V

  • John CockerillIf you can stay, or want a hot drink, I guess this would be the place to go. I asked for a "pour over ice" and was told that they don't do that. Why not?That's how a real 3rd wave coffee shop makes it

    33333 by John Cockerill

  • Collin ChartierEthiopia Kyoto drip...good, but not excellent.

    55555 by Collin Chartier

  • Gabriel H.Has a good beer selection and has absinthe.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.Awesome coffee place. The best coffee place in Chinatown and the best coffee place I have been in DC.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Katie DIced latte on a hot day!

    55555 by Katie D

  • Graham CCan't go wrong with the yogurt and granola on an early morning.

    55555 by Graham C

  • Katarina KatsmaThis place is the BEST. Their tea is good (and I'm a tea snob) but the coffee is just to die for. The guys work hard but still find the time to be super friendly! A+++

    55555 by Katarina Katsma

  • Rosie GVery cute place and nice people serving. Great coffee too

    55555 by Rosie G

  • Oi Yin L.Great service. Nice relaxing atmosphere for delving into a book and delicious coffee.

    55555 by Oi Yin L.

  • Emily M.Decent, but come on guys, take out the syphon on weekends. I think you can handle it.

    55555 by Emily M.

  • Pete D.Place looks cool, great staff. Even serves alcohol.

    55555 by Pete D.

  • Amir H.Miss this spot, almond milk lattes are made to perfection

    55555 by Amir H.

  • Jonathan D.A top shelf purveyor of coffee and espresso.

    55555 by Jonathan D.

  • Frank F.Being that it's not too far out of the way of the metro, this is a highly-trafficked coffee stop for many. Don't expect to camp here with your MacBook and scone.

    55555 by Frank F.

  • Dan FoyGreat pull

    55555 by Dan Foy

  • Marina CardosoCappuccino and chocolate biscotti 👍

    55555 by Marina Cardoso

  • Sebastian DörnerProper coffee shop with tasty almond biscotti.

    55555 by Sebastian Dörner

  • Alex SimonMocha all the way

    33333 by Alex Simon

  • SamThey use Trickling Springs Creamery milk and the attention to detail shows. But, if you like authentic chai don't bother with their chai latte.

    55555 by Sam

  • Samantha H.Good coffee for good prices! My favorite is their iced coffee

    55555 by Samantha H.

  • morgan f.Best coffee in Chinatown for sure, but such little cups!

    55555 by morgan f.

  • Rohaina H.Quality coffee. Worth stepping in and checking out their specials. Mochas and vanilla lattes are good. They also serve absinthe!

    55555 by Rohaina H.

  • Ben D.One of the best spots in DC. Tons of seating, quality coffee, and free wifi.

    55555 by Ben D.

  • Alexandra DCoffee is great, the lattes are better! Avoiding the bagels would be my only suggestion

    55555 by Alexandra D

  • Yera H.Lots of outlets to charge up!

    33333 by Yera H.

  • Mayalin L.Staff is friendly...sometimes! The only thing I came here for was to buy black cat espresso.

    33333 by Mayalin L.

  • Amy SSatisfactory.not very comfortable

    55555 by Amy S

  • Steven MTasty granola and yogurt but disappointing coffee, too hot and slightly burnt

    55555 by Steven M

  • Mal OI chemex betta than this shit

    55555 by Mal O

  • Tyler HastingsSolid coffee shop just a few blocks from the chinatown metro. Not a lot of seating.

    55555 by Tyler Hastings

  • Jess O.Mocha Monday = good deal on a super tasty mocha!

    55555 by Jess O.

  • Brendan mMake sure your beard game is on point. Hand pour coffee is delicious.

    55555 by Brendan m

  • Brionne GriffinCoffee is rich and strong. The granola and yogurt cup is very good too.

    55555 by Brionne Griffin

  • Jonathan W.Great coffee but very small location. Get their espresso, the barista will pull it just right. If you can find a seat, it's a cool place to hang out, but don't count on one being available.

    55555 by Jonathan W.

  • Sonja H.The granola and yogurt is great here

    55555 by Sonja H.

  • Michael StarrLove the coffees. They rotate frequently. Try a siphon brew if you haven't before!

    55555 by Michael Starr

  • Chefs FeedBryan Voltaggio, chef of Family Meal, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Coffee.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Sonja S.Iced coffee mochas

    55555 by Sonja S.

  • Robbie A.Great espresso, or take an extra minute and get a Guatemalan vacuum syphon

    55555 by Robbie A.

  • Christopher L.The Soy Latte is fine, not much seating available. They do sell beer and liquor.

    55555 by Christopher L.

  • Cat CatSpecially picked coffees can be made by french press, chemex or syphon methods. Definitely worth a try.

    55555 by Cat Cat

  • Kelsey H.Seating and outlets are scarce, but you can save money by ordering drinks to go.

    33333 by Kelsey H.

  • AFAR MediaA bright, storefront with basic furniture and funky music where uber-friendly and efficient baristas serve up smooth, wonderful espressos as well as drip, French press, and hand pour coffees.

    55555 by AFAR Media

  • Luiz CentenaroNeed energy? Try the Ethiopian Hand Pour, if you are hungry the Paradiso; salted bacon with nutella and sliced strawberry on a brioche is dank. The wifi is overworked but atmosphere is worth it.

    55555 by Luiz Centenaro

  • elizabeth C.They use awesome cows milk but also have almond and soy options. Decent pastries and beans but no one seems to sell coffee by the lb anymore

    55555 by elizabeth C.

  • Hillary H.The granola/yogurt really is worth leaving a tip. It's very good! Full fat, creamy, and just the right sweetness.

    55555 by Hillary H.

  • Eric H.Cortado + homemade granola w/ local yogurt - perfect afternoon treat!

    55555 by Eric H.

  • MsTwixt M.Don't rush yourself here

    33333 by MsTwixt M.

  • Behrad B.Great coffee, good atmosphere and friendly staff!

    55555 by Behrad B.

  • Steve LoGerfoI love this place. Great service and coffee.

    55555 by Steve LoGerfo

  • Patrick M.Good mocha and atmosphere is hip and trendy, but a little too hip and trendy for me. (2 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Patrick M.

  • Ajay Krishnan S.Expensive! The ambience is not so great. The cappuccino was good though

    55555 by Ajay Krishnan S.

  • Tracy G.Loud, but nice that it isn't Starbucks!

    55555 by Tracy G.

  • AnneMarie A.pleasant pops are here!! eat! :)

    55555 by AnneMarie A.

  • Jacob C.Best damn latte in the city.

    55555 by Jacob C.

  • Ariane CUse the code 3594 to get into the bathroom.

    22222 by Ariane C

  • Lauren AVery nice and very cute baristas

    55555 by Lauren A

  • Lauren ABest hot chocolate!

    55555 by Lauren A

  • Erik Follow them on Facebook to see their daily world blend. Cute, friendly baristas too!

    55555 by Erik

  • Dfirst SGreat coffee and atmosphere. Surprisingly good yogurt and granola too.

    55555 by Dfirst S

  • StephanieI don't need an iPod here. They're music selection is eclectic and original.

    55555 by Stephanie

  • Jennifer S.Get a black card

    22222 by Jennifer S.

  • AnthonyIncredible latte. Maybe the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Anthony

  • Dean CLove getting great coffee and beer in one spot.

    55555 by Dean C

  • ShaneBest coffee place in DC! Gotta try those single origin coffee w/ hand pour.

    55555 by Shane

  • Steve G.Cortado is amazing.

    55555 by Steve G.

  • Justin T.There in the evening? Grab a great craft beer.

    55555 by Justin T.

  • Darci FOne of the best lattes in DC. The sweetness of the espresso precludes the need to add sugar.

    55555 by Darci F

  • Jason R.Ask for a black card. Sometimes they have great specials for black card holders..

    55555 by Jason R.

  • Yonas H.Get an Ethiopian hand-pour. It's the best coffee drink they make.

    55555 by Yonas H.

  • DistrictBeanAlways check the guest espresso for a taste of Ritual, Counter Culture and more. A nice break from the Black Cat.

    55555 by DistrictBean

  • ZipcarEnjoy a delicious cup of coffee and the best darn potato chips this side of the Mississippi at this neighborhood hangout. We recommend grabbing a seat at the front window for people watching.

    55555 by Zipcar

  • Jon YBest damn baristas in D.C. are right here. Get a Black Cat espresso or whatever guest espresso is available. Purchase Intelly, Novo or Counter Culture for home brewing!

    55555 by Jon Y

  • Em DLook for the Billy Goat brown bags. Best. Chips. Ever.

    55555 by Em D

  • Lu D.Chinatown Coffee Company is a wonderful "locals" hangout. Their baristas are top notch (Ian in particular) and they now have their liquor license and also serve 3 kinds of Absinthe! Seats go quickly!

    55555 by Lu D.

  • Roy H.The window seat is simply the best.

    55555 by Roy H.

  • Noah M.The yogurt and granola are wonderful

    55555 by Noah M.

  • Josh HCans of Grizzly for $4. DC's best smokeless tobacco deal.

    55555 by Josh H

  • Mandy PLoving the Capp here. Worth the wait. Great place to take coffee snob friends.

    55555 by Mandy P

  • FoodspottingTry the Cafe Latte

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • David J.Check out some serious live jams with The Side Dish during absinthe happy hour on Dec 3

    55555 by David J.

  • David J.the roast is the most at chinatown coffee co. great beans, great atmosphere.

    55555 by David J.

  • kazahelOnly spot in DC I've found that seves cortado. Can't get it to go, though.

    55555 by kazahel

  • Stacey L.Absinthe happy hour 5 to 8 p.m. on Fridays.

    55555 by Stacey L.

  • John K.Due to the Vince Gray signs in the window, I nearly skipped this place. I was pleased, though, to see that they have beer, wine, and absinthe.

    33333 by John K.

  • amnaturelleGreat coffee great prices. Support your locals!

    55555 by amnaturelle

  • LiJia G.$3 lagunitas IPA on Thursdays. Incredible.

    55555 by LiJia G.

  • Mike PWhile you're here tonight, vote for your favorite food vendor for the Curbside Cookoff #curbsideDC

    55555 by Mike P

  • AskMenChinatown Coffee just got a liquor license, & it’ll be serving $3 Lagunitas IPA & Dale’s Pale Ale to pair with Red Hook’s exquisitely buttery lobster rolls. Thursday, September 2 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Ben DPlace has great coffee, wish they had more food to eat there than the bagels etc. (which are not so fresh) Good location fast Internet and quirky staff. Overall I dig..

    55555 by Ben D

  • Brett MLove this place to sit and read/write on a Sunday. Can get crowded but most people seem willing to share tables.

    55555 by Brett M

  • Jennifer K.Missing my writing spot right now

    55555 by Jennifer K.

  • Ari VCoffee experts reside here. To correct a previous tip, well-crafted Intelligentsia coffees and espressos can also be had at Sticky Fingers Bakery and SOVA, but you are definitely in good hands at Chin

    55555 by Ari V

  • Amanda L.I don't endorse coffeeshops easily. But I tried this place after seeing it on FS and it was a surprising find in the heart of Chinatown. Excellent espresso beverage. Now on my short list of cafes.

    55555 by Amanda L.

  • Will Dit's sometimes slow but always worth the wait. best coffee in city

    55555 by Will D

  • William mSit on the church pew

    33333 by William m

  • Jacques A.try a handpour for coffee nirvana. I like the Nicaragua

    55555 by Jacques A.

  • Erik M.Slow down and enjoy a simple 8 oz. black cup of coffee for here (you aren't in that much of a hurry). This is the 1st shop in DC to carry Chicago's amazing Intelligentsia coffee.

    55555 by Erik M.

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