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Teaism Penn Quarter

400 8th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20004

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(202) 638-6010

  • Sun - 9:30am - 9:00pm
  • Mon - Fri 7:30am - 10:00pm
  • Sat 9:30am - 9:00pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea, Dog Friendly Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 127 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
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  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC
  • Teaism Penn Quarter in Washington, DC

Teaism Penn Quarter Reviews

Add your review for Teaism Penn Quarter.

  • Dilşad Nur BBubble tea is great and cheaper than most places!! Highly recommended.

    55555 by Dilşad Nur B

  • Briana KVery casual eatery. Vegetable udon was very large and good for a cold day. Not the best I've had, but it was still pretty good and they didn't skimp on the vegetables.

    55555 by Briana K

  • Irena Olove their berry beauty. it tastes like karkade from egypt

    55555 by Irena O

  • Crystal D.Udon Noodle Soup with Chicken is delicious

    55555 by Crystal D.

  • Lani KThe bubble tea is not like normal Korean tea- its bubble in a fruit juice.

    55555 by Lani K

  • natalie MGreat cookies.

    55555 by natalie M

  • Derian Tthe food was good, i had the egg sandwich and chai tea

    55555 by Derian T

  • Breon RLove the sweet potatoes and shrimp kebob

    55555 by Breon R

  • Dmitri RChai latte and salmon egg scramble.

    55555 by Dmitri R

  • Dmitri RChai latte in the "for here" mugs. Also salmon egg scramble.

    55555 by Dmitri R

  • TeresaThe salty oat cookies are deliciously filling. Also, the grilled salmon entree is great, but it comes in a curry sauce, so prepare yourself!

    55555 by Teresa

  • TeresaThe salty oat cookies are amazing! 🍪

    55555 by Teresa

  • Ravi B.Zhenzhou pearls bubble tea

    55555 by Ravi B.

  • Jaime W.The udon noodle soup is enough for delicious leftovers!

    55555 by Jaime W.

  • Amol K.Good curry.

    55555 by Amol K.

  • Raleigh K.Decent breakfast selection- the sausage and flatbread were good, but the raita was bland with a weird aftertaste.

    33333 by Raleigh K.

  • Eric LiuFind a seat with an outlet and chilll!

    55555 by Eric Liu

  • Katarina KatsmaFantastic tea! Looovveee their genmaicha, and their ginger baked good are sweet with a bit of a kick!

    55555 by Katarina Katsma

  • Kaz JanikBubble tea!

    55555 by Kaz Janik

  • Andrew ChangHippy dippy Asian/Asian fusion spot.

    55555 by Andrew Chang

  • Dan FoyTuna bento box is perfect. My favorite lunch spot in Penn Quarter

    55555 by Dan Foy

  • Steven A.The bubble tea is fantastic, and the bento boxes are great deals. Nice relaxed atmosphere with more than ample seating between upstairs and downstairs.

    55555 by Steven A.

  • Jaime W.The chocolate salty oat cookies are SO GOOD

    55555 by Jaime W.

  • Madhu VulimiriPalak paneer is great when I'm missing Indian food.

    55555 by Madhu Vulimiri

  • Samask them to make your chai hot and with boba; it's the perfect combination

    55555 by Sam


    55555 by Jaime W.

  • Katherine W.Try the lemon lavender mint tea.

    55555 by Katherine W.

  • Gilles BoeykensGreat food at an affordable price! I'll come back in a second. Try this place and you won't regret it.

    55555 by Gilles Boeykens

  • Morgan T.Love the Bento boxes! You can't go wrong with most of the menu.

    55555 by Morgan T.

  • Claire O'BrienTuna bento is the best!!

    55555 by Claire O'Brien

  • Katherine W.Great menu.

    55555 by Katherine W.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Teaism as seen on Rachael Ray - $40 a Day

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Lena JanimovaSoulful and quite place. One of my favorite spots in DC. Seriously great tea! Lavender-lemon-mint hot tea is divine. Food is good as well. Totally worth it stop here for a lunch or nice cup of tea

    55555 by Lena Janimova

  • Nicole K.Chocolate chip sea salt oatmeal cookie nomzzzz

    55555 by Nicole K.

  • Sera KimThe Chai shake is delicious!

    55555 by Sera Kim

  • Omari A.The Korean beef tacos are bomb.

    55555 by Omari A.

  • Stephanie YangThe koi are cute!

    55555 by Stephanie Yang

  • Linh ĐàoHmm ordered a vegetarian bento as recommended and didn't fancy it that much.

    33333 by Linh Đào

  • DherbsFeeling like a cup of tea..They offer a variety of teas as well as small dishes like a seaweed salad and a veggie bento box. Nice place to try while on the Dherbs.com FULL BODY CLEANSE.

    55555 by Dherbs

  • Nicole SheaI would climb mountains to get to the salty oat cookies. They are perfection.

    55555 by Nicole Shea

  • Cheryl Fogle-HatchReally small food portions really big prices stick to the tea

    55555 by Cheryl Fogle-Hatch

  • Hillius E.I've gotten the waffle and chai so much that when I drink chai at home I crave a waffle

    55555 by Hillius E.

  • GelindaEnjoyed the chai tea with a salty oatmeal raisin cookie. Both were delicious. The atmosphere is nice. I would like to revisit for the food.

    55555 by Gelinda

  • Michelle O.Must have the salted oat cookies. Don't order the chicken noodle soup!

    55555 by Michelle O.

  • Jecee M.Teaism is tops when in the district. Try the miso sweet potatoes with bento box for lunch.

    55555 by Jecee M.

  • Cameron M.Worst mango lassi I've ever had! It's like they used ice instead of yogurt. Had much better seitan at the Teaism near DuPont Circle.

    33333 by Cameron M.

  • sam h.LOVE this spot! The food is good too!

    55555 by sam h.

  • Winnie TamThe Zhenzhou pearl tea is a tad too sweet, just a warning

    55555 by Winnie Tam

  • Melissa L.Was excited about the French toast until I opened the to go container. Edges were burned and was soggy from all the apples and juice underneath. Apples are great touch but package them separately.

    22222 by Melissa L.

  • Julia P.French toast was vey good. No need for syrup.

    33333 by Julia P.

  • Sree Anirudh B.If you haven't already, try their Imli Cooler. It's a refreshing tamarind based drink with a hint of cardamom. Deliciously refreshing!

    55555 by Sree Anirudh B.

  • Jennifer T.Cilantro scrambled with tea cured salmon

    55555 by Jennifer T.

  • Kat L.Skip teaism chai

    55555 by Kat L.

  • Wahid M.The only DC location serving Imli Cooler. A perfect cooler for ur hot summer DC walks.

    55555 by Wahid M.

  • Erica M.Best veggie egg rolls I've ever had.

    55555 by Erica M.

  • Riley L.Try the Key Lime Pie Deconstructed - #Deconstructed #Pie #KeyLime #Dessert

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Crackling Fried Rice - #rice

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Pecan Pie - #Pie #PecanPie #Dessert

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Shrimp Etouffe - #shrimp #cajun #etouffe

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Hush Puppies - #appetizers #hushpuppies

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Smoked Oysters - #Oysters #seafood #appetizers

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Shrimp - #appetizers #shrimp #oysters

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Riley L.Try the Lobster Rolls - #Seafood #Lobster #Roll #LobsterRoll

    55555 by Riley L.

  • Jessie H.Zhenzhou pearl is really good!! Basically milk tea.

    55555 by Jessie H.

  • Nora L.Get the Jasmine Creme Brulee!

    55555 by Nora L.

  • Sara Z.Their chai is great--it's not overly sweet, and it has a bit of a spicy bite to it. I've never been disappointed by anything on the menu, either.

    55555 by Sara Z.

  • Brian P.Check out the store next door!

    33333 by Brian P.

  • Raven B.No wifi here. Boo!

    33333 by Raven B.

  • Megan S.Make sure you try the ginger or the carrot cake scones!

    55555 by Megan S.

  • Kirsten S.Great lunch spot with one of the best chai teas in DC. Get the bento box and eat downstairs; it's much quieter.

    55555 by Kirsten S.

  • Hallie M.You cannot leave here without a salty oat cookie. All of the variations are great!

    55555 by Hallie M.

  • Ahmed E.Excellent chicken curry salad...try it.

    55555 by Ahmed E.

  • FaithChocolate salty oat cookies are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Faith

  • PaulGood place to eat & study.

    55555 by Paul

  • Abi O.The Moroccan mint tea is very good but not as sweet as a real Moroccan tea! It's lightly sweetened like it says. The Chai shake is my favorite.

    55555 by Abi O.

  • Rebecca M.The spinach curry is fantastic. Plus, don't forget to get an order of the the ginger scones!

    55555 by Rebecca M.

  • Amanda F.This place is mediocre; cucumbers come in some sort of weird sauce thing.

    33333 by Amanda F.

  • ChristenTry the salmon ochazuke and ginger limeade

    55555 by Christen

  • Ava S.Be sure to try the salmon bento box and the Korean beef.

    55555 by Ava S.

  • Matt B.Don't take American Express? WTF???

    11111 by Matt B.

  • Megan P.The cilantro eggs and tea cured salmon for breakfast/brunch are amazing.

    55555 by Megan P.

  • Robyn O.Salty oat cookies are great, bit it's really all about the ginger scones!

    55555 by Robyn O.

  • Julius the Strong K.Try unfiltered fresh ginger ale

    55555 by Julius the Strong K.

  • Close G.Jan 11: the National Day of Action Against Guantanamo & the NDAA! Join us at 1130 in Lafayette Square across from the White House. The program and march will run from Noon-2:30pm EST

    33333 by Close G.

  • VikaChicken apple sausage is awesome. Served in the am until it runs out.

    55555 by Vika

  • Ryan E.Veggie bento box is great!

    55555 by Ryan E.

  • Donte K.Get the cilantro eggs and smoked salmon

    55555 by Donte K.

  • Krista D.veggie burger is the best i've ever had!

    55555 by Krista D.

  • Ryan E.Sarah J has the same tip as I do "Get the ginger limeade and a plain salty oat cookie."

    33333 by Ryan E.

  • Ryan E.Miso Soup!

    55555 by Ryan E.

  • Teresa H.Nice place to sip while reading after a day of wandering around town.

    55555 by Teresa H.

  • Gary K.Fluffy, textured cilantro eggs are worth ordering in the a.m.

    55555 by Gary K.

  • Ryan E.Any bento box, miso soup and don't forget salt cookie!

    55555 by Ryan E.

  • Lauren M.The cilantro eggs are great, as is the ginger limeade. Love this place.

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Jaime W.Was talked into the Bison burger, and it was delish...

    55555 by Jaime W.

  • Tobin C.Tuna bento box, or the plum ochazuke. And a salty oat cookie of course.

    55555 by Tobin C.

  • Brian H.Scones and two giant mugs of tea for $10. Not bad. Charging me 50 cents for two tiny packets of jam because they only gave us one for the whole plate of scones...priceless!

    22222 by Brian H.

  • David K.Maybe they're going downhill, too? When I'm expecting a pile of mixed fruit, don't just give me three little pieces of honeydew -- not on a $10.75 breakfast...

    22222 by David K.

  • Ananda L.Was at Teaism last week & hosted the DC She Writers Meet Up. Enjoyed the seaweed salad and sweet potato salad. Yummy!

    55555 by Ananda L.

  • JackieTry the Tofu Noodle Salad - Good kick to it from chilies. Cold salad, which means tofu is cold, but delicious. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jackie

  • Morgan T.Really like the Thai Chicken Curry, I want to try the Shrimp curry too. The Japanese sweet tea & bento boxes are good. Loved the chai shake. Love the koi pond downstairs.

    55555 by Morgan T.

  • Sarah J.Get the ginger limeade and a plain salty oat cookie. Thank me later.

    33333 by Sarah J.

  • Jon-Carlo C.Any of their cocktails are delicious and can get you sufficiently tipsy. Recommend the Beijin Sling. But they're all good.

    55555 by Jon-Carlo C.

  • Jen K.Really decent breakfast for only $10. The cilantro eggs are always tasty and the naan warm. Big mug of tea and you are fueled for your morning.

    55555 by Jen K.

  • Ebony A.Try the Salty Oak Cookie!

    55555 by Ebony A.

  • Aron L.Come downstairs to say hello to, and contemplate, their beautiful koi!

    55555 by Aron L.

  • Kelly B.Chocolate salty oat cookie is fabulous. perfect place to hang for some peace and quiet on weekend. Haven't tried the sushi or noodle bowls but it all looks really yummy.

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • kazahelGreat place if it's not too busy--the veggie bento box is excellent, particularly when coupled with Japanese sweet green tea (which you can buy the mix for in the shop next door). Highly recommended.

    55555 by kazahel

  • Jason H.Try the salty oat cookie. Best guilty pleasure

    55555 by Jason H.

  • David M.Ginger. Margarita.

    55555 by David M.

  • Meredith S.Free refills on certain iced teas, check the list. Thai Chicken Curry is great.

    55555 by Meredith S.

  • Erik S.Their chai latte and salty oat cookies are amazing.

    55555 by Erik S.

  • A Cup O' Tea TThe best tea in D.C. Try a new tea you've never heard of.

    55555 by A Cup O' Tea T

  • April RVeggie bento box was good (especially the rice), but sauteed (I guess) veggies were soggy & cold (very unpleasant). Substituted tofu 4 xtra edamame. Iced Morroccan mint tea was good w/ free refills.

    33333 by April R

  • Mel N.The Japanese Sweet Green Tea is delish! And, only sets you back two bucks :)

    55555 by Mel N.

  • nathanielThe bubble tea is awesome.

    55555 by nathaniel

  • Liz M.Get the chicken bento box.

    55555 by Liz M.

  • Amy KGreat Naan and Mango Chutney

    55555 by Amy K

  • Rachel S.Yummy bento boxes and great, GIANT mugs of tea. Also, try a salty oat cookie - chocolate is best. :) Tasty.

    55555 by Rachel S.

  • Toni Rae B.Spinach curry is great. LOVE the ginger limeade. Recently had a mango margarita, but it was weak.

    55555 by Toni Rae B.

  • Dennis B.Go on Thursday evenings, and stop off at the farmer's market afterwards for some local goodness!

    55555 by Dennis B.

  • Michael Eget the bento box - far too good!

    55555 by Michael E

  • Shauna Wdinner tonight.

    55555 by Shauna W

  • Linda CThe new seitan stir-fry is fantastic! What a great vegan dish. Yum!

    55555 by Linda C

  • Jeff H.If you're a loose tea person, this is a great spot. And if you like oolong, you have to try the Baozhong - amazing. They have tea sets, strainers, and other neat tea related things as well.

    55555 by Jeff H.

  • Jim M.Sunday brunch here is a ritual. The scrambled eggs & salmon is the usual for me. For cold beverages try any of the Lassi drinks or the Japanese sweet green tea.

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Paula ADon't Miss the "Chocolate Salty Oat Cookies" from here!

    55555 by Paula A

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