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Potbelly Sandwich Works

4.7 of 5.0 from 20 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Potbelly Sandwich Works Reviews

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  • Potbelly Sandwich ShopNow you can add fresh sliced avocado to any sandwich or salad. You’ll love lunch again!

    55555 by Potbelly Sandwich Shop

  • Sam 24112013Nice place for quick meal

    55555 by Sam 24112013

  • Kelly e Marcos CredidioMelhor milk-shake do mundo (vanilla ou oreo).

    55555 by Kelly e Marcos Credidio

  • Claire C.Their Macaroni Salad might be the best ever.

    55555 by Claire C.

  • Guido Cordariniil panino con pollo grigliato

    55555 by Guido Cordarini

  • Victor H.1$ coffee when you purchase any breakfast sandwich!

    55555 by Victor H.

  • Steve BlackstonSit at the bar and watch the interesting people of DC go by!

    55555 by Steve Blackston

  • A P.Order thin cut bread to reduce carbs

    33333 by A P.

  • Tyler M.become mayor! like me!!

    55555 by Tyler M.

  • Cameron H.Farmhouse Salad, double meat, potbelly vinaigrette = winner winner

    55555 by Cameron H.

  • Alexander SultanOrder online to bypass the line on busy days. Can save you 5 - 15 minutes.

    33333 by Alexander Sultan

  • LizzieTheir bowl of chili is so delicious!

    55555 by Lizzie

  • M. G. S.Italian on whole wheat--good stuff!

    55555 by M. G. S.

  • arothe "square" breakfast sandwich is the perfect size to get your day going. (i prefer the sausage, egg & cheese.) best part? square sandwich + coffee only costs about $3!

    55555 by aro

  • Parker W.Big Wreck, on Wheat with everything on it. And LOVING the Zapp's! A great taste of home.

    55555 by Parker W.

  • Andrea N.Don't Forget The Dreambar!

    55555 by Andrea N.

  • Dawn ArteagaTry the milkshakes. Mmmmm

    55555 by Dawn Arteaga

  • Andrea N.By far my favorite Sub place! Always friendly..love The Italian, their hot peppers are awesome! Yummy shakes with little cookies too!

    55555 by Andrea N.

  • Blake B.Line may look long, but moves fast. Carful with the hot peppers - delicious but tear-inducing

    55555 by Blake B.

  • Shenan R.Skinny sandwiches have thinner sliced bread and less meat, but all the yummy flavor.

    33333 by Shenan R.

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