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La Colombe Coffee Roasters

924 Blagden Alley Northwest
Washington, DC 20001

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(202) 289-4850


  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

4.8 of 5.0 from 116 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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La Colombe Coffee Roasters Reviews

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  • Mansour RLatte was good🖤

    33333 by Mansour R

  • Katie MGreat coffee! Love the black coffee & latte on tap

    55555 by Katie M

  • RianFirst location I ever went to and I've been hooked on draft lattes ever since.

    55555 by Rian

  • Chika K.You only have these choices I say take the tan... really good for a hot day

    55555 by Chika K.

  • Rachel SCoffee is delicious. Atmosphere is perfect. And, they have fuzzy water on tap!

    55555 by Rachel S

  • Terry B.Best Americano I've ever had.

    55555 by Terry B.

  • Melissa TsangSuper cute alley and amazing coffee ☕️ -- best hipster coffee shop in DC 💯

    55555 by Melissa Tsang

  • On the Grid JWhether you’re an outright Hipster or a Fortune 500 business executive looking for some well roasted coffee, La Colombe is the place for you.

    55555 by On the Grid J

  • lethargicpandaGreat coffee but doesn't have Wi-Fi

    55555 by lethargicpanda

  • Allyson CClean and very contemporary

    55555 by Allyson C

  • Christina G.Good coffee

    55555 by Christina G.

  • Tiffany ECoffee is smooth and delicious. Pretty cool space ☕😊

    55555 by Tiffany E

  • MeshaCoffee is amazing but staff are out of this world.. love them.

    55555 by Mesha

  • Leandro L.Cute and appropriately hip enough to belong in Blagdan alley

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Ricardo RNizza espresso ftw!

    55555 by Ricardo R

  • D VBest coffee shop in DC!

    55555 by D V

  • Jessica PlacenciaGreat coffee! But no wifi

    55555 by Jessica Placencia

  • Robb F.Good location with plenty of chairs on the back bench. Didn't seem to be public wifi. Free sparkling water on tap.

    55555 by Robb F.

  • Badr MPerfect, it's located in corner. The staffs are nice.

    55555 by Badr M

  • Sophie C.Happiest place on earth

    55555 by Sophie C.

  • John JExcellent little cafe hidden down the alleyways. Plenty of seating and sunlight plus the coffee is very good.

    55555 by John J

  • ? KBest coffee ever

    55555 by ? K

  • Francisco R.Coffee and service

    55555 by Francisco R.

  • Linda KGreat coffe, great location

    55555 by Linda K

  • Helene RGreat coffee

    55555 by Helene R

  • Eman AThe location is really creepy😖 no way I would go alone. The coffee was fine but little bit strong for me.

    33333 by Eman A

  • Mary-Katherine M.The almond croissants are AMAZING. So flaky and buttery and sweet.

    55555 by Mary-Katherine M.

  • Dana KTheir geisha pourovers are amazing. Always well executed. And beautiful China. La Colombe is a branch of a Philadelphia-based roaster that has a lot of cred.

    55555 by Dana K

  • Gretchen AIncredible! Best hidden coffee in town. Everything is delicious - we came back again the same day to try the unique drinks. Excellent traditional drinks as well. Friendly staff and customers.

    55555 by Gretchen A

  • Eric SFantastic Coffee

    55555 by Eric S

  • Jason L.Coffee is great. That succinct enough for you?

    55555 by Jason L.

  • Anthony M.Coffee here is great as always. Ham and Cheese Croissants are delicious, soft and flakey.

    55555 by Anthony M.

  • Max W.Great coffee. Avoid the food, never been super impressed.

    55555 by Max W.

  • Marina CardosoDelicious cappuccino in a nice building.

    55555 by Marina Cardoso

  • Niccolo TCoffee, espresso drinks, trendy

    55555 by Niccolo T

  • Sandy L.Tucked away in a cute alley

    55555 by Sandy L.

  • JasonDifferent types of coffee here compared to the corporate chains.

    55555 by Jason

  • @Bader3sm Tمكان يستحق الزيارة ❤️❤️

    55555 by @Bader3sm T

  • MelvinBest latte in the city.

    55555 by Melvin

  • Linda KBest coffee!!!

    55555 by Linda K

  • KoriNitro Latte!!!

    55555 by Kori

  • Mario B.Excellent in so many ways

    55555 by Mario B.

  • Nicole NGreat coffee - gets crowded

    55555 by Nicole N

  • Brian MFree sparkling water!

    33333 by Brian M

  • Brian MNo wifi. Getting here is interesting. Decaf latte was very good. This is my view.

    55555 by Brian M

  • Maha Al-Tamimiمدري ع وشو معطينها هالتقييم! طعم القهوه يحوم الكبد🙍🏼

    55555 by Maha Al-Tamimi

  • Vivek B.Make sure to walk in the alley it's in before or after

    33333 by Vivek B.

  • Bernhard KHad a delicious v60 brew coffee from Yemen. Best coffee place in DC!

    55555 by Bernhard K

  • Melissa M.Lovely coffee shop tucked away in an alley. The pinnacle of ~trendy~ DC

    55555 by Melissa M.

  • Gutstavito Alvarez MorenoNot a place for breakfast as they only have a handful of pastries, although they have a good selection of signature coffees.

    55555 by Gutstavito Alvarez Moreno

  • Marek MFilter coffee

    55555 by Marek M

  • Daniel K.Ask for the iced red eye if you don't want the new default (cold brew on tap)

    55555 by Daniel K.

  • Dan FoyGreat macchiato. This is an excellent artisan coffeehouse

    55555 by Dan Foy

  • Sam S.Iced cold brew comes with a shot of espresso dumped in right before serving, as it should.

    33333 by Sam S.

  • Josh H.One of the best coffee shops in DC. It's located in an alley so it can be a pain to locate the first time, but the coffee is well worth searching for. The baristas are awesome and the prices are fair.

    55555 by Josh H.

  • LexiMost visually appealing coffee shop in DC!

    55555 by Lexi

  • prashant JInteresting but wonderful place

    55555 by prashant J

  • Kaz ADon't expect to be able to easily find a seat on a weekend. Great place to relax or catch up with a friend at. Coffee beans make a good gift, too. They have hemp milk, if that's your thing.

    55555 by Kaz A

  • kazahelKeep walking. Nearby Compass Coffee is friendlier, serves tastier drinks, & always has seating.

    55555 by kazahel

  • Phil A.Oh my goodness. Best latte ever. And the pourover was so flavorful!!! Not a fan of the purple mugs, but everything else is top notch. Great space and ambience.

    55555 by Phil A.

  • Nathan TIt's all good. Great space, too.

    55555 by Nathan T

  • Woodrow BOne of the most overrated shops I've ever been to. It's almost painful grabbing a drink here.

    33333 by Woodrow B

  • Tyler C.La Colombe easily takes the cake for best coffee coffee shop in DC. I like how it's hidden in an alley. Only those who want to find it will be there.

    55555 by Tyler C.

  • Gigi LThe best coffee in town!

    55555 by Gigi L

  • Javier MunozWhat a cozy coffee shop:) great unique selection

    55555 by Javier Munoz

  • Brionne GriffinThey only offer one type of creamer—actual cream—and it's fantastic.

    55555 by Brionne Griffin

  • Kevin A.Some of the best drip coffee and pastry in DC.

    55555 by Kevin A.

  • Peter StreibigHaving a pour over in this venue is simply restorative. They did a superb job with this space. Absolutely must experience

    55555 by Peter Streibig

  • Rem KoningIced coffee needs to be cooled beforehand -- a little watery. Great space and alley.

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Andrew C.Perfect coffee shop for a beautiful day. Grab a cortado and a tasty treat to share with a friend or loved one.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Rachel C.Killer espresso drinks. Great staff.

    55555 by Rachel C.

  • Samantha H.Great coffee in an unexpected place

    55555 by Samantha H.

  • . .Красивая посуда и вкусная выпечка)

    55555 by . .

  • Jacki C.I know nothing about coffee other than I don't sleep when I have it and other people seem to have strong opinions. This is the best espresso drink I've ever had. Nice lady at the counter helped me.

    55555 by Jacki C.

  • Ben B.Yum #hemplatte

    55555 by Ben B.

  • morgan f.Don't miss their coffee activities (cuppings, classes etc) because best/most knowledgable staff ever!

    55555 by morgan f.

  • Rohaina H.La Colombe does a great job of sticking to quality and taste – regardless of location. From DC to NYC to Chicago, they're amazing. Can't go wrong with a cafe au laits & an almond croissant.

    55555 by Rohaina H.

  • Ben D.Unusual but cozy spot. Bring a book and hang out on a winter evening.

    55555 by Ben D.

  • Rowan M.This place SO needs more seating. I love the coffee here and we always visit when we come to DC, but we haven't been able to find a place to sit and stay awhile since last spring.

    55555 by Rowan M.

  • Steven A.Strangely enough, the best croissant I've ever had outside of France was here.

    55555 by Steven A.

  • Cheeky jDelicious coffee but v busy

    55555 by Cheeky j

  • Whit M.Excellent flat white. Public cuppings every Friday at 11.

    55555 by Whit M.

  • Tyler HastingsGreat coffee. Kind of hidden, you have to walk down a few alleys, but the place is hopping once you get here.

    55555 by Tyler Hastings

  • Norman T.Great coffee.

    55555 by Norman T.

  • Chris S.Stand and watch the robots make your coffee

    33333 by Chris S.

  • Ebrahim B.Single origin coffee! There's no menu .. know what coffee you want before you hit the counter. I had picture of a cappuccino from another 4sq tip :-)

    55555 by Ebrahim B.

  • Joe G.Delicious croissants. Cool atmosphere, but almost always full.

    55555 by Joe G.

  • Roger D.Order your steampunk coffee at the register, Walk down the bar and pick your beans. It's all the same price 😉. HOWEVER. Don't be "THAT GUY" who orders a steampunk when the line goes out the door.

    33333 by Roger D.

  • Tryumph Extra hot hemp. Lattee

    55555 by Tryumph

  • RoshanBeautiful exposed-brick, floor-to-ceiling window location with amazing coffee. Cortado is always a solid choice here.

    55555 by Roshan

  • Phoenix 💥💥💥Great Espresso here

    55555 by Phoenix 💥💥💥

  • Ezra MechThe iced coffee comes with a shot. Always. It's amazing.

    55555 by Ezra Mech

  • Kyle R.Latte is divine

    55555 by Kyle R.

  • Julie L.Stellar coffee. Fun fact: they put a shot of espresso in the iced coffee, for that extra pick me up.

    55555 by Julie L.

  • Emily M.Cool space, but lack of adequate seating. Unfortunately, doesn't live up to the Philadelphia locations' reputation. Hope to see a change in the upcoming year!

    33333 by Emily M.

  • CY S.Steampunk coffee is great!

    55555 by CY S.

  • Gabrielle S.Finally, I can take a quick break from missing New York.

    55555 by Gabrielle S.

  • ClaireCardamom pistachio morning bun, FTW.

    55555 by Claire

  • Lynn N.Doesn't have wifi. Deal with it. It's not a place to sit and work. It's a place to meet a friend and have a great long conversation.

    55555 by Lynn N.

  • Daniel K.Steampunk Ethiopian ARDI - crazy different coffee experience and only three bucks!

    55555 by Daniel K.

  • Izaak JSometimes they have other espressos than their excellent Nizza. Ask whats's available. Try a drink with their Rouge beans: Nizza's brighter, bolder organic cousin.

    55555 by Izaak J

  • Jed S.Excellent service here. I wasn't satisfied with my americano (it happens) and they took great care of me.

    55555 by Jed S.

  • Kayla A.What a hidden gem! Lovely to enjoy coffee that isn't burned or poorly brewed.

    55555 by Kayla A.

  • Jess FNo wifi?!?! What kind of cafe doesn't have wifi for its customers?

    55555 by Jess F

  • Michelle O.Where is the drink menu in this place? I keep ordering a latte, but it seems like everyone else knows of cooler drinks than me!

    33333 by Michelle O.

  • Michelle O.Don't walk too fast, or you won't find this place. Gotta turn down the hidden Blagden Alley to find this gem!

    55555 by Michelle O.

  • Behrad B.Really cool space, great atmosphere and excellent customer service!

    55555 by Behrad B.

  • Holly WoodBest coffee. No exaggeration. Best coffee.

    55555 by Holly Wood

  • Izaak JFlat white... Mmmmm

    55555 by Izaak J

  • Ash B.Finally, a great coffee shop in DC! The Americano was excellent.

    55555 by Ash B.

  • Ravi BGood coffee and friendly staff. No wifi.

    55555 by Ravi B

  • Izaak JTry a steam-punk: a unique bean from Todd Carmichael's global search for the best single origin coffees. A list of beans on hand is available along with brief descriptions. Digging Mexico Guerrero atm

    55555 by Izaak J

  • Jake S.Doesn't have wifi. Back to The Coffee Bar.

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Ryan K.For pastries, get the cardamom pistachio roll. That.

    55555 by Ryan K.

  • Ed M.Beautiful space. Friendly baristas. And delicious coffee. Great addition to the DC coffee scene

    55555 by Ed M.

  • Rowan M.These guys have the Best coffee in the world. Todd Carmichael is genius. Can't wait for this place to open. Get ready for a treat for your taste buds!

    55555 by Rowan M.

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