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Blue Duck Tavern

1201 24th St NW
Washington, DC 20037

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(202) 419-6755


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Monday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm, 6:00 am - 10:30 am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars

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4.8 of 5.0 from 178 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC
  • Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC

Blue Duck Tavern Reviews

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  • Greg P.Short rib!

    55555 by Greg P.

  • Titi SGreat server, only plus in this experience. Having a reservation, we got the table nearest to the kitchen when plenty others were open. We ordered BDT Benedict and all were over cooked! Not going back

    33333 by Titi S

  • Rodrigo AThe Moulard Duck Breast is amazing

    55555 by Rodrigo A

  • Stuart W.The steak, duck, and bone marrow are really good! But price wise it's not a great value, when there are so many other restaurants to go to.

    55555 by Stuart W.

  • Dave W.Three words: Fried. Green. Tomatoes.

    55555 by Dave W.

  • Майя EUnbeliveable breakfasts from early morning!!

    55555 by Майя E

  • Ja_Moi_IA perfect chicken & biscuit for brunch.

    55555 by Ja_Moi_I

  • DCist DPark Hyatt Hotel puts their focus on the rare tea selection served in their Tea Cellar.

    55555 by DCist D

  • Adeem Al ShuaibiBest Apple pie🍨

    55555 by Adeem Al Shuaibi

  • Staff PicksBlue Duck Tavern was one of the more wished for places throughout 2015’s I Want Somewhere holiday campaign. Where’s your somewhere? Enter to win a bucket list experience.

    33333 by Staff Picks

  • James SGreat burger!!

    55555 by James S

  • Armaghan WPretty for dates and occasions. Have private room for small events. Try their amazing fries. Desserts are very delicious and you can walk through the kitchen.

    55555 by Armaghan W

  • AdrianaBenedicts and french toast, and a delicious white tea, while reading the day's newspapers.

    55555 by Adriana

  • Yael Maytal JThe sweet potato pancakes were delicious

    55555 by Yael Maytal J

  • MC FGreat service

    55555 by MC F

  • Stephanie ROutside patio with water fall, summer salads and ice tea. Great service.

    55555 by Stephanie R

  • PureWowThe namesake fries at this elegant restaurant are like little bricks of mashed potatoes, which are basted in duck fat before being fried to crisp perfection and served with spicy smoke pepper aioli.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Dana A.Great food & service - acoustics in room make it quite loud but overall lived up to it's reputation!

    55555 by Dana A.

  • Freyja G.Squid salad is weird. The pheasant was good, but not amazing. Food is a little underwhelming for such high-end prices.

    55555 by Freyja G.

  • jooliadessert (pies and ice creams) and teas

    55555 by joolia

  • Kai C.The bone marrow was amazing. Cocktail was also good.

    55555 by Kai C.

  • Bitches Who B.The Bitches say: A+ brunch for impeccable cuisine in a pristine ambiance.

    55555 by Bitches Who B.

  • Erika Enid A.Amazing steak and Veal. Loved it.

    55555 by Erika Enid A.

  • Melissa ChaiDelicious brunch and excellent service. The Cafe Park was the perfect boozy iced coffee for a Sunday afternoon. Brussels sprouts and short rib hash were outstanding. Coming back for the apple pie

    55555 by Melissa Chai

  • Andrea KHave been here for brunch multiple times. Always a great meal. The Bircher Muesli is light and delicious starter!

    55555 by Andrea K

  • Sandy L.Crispy chicken sandwich and BDT FRIES (cross between a hashbrown and mashed potato)

    33333 by Sandy L.

  • Veronica C.Amazing service and food.

    55555 by Veronica C.

  • Brother F.Good food, slow service, worth the wait though

    55555 by Brother F.

  • Sofia C.The weirdly slick atmosphere doesn't match the amazing down-home cooking at Blue Duck 💙 Absolutely incredible food.

    55555 by Sofia C.

  • Dick IBreakfast/brunch is great; good service, great staff, interesting and tasty food, well presented. Dinner was good, atmosphere not as good for dinner.

    55555 by Dick I

  • Carlos Seared foie gras is the best I've had.

    55555 by Carlos

  • Sylvie S.Bone marrow is behemoth and excellent

    55555 by Sylvie S.

  • Faris DThe pancake is to die for ❤️❤️

    55555 by Faris D

  • Sarah Fthe burger was one of the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Sarah F

  • Samantha H.Amazing marrow, braised short rib, and duck breast. Finish off with apple pie to share with vanilla ice cream and surprisingly good coffee.

    55555 by Samantha H.

  • James V.Marrow, mussels

    55555 by James V.

  • James V.Marrow, mussles, proper pastry chef

    55555 by James V.

  • Earl M.Crispy head cheese, bone marrow and crab cake for starters. Duck, swordfish, Cheshire pork chop for entrees. Don't miss the apple pie and banana cream pie for dessert. Each will serve 2

    55555 by Earl M.

  • R JExcellent for brunch

    55555 by R J

  • Jess KonoMust get the fries. Good but everything was too salty!

    33333 by Jess Kono

  • John AntosYummy rich food make a nice brunch. Sit outside if possible. Recommend: sorbet mimosa, bone marrow, pecan sticky buns, shrimp and grits. Crab cakes are ok, but shells inside were not.

    55555 by John Antos

  • Eric LiuAmazeballs! Get the potato gratin and bone marrow

    55555 by Eric Liu

  • TripExpert EOne of our reviewers, Frommer's, says, "Chef Brian McBride likewise combines traditional and state-of-the-art cooking methods and equipment to prepare exquisite, one-of-a-kind dishes."

    55555 by TripExpert E

  • Whitney F.Locally sourced and solid brunch. Get the sticky buns, hash browns and anything egg.

    55555 by Whitney F.

  • Erie OTry very garlicky bone marrow with a seasonal cocktail.

    55555 by Erie O

  • Madam W.Baby gem salad $8 with seared salmon $8. All desserts were amazing incl banana cream pie, apple almond galette and caramelized crust apple pie

    55555 by Madam W.

  • Joshua B.Great place for brunch. I love their soft boiled eggs

    55555 by Joshua B.

  • Sonja S.An unusual departure from the classic chicken and waffles

    55555 by Sonja S.

  • Ra OsolageI had the Belgian Waffle, a side of bacon, and a soft boiled egg. Also had a side of brusel sprouts, which turned out to be the best thing on the table. Was pricey, but delicious and great service.

    55555 by Ra Osolage

  • Roman B.Bonemarrow and Lobstertail sandwich are absolute musts!

    55555 by Roman B.

  • NicoleAlways the duck fat fries. Homemade ice cream is also on my always order list. They have an open kitchen so a table nearby is really fun.

    55555 by Nicole

  • Shane G.Great menu with a wonderful atmosphere

    55555 by Shane G.

  • Robb F.Washingtonian says don't miss: Roasted bone marrow; roasted quail; suckling pig; seared scallops; farro salad; roasted cauliflower; grits with Gouda; sugar cookies; apple pie; seasonal ice creams.

    55555 by Robb F.

  • Annie FosterFun cocktails and fantastic food

    55555 by Annie Foster

  • Dave N.Enjoyed it. Tapas style.

    55555 by Dave N.

  • ian rThe duck, braised beef, crab cakes, bone marrow and pumpkin soup with foie gras. All delicious. Didn't have room for dessert unfortunately.

    55555 by ian r

  • Karen KatzTori Blake's gluten free pastries are amazing!

    55555 by Karen Katz

  • OMARExcellent choice for a business lunch

    55555 by OMAR

  • Parker CBone marrow, crab cake, suckling pig

    55555 by Parker C

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Blue Duck Tavern as seen on Unique Eats

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Judy RDinner with max

    55555 by Judy R

  • EmilyThe patio is perfect for summer evenings. Great wine list, lots of options from Napa! Loved the crab cakes, Bloody Mary broth was legit. The apple pie was almost as good as grandmas.

    55555 by Emily

  • Aaron D.Roasted bone marrow to start. Never disappoints.

    55555 by Aaron D.

  • Andrew AvizaFor breakfast be sure to order the pecan sticky bun. Perfect!

    55555 by Andrew Aviza

  • Kenley PGet the bone marrow appetizer!

    55555 by Kenley P

  • Brian P.Hands down the best restaurant in Washington, D.C. Don't forget to get the apple pie and the Rocky road cookie!!!

    55555 by Brian P.

  • Serious EatsDespite being a hotel restaurant, Blue Duck does an admirable job of maintaining its own identity as a stellar spot for expertly and creatively crafted American cuisine.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Casey C.Our dinner was outstanding. The beef short rib and the duck were exactly what we needed. With a side if grits and a side of garlic mashed potatoes, it was absolute perfection.

    55555 by Casey C.

  • Blair KGreat Vesper martinis, and fried green tomatoes! Amazing service.

    55555 by Blair K

  • William D.Order appetizers and a side or two with your entree. Main course portions are small.

    55555 by William D.

  • William D.Get the Apple Bourbon cocktail. Very refreshing!

    55555 by William D.

  • Carmen A.Awesome brunch. Make reservations.

    55555 by Carmen A.

  • Tony F.Eggs Benedict - yumm!!

    55555 by Tony F.

  • AndresApple pie 'n ice cream

    55555 by Andres

  • Bitches Who B.Bitches Who Brunch voted Blue Duck Tavern as the Best Bread Basket and Best Fruit Plate in 2012!

    55555 by Bitches Who B.

  • Stacey M.The cauliflower side is amazing!

    55555 by Stacey M.

  • ShamThe braided beef is the best. The crab cakes are the best you will ever have!

    55555 by Sham

  • Ken P.Do not leave without getting the fries. Seriously.

    22222 by Ken P.

  • Damon W.Delicious pumpkin flan!

    55555 by Damon W.

  • Patty K.It was amazing. Try the fries... you won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Patty K.

  • Thomas J.Try the French toast for breakfast! It's amazing!

    55555 by Thomas J.

  • Megan W.The chefs table was perfect for our celebratory dinner- every course was amazing and the service was outstanding. Also Marvina was a pleasure to work with for setting everything up!

    55555 by Megan W.

  • Bia K.Where Obama took his guests for dinner.

    33333 by Bia K.

  • Three JaneIt's called the Blue Duck Tavern for a reason. Get. The. Duck.

    33333 by Three Jane

  • Washington PostHandsome quilts create a restful backdrop to the assured, farm-to-table cooking of the Texas-born, French-trained Sebastien Archambault.

    55555 by Washington Post

  • Leora K.roasted cauliflower, duck fat fries, and the short ribs are all musts.

    55555 by Leora K.

  • Efe S.Worth the price! Do not skip dessert...

    33333 by Efe S.

  • Ignacio R.Never ask for the crab salad - ridiculously small and expensive. Beef rib was ok.

    22222 by Ignacio R.

  • Dalal D.One on DC's best Breakfast/Brunch Spots.. their open kitchen makes for unique indoor decor and ambiance... Amazing Eggs Florentine,the yummiest sticky bun 😍 complemented by a good cup of coffee ☕..

    55555 by Dalal D.

  • Lisa G.12-Hour Roasted Suckling Pig is incredible. Enough for two

    55555 by Lisa G.

  • Matt W.Berry Crumble was great!

    55555 by Matt W.

  • Akhil B.A bit noisy due to its popularity but the food was first class. Charcuterie board adventurous, crab cakes full of meat. Book early; one of the hotspots now

    55555 by Akhil B.

  • K. S.Good taste breakfast, also

    55555 by K. S.

  • Elizabeth B.Had an outstanding birthday brunch; honey vanilla ice cream FTW!

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • naveengin martini (with blue cheese stuffed olives). bone marrow to start. duck breast. baby vegetables.

    55555 by naveen

  • Carsten S.Before dinner make sure to try some of the cocktails at the bar and then leave room for the apple tart .

    55555 by Carsten S.

  • ThePurplePassport.comThe food blurs fancy and folksy: haute techniques are used to create gourmet versions of homey dishes like the large hand cut triple fries, many of which are served family style.

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • Kyle S.The Wagyu Beef is excellent!

    55555 by Kyle S.

  • Matthew J.Pecan sticky buns are insane

    55555 by Matthew J.

  • Travis H.Arguably the best meal in Washington.

    55555 by Travis H.

  • Rebecca M.Come on Sunday and enjoy a pomegranate mimosa, hash or their breakfast sandwich on the patio before sneaking off to West End Cinema for a movie.

    55555 by Rebecca M.

  • Zintiha G, L.Their hanger steak and crab cakes are amazing!! Must try!!

    55555 by Zintiha G, L.

  • Lars S.Short Rib Hash, FTW

    55555 by Lars S.

  • VinceThe service was great.

    33333 by Vince

  • Stephen J.If the weather is fine, be sure to sit outside on the welcoming patio

    55555 by Stephen J.

  • OhsonattralGreat food and service. The pastry chef makes chocolate truffles -- I highly recommend them. Your taste buds can thank me later.

    55555 by Ohsonattral

  • Annie J.Best homemade honey vanilla ice cream in the world!!!!! Honey after-taste is deliciously strong...highly recommend!!!! Pumpkin creme brûlée and apple pie are delicious too!!!

    55555 by Annie J.

  • Annie J.Honey vanilla ice cream, apple pie, and pumpkin creme brûlée!!

    55555 by Annie J.

  • Tisha EShort Rib and grits... Fab!!! Add my staple of Brussels sprouts for balance...

    55555 by Tisha E

  • EaterStick with wine and charcuterie in the lounge or peer into the open kitchen from the dining room over a meal of fried sweetbreads, muscovy duck, and 12-hour roasted suckling pigs. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • BlackBook MagazineThis West End American spot is a sexy little place to eat the night before the inauguration. Big hits: bone marrow w/ red wine apple, the 12-hour roasted suckling pig, and the short-rib hash at brunch

    55555 by BlackBook Magazine

  • yy 9.Amazing food and service. Take advantage of the open kitchen. We were treated to a mini lesson on shucking oysters by a chef!

    55555 by yy 9.

  • Travel + LeisureFor a hearty breakfast, head to the tavern and feast on short-rib hash and pecan sticky buns.

    55555 by Travel + Leisure

  • Mark B.Roasted Maine scallops, tomato relish, pickled mushrooms and bacon powder Bacon powder is this West End regional American’s clever way of adding meaty flavor to a dish.

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Nabeel H.Skip the French Fries - leaves room for the amazing Apple Pie (get w/homemade ice cream)

    55555 by Nabeel H.

  • Stephanie P.Must order apple pie and sweet honey vanilla ice cream

    55555 by Stephanie P.

  • Kevin C.The apple pie is so good I want to violate it American Pie style

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • Ryan K.It's worth calling to try and make reservations even if there are none on OpenTable.

    33333 by Ryan K.

  • JamesGreat bar with service and original cocktails to match. Will have dinner there the next time I'm in DC. (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by James

  • Bruce L.Suckling pig is incredible. They're also known for their apple pie and tea selection, be sure to get both to finish off the meal.

    55555 by Bruce L.

  • Colin N.A contender for best Brunch in DC. Sit outside and order the short rib hash, side of their seasonal veg. Next level status.

    55555 by Colin N.

  • ThrillistThis breakfast heavy tavern features trendy brunch plates like short rib hash w/ horseradish sauce and pork belly eggs benedict. Pork belly eggs benedict!? What could possibly be better than that?

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Howard J.Brunch is always amazing here!

    55555 by Howard J.

  • Bob S.Try the spinach and smoked ricotta tart and the grits with smoked Gouda. Service and food both primo.

    55555 by Bob S.

  • Jing X.Bone marrow, foie gras, braised beef rib

    55555 by Jing X.

  • AJYou must get the bone marrow and the Escarole -which is phenomenal!!!

    55555 by AJ

  • Whitney S.By far the best restaurant I have been to in DC

    55555 by Whitney S.

  • Chris K.Blue Cheese Polenta is amazing

    55555 by Chris K.

  • Sarah W.Scallops and sugar cookies.

    55555 by Sarah W.

  • Dana R.Have the roasted bone marrow!!!! Amazing!

    55555 by Dana R.

  • Tim S.One of my favorite restaurants in the city, I have never had anything I haven't absolutely devoured and loved here. Dessert is truly where the gem lies - save room :)

    55555 by Tim S.

  • Washingtonian MagazineWe gravitate to this high-toned farm-to-table destination whenever we’re in the mood for brunch and whenever we’re trying to satisfy a group of disparate personalities. Service is attentive & polished

    55555 by Washingtonian Magazine

  • Rebecca N.Bone marrow...get it immediately.

    55555 by Rebecca N.

  • Justin K.Beet salad, scallops and carrots. Do not leave empty-handed. The sugar cookies tin is remarkable.

    55555 by Justin K.

  • Shayna K.Pretty fantastic. Welcome homecoming after returning from Asia. Carrots, cookies & veg dish are exceptional.

    55555 by Shayna K.

  • Bitches Who B.Bitches say B+! While Blue Duck’s design, service and quality of cuisine are impressive The fluffy pancake concoction saved the day, but the rest of the food was blasé.

    55555 by Bitches Who B.

  • Fitsum B.can't lose here

    55555 by Fitsum B.

  • Ray H.$23 Kobe Beef burger, Yum

    55555 by Ray H.

  • James Y.The duck breast is amazing!!

    55555 by James Y.

  • David K.Anyone visiting Washington, DC should definitely. Nice small private room as well!

    55555 by David K.

  • JESS3The cheese plate is amaaaaaazing.

    33333 by JESS3

  • Kirt F.After you have paid your mortgage and you wanna splurge on an overly expensive dinner..this is DEFINITELY THE PLACE.

    55555 by Kirt F.

  • Doug D.BDD Approved.

    55555 by Doug D.

  • Our Man On The GroundBlue Duck Tavern has an amazing reputation in DC – a real home cooking experience – everything is delicious – do try the Crabcakes & the Apple Pie!

    55555 by Our Man On The Ground

  • ShaunaEverything here is sublime: food, drinks, decor, service. Great for a date.

    55555 by Shauna

  • D D.The braised beef rib is fantastic.

    55555 by D D.

  • Andy W.The carrots are to die for

    55555 by Andy W.

  • T.Beyond a menu unparalleled in DC (don't miss creme brulee of foie gras & roasted marrow bones), the chef's vision coupled w/Christina's attention to detail gave us the dining experience of a lifetime.

    55555 by T.

  • Marti H.The Hot Chocolate!! A hint of nutmeg and cinnamon yum

    55555 by Marti H.

  • Vito L T.The apple pie is crazy good

    55555 by Vito L T.

  • Betsy BTry all the yummy desserts!!

    55555 by Betsy B

  • LexDate Night Dessert: honey vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Share it with the one you love (or one you're with).

    55555 by Lex

  • Shannon M.The bathrooms are so fancy, that in every stall there's a toilet AND a sink!

    22222 by Shannon M.

  • Paul B.Short Rib Beef with side of Blue Cheese Polenta could be the nicest thing I've ever eaten. Crab Cakes also very good.

    55555 by Paul B.

  • Bhoom S.Love the duck, beef ribs, and crab cake here. Bone marrow wasn't that bad, but wouldn't try it again, pretty tasteless oily dish.

    33333 by Bhoom S.

  • Cooking ChannelThe one thing that you cannot miss at Blue Duck Tavern is its signature apple pie. - Lee Anne Wong, Unique Eats

    55555 by Cooking Channel

  • Adam B.You can always find a seat at the bar. Limited menu, but food is still great!

    55555 by Adam B.

  • Rachel C.Must get the triple fried (in duck fat no less) French fries.

    33333 by Rachel C.

  • Gavin M.Have the apple pie. Have the apple pie. Have the apple pie. Nuff said. Scallops rock toi.

    55555 by Gavin M.

  • David M.the cognac selection is top notch. and try the winter soup if it's cold out.

    55555 by David M.

  • Richard L.Eat at the bar for a fine meal. Restaurant menu if you ask but the bar steak is a fine meal itself. Crowded so arrive early.

    55555 by Richard L.

  • BravoGreat comfort food, amazing tea list. And one of the most beautiful stoves I've ever seen. -Stephen Hopcraft, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • BravoKevin Sbraga loves this place! -Kevin Sbraga, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • Jack Try the Angry Fish... Great food, fantastic flavor

    55555 by Jack

  • Ashley RTry the raspberry martini.

    55555 by Ashley R

  • LexPear Elderflower Martini. Perfect.

    55555 by Lex

  • Paul CGet the napa nook 2006 cab--it's the smoothest I've ever had. It's by dominus

    55555 by Paul C

  • Sarah O.If you're having breakfast order the waffle. It is comes with the most delicious cream I've ever had.

    55555 by Sarah O.

  • a rugby lifeFall cocktails are superb. Recommend the pear and basil collins.

    55555 by a rugby life

  • Harris L.BDT fries is a must... and its true, the Apple Pie is the best in town....

    55555 by Harris L.

  • Laura J.Get the old-fashioned cookies and one of the ice creams- they present them both in great ways!

    55555 by Laura J.

  • Jay P.Avoid the braised items. 2/2 braised dishes we got were underdobe (veal cheeks and shin)

    33333 by Jay P.

  • arishbest apple pies in the world

    55555 by arish

  • Samantha JThe bone marrow with uni is the saltiest, yummiest thing ever. Definitely the standout. Rabbit rilette too. Check out the tea lounge next door.

    55555 by Samantha J

  • kimThey have my favorite bubbly on the menu - sophia blanc de blancs

    55555 by kim

  • brian JBone marrow, brussels sprouts, braised beef, polenta and cheese and the huckleberry buckle were delicious

    55555 by brian J

  • Bennett R.Have a Inside-Out Bloody Mary with brunch. Coolest morning cocktail ever.

    55555 by Bennett R.

  • Wil C.get the bone marrow!

    55555 by Wil C.

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