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Arigato Japanese Steak & Seafood House


4.1 of 5.0 from 22 reviews

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Arigato Japanese Steak & Seafood House Reviews

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  • ChefMozI love the shrimp and the best is pouring the mustard sauce over the rice; Super !!!!

    by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozI have been eating at Arigato for years! It is a wonderful restaurant appropriate for the whole family. Arigato is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. The wait staff is friendly and professional; the chefs are very talented and entertaining, and the food is excellent. From the soup to the shrimp appetizers you can't go wrong choosing anything from their menu. If you like sake try the unfiltered sake for a fabulous taste sensation. Arigato is my favorite restaurant because it has a happy atmosphere and excellent food.

    by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozIt's the greatest place to eat in the area! We've been going there weekly for 5-6 years with no problems in service; so I can imagine the lady that posted the "not so good" review must've shoveled a lot of grief their way in return to get that service. Nonetheless they have the best food, fun atmosphere with the entertainment and they serve you as you watch. Overall a great evening if you're in the area and have the time to enjoy some good food and entertainment.

    by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozAlthough the food was good the rest of our visit was a nightmare. My husband ordered a drink for us and since I did not have my wallet to show my ID, when I touched the straw of the drink they rushed over and tore the drink from the table and then refused to give our money back, at first. After a worded argument they agreed, but apon walking out of the restaurant the waitress said, "Don't come back." We are fully aware of drinking laws and respect that they would not want to serve me without an ID present, this is not the issue. They were all very childish about things and the bartender, waitress, and manager all continued to have horrible attitudes. As we finally turned to leave the restuarant the waitress added, "I hope you have a horrible night."

    by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozArigato is a wonderful restaurant. I always have the steak and shrimp. Meals usually are about $20.00 per person with drink included. The chef prepares you meal at your table on a hibachi grill, along with plenty of appetizers. Meals come with soup and salad, rice and veggies. Always call ahead to make reservations. They usually stay pretty busy! Don't forget to try the white sauce, ginger sauce and mustard sauce!

    by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozThe food and service was very good. The chef put on a fine show, as did the chef at the next table. The personnel were friendly, the place clean and the atmosphere was good. Compared to the other Japanese restaurants in town, I give it two thumbs up.

    by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozFor my sixteenth birthday party my family took me out to Arigato for dinner, and I left feeling quite satisfied. Apparently Arigato is a popular restaurant, as there was a fair-sized room filled with tables of people waiting for their parties to be called to the dining area even though it was around 10:00 PM already. Unfortunately, the waiting room does not have separate sections for smokers and nonsmokers, but the wait was not nearly as long as I expected and so the presence of smoke was not a major problem. Once our party was called, the waitress was courteous and prompt; she made no mistakes in relaying the orders. Of course, the real attraction was the chef, an aged but lively Japanese man who seemed to greatly enjoy performing for us. (For those who are not aware, this style of cooking incorporates assorted stunts into the preparation of the food to entertain the diners.) The food and drinks were delicious. The atmosphere was a happy one, although it suffered a bit due to an extremely loud group at the adjacent table. The waitress brought a piece of birthday cake for me and some ice cream for my little brother, and there was plenty of food left to take home. Reservations are highly recommended; the prices are fairly high so be prepared.

    by ChefMoz.org

  •  The wait is always so long... But it's the best. Worth the wait.

    55555 by Renae G.

  •  They need to practice their tricks a little more before taking them in front of people. The lady next to me ended up with shrimp tails in her hair and in her lap after a failed "trick"!

    22222 by Brad K.

  •  It was amazing!! Our chef was awesome and the food was even better! Make sure you are prepared for a feast!

    55555 by Judith L.

  •  Awesomeness!!

    55555 by Gloria

  •  Always good but can get old. My husband would completely disagree.

    55555 by Sierra N.

  •  Make a reservation or you will have to wait 2 hours.

    33333 by Dawn H.

  •  The fat chick bartender is a real rude cunt so leave her a ZERO tip but everyone else was fantastic and the food was delicious as usual.

    33333 by Tau I.

  •  Bartender was REALLY RUDE!!!

    11111 by Elizabeth H.

  •  The outstanding food and chefs will definitely keep you coming back for more! If there is no in-front parking available, spots can be found on the street to the right of the restaurant.

    55555 by Social N.

  •  Best place in North Carolina to eat!!!!!

    55555 by Chadley L.

  •  Moscoto is divine

    55555 by James L.

  •  My bday dinner

    33333 by Takisha W.

  •  Best place to eat!!! :)

    55555 by Kristie P.

  •  Simply the best try everythang

    55555 by Latricia G.

  •  Best Japanese in Winston-Salem

    55555 by Mark A.

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