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McDonald's on 28th St Sw

1221 28th St Sw
Wyoming, MI 49509

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(616) 531-6190

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Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants

2.9 of 5.0 from 28 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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McDonald's in Wyoming, MI
  • McDonald's in Wyoming, MI
  • McDonald's in Wyoming, MI
  • McDonald's in Wyoming, MI

McDonald's Reviews

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  • kristen l.Slowest least efficient service ever. Shift change had at least 10 people milling around behind the counter aimlessly.

    22222 by kristen l.

  • Stephanie SEgg mcmuffins are good...but ive gotten some later in day that didnt taste fresh

    22222 by Stephanie S

  • Jessica AThey get my order wrong every time...

    22222 by Jessica A

  • Jordyn R.HORRIBLE SERIVE! Do not go here! Had an issue this morning with a drive thru employee! She threw my bag of food at me, I will never go here again. She is ghetto and RUDE! Asshole

    11111 by Jordyn R.

  • Herb N.Don't know how they stay in business!! I can't believe anyone would come here more than once!!

    33333 by Herb N.

  • Lindsey RaeLady threw me a bag, handed me a drink ALL without making eye contact or saying ONE word then walked away at drive thru, keep it classy

    11111 by Lindsey Rae

  • Chelsea L.Ordered a filet got nuggets. Took a long Time to get the actual order :/

    22222 by Chelsea L.

  • Katrena V.They have the 12-4 menu and they are still WAY too slow for a Mc Donald's. 20 min. In the drive through?!?!

    22222 by Katrena V.

  • Katrina E.Druve thru worker GHETTO AS HELL and RUDE!!!!!!

    11111 by Katrina E.

  • Brian T.Fucking useless place to try and eat at, GO ANYWHERE else

    55555 by Brian T.

  • Angela L.Bad when they cant even get the pop size right!!

    22222 by Angela L.

  • Angela L.Slowest drive thru EVER!!!

    11111 by Angela L.

  • Gorila C.Morning crew is retarded.. I'm late for work now

    33333 by Gorila C.

  • Aundrea S.Dirtiest McDonalds I've been to in a LING time.

    22222 by Aundrea S.

  • Holly S.Be sure to check your order before leaving they will mess it up .

    22222 by Holly S.

  • Peter D.Slowest of all time.

    33333 by Peter D.

  • Chad B.Check your order before you leave the drive-thru, to be sure you have what you paid for!

    22222 by Chad B.

  • Mike A.They should give out candy canes on Christmas Day

    55555 by Mike A.

  • Mike A.No chicken nuggets in the mornings

    22222 by Mike A.

  • Willie H.Gotta do the new Spicy Chicken Bites and the New Smoothie and dont forget desert a Smores Pie!

    55555 by Willie H.

  • Cloud C.2 double cheeseburgers, hot fudge sundae, large drink, lite ice. Under $5 every time :)

    55555 by Cloud C.

  • Chad B.The SLOWEST McDonald's you'll ever see!! 15 minutes from paying for food to actually getting the food. Not abnormal; they've never been prompt.

    22222 by Chad B.

  • Mike A.Hot cub named Willie works mornings

    55555 by Mike A.

  • ZyloBreakfest is the best at McDonalds! Steak begal with large OJ! Mmmm

    55555 by Zylo

  • Cati M.They have poweraid(SP?)

    55555 by Cati M.

  • Danae C.Alita (sp?) On third shift is the best...so don't be drunk and mean to her! Lol

    33333 by Danae C.

  • Adam W.McGriddles are so yummy in the morning!

    55555 by Adam W.

  • Valerie K.Don't come here after dark..they WILL screw up your order

    22222 by Valerie K.

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