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  • Besa Grill in Clearwater

    Besa Grill

    by The Foodie Patootie

    Tender squid with fresno peppers and jalapenos, served with a zesty tomato reduction, made up this Calamari Fiesta dish. Iím pretty particular about the fried breading on calamari. I like to actually taste the calamari and have a good balance of breading and squid...

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  • Joe's Crab Shack

    by The SOG City Oracle

    For weeks now I have been taunted and tempted by Joe's Crab Shack with teevee commercials advertising a limited special, The Corona Beach Bake....

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  • Grimaldi's in Clearwater


    by The Hungry Sprout

    Anyone who has lived in Florida knows that good pizza is really hard to find. They blame it on the water. I think there is truth to this. At Grimaldiís of Clearwater, they use a special filtering system to recreate the water of Brooklyn, New York...

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  • Lenny's Restaurant in Clearwater

    Lenny's Restaurant

    by The Hungry Sprout

    I had read online about all the rave reviews for their eggs benedict but I was really craving lunch so I ordered a Ruben sandwich. There are many varieties of this sandwich including turkey and roast beef but I ordered the traditional corned beef...

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