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  • My Favorite Muffin in Dayton

    My Favorite Muffin

    by SLC Food Radar

    Where do you draw the line between calling something a muffin and calling it a cupcake? My Favorite Muffin dances around that line at their Centerville, Ohio store. They have tons of custom-built muffins along with bagels that come with creme cheese or a sandwich. A cafe and breakfast menu complete this store...

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  • Skyline Chili Restaurants in Dayton

    Skyline Chili Restaurants

    by SLC Food Radar

    Chili is one of those foods that really has a wide range of interpretation as to how to prepare it. Chili cook-offs around the country can have as many as 20 different categories based on beans, spiciness, meat, color, flavor etc. of the chili...

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  • Marion's Piazza - Centerville in Dayton

    Marion's Piazza - Centerville

    by SLC Food Radar

    Itís with great emotion and excitement I write this review. Marionís was the first pizza I ever fell in love with, and as such has a special place in my heart. It is fascinating to me, reading reviews around the interwebs of Marionís haters out there...

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