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  • Sobban

    by Spatial Drift

    Between the hubs and I, and my five coworkers we had a 2.5 star rating, two 3.5 stars, and four 4 stars, for a rounded average of 4 stars. Plan to wait and be crowded and rush if you go now, but even if you give Sobban some time, be sure to give it a try. It's a special little fusion joint in a special little building and I wish it good luck!

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  • Mar Coastal in Decatur

    Mar Coastal

    by Meals with Megan

    When one door closes, another seems opens. This happened recently when Teri Rogers decided to close Feast, one of the early ground breaking eateries in Decatur. The door that opened is MAR, co-owned by international restaurateur Humberto Bermudez...

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  • Leon's Full Service in Decatur

    Leon's Full Service

    by Decatur Wine & Food Dude

    I found myself at Leon's twice in the past week. I hadn't been to Leon's in a couple of months, and there are some welcome tweaks to the menu...

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