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  • Dan and Louis Oyster Bar in Portland

    Dan and Louis Oyster Bar

    by Suits in Strange Places

    My tiny farm-raised Hood River Canal $4 oysters were both saltier and sweeter than their wild East Coast brethren. Less briny and sandy and more of a pure taste of the ocean, I was glad I splurged for an Oregon "craft oyster". Worth $4 per slurp? Hell, no. But at least I could say I tried them. Now that that was over, it was time to order some actual food.

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  • The Bent Brick

    by 50 States of Wine

    I couldn't decide between The Hamburger Dog (with cheese, bent brick sauce, and relish) or the Buffalo Chicken Sausage (with carrots, celery, and blue cheese dressing), so I had both! Kind of strange that one comes on a bun and the other without, but there you have it. Either is worth ordering and, if you're like me, order some extra buffalo sauce with that option, which wasn't quite spicy enough for my taste. When Laima wavered about trying the Cocoa Braised Beef Cheeks (with sauerkraut, beets, and horseradish cream), our server (also the Bar Manager) told her that if Laima didn't like it, she'd eat it herself and bring something else for her to try. No worries there - while the cocoa didn't make much of an appearance, the beef was to her liking and beets are always good to include.

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  • Genoa Restaurant in Portland

    Genoa Restaurant

    by 50 States of Wine

    Every dish held a surprise or a taste that went well beyond expectations. While we had hoped to have Oregon wines with our dinners, the mostly Italian options proved more than adequate. Presentation and information were top-notch, with everyone from the wait staff to the bus boy to the Sommelier helpful and knowledgeable; clearly, training is an integral part of the Genoa business plan.

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  • El Gallo Taqueria in Portland

    El Gallo Taqueria

    by Lunch On Hawthorne

    Once I finished feigning outrage, I walked the two feet to the right, opting for a burrito from El Gallo. Mexican carts arenít hard to come by in Portland...

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