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Starbucks Saturation Results

I'm sure everyone has seen some sort of parody about the number of Starbucks locations, but is it all hype or is there a lot of truth to Starbucks locations popping up everywhere? It depends on where you live, but generally the comedians aren't over exaggerating at all.

The ZIP code that is the farthest from a Starbucks in America is Adak, Alaska (99546) where you would need to travel 1,044 miles for a frappuccino. The closest Starbucks is the Safeway/Starbucks location in Kodiak. Inside the continential United States the ZIP code farthest from a Starbucks is Opheim, Montana (59250), which is 237 miles from the closest Starbucks in Billings. We would like to do some more research on this because since we weren't including Canadian Starbucks locations, Opheim may have cheated a bit by hugging the border.

We found 418 ZIP codes that don't have a Starbucks for 100 miles (out of about 42,000). These are places like Ada, South Dakota, Antelope, Montana, and Skagway, Alaska. Not surprisingly, most of these Starbucks barren locations are in Alaska; here is a breakdown of the top 10 states with a ZIP code without a Starbucks for 100 miles:

 StateZIP codes without a Starbucks for 100 miles
3.North Dakota31
7.South Dakota15

If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, er...um... joe, then perhaps you might want to consider moving to Santa Fe Springs, California, where you can find an astounding 560 Starbucks locations within 25 miles (the highest concentration in America). Even Seattle has nothing on Santa Fe Springs, with "only" 311 locations in 25 miles.

Here's how America's top 10 cities by population stack up in Starbucks saturation.

 CityStarbucks location in 25 miles
1.New York City392
2.Los Angeles435
7.San Antonio46
8.San Diego187
10.San Jose191

Curious about your city's Starbucks saturation?

We'll show you a graph of how you stack up.