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Reviews from Davwud's Food Court


  • Rotier's Restaurant in Nashville

    Rotier's Restaurant

    In the early 40’s John and Evelyn Rotier (Ro-Tear) were operating a gas station in the Belmont neighbourhood of Nashville...

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  • Harbor House Seafood Restaurant in San Diego

    Harbor House Seafood Restaurant

    This boat house themed restaurant at the edge of the water across from the Naval Air Station served the purpose quite well. Close to everyone’s hotels, the marina and easy to find...

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  • Countryside Cafe in Ooltewah

    Countryside Cafe

    If you have heard of Ooltewah, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Countryside Cafe. Owned and operated by Ponder and Marlene Geren it began life in 1990...

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  • Miller's Bar in Dearborn

    Miller's Bar

    Miller’s is an All Star when it comes to bars. Voted one of the best in the US by Esquire and one of the 20 Burgers you Must Eat Before You Die by Alan Richman...

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  • Duffy's Delicatessen in Huntsville

    Duffy's Delicatessen

    Duffy’s, founded by former University of Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterback John “Duffy” Boles, sits in a 100 year old house...

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  • Bubi's Awesome Eats in Windsor

    Bubi's Awesome Eats

    Armed with an array of frozen yogurt recipes and a garlic fervor, in 1984 he set up shop in his grandmother’s (Bubi’s) house. The business grew as did the menu...

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  • Burger Shack in Toronto

    Burger Shack

    here was a time in the not too distant past that, when charged with locating Toronto’s best burgers, people would invariably point to The Burger Shack...

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  • New York Lunch

    They’re baby backs which is a half a strike against since I much prefer side ribs for BBQ. They had a great smoke flavour and little seasoning...

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  • The Root Beer Stand in Cincinnati

    The Root Beer Stand

    For decades The Root Beer Stand in Corbin has been serving up hot dogs, burgers, chuck wagons and the ubiquitous south eastern Kentucky chili bun...

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  • Perk's Coffee Shop in Alexandria

    Perk's Coffee Shop

    Perks was opened in 2000 by (seemingly mismatched) husband and wife, Phil (Brit) and Kem (Thai) McCombie just off the main drag...

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  • Brown's Diner in Nashville

    Brown's Diner

    n 1927 Charlie Brown (no not that one) parked a mule drawn carriage that was part of the old Nashville trolley system on a corner in Nashville and opened a restaurant...

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  • Prince Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville

    Prince Hot Chicken Shack

    A subsection of fried chicken. Though they say the current incarnation only dates back to the 70’s, Thornton's idea of incinerating peoples mouths with fried chicken still remains...

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  • Champys

    It’s outward appearance is that of a seaside bar. Inside it has all the trappings of a dive bar...

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  • Pancake Pantry in Nashville

    Pancake Pantry

    The seats are jammed in as tight as they feel they can get them while still allowing for room to maneuver. For both patron and staff alike...

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  • Tastebuds of Wilmore Inc

    The soda fountain come lunch counter in Sim’s Drugs on East Main Street. Wilmore’s E. Main Street has be honored in the National Register of Historic Places...

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  • Tim's Cajun Kitchen & Specialties Meats in Huntsville

    Tim's Cajun Kitchen & Specialties Meats

    On the outside Tim's can be a bit daunting. Tucked away on the side of a hill just off the interstate in what I'm given to understand is an old Pizza Hut it's not exactly the most welcoming looking place...

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  • Gibson David Barbecue Number Two

    This Gibson's, (now run by David’s son Harold David Gibson) goes out of it's way to advise people they ARE NOT affiliated with the other Gibson's "in town."...

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  • Greenbrier Restaurant in Madison

    Greenbrier Restaurant

    On the list of Huntsville’s 20 Most Distinctive Dishes these deep fried cornmeal dough balls (finger shaped here) are rumoured to have been invented by hunters as a way to keep their dogs satiated...

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  • Eggs N At in Coraopolis

    Eggs N At

    he little breakfast and lunch place “with plenty of home made recipes and a jaggin' around (fun) kind of atmosphere.”...

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  • Big Bubba Bucks Belly Bustin BBQ Bliss

    Bubba’s is really not much more than a shack on the side of the road. From the outside it looks like little more than shed with a handful of smokers and various and sundry items littering the grounds...

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  • The Grind in Phoenix

    The Grind

    The brainchild of George Monzures and Allen Thompson The Grind “Combines old world tecniques with modern day favorites to create quality appetizers, salads, chicken, fish, steak, burgers and weekly blackboard specials...

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  • Big Cove B B Q in Huntsville

    Big Cove B B Q

    If I were to open a BBQ restaurant it’s quite possible I’d want it to look exactly like Big Cove BBQ in Huntsville, Alabama. It’s a simple wood shack with big BBQ lettering on the side. It exudes charm...

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  • Dead End BBQ in Knoxville

    Dead End BBQ

    At the ripe old age of 48, George figured it was time to let everyone in neighborhood cook outs. He opened Dead End BBQ in Knoxville, near UT and has taken over the BBQ scene locally...

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  • Schmucker's in Toledo


    While Allen's kids would work the restaurant all through high school, it would be Doug who would take over and become the third generation behind the counter...

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  • Nadine's in Pittsburgh


    Pittsburgh’s South Side neighbourhood, formerly Birmingham, is so named for it’s location on the south bank of the Monongahela River across from Downtown. It’s divided up into two areas...

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  • Matt's Big Breakfast in Phoenix

    Matt's Big Breakfast

    Matt’s gained nation wide notoriety when Guy Fieri and Triple D gang paid them a visit...

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  • Corner Grill in Bowling Green

    Corner Grill

    erhaps it would be impossible to phrase it any better than the young man sitting at the counter of Corner Grill in Bowling Green, Ohio...

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  • Parkette Drive In in Lexington

    Parkette Drive In

    I guess you think the Colonel invented Kentucky Fried Chicken. Well, guess again. Kentucky Fried Chicken was actually invented by Joe Smiley of West Virginia...

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  • Ritzy Lunch in Clarksburg

    Ritzy Lunch

    I’m sure by now you’ve realized I have a real zeal for ethnic and regional fare. Dishes that are found in one part of the country (or planet) but mostly (or sometimes completely) unknown in the rest...

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  • Lake Effect Diner in Buffalo

    Lake Effect Diner

    In 2001 Tucker and Erin Curtin went looking for a diner. They wound up in Wayne, Pennsylvania and rescued a vintage early ‘50’s Mountainview Diner (Vin #446) from the wrecking ball...

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  • Terry's Turf Club in Cincinnati

    Terry's Turf Club

    If you're a fan of vintage neon signs you may have heard of Cincinnati’s Terry Carter. Terry owned a nightclub aptly named Neon in the Over the Rhine neighbourhood...

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  • Bandito Burrito CO in Huntsville

    Bandito Burrito CO

    In the late 1960's Oscar Gutierrez relocated from California to Huntsville, Al. With Oscar came years of experience in the restaurant business...

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  • Truelove's Pizza and Grits in Columbia

    Truelove's Pizza and Grits

    In 1976 in Columbia, Tn. Glenn Truelove's dream started taking shape. While working at his best friend's parents pizza restaurant, Pizza Maker, Glenn would learn the pizza business and fantasize of owning his own place...

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