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  • Long Thanh Restaurant in Indianapolis

    Long Thanh Restaurant

    by Food Adventures Indy

    Itís located in your typical strip mall with its boring signage outside. It looked like to me a great food adventure. A run down strip mall with basic signage is always a sign of a fantastic restaurant, but in this case, it was sub par.

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  • Siam Square in Indianapolis

    Siam Square

    by Food Adventures Indy

    Let me start off by saying that my food was fabulous. The service was fabulous. The décor is fabulous.

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  • Szechwan Garden in Indianapolis

    Szechwan Garden

    by Food Adventures Indy

    All I can say it was probably fried in the same oil as the fish because I could taste some remnants of fish in the batter. It was extremely spicy, with its dried chili peppers, and jalapenos. Not much of an adventurous Chinese dish. I'm sorry. I failed you. Service is fantastic, just don't let them Americanize you.

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  • Hollyhock Hill in Indianapolis

    Hollyhock Hill

    by Hyouten's Reviews

    I can see why Hollyhock Hill has been around for a while now. Straight-up home style cooking served generously with accompaniments is always a big hit. I mean, for all that food I just mentioned, that only cost us 18.95 per person. Thatís a lot of food, and that's a lot of visits I foresee in the future.

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