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Privacy Policy

What are you collecting about me?

We collect the following information during the signup process:

  • Email
  • Location - city, state, and ZIP code
Why do you need that?

We use your email address to have a way to resend your username/password if you forget it. We never sell, exchange, give, or otherwise distribute or make available this information.

We collect location information for 2 reasons. We can provide driving directions to a restaurant once we have this information, and additionally it will help us to identify where most of our users are coming from so that we can implement new features which might be more suited to a local audience. We do display your city and state on your public profile page as well as in the member search area.

What other data do you collect about me?

We of course collect restaurant reviews and ratings. We use the numerical 1-5 ratings to determine how similar your dining tastes are to other users so that we can predict restaurants you might like.

Additionally, we collection identifying data such as your IP address, user agent (information about your web browser), requested pages, and when pages are requested for our own path analysis and metrics. Keeping this data greatly enhances our ability to determine which parts of the site are working, and how our users use the site. We are currently using Google Analytics assist us in this area, however, we keep a set of our own metrics as well. This data is not shared with parties other than Google.

What cookies do you use?

Typically chocolate chip cookies :)

We use cookies to store your username (but of course not your password) if you request that we remember it for you, to hold a session id if you are signed in, to remember how you like your results data sorted, and Google Analytics uses several cookie values as well.

What if I have other questions about how my data is used?

Please contact us.