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1305 West Oltorf Street
Austin, TX 78704

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(512) 298-2242


  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm

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Cuisine: Bars

4.8 of 5.0 from 75 reviews

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The ABGB Reviews

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  • Mary BMy favorite spot while visiting Austin! Awesome beer, delicious pizza, friendly staff, great outdoor hang out area and even live music some nights!

    55555 by Mary B

  • Thomas DuebnerGreat entertainment and a tasty beer selection.

    55555 by Thomas Duebner

  • Tahir ABeer (and cider) and pizza(gluten free available) and music(lead singer looks like one of the beatles) what could be better? As a plus their gf pizza is one of the best I have had!

    55555 by Tahir A

  • Erin SLove this place for happy hour. Good beer, great pizza!

    55555 by Erin S

  • Zack MinarickI recommend coming here while Galaxy Suicide is working because she's one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. #futurewife

    55555 by Zack Minarick

  • Angela RBeer, dog biscuits.

    55555 by Angela R

  • Martin JGood for groups and the pizza is delicious.

    55555 by Martin J

  • Ryan G.Great local beers. Excellent pizza.

    55555 by Ryan G.

  • Leonel AlvaradoI always get the initials wrong...lol! This is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy their company and an ice cold beer!

    55555 by Leonel Alvarado

  • Montana KAwesome specialty pizzas and a great place to bring dogs on a nice day

    55555 by Montana K

  • Julie BergeronPizza, beer, sandwiches and salads

    55555 by Julie Bergeron

  • Vinay B.The Pizza is good!!!

    33333 by Vinay B.

  • Vinay B.Their Pizza is good!!!

    55555 by Vinay B.

  • RachaelGood beer, good happy hour. When it gets reallllly busy though, the wait for pizza is like an hour.

    55555 by Rachael

  • Julia SPizza, beer selection

    55555 by Julia S

  • Jennifer SBe prepared to wait for parking or walk a long ways to get in

    33333 by Jennifer S

  • Marc ChiricoI love the selection of craft beers and pizzas. The margharite pizza tasted great! One of my new fav places for pizza. Awesome vibe!

    55555 by Marc Chirico

  • Paris T.If you're looking for a good thin pie with spacious indoors and outdoor seating, a slight grunge vibe, and over a dozen beers on tap, AGBG is the place.

    55555 by Paris T.

  • Ashley SGreat for large groups and yummy pizza

    55555 by Ashley S

  • Dianey S.Great place with Good food.... 😎

    55555 by Dianey S.

  • Rachel FowlerHuge selections

    55555 by Rachel Fowler

  • Jeff C.Great food but even better beers!

    55555 by Jeff C.

  • Alex L.Awesome atmosphere, awesome food, even better beer. A perfect neighborhood spot.

    55555 by Alex L.

  • James W.The beer is ok, but it's always nice to have housemade beer with solid food in a cool environment. Get the Muffuletta!

    55555 by James W.

  • Ben ConnerGet one of the seasonal beers. Everything here on tap is great, the pours are tall and easy on the pocketbook.

    55555 by Ben Conner

  • Ana Marie 💃Great hangout spot in south congress, best with live music

    55555 by Ana Marie 💃

  • Aaron V.The only question is, why *haven't* you been to The ABGB yet? Unbelievably good pizzas, and an outstanding selection of rotating beer, all brewed in-house. Do yourself a favor. You'll thank me later!

    55555 by Aaron V.

  • B WOutdoor patio! But still overpriced. Gets super crowded.

    55555 by B W

  • Marissa Wisegluten free pizza & cider for those of us who want to party but cant consume gluten. Parking is terrible, park on the street just east and don't yell like an A Hole because it's a residential area!

    33333 by Marissa Wise

  • Corey W.Nothing spectacular: mostly just popular because it's not downtown and has plenty of outdoor seating. The pizza and their beers are tasty enough, but avoid the sandwiches.

    55555 by Corey W.

  • Debra P.The food looks good; never had any. Great music. Beer selection is lacking. They never have anything I like such as fruit wheats or Hefeweizens.

    55555 by Debra P.

  • Andrew A.Calabrese pizza is extremely good, solid beers (brewed on sight).

    55555 by Andrew A.

  • B WCool spot with lots of outdoor seating and live music. Kind of expensive, decent pizza, good beer.

    55555 by B W

  • Ken CagleGood place, best pizza I've had. Parking is a chore if you're not there before 4

    55555 by Ken Cagle

  • Angela BarnesBring you dogs!

    55555 by Angela Barnes

  • Ashley LThere's two lines guys!

    33333 by Ashley L

  • Alex SchwarmPeople at the bar are not very customer friendly. Food is pretty good, but don't ask for anything except what is exactly on the menu. Beer is good, though.

    55555 by Alex Schwarm

  • Michelle D.Great in house brewed beer & live music :) HELL YAS beer is my girly fav

    55555 by Michelle D.

  • Meagan S.Olive tapenade pizza if you're hungry, good priced beer if you're not.

    55555 by Meagan S.

  • Justine Nellie F.The beer, the pizza, it's all good.

    55555 by Justine Nellie F.

  • Britten W.Grab some friends, share some pizzas, and enjoy a few pitchers of ABGB brewed beers.

    55555 by Britten W.

  • Katie F.Not a beer connoisseur so I'll leave that to the pros. Stuffed peppadew and meat and cheese plate were awesome. Italian sub, bruschetta, and mushroom were alright.

    55555 by Katie F.

  • Laura F.Beer is good, but restaurant part leaves a bit to be desired. No modifications or substitutions makes it difficult for those with dietary restrictions to eat here.

    55555 by Laura F.

  • MATTHEW S.Place is Turning into a weird polish hangout

    55555 by MATTHEW S.

  • J Noel GDrink a beer

    55555 by J Noel G

  • Ken M.Cool place except for the ppl that being their kids to anBAR! Lol

    55555 by Ken M.

  • LisaGreat bartenders. Rude ass food runners.

    55555 by Lisa

  • Will M.Best deal in the House is the Basic combo: Pitcher (Day Trip), 16" pizza (Calabrese!) and a salad (Caesar).

    55555 by Will M.

  • JoycottEarth Day is a great day for beer. 5% of your check will go to support eco-friendly causes.

    55555 by Joycott

  • April B.Aspall English dry draft cider was excellent!

    55555 by April B.

  • Fernando COrder a pitcher during friday hh because line will always get long

    55555 by Fernando C

  • Eric YGet a growler!

    55555 by Eric Y

  • Jacob S.Try a flight. Best way to get a taste of all their beers...before you choose your favorite and drink more, of course.

    55555 by Jacob S.

  • Daywood BTo beer or not to beer that's the question :) great place nice people

    55555 by Daywood B

  • Austin ChronicleA spacious, welcoming watering hole with communal tables and a two-tiered patio with twinkly lights. The Stuffed Portabella is baked to perfection and a tasty complement to the rotating beers on tap.

    55555 by Austin Chronicle

  • AMBER B.Get a flight...5 beers $7

    55555 by AMBER B.

  • Dane K.If there is a van parked outside that says "Free Candy," don't believe it. There is no free candy. I now know. For sure.

    55555 by Dane K.

  • martin MDark beer the best choice ahh!

    55555 by martin M

  • Sean H.Superliner is the best!

    55555 by Sean H.

  • Gypsy M.The beer is amazing, the food is amazing, and the brewers are beyond amazing. Try everything, stay forever. Best beer ever. 🍻

    55555 by Gypsy M.

  • HighScore.comTry the Day Trip Pale Ale.

    55555 by HighScore.com

  • Patrick K.ABGB is super dog friendly so bring your pal along for some tail-waggin' good times. 5 stars from the gang at HomeStyleAustin.com ~ We'll be back!

    55555 by Patrick K.

  • Dave F.The cheese pizza is delicious.

    55555 by Dave F.

  • Alex mWas EXPLICITLY told I could retrieve my car after closing from the upper parking area which turned out to be a lie. Minus the beer this left a definite sour taste.

    22222 by Alex m

  • S Bennett P.Wow! Simply wow! Best spot in the ATX.

    55555 by S Bennett P.

  • Greg StoreyHater comments are completely wrong. This place has some of the best beer crafted in Austin. The food is also made from the best people in their respective trades.

    55555 by Greg Storey

  • Emily E.Enjoy the game of 'musical chairs' with the people around you as you look for seats for everyone in your group ;)

    55555 by Emily E.

  • Cassandra S.I liked sitting at the bar. Had red wine & they let me sample lots of beer. Had s slice of margarita pizza & the pepperoni was my favorite. Great staff. Very friendly & helpful.

    55555 by Cassandra S.

  • Keith W.Incredibly high food prices, counterbalanced by great beer. $4 for a salty near baconless deviled egg with bacon? Try again.

    55555 by Keith W.

  • Amy D.The outside beer garden is dog friendly!

    55555 by Amy D.

  • AustinPixelsDeviled Eggs. Do it!

    55555 by AustinPixels

  • Colin A.Drink craft beer.

    55555 by Colin A.

  • Vivekoktoberfest beer is really good.

    55555 by Vivek

  • Bryan D.Try the beer!

    55555 by Bryan D.

  • Lisa M.Dude. Get the Hell Yes. #thankmelater

    33333 by Lisa M.

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