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Polvo's Mexican Restaurant

2004 S 1st St
Austin, TX 78704

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(512) 441-5446

  • Sun - Sat 7:00am - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Bars, Family Restaurants, Mexican Restaurants

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4.5 of 5.0 from 194 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX
  • Polvo's Mexican Restaurant in Austin, TX

Polvo's Mexican Restaurant Reviews

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  • Sam M.Lots of salsa options for your enchiladas! Try the poblana!

    55555 by Sam M.

  • Farmstress M.Fully addicted to their house frozen & salsas, also big thumbs' up to Choriqueso, Michoacan Guacamole salad, breakfast plate with Carne Guisada, Menudo on the weekends, and tacos on corn tortillas.

    55555 by Farmstress M.

  • AlisonMake sure to visit the salsa bar! Those carrots and jalapeños are sooo good

    55555 by Alison

  • Mitch RFor ten years, Polvos remains the best restaurant I've been to in fourteen states. Every meal has been my best meal - a Mecca for Mexican food.

    55555 by Mitch R

  • Theodore Crazy margs

    55555 by Theodore

  • Thomas JEnchiladas Nopales are very good. The Nopales are a little light on seasoning, but well made. Recommended.

    55555 by Thomas J

  • Kelly ABueno, bonito, barato

    55555 by Kelly A

  • Paulo mOne of my best afternoon lunches ever.

    55555 by Paulo m

  • mike b.The pitcher of frozen margarita can't be beat! Tamales are super authentic, really can't go wrong if you're looking for true Tex Mex.

    55555 by mike b.

  • Ken CagleOk the last time we were here our waiter was on drugs (literally) and we got our food complimented bc of that weird situation. So we gave it a few months and came back... 😔 (see next tip)

    22222 by Ken Cagle

  • Ken CagleThe salsa bar had more personality than our waiter and became clearly upbeat and chippy when he realized he forgot our order. He lucky I was enjoying my boos company so I wasn't tripping too hard.

    22222 by Ken Cagle

  • Ken CagleThe host... Really..?! Tried to sit us two at a table LITERALLY pushed up by the bar. With people standing all around us (Friday night) like what I'm supposed to communicate sign language w/my guest?

    22222 by Ken Cagle

  • Ken CagleBc we couldn't hear a thought in our minds. I mean would SHE want to sit there on a Friday evening at a long week of work. I get it, it's polvos on a Fri night but be for real.

    33333 by Ken Cagle

  • Alfred M.salsa bar, queso and the fajitas. oh and they made the tortillas on the spot. all outstanding. great little spot.

    55555 by Alfred M.

  • Germaine WilliamsEven the fajitas have butter in them. So if you're vegan ask about them making it with water or oil instead.

    33333 by Germaine Williams

  • Hayley F.Great food! Service can be a hit or miss.

    55555 by Hayley F.

  • Meredith C.Awesome strong Mexican martinis

    55555 by Meredith C.

  • Heather MThey have great fajitas and salsas. I love the homemade tortillas too.

    55555 by Heather M

  • Dianey S.You must get the fajitas here!! The portion size is great and it comes with rice and beans!! The margaritas are great also....

    55555 by Dianey S.

  • Kate BFajitas ceveza

    55555 by Kate B

  • Nick ScottBest salsa bar in the city

    55555 by Nick Scott

  • Stephanie LivingstonFrozen margaritas are the best.

    55555 by Stephanie Livingston

  • Kevin S.Large portions. Pitchers of frozen margaritas. My favorite salsas in town. Fajitas or breakfast tacos are my go to orders.

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Amadita SLOVE their margaritas!!! The ceviche is delicious if you want something light. This place is perfect for a girls' night out, just order a pitcher!

    55555 by Amadita S

  • melissa laneExcellent margaritas, and the food is not so bad 😉

    55555 by melissa lane

  • JadenLime margaritas don't play. Fajitas Rancheros melts in your mouth.

    55555 by Jaden

  • Mark B.Their fajitas marinade is fantastic. Get the chicken and beef combo

    55555 by Mark B.

  • Drew T.best Texmex in austin

    55555 by Drew T.

  • Marques S.The food delivery is very slow here. Build that into your eating time.

    33333 by Marques S.

  • Marques S.Be careful asking for the guacamole. You have to mix it yourself.

    33333 by Marques S.

  • David P.Salsa bar is awesome!! Can't go wrong with enchiladas, they were very good. If you have some time on your hands, get a pitcher of frozen margarita, quite tasty but hits like a truck

    55555 by David P.

  • Yurij B.Their enchiladas will bring you there, though their margaritas will convince you to stay longer

    55555 by Yurij B.

  • KeithFish fajitas are outstanding.

    55555 by Keith

  • Alexa LopezThe Fajitas are TO DIE FOR 😩😩😩😩😩 #PolvosAustin #DateNight#RitasOnPoint

    55555 by Alexa Lopez

  • Trevor O.The margaritas secretly have everclear in them! I love getting outta my mind and this is the place to get a pitcher and do just that!

    55555 by Trevor O.

  • B WOverrated Bouldin Mexican restaurant. Decent food, good salsa, nice outdoor patio.

    55555 by B W

  • Ed DThe fish tacos are so good!!!!

    55555 by Ed D

  • Ken CagleOur server was on drugs 😒

    11111 by Ken Cagle

  • REd L.Beerita and outdoor seating.

    55555 by REd L.

  • Catherine MartinezChicken flautas are awesome.

    55555 by Catherine Martinez

  • Adan JHe chicken enchiladas take me back to México.

    55555 by Adan J

  • Karla C.Chilli con queso FTW

    55555 by Karla C.

  • Chefs FeedJames Holmes, chef of Lucy's Fried Chicken, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Chips & salsa.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Darden R.Great food. Great price. Loved the kitschy atmosphere.

    55555 by Darden R.

  • Aaron T.Grab some pickled carrot slices from the salsa bar. You won't regret it

    55555 by Aaron T.

  • Saurah$4.50 ritas M-F! Yes please.

    55555 by Saurah

  • Manda M.Polvos, I love you. and I will always, but for the love of everything awesome about your patio, please stop turning into 'Club Polvos' at 8 pm. Music=too loud and crappy.

    55555 by Manda M.

  • Meagan S.Pitcher of margs y'all

    55555 by Meagan S.

  • Anne L.Mexican martini, guacamole + salsa bar, two enchiladas (one chicken + poblano, one beef fajita + chile con queso) = perfection.

    55555 by Anne L.

  • Carrie JBreakfast tacos with avocado

    55555 by Carrie J

  • Tim B.It's off the main strip but if you want some of the best Mexican food in Austin, this is your place.

    55555 by Tim B.

  • Matas GThe breakfast tacos are amazing here. And the fish tacos are a must!

    55555 by Matas G

  • Valeria G.The caldo de res is delicious!

    55555 by Valeria G.

  • Pearson - Always LearningInterior Mexican Food in South Austin. Keeping it weird one taco at a time.

    55555 by Pearson - Always Learning

  • Audrey E.Service sucks and it's overpriced but super fun with friends.

    33333 by Audrey E.

  • Kara B.Salsa bar is life changing.

    55555 by Kara B.

  • Tara B.The only decent thing about this venue is their fish tacos, which is delightful for not being battered. The queso and ritas are frankly quite forgettable.

    55555 by Tara B.

  • Yvette B.This tops the list of best tortilla soup in town.

    55555 by Yvette B.


    33333 by Jamal B.

  • Rick O.Used TabbedOut - pay with your phone, split the tab with friends.

    22222 by Rick O.

  • Erika H.Killer Mexican Martinis and kitschy vibe makes this a fun weekend spot. Love the brown salsa (salsa bar!), ceviche and enchiladas. Impressive seafood options.

    55555 by Erika H.

  • LizLove the fajitas! But not having to wait over an hour for my food to arrive last night!! The waiter gave an excuse of our ticket got lost. I'm disappointed with how we were treated by manager.

    22222 by Liz

  • Ed I.Start with a frozen margarita. Best in town. More importantly, if you want to get away from the excellent Mexican Fresca that is ever-so-popular in Austin, then come try the fantastic Houston TexMex

    55555 by Ed I.

  • Emily K.Salsa bar is so good...

    55555 by Emily K.

  • DONALD M.This is one of the greatest spots to enjoy with a large group of friends.

    55555 by DONALD M.

  • Kimberly B.The must try Awesome Mexican Cuisine! Killer location, deadly margaritas. A must do for the out-of-towners.

    55555 by Kimberly B.

  • Kimberly K.Delicious, well-expedited food ... but terrible service. I had to ask to be served, minutes after a waiter took the order for two guys that had come in after me. Hostess non-existent.

    22222 by Kimberly K.

  • Kimberly K.When I get home, I'm writing a negative review about this place - and I just now got my entree.

    33333 by Kimberly K.

  • Cassandra S.Delicious tacos al pastor. Yummy!! Great margaritas too. My friend had enchilada & it was delicious. I would only go at off times because it gets crowded.

    55555 by Cassandra S.

  • Jace D.One of the best migas in town. Come early to beat the crowds!

    55555 by Jace D.

  • Sandy B.Frozen Margaritas are awesome.share a pitcher.

    55555 by Sandy B.

  • Ken C.The Relleno al Nogal is GREAT! The Camarones Diablo - meh.

    55555 by Ken C.

  • Sir tavey S.There is nothing small about this place . Very large portions . And all the wait staff are sexy latin men

    55555 by Sir tavey S.

  • Storm H.Puerco adobado or quesadillas compuestas will do you very well. For the latter, try chipotle and queso sauces. I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

    55555 by Storm H.

  • Malory G.Fish tacos are bombbbb

    55555 by Malory G.

  • AsaelThe chile relleno al nogal is delicious!! Reminds me of the one my Abuela makes

    55555 by Asael

  • Roman L.Great margaritas! Haven't been in a while....Need to.

    55555 by Roman L.

  • SoNam D.By far the best in cc Austin

    55555 by SoNam D.

  • Donovan G.I know it has been said before, but, potent margaritas...

    55555 by Donovan G.

  • Kristin P.Best Mexican food I have ever eaten! This is not your typical Tex Mex. Try the beef nachos!

    55555 by Kristin P.

  • Kristy K.Best Mexican in Austin! Well worth the wait, because there most likely is one!

    55555 by Kristy K.

  • John T.The cheese, potato or chicken Flauta's are the bomb diggetty.

    55555 by John T.

  • CameronThe enchiladas Dona Clara are nothing but raw onions and cheese. Don't order them unless you LOVE you some onions!

    33333 by Cameron

  • RachaelFajitas. So good.

    55555 by Rachael

  • REd L.The beeritas are excellent.

    55555 by REd L.

  • Kyle A.Decent prices, good salsa, worst service ever

    33333 by Kyle A.

  • Allie B.Great margaritas!

    55555 by Allie B.

  • Jessica H.Very crowded, mediocre service, but great food! Loved the shrimp fajitas!

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • Richard M.Loved it all. Margs, salsa, enchiladas and fish. Great stuff!

    55555 by Richard M.

  • Meredith C.Chicken Tamales- Yum!! Not dry at all

    55555 by Meredith C.

  • Alma S.Antonio was a really bad server :( not friendly or helpful at all.

    33333 by Alma S.

  • Emily B.Margaritas are potent but delicious. Love the self-serve salsa bar. I got enchiladas and they were damn good.

    55555 by Emily B.

  • Robert A.Although the menu seems to indicate otherwise, the huevos rancheros and the huevos corridos are actually the same thing. ;)

    55555 by Robert A.

  • Brooke B.The salsas are great, as is everything else. The margaritas might knock you out.

    55555 by Brooke B.

  • John W.not a clean restaurant, go to the city of austin restaurant inspection scores...just barely passes.

    33333 by John W.

  • RobCheese dip is required as is hitting the salsa bar. Amazing food, great service.

    55555 by Rob

  • Jamie M.The Fish Fajita's are Amazing,ESP on the patio with a pitcher of margaritas;)

    55555 by Jamie M.

  • Thien-Y H.Fish freakin fajitas. Do it

    55555 by Thien-Y H.

  • Frankie M.Craziness on the weekends but so worth it ;)

    55555 by Frankie M.

  • Hugo H.Best Chile Relleno al Nogal I have found in Texas!

    55555 by Hugo H.

  • Elizabeth C.The Pescado a mojo de ajo is INSANE. Best fish I've ever had.

    55555 by Elizabeth C.

  • Douglas M.Loud sorority girls. You'll probably hear Macarena played on the stereo. The red and black salsas are okay. Don't fill up on the pickled carrots or you won't want to order an overpriced entrée.

    33333 by Douglas M.

  • Social N.Great prices & fast/friendly service! Their caldo de pollo can be quite addicting, learned this the hard way!;) Other must tries: their Chili Con Queso, the Ceviche, and all their fajita dishes!:)

    55555 by Social N.

  • Dawn W.The salsa bar is awesome.

    55555 by Dawn W.

  • Anastasia X.Great all around

    55555 by Anastasia X.

  • Chris H.They up charge everything. Salsa isn't complementary? Nope, and you have to serve yourself if you want it.

    33333 by Chris H.

  • Rafael C.One of the best margaritas in Dallas period . (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Rafael C.

  • Syrus S.Mole sauce is amazing

    55555 by Syrus S.

  • EaterPolvos is the only place to take out-of-towners who need to be figuratively punched in the face with Austin's diverse and youthful culinary spirit. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Roz G.Food is fair, service is so so, there are better places in town but lots of people like it. Take your chances.

    33333 by Roz G.

  • ItGirlTest your drunk skills by how well you can flush the ladies' room toilet.

    22222 by ItGirl

  • Rick O.Fun fact: Polvos was the very first Tabbedout venue ever!

    33333 by Rick O.

  • Heather K.Mushroom and monterey jack tacos are awesome! I love meat, but these are spectacular!

    55555 by Heather K.

  • Brittney H.there is never any parking!T

    33333 by Brittney H.

  • Christopher G.Wow, the spinach, potato and cheese breakfast taco was excellent!

    55555 by Christopher G.

  • Amber B.Best tamales I have ever had, get the tamale plate

    55555 by Amber B.

  • Dane C.Carla is awesome!

    55555 by Dane C.

  • Chris A.Best chicken fajitas in Austin, period!

    55555 by Chris A.

  • M W.Britney rocks!

    55555 by M W.

  • Danielle N.Semi "celebrity" sighting: Justin Long. Whatev.

    55555 by Danielle N.

  • Theda S.Try the Carne Guisada - That's what I'm talking about. Getting my tex mex fix before moving (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Theda S.

  • Karl O.Best cevichein Austin!

    55555 by Karl O.

  • Augustine V.There's ALWAYS a long line outside.. slip past the hostess and get yourself a drink at the bar inside!

    33333 by Augustine V.

  • Brandon B.Hey, SXSW'ters! The Saint James Society plays Iron Bear, Easy Tiger, & Scoot Inn this week! Thrasher party & beyond. Come get nasty w us like whoa.

    33333 by Brandon B.

  • Scott Y.The salsa bar is well worth the extra cash. And if you plan on having the Mexican Martini, plan on calling a cab.

    55555 by Scott Y.

  • Virginia E.Best Mango Margaritas in town. :-)

    55555 by Virginia E.

  • Noah E.The AmEx check-in special is kind of pointless since Polvos only accepts MC and VISA.

    33333 by Noah E.

  • Edgar V.Tamales are great, :-)

    55555 by Edgar V.

  • Edgar V.This place rocks!!!

    55555 by Edgar V.

  • Bam R.Fish tacos are not on the menu. ASK for it! 2 tacos plus rice. Yummo! Oh yeah, mango margs.

    55555 by Bam R.

  • Max M.Try the fajitas, you won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Max M.

  • Esteban S.The menu is freakin overpriced for the quality of food. And you NEVER charge for chips and salsa at a respectable mex restaurant.

    33333 by Esteban S.

  • Joe YHate to say it, but you're better off going to taco bell. There's nothing out of the ordinary about their food. Plus they play their overhead music way too loud and it's not even good.

    33333 by Joe Y

  • David A.First time here and they are playing Macarena. Never coming again.

    33333 by David A.

  • 3L KBest breakfast tacos

    55555 by 3L K

  • Jason K.Chili Relleno Al Nogal must be made with baby tears. Order it!

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Melissa G.Karla was my waitress she was awesome and their enchiladas are shuttled good. Guacamole is bomb too

    55555 by Melissa G.

  • Yola B.Order anything from the seafood part of the menu. They season everything perfect! Especially shrimp.

    55555 by Yola B.

  • Ruben S.Bananas with your eggs is a must try!!!!

    55555 by Ruben S.

  • Emily A.Sit outside on a cold day. Free tequila and cinnamon drink. :)

    55555 by Emily A.

  • Emily A.Don't forget to get your own sauce to save embarrassment!

    33333 by Emily A.

  • Monica R.Regular red salsa is perfect for spice pansies, fajitas are a piece of heaven!

    55555 by Monica R.

  • Jairy G.Excellent food and the fire roasted salsa is outstanding. Just wish the music was lower on the inside.

    55555 by Jairy G.

  • Kat M.They make awesome Mexican Martinis and love their salsa bar. Their small guacamole is enough for 3-4 people. Don't order the large unless you have a big group!

    55555 by Kat M.

  • restlessnapkin.comGet a pitcher of margaritas and some salsa from the salsa bar then chill in the parking lot till your table is ready.

    55555 by restlessnapkin.com

  • Katie K.The brown salsa is TO DIE FOR. I could drink it it's so freaking good!!!

    55555 by Katie K.

  • Stone S.Cerveza fajitas are THE bomb

    55555 by Stone S.

  • CultureMap AustinWe looooove Polvos queso. However, if you're still sitting in the parking lot until a table opens up, Polvos might take your drink orders while you wait!

    33333 by CultureMap Austin

  • Dylan H.Try the sea salt vanilla ice cream! Its surely a tasty treat!

    55555 by Dylan H.

  • Eve MaherVery loud patrons and lacking service, but easily the best mexican food in austin.

    55555 by Eve Maher

  • Rudxandra A.Best refried beans in town. Hands down !!!

    55555 by Rudxandra A.

  • Vance C.Try the Bubbly Moses you won't leave disappointed!

    55555 by Vance C.

  • LisaDiane MOrder the Chiaquiles!

    11111 by LisaDiane M

  • Sam KWorth the long wait time during peak hours

    55555 by Sam K

  • Kelsey G.Awesome patio and margarita pitchers!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Kelsey G.

  • Leslie KThey charge $2 for the salsa bar or else you just get chips. And 18% gratuity added for parties of 4 or more. WTH??

    22222 by Leslie K

  • Becky U.Ranchero Fajitas are Deeeelish!

    55555 by Becky U.

  • Dave S.Amazing Mexican, home made tortillas, strong drinks!

    55555 by Dave S.

  • Jessica A.Entrees are large and can definitely be split by two people! Chicken fajitas are very tasty as well.

    55555 by Jessica A.

  • Michelle D.Good ceviche!

    55555 by Michelle D.

  • Allison D.Get a pitcher of margaritas. Fun for everyone!

    55555 by Allison D.

  • Bernie M.Love that place.

    55555 by Bernie M.

  • Rudxandra A.Tortilla's Soup is sooooooo YUMMY !!

    55555 by Rudxandra A.

  • caitlinit's tex-mex. do not be fooled into thinking it's actually mexican food...

    33333 by caitlin

  • Brooke K.the cerveza fajitas and the chile relleno al nogal are where its at!

    55555 by Brooke K.

  • Niel K.Excellent salsa bar, get the Mexican martini and very good tamales!

    55555 by Niel K.

  • Chad SPiña colada Margarita is ridiculously good.

    55555 by Chad S

  • Jaron B.Best limeade I've ever had!!!

    55555 by Jaron B.

  • Christian Ryan C.OH MY GOD THE TACOS.

    55555 by Christian Ryan C.

  • Jet R.Best Chillaquilles ever! Must have!

    55555 by Jet R.

  • Crystal PLove the escabeche and the fajita salad.

    55555 by Crystal P

  • Kate AThis is hands down my favorite mexican/interior food in Austin. Endless bowls of fresh salsa and escabeche? Garlic infused fish tacos? Heaven.

    55555 by Kate A

  • Alex P.Bring a sweater, it's freezing in here!

    33333 by Alex P.

  • Natanya A.Guajillo enchiladas are wonderful. They are baked - the way they should be. Don't muck them up by adding meat. Go with straight-up cheese & onions. http://www.austinfoodlovers.com

    55555 by Natanya A.

  • Elizabeth C.Pescado al mojo de ajo: totally worth not being able to kiss anyone for at least 3 days after.

    55555 by Elizabeth C.

  • Tom JMeh. Don't come here if you have kids. Drunk hostess and awful kids meals. Stay away!

    22222 by Tom J

  • Christiana DChilaquiles!!

    55555 by Christiana D

  • Karl B.I hear this is some of the best mexican food in Austin.. Going to check it out soon..

    55555 by Karl B.

  • Jared C.Get the migas with chorizo and cheese for breakfast, then head over to the hospital.

    55555 by Jared C.

  • John W.Amazing pickle/salsa bar. Don't fear the trailer-parky decor. This is THE spot for Tex-Mex in Austin.

    55555 by John W.

  • Jessie MPolvo's is officially in my top 5 Austin picks!!! Oh hello free tequila cider that rocks my world!

    55555 by Jessie M

  • Amy K.Niki, you were right about flautas, fabulous

    55555 by Amy K.

  • nathan a.You don't need to know what a Mexican martini is. You just need to know this place serves the best Mexican martini around.

    55555 by nathan a.

  • Dave R.Holy frozen margaritas!!!!

    55555 by Dave R.

  • Amy K.Fabulous salsa, mmmmm

    55555 by Amy K.

  • Chelsea W.Ceviche is amazing - and cheap!

    55555 by Chelsea W.

  • Tom E.Chili relleno w/ pastor. Unbelievably good.

    55555 by Tom E.

  • Paul Terry W.poor service, stale chips c- food

    11111 by Paul Terry W.

  • Jason A.Margaritas with Everclear :9

    33333 by Jason A.

  • Cesar T.Sit on the patio and share a pitcher of margaritas with a buddy. PS: black salsa FTW!

    55555 by Cesar T.

  • Rob CDrank margaritas

    55555 by Rob C

  • Ernie AOrder the chile relleno al nogal!!!

    55555 by Ernie A

  • Ernie AOrder the chile relleno al nogal!

    55555 by Ernie A

  • Jim S.Awesome mexican food - try the fish. Potent margaritas, watch out!

    55555 by Jim S.

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