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615 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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(718) 389-6034


  • Sunday: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars

4.8 of 5.0 from 208 reviews

price range:more than $50

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Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY
  • Luksus in Brooklyn, NY

Luksus Reviews

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  • Danni BaxterSolid selection but they don't let you sample

    55555 by Danni Baxter

  • Brew PIf you only have time for one beer during your stay in the city, this is where you drink it. This sleek Danish Modern taproom boasts 21 handles that consistently pour the most sought after beer.

    55555 by Brew P

  • Leonardo LBecca insisted we go.. and then I insisted we stay😂 excellent selection of underground beers you are not likely to find anywhere else

    55555 by Leonardo L

  • GothamistEverything on the menu at beer-geek bar Torst is fantastic, and the Hot Dog ($12) is no exception. Try one of Torst's 21 beers on tap, but also practically a full meal in itself.

    55555 by Gothamist

  • Jana vIncredible craft beer list. Great vibe. I recommend going during the week or Sunday evenings. The French Montana is indulgent and delicious.

    55555 by Jana v

  • DJ C.Excellent selection of beers you've never tried or even heard of. Available in 5/8/14 oz pours, good for trying new things without getting completely destroyed. Two single occupancy unisex restrooms

    55555 by DJ C.

  • Miguel R.The taps rotation is constant, but I feel I've seen the same Stout from Evil Twin since the very first time I came here

    55555 by Miguel R.

  • Alex KSuch a great space, and wonderful beer selection

    55555 by Alex K

  • S GCreative food menu and one of the best beer lists in town

    55555 by S G

  • Jessica L.Excellent beer selection and delicious snacks/food

    55555 by Jessica L.

  • Dave LWonderful place. "I Speak The Language of Television" is the best beer ever!

    55555 by Dave L

  • naveengreat beer selection in a beautifully designed space. get the rugbrød - *so* delicious and i can't stop eating it and want to know how to make it at home.

    55555 by naveen

  • Ranu R.Great unique tap list, friendliest bartenders and lively vibe. Their food is great too. Bread, cheese, veggie plates. Definitely get some Evil Twin while you're here.

    55555 by Ranu R.

  • Anthony P.Big craft beer selection but the homemade bread and butter are heavenly.

    55555 by Anthony P.

  • Michael AAmazing craft beer selection, with 20 taps. Great source for Evil Twin. They take beer seriously.

    55555 by Michael A

  • Prasid KRun by guy behind evil twin.

    33333 by Prasid K


    55555 by Rebecca B

  • Tom MAwesome beer list. Lovely vibe and interior. If you are into beers, it's a must visit.

    55555 by Tom M

  • Adam GHuge draft beer selection and great small plates.

    55555 by Adam G

  • Ashley MPretty loud, but great beer.

    55555 by Ashley M

  • J MRugbrod danish reye bread will change your opinion of bread.

    55555 by J M

  • Peter H.Great beers up and down the whole list.

    55555 by Peter H.

  • DoubleDeuceTry something new! And sit towards the front. The back is uncomfortably bleak because of the darkness and the minimalist decor. But the front is great!

    55555 by DoubleDeuce

  • Theodore Favorite bar in NYC I think. Amazing beer all the time

    55555 by Theodore

  • Erik BStylish and more important: awesome beer selection.

    55555 by Erik B

  • Matt PExcellent craft menu, always changing. Friendly service.

    55555 by Matt P

  • ValerieNever fail to get a great beer here. The staff is very friendly too.

    55555 by Valerie

  • Ben G.Such (Nordic) godly beer! Selection rotates often.

    55555 by Ben G.

  • Marthacool bar, nice bartenders. and the Welsh rarebit - MUST TRY.

    55555 by Martha

  • Liam AIncredible craft selection for us beer nerds seeking out unique brews. Great place!

    55555 by Liam A

  • Matt R.Must try the rugbrod Danish rye bread with whipped butter

    55555 by Matt R.

  • Lee S.It's all about the great beer here.

    55555 by Lee S.

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    55555 by IEGuild Z

  • BrooklynBoyO"We don't do multiple tastings." I've got two in my party, dude. I'm only asking for 1 per person... sheesh. #dontletitgettoyourheads

    22222 by BrooklynBoyO

  • Brian BBest beer in town.

    55555 by Brian B

  • H K.Very hip. Micro brewery draft beers.

    55555 by H K.

  • Jake DylanLove torst!

    55555 by Jake Dylan

  • Brandon H.amazing beers, fantastic food. Love the rye bread with butter.

    55555 by Brandon H.

  • Jeff S.Evil twin on tap

    55555 by Jeff S.

  • Elysia M.Cheese plate! Must do!

    55555 by Elysia M.

  • Stina P.Such amazing design! Every detail is considered by the HOME folks. Awesome selection of sour beers on tap served in wine glasses - order the bread (same as luksus) or roast beef sandwich

    55555 by Stina P.

  • David PA haven for micro brew!

    55555 by David P

  • Olga SSun - Wed 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM; Thu-Sat 12:00 PM - 3:00 AM

    33333 by Olga S

  • Greg GAwesome beer list and great bartenders. A must visit craft beer bar.

    55555 by Greg G

  • john g.I had to come here twice while I was in NY for 6 days. You cannot beat the selection of beer and the freshness.

    55555 by john g.

  • Alia Ormut-FleishmanMultiple interesting sounding beers on tap with fancy white marble decor and cider to appease even the non beer drinkers among us (ie me).

    55555 by Alia Ormut-Fleishman

  • Kelly Z.Sours all the way!

    33333 by Kelly Z.

  • Matt CGreat beer selection! The glasses are a bit pretentious though. Looking forward to trying the mead next time I'm there.

    55555 by Matt C

  • Amy RHands down, my favorite bar. They have a wall of taps, marble counters, and SOUR BEERS. (ask for a sour beer) also try their bar food. This is fried pig skin. (Follow Instagram @foodaholic_anonymous)

    55555 by Amy R

  • Amy JacobsTasting menu with beer pairing

    55555 by Amy Jacobs

  • Erik BrokHipster hangout with excellent craft beers.

    55555 by Erik Brok

  • Erik BrokExcellent craft beers. Real hipster place.

    55555 by Erik Brok

  • Jim F.Great beer, but awkward layout that makes for a seriously cramped experience.

    55555 by Jim F.

  • Rafi Romerogreat beer, obviously. bartender is helpful when it comes to choosing. got a Belgian pale ale (war bird by pipeworks) and an American sour ale (purple prose by Grimm). both delicious

    55555 by Rafi Romero

  • Richard M.Not near the office at all. But it's the official bar of The Commit :)

    33333 by Richard M.

  • AndreyУютная точка. Вкусная достойная еда. Показалось, что многовато освещения, но может просто восприятие такое в данный вечер было

    55555 by Andrey

  • Barry H.Excellently curated beers, especially sours

    55555 by Barry H.

  • Julius T.Great beer advice from the bartenders. But it is so cramped

    55555 by Julius T.

  • Filipe EAmazing Beer!!! Top one in NYC.

    55555 by Filipe E

  • Dialekti NTry the blueberry evil twin!

    55555 by Dialekti N

  • Henry CAwesome beers

    55555 by Henry C

  • Erik MGreat beer selection for Chris.

    55555 by Erik M

  • Kenneth CEven though it lack authenticity, it still worth going.

    55555 by Kenneth C

  • Bommy ChaReally extensive selection of interesting beers on tap. Great place to just drink and talk.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Omer Z.Great beer selection. You can order smaller beers if you want to try out more kinds.

    55555 by Omer Z.

  • Campbell BirdGreat beer selection that comes at a price. Thankfully, they offer affordable 5oz pours of beer if you want to try a bunch and save $$.

    55555 by Campbell Bird

  • Juliana CUm lugar incrível, com cervejas muito diferenciadas - servidas em taças de vinho (!) - num ambiente agradável e atendimento atencioso.

    55555 by Juliana C

  • Marianna🛀 BИ это они называют pickles. Гадость. Барчику и обслуживанию тоже минус. А вот cheese plate вкусно, но мало

    55555 by Marianna🛀 B

  • Kai HsingUnique and tasty high-alcohol beers

    55555 by Kai Hsing

  • Humayun R.Anything from Evil Twin is worth getting. These guys know their beers.

    55555 by Humayun R.

  • Justina Tplace for good beer lovers and new taste discoveries !

    55555 by Justina T

  • chin1ta JBeers with pizzazz.

    55555 by chin1ta J

  • Fodor's Travel EA marble bar and several hues of wood come together in a way that feels very of-the-moment, and the offerings from 21 taps progress from light to dark.

    55555 by Fodor's Travel E

  • Saif D.Restaurant is at the back, in case you were wondering where people are going

    33333 by Saif D.

  • Shane SIgnore the Brooklyn Brewery and walk the 5 minutes to Torst. Constant influx of interesting beers.

    33333 by Shane S

  • Erik TExcellent beer selection, beautiful modern Scandinavian interior

    55555 by Erik T

  • Abigail A.Interesting beers. Very interesting.

    55555 by Abigail A.

  • Zachary M.Seasonally rotating craft beers with homemade Scandinavian inspired bread. Chefs table dining - Greenpoints 1st michelin start establishment.

    55555 by Zachary M.

  • Chet M.Artistic Scandinavian space with a long tap of super exotic beers.

    55555 by Chet M.

  • Emily SIf you like stouts and you like getting turnt, #21 is a good call

    55555 by Emily S

  • Gideon O.The duck confit sandwich is mind-blowing. Any beer will do the trick.

    55555 by Gideon O.

  • Elie B.Good beer found here

    55555 by Elie B.

  • Sanjay RWell curated and tight selection of local and imported beers.. very Nordic. Graduated sizing options for when you want to try a little of everything.

    55555 by Sanjay R

  • dsinskyInteresting beer selection, decent food, meh atmosphere

    55555 by dsinsky

  • Alex S.Amazing collection of beers kept and served meticulously. The bar menu is excellent as well.

    55555 by Alex S.

  • Noah W.Evil twin beers on tap from the Mikkeller co-creator. Tasty Scandinavian bar food from a Noma chef. Get the bread, the rye will blow your mind.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • Philipp CAmazing selection of craft beers, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Menu selections is limited but excellent.

    55555 by Philipp C

  • Thaís dSour beers. Have them on the counter.

    55555 by Thaís d

  • Tyler L.As a red and white blooded Dane, I wanted to love Törst, but it ended up feeling pretentious and over priced to me. I was very excited to try the hyped Evil Twin beer after the NYT feature but meh

    33333 by Tyler L.

  • Rem KoningUnique beer selection and order the Aebleskiver, like a really tasty fish donut!

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Lina B.Nice craft beer selection with "tasting size" option; cosy and relaxed interior. Highly recommended if you're into craft beers!

    55555 by Lina B.

  • Hugh AEpic beer selection, lots of heavy, dark porters and stouts. Nice and quiet and the food looked great too. A bit pricier than some.

    55555 by Hugh A

  • Morten AJeppe Jarnit-Bjergså needs no presentation, but if you don't know, he is the Danish phantom brewer who makes that wonderful EvilTwin beer. Oh, and his brother makes Mikkeller beer.

    55555 by Morten A

  • LukeFYI, the beer list is organized from light to dark

    55555 by Luke

  • Alicia F.Grab a seat at the bar

    33333 by Alicia F.

  • Earl B.Nice atmosphere. Good draft list. Stellar bottle list. Pricing for 5, 8 & 14oz pours.

    55555 by Earl B.

  • Jeremy F.$8 for bread and butter? Absolutely worth it and so good, you might even order two

    55555 by Jeremy F.

  • stavin lawrenceMust go place for beer lovers.so much choice

    55555 by stavin lawrence

  • JeanMarc ParveauxIndulge in a selection of craft beers in this minimalist Scandinavian beer bar

    55555 by JeanMarc Parveaux

  • Abner A.One of the most unique beer experience in all of NYC. Strong Scandinavian influence. A must. You will love it!

    55555 by Abner A.

  • Manuel HernandezBeer, cool glasses

    55555 by Manuel Hernandez

  • Bryan RahmananYou can't really go wrong with their very special and unique beers

    55555 by Bryan Rahmanan

  • Karla L.Craft beer

    55555 by Karla L.

  • Nina NakamuraExcelente bar de cerveja . O staff é simpático e sabe mesmo de cerveja. Sempre tem eventos . O restaurante deles o Luksus é fantástico .

    55555 by Nina Nakamura

  • Amy T.Rare craft beers. Taps are in order of lightest to darkest.

    55555 by Amy T.

  • Jaclyn LalliGood selection but always packed.

    55555 by Jaclyn Lalli

  • Daniel S.Great beer selection and vibe

    55555 by Daniel S.

  • Gunnar AasenGreat place to down some gnarly Evil Twin beers while enjoying the Scandinavian aesthetic.

    55555 by Gunnar Aasen

  • Amber CrisciBEST BEER SPOT.

    55555 by Amber Crisci

  • Jeffrey L.2015 James Beard nominee for Outstanding Bar Program

    55555 by Jeffrey L.

  • Aaron ArntzReally amazing craft beer selection here. One of the only places to get good sours.

    55555 by Aaron Arntz

  • chi s.Unbelievable selection of beer :)

    55555 by chi s.

  • Jen F.Wow. This place is legit. If you are into craft beer at all, make your way to this amazing bar. All the taps have individualized temperature controls. Serious stuff.

    55555 by Jen F.

  • Arjun R.Great selections on tap. I think the draft list keeps changing. If you can get the Nelson, get it!

    55555 by Arjun R.

  • nimassaamazing place with real significant flights of great drafted beers. good food to share at the bar. go!

    55555 by nimassa

  • Dina RughaniBeer selection is great and don't forget to get a reservation for luksus. Really delicious prix fixe meal. The chef has worked at Noma!

    55555 by Dina Rughani

  • Wendy QiuSaturday night feels like a sauna

    33333 by Wendy Qiu

  • Steve JohansenAmazing taplist. Get 4oz pours and try something different.

    55555 by Steve Johansen

  • Phil ShannonMy favorite place in Williamsburg. The beer selection was awesome and the staff was very nice and helpful.

    55555 by Phil Shannon

  • miles l.Try the sours- very unique!

    55555 by miles l.

  • Amanda SilverShining example of how good beer taste

    55555 by Amanda Silver

  • Carlos BezerraSão raríssimos no mundo os bares com mais de 20 opções de chope e TODOS serem frescos e dignos de prova.

    55555 by Carlos Bezerra

  • Vika K.Cozy little beer bar with everything you could possibly want on tap, plus there are snacks! Meat plate FTW.

    55555 by Vika K.

  • Amber CrisciAmazing beer selection. Great place.

    55555 by Amber Crisci

  • Doug W.Great for session drinking. Try 3-4 different beers in the 5oz size. Too many great options to stick to just one beer.

    55555 by Doug W.

  • Damian BayonaGreat for beer lovers. Over 20 obscure, delicious beers on tap. Food is simple, tasty and pairs well with beer. Definitely a place to try

    55555 by Damian Bayona

  • Elise M.They had a sour beer! If you're lucky, they'll still have it when you're there.

    33333 by Elise M.

  • Furay Changaffordable Danish beer selection

    55555 by Furay Chang

  • Furay ChangDecor is on point as well as pricing

    55555 by Furay Chang

  • Monique RVá com tempo e disposição para provar muuuuitos sabores de cerveja.

    55555 by Monique R

  • ZubinGreat Scandinavian decor. Oh And a lotta beer on tap.

    55555 by Zubin

  • John T.Great draft beers, many of them from Evil Twin Brewing. Tasty snacks menu, too. If you love craft beer don't miss this place.

    55555 by John T.

  • SwigAmazing selection of sour beer and Evil Twin. Bartenders are super friendly and helpful. Remember to Swig your drink.

    55555 by Swig

  • Fernanda A.Local muito bacana e com uma carta de cervejas incrível! Só não pede a OAK Smoked Berliner Weiss, ela é bem ruim!

    55555 by Fernanda A.

  • Adam GrønbeckGo here for a really large selection of rare draft beer. Also the biggest selection of bottled beer I have ever seen! Highly recommended!

    55555 by Adam Grønbeck

  • Kushal D.Get the evil twin bible belt!

    33333 by Kushal D.

  • Daniel KaufmanImpressive beer selction.

    55555 by Daniel Kaufman

  • Tasting TableCheck out this stylish spot. Seven of its 21 taps hook up to a cast of Evil Twin Brewing varieties, and the rest skew toward European selections with a few American thrown in for good measure.

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • The Corcoran GroupHands down, one of our favorite beer bars. The beer selection is impressive enough as it is, between the 21 on tap and the extensive bottled list, but the design of the space really steals the show.

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Steve M.Really nice classic sink in the basement bathrooms

    55555 by Steve M.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Torst as seen on Best Bars in America

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Brian M.Start small. Go big. And get an order of Rugbrød in between.

    33333 by Brian M.

  • jon f.Wonderful beer selection and very impressive tap selection. The different sizes let you taste more without becoming a sloppy mess.

    55555 by jon f.

  • Alex KeslingThe Kedgeree is absolutely fantastic. Subtly curried rice with smoked fish and herbs works perfectly having a soft boiled egg smashed on top.

    55555 by Alex Kesling

  • Alex KeslingWith a fantastic reclaimed wood interior, this lovely Danish pub is an attractive place to spend an evening. The massive selection of fantastic beer and good snacks don't hurt either.

    55555 by Alex Kesling

  • Chris KorhonenLove the Sunday roast, a delicious and welcome change from eggy brunch dishes. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for this week's meat.

    55555 by Chris Korhonen

  • Justin CAmazing beer. Perfect for a slow sippin date.

    55555 by Justin C

  • Damon G.OH: "Sour is the new black."

    55555 by Damon G.

  • Ishmael V.Come on a Wednesday/Thursday, less beer douches and better service. Sit at the bar and sample till you like something and ask the barkeep for suggestions.

    55555 by Ishmael V.

  • Damon G.Today I drank a beer called "Action & Adventure" (Grimm, NY) here. You may never have the chance to try it on draft, but it's a good description for this place. Wow.

    55555 by Damon G.

  • Nazary N.A great cozy atmosphere and a fantastic draught list

    55555 by Nazary N.

  • Sarah S.Stop in on Sunday afternoons (1-6) for the Sunday Roast! Our everyday favorites are the Confit Duck Sandwich, Welsh Rarebit, & the Beef Short Rib!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Justin IsraelsBeer in 3 sizes

    55555 by Justin Israels

  • Allan B.So many good beers here. Order the small size so you can taste more of them :)

    55555 by Allan B.

  • First We FeastGood for: Rare-beer hunting, drinking everything from Evil Twin

    55555 by First We Feast

  • First We FeastWhen all of that beer drinking leaves you famished, slide through a door in the back of the bar to get to Luksus, where chef Daniel Burns serves a $95 Scandinavian-inspired tasting menu.

    33333 by First We Feast

  • First We FeastThis sleek Greenpoint bar features a custom-built draught system dubbed the "Flux Capacitor," which allows individual draft lines to be temperature- and pressure-customized for specific beers.

    55555 by First We Feast

  • Jeffrey L.A nice Welsh rarebit, a bowl of kedgeree, or a smoked-chick­en-and-pickled-mushroom smør­rebrød.

    55555 by Jeffrey L.

  • Urban CompassThe see-and-be-seen Scandinavian beer garden in Greenpoint is popular among local celebrities and hipsters who seek out rare brews.

    55555 by Urban Compass

  • CoverPair the sweetbreads up with any of the amazing beers on tap and bring some friends along to share the rest of the delicious menu. Don't forget to pay with Cover and skip waiting for the bill!

    55555 by Cover

  • Damon G.The best Sunday roast you've never had.

    55555 by Damon G.

  • EaterThe hottest place to get beer in New York. Its crazy draught rig, and the bar's access to the kooky Evil Twin beers are just the beginning—have a look at the extensive list of rare European bottles.

    55555 by Eater

  • Tom W.The attention to detail with all the interior design is really nice. Also - good beer. Pay with Cover.

    55555 by Tom W.

  • Krıstófer-Þórır D.Scandinavian mood.. Best bar in North Brooklyn 🍻..

    55555 by Krıstófer-Þórır D.

  • Joris9$ beers in wineglasses, blows my Belgian mind. Other than that, cosy and lots of beers!

    55555 by Joris

  • Jess YayGet the Yang

    55555 by Jess Yay

  • David MTry the beer!

    55555 by David M

  • Perry S.Food menu limited and not super comfortable but beer menu NO PROBLEM

    55555 by Perry S.

  • John M.Olives! All. The. Olives.

    33333 by John M.

  • Dylan M.Place for beer nerds.

    55555 by Dylan M.

  • MitchellBest craft beer selection in New York.

    55555 by Mitchell

  • Anthony D.Come here while waiting to be seated at Five Leaves. Drink perfect beers.

    55555 by Anthony D.

  • Abbey DBeyond beer selection! Come on pay day!!

    55555 by Abbey D

  • Brew York, New YorkFrom the man behind Evil Twin Brewing, this temple to beer in Greenpoint soared RateBeer.com's rankings to become among the world's top beer bars within weeks of opening.

    55555 by Brew York, New York

  • Steve B.If heaven existed... This place is it

    55555 by Steve B.

  • Ted SabareseIf you like douche bags and bad service, this place is for you. Otherwise check out no name bar down the street

    22222 by Ted Sabarese

  • Aarthi D.I felt the cheese plate, though satisfying, was not to my taste, but I prefer creamier cheeses than their selection. Beer was excellent, bread as well. Definitely coming back.

    55555 by Aarthi D.

  • Omar H.Best way to experience this place is to get multiple 5 ounce beers to taste with a friend and sit at the bar. Very cool vibe and delicious beers

    55555 by Omar H.

  • Suri R.I want to dislike this place because the whole "beer in wine glasses" thing is stupid, but the beer selection is actually great and the staff are super wonderful.

    55555 by Suri R.

  • Joe G.So it's come to this, Brooklyn: we're drinking our IPA from wine glasses.

    55555 by Joe G.

  • Simone bC O O L P L A C E

    55555 by Simone b

  • Daniel F.Try the "no sleep til Brooklyn"

    33333 by Daniel F.

  • Chris V.Phone charger at the window side of the bar, discreetly tucked away in a wooden jewelry valet. Boo yah.

    33333 by Chris V.

  • Matt N.If you like beer, this place will blow your mind!

    55555 by Matt N.

  • Sarah J.Tørst means 'thirst' in Danish.

    55555 by Sarah J.

  • Sasha S.Enjoy some literary beer names, tasteful Scandinavian decor influence, and quality brew choices. Have the naked lunch in Copenhagen if you like dark beers.

    55555 by Sasha S.

  • ben EThis subject is very stimulating and I thank you for this great post.Thanks for that great post and I appreciate the great blog you have. http://www.usapatentattorney.com/about-us/

    55555 by ben E

  • Chris N.Michael Laudrup!!

    55555 by Chris N.

  • EvanThe caol ila stout is like scotch in beer form; awesome. Also had a Flemish red that resembled Lambrusco. Definitely go for cheese/meat/pickle plate to accompany, with awesome dark bread made in-house

    55555 by Evan

  • Arzi R.Bavarian blue cheese. Good.

    55555 by Arzi R.

  • 7th.List"One of the top beer destinations" - ratebeer.com. 21 draft selections & rare imports. There's also a small menu of charcuterie (What is this? http://goo.gl/T9kC1 ) and bar snacks

    55555 by 7th.List

  • Shayla N.Loud and crowded on Saturday afternoon but definitely worth it. Great vibe, stellar beer.

    55555 by Shayla N.

  • Serious Eats120 bottled beers and 21 taps at this beer destination curated by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin brewery.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Ben K.New bar by the guy behind Evil Twin Brewing and the guy who cooked at Noma and Momofuku. Could you ask for more? Notice the gradient tap handles and flux capacitor draft system.

    55555 by Ben K.

  • Chris C.To those complaining about price, this isn't a place to get hammered. Try 3 8oz pours, experience new things, and still don't murder your wallet.

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Joe AlicataDon't forget the cheese plate!

    55555 by Joe Alicata

  • Paul T.They started printing up menus with descriptions of their drafts and writing the styles on the wall! Thanks guys! I guess someone else complained besides me :)

    33333 by Paul T.

  • Erica G.Can't say enough good things about this place. The interior design is fantastic. Splurge on a bottle.

    55555 by Erica G.

  • Greg A.Amazing little ber bar in the Greenpoint. No sign on the door, so look for the big white store front!

    55555 by Greg A.

  • Lauren B.Beer. In a wine glass.

    55555 by Lauren B.

  • Cailie M.Whatever... It's cool.

    55555 by Cailie M.

  • Natalie C.Fancy beer. You won't get it.

    55555 by Natalie C.

  • Robert D.If you're a craft beer person, looking for that beer you can never find, or just want to feel extra classy while having a beer, this is a great place for you... granted an 8oz draft starts at $6...

    55555 by Robert D.

  • LillianDraft beers are listed on the glass menu above the bar. Listed from lighest to darkest. Hard to read but once you decipher the name of the beers you won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Lillian

  • Colin G.This bar has about 200 absurdly obscure beers (including 21 on tap). The Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar is a great double IPA.

    55555 by Colin G.

  • Cooper S.This beer bar, from the brewer of Denmark's Evil Twin and the chef of Noma, features 21 beers on tap, each individually managed by a "flux capacitor" to perfect temperature, compression, and CO2

    55555 by Cooper S.

  • Matt KTasty, pricey to boot. Worth at least one or two if you're in the area and enjoy European brews.

    55555 by Matt K

  • René C.If you like your beers, this is the place to go. 21 quality beers on tap is not too bad, honestly. Notice the beer tap handles get darker with the beers they serve. Quality design. Quality beers.

    55555 by René C.

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