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270 Kingston Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213

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(718) 285-8777

Cuisine: Bars, Pizza Places

4.4 of 5.0 from 48 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY
  • Basil in Brooklyn, NY

Basil Reviews

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  • Malka ZPaid $14 for a Caesar salad part of a large order. Got 4 pieces of uncut lettuce and 7 croutons. Called the restaurant...the manager slammed the phone down on me twice and was super nasty!

    11111 by Malka Z

  • ShayThe corn soup is awesome delicious l!

    55555 by Shay

  • Isaac S.Parmesan fries, truffle pizza and pappardelle

    55555 by Isaac S.

  • ShayVery long wait. No reservations.

    33333 by Shay

  • Ashton RBest Place To Eat

    55555 by Ashton R

  • Nandi AndersonFried tomatoes!

    55555 by Nandi Anderson

  • Nandi AndersonSweet potato gnocchi.

    55555 by Nandi Anderson

  • Nandi AndersonDelicious food! It's vegetarian but so delicious you won't even realize it!

    55555 by Nandi Anderson

  • Paulo RVale a pena conhecer essa casa no Brooklyn NYC. Restaurante de leite Kosher muito agrad├ível.

    55555 by Paulo R

  • Oskar WildlyTasty, filling and nice staff!

    55555 by Oskar Wildly

  • berest770 NOne of the best tunas...

    55555 by berest770 N

  • Amina Hussainmenu has some pricey items. I had the cannelloni pasta which wasn't crazy expensive and it was actually very delicious. will be back to try other dishes as well as the fries!

    55555 by Amina Hussain

  • Shmuel C.Its kosher but I don't know how they get away serving meat and dairy dishes. Its a bit pricey. Try the funnel cake!

    55555 by Shmuel C.

  • Sarah G.The food was meh...under seasoned and tasteless. When the waiter tells you the fries are the best thing on the menu....not a good sign of things to come.

    33333 by Sarah G.

  • Lauren M.More like "$$$" not "$" tbh

    33333 by Lauren M.

  • Lauren M.Basil is an absolutely amazing hidden gem in the heart of Crown Heights. Try the pizza!

    55555 by Lauren M.

  • Sophia S.Best NYC restaurant! Best kosher meal! Love it!

    55555 by Sophia S.

  • Joel L.Wonderful and contemporary food. Excellent service. Everything is fresh. Great vibe. Try the arugula /beet/ goat cheese appetizer.

    55555 by Joel L.

  • Jenny N.The fish "meatball" and broccoli rabe pizza on the seasonal menu is crazy good! With the pop from the chili flakes and the creamy camembert it's the perfect bite!

    55555 by Jenny N.

  • David B.Try the Basil Fries In Truffle Oil With Garlic Mayo - The truffle mayo is the perfect complement to these fries (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by David B.

  • DiversalThese friesssssss

    33333 by Diversal

  • Linda F.Great food and location! Will be coming back soon hope we get a seat in the front

    55555 by Linda F.

  • Chris D.Try the Polenta Fries With Rosemary And Parmesan (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chris D.

  • Scout R.Kind of a mess. Took 15 to tell me the beer I ordered was 86'd & 15 more to get my 2nd choice. Finally arrived halfway thru my meal. Poached egg was over cooked & I was asked to move tables mid-meal.

    11111 by Scout R.

  • Esther H.You can taste the love in their food!

    55555 by Esther H.

  • Julia S.Lovely place. Basil fries is simply the best fries I have ever eaten, their mushroom soup made fresh.. I would recommend to a family dinner, date, meeting, or simply delicious lunch.

    55555 by Julia S.

  • Sholom D.Excellent food!

    55555 by Sholom D.

  • Mendy R.Basil fries. That is all.

    55555 by Mendy R.

  • Chavie L.Basil fries are the only thing this over priced pizza store has going for it

    33333 by Chavie L.

  • Chef Jose S.I am the executive chef Of basil kosher restaurant Jose Edgardo Soto come and enjoy great delectables to your mouth.

    55555 by Chef Jose S.

  • Mikey P.Great service and amazing food. A great place for a classy date !

    55555 by Mikey P.

  • Alonso B.Ambiance & decor is great. Food was a bit bland for me. I've had much better brick oven pizza for less. If your really hungry go to Tony's you'll leave here feeling empty in your stomach & pockets.

    55555 by Alonso B.

  • Alex K.the only good coffee on kingston imho

    33333 by Alex K.

  • Noelle C.Get here super early, they are often out of the best dishes and always packed.

    55555 by Noelle C.

  • Quantum H.Best kosher food in NY

    55555 by Quantum H.

  • Chabad on C.Don't leave without trying the mushroom and goat's cheese pizza at Crown Heights' first kosher wine bar.

    55555 by Chabad on C.

  • Nathan B.Good food but the service needs improvement

    33333 by Nathan B.

  • Tara Menuchah S.Try the brie on the summer specials list!

    55555 by Tara Menuchah S.

  • Zalman K.Loved the wild mushroom soup and the blue cheese with arugula pizza.

    55555 by Zalman K.

  • Shana C.The basil ice cream is among the most incredible ice cream I have ever had.

    55555 by Shana C.

  • Roundup R.Starter = Basil Fries. Entree, can't go wrong with linguini & Poached Egg or Wild Mushroom pizza. Dessert.. Tiramisu & Napoleon are delicious

    55555 by Roundup R.

  • Joni J.Baked goods are delish.

    55555 by Joni J.

  • Joni J.The most expensive cappucino of all my coffee spots and the worst of all them too. But it is the closest.

    33333 by Joni J.

  • Rachel S.Arancini di riso was amazing! Just the right combination of crispy and gooey.

    55555 by Rachel S.

  • @YogurteurA great kosher spot. Be Palenta fries I've ever had

    55555 by @Yogurteur

  • Brittany O.Go to Basil for dessert and have a lemonade (made fresh to order) with the Nutella, Banana & Hazelnut Pizza!

    55555 by Brittany O.

  • Robyn B.Have the Basil Fries #ftw!

    55555 by Robyn B.

  • Mottel L.Make sure to check your bill - extra (and missing) charges are common!

    22222 by Mottel L.

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