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Amelie's French Bakery

2424 N Davidson St
Charlotte, NC 28205

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(704) 376-1781

Cuisine: Bakeries, French Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 242 reviews

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Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC
  • Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC

Amelie's French Bakery Reviews

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  • Stephanie PThe pistachio macarons are really good!

    55555 by Stephanie P

  • Nancy DThe food and service are amazing Afun place to visit.

    55555 by Nancy D

  • Jose V.The salted caramel brownies aRe a MUST. The shot cups, the chocolate mousse cake. And be ready to want it all !

    55555 by Jose V.

  • Marcus JSalted caramel brownie is out of this world!

    55555 by Marcus J

  • Tavonia CThis place is awesome!! The fresh fruit Danish is delish.

    55555 by Tavonia C

  • Wendy EOnly go if you're not in a hurry. Super slow service.

    33333 by Wendy E

  • Robin D.Everything 😀

    55555 by Robin D.

  • Matt G.Come when you're wasted

    22222 by Matt G.

  • Kara M.French macarons and the rosemary thyme lemonade

    55555 by Kara M.

  • Konstantina JReally cute place!

    55555 by Konstantina J

  • James JPastries are good here

    55555 by James J

  • Micki DNice cappuccino, delicious salted caramel brownie, pretty decent breakfast sandwich on a croissant

    55555 by Micki D

  • Ron POpen 24 hours in NoDa

    55555 by Ron P

  • Gabriela JI love the raspberry lemon tarts!!

    55555 by Gabriela J

  • Elle B.Get the almond cake!!

    55555 by Elle B.

  • MsTory ASalted Caramel Brownies!

    55555 by MsTory A

  • Nicole SSalted Caramel Brownie!!

    55555 by Nicole S

  • John R.What's good here? What's not!?!? I liked everything I've tried!

    55555 by John R.

  • Icela JChicken salad is delicious along with their sweets.

    55555 by Icela J

  • Jill H.Vanilla strawberry cake. Yummmm

    55555 by Jill H.

  • Will H.Just about everything at Amelie's is amazing! The only down side is their wifi, which isn't very realizable...

    55555 by Will H.

  • Bethany DLove this bakery..eclectic!

    55555 by Bethany D

  • Emily FLove the napoleons!

    55555 by Emily F

  • Alejandra 🌻 EPastries, coffee, late night snack

    55555 by Alejandra 🌻 E

  • Meya JI wasn't finished with my last review, so here's the rest of it: their hot chocolate w/ caramel!! Annnndd, on the non-sweet side, the spinach-asparagus soup and their chicken-salad crossaint sandwich.

    33333 by Meya J

  • Shiyana BellamyThe pastries here are to live for! But be prepared for the long line when ordering. The macaroons, mini meringue pies and other pastries will bring tears of joy to your sweet tooth!

    55555 by Shiyana Bellamy

  • Jill H.The selection at 4 am is just as good as@ 4pm. White chocolate pistachio petit fours and a melange riche 😊

    55555 by Jill H.

  • Habeeb TEverything

    55555 by Habeeb T

  • CrewPower outlets along the wall. Free Wi-Fi, password not required.

    55555 by Crew

  • Stephan MooreI want to eat ALLTHE THINGS here!

    55555 by Stephan Moore

  • Noel TBreakfast Sandwich

    55555 by Noel T

  • Capricious JEverything is beautiful and delicious.

    55555 by Capricious J

  • MattNicole KThe coffee is delicious and so is the pistachio macaroon!

    55555 by MattNicole K

  • Sara DEverything chocolate. They make amazing soups and sandwiches too. I recommend the salted caramel brownie, eclairs, turkey and brie. They even offer valentine's gifts soon :)

    55555 by Sara D

  • Urban TymesTheir croissants. .to die for

    55555 by Urban Tymes

  • Rachel W.Open 24/7. Long line even at 9pm. Salted caramel brownie - everyone loves it, including me. 👍

    55555 by Rachel W.

  • Ray W.Great place to stop after dinner, or anytime for that matter. I'm a sucker for the chocolate eclairs. Don't let the line scare you, you'll make your way to the counter in no time.

    55555 by Ray W.

  • Joanne S.It's yummy... Wish they had more French pastries like a "Chausson aux pomme"

    55555 by Joanne S.

  • C JThis place has a great vibe & delicious desserts.

    55555 by C J

  • fahri pasliYummy yummyyy

    55555 by fahri pasli

  • BreWonderful place to visit for French desserts! There can be a long wait depending on the time you go.

    55555 by Bre

  • Kaleinani S.The macaroons are the best! Nice atmosphere as well

    55555 by Kaleinani S.

  • Phoenix J.The salted caramel brownie is the best!

    55555 by Phoenix J.

  • fahri paslieverything is yummy here

    55555 by fahri pasli

  • fahri paslisorry i do not eat cupcakes

    22222 by fahri pasli

  • fahri pasliNICE DESERT

    55555 by fahri pasli

  • Creative LoafingCrack open your books at this French-inspired bakery in NoDa, while slurping down your favorite caffeinated beverage and devouring a salted caramel brownie.

    55555 by Creative Loafing

  • Trez SGood macaroons omfg

    55555 by Trez S

  • Nicole Sikora HeschongEverything is delicious and they are open 24/7. Ambiance is quirky cool. This homegrown place is one of Charlotte's best features.

    55555 by Nicole Sikora Heschong

  • Cori K.The lavender lemonade is a must have, and the chocolate and raspberry tart is heaven on a plate. If you're in the mood for a heartier meal, the chicken salad sandwich is tasty.

    55555 by Cori K.

  • AdrianoBest place for an after party :)

    55555 by Adriano

  • Susannah B.I recommend the macarons, eclairs or apple turnovers. Great coffee and a quiet place to work during the day.

    55555 by Susannah B.

  • Gene C.My first time here with absolutely no line. Pro tip: apparently, 5:30pm on a Wednesday is the magic number. And now, you know.

    33333 by Gene C.

  • Gene C.Stop in on your birthday for a free eclair. Chocolate, or...that other flavor they come in.

    55555 by Gene C.

  • Creative LoafingStep into Amelie's French Bakery at any time of the day or night and you will fall victim to a common malady at the destination coffee spot in NoDa: gripping and hypnotic pastry-case paralysis.

    55555 by Creative Loafing

  • Nichole MStrawberry. Lemon. Tea.

    55555 by Nichole M

  • Mark BurnhamEverything is great and they never close!!

    55555 by Mark Burnham

  • Jen H.Latex gloves in use at the counter. If you're allergic, beware. :(

    11111 by Jen H.

  • Troylavender lemonade.

    55555 by Troy

  • Brittany M.Absolutely love this French Themed Café! Their is not ONE piece of furniture the same and it totally works together! I recommend this place for ALL ages, ethnicitys, race, and personalities! #Love

    55555 by Brittany M.

  • Richard LSuperb place in NoDa

    55555 by Richard L

  • Mihai S.Chai latte is delicious

    55555 by Mihai S.

  • Joshua D.There is something just perfect about a French Bakery when the temperatures drop outside. So many great things on the menu, but don't leave without trying their salted caramel brownies.

    55555 by Joshua D.

  • UrvishAmbience = Beautiful... Salted Caramel Brownie = Yummy...Hot Chocolate = Ummm!!!

    55555 by Urvish

  • JaeLeeI recommend EVERYTHING. Just do it.

    55555 by JaeLee

  • Paige C.Wonderful service at this branch! They let us in late and gave us the left over soup. Delicious all around :)

    55555 by Paige C.

  • JohnAmelie's is known for their Salted Caramel Brownie. Try it!

    55555 by John

  • Kristen B.Everything is good here. EVERYTHING.

    55555 by Kristen B.

  • Channu V.Chai latte with cupcakes :3

    55555 by Channu V.

  • Phillip E.Three words: Salted. Caramel. Brownie.

    55555 by Phillip E.

  • Grace K.The creme brulee is amazing

    55555 by Grace K.

  • Walter H.One of the best places to hang out at Uptown Charlotte for great coffee and great desserts alike. I would highly recommend the macaroons as well as the croissants plus the French Roast coffee.

    55555 by Walter H.

  • Ondrea N.There's three shots of espresso is a small mocha...no need to add an extra shot (they wont tell you) Though this fact is pretty awesome, I learned the hard way.

    55555 by Ondrea N.

  • Shilpa C.Worth a try for tea lovers: citrus green tea

    55555 by Shilpa C.

  • Kushal S.First coffee refill is free!

    33333 by Kushal S.

  • LiveUptownNow.comBring your laptop and relax while you work. Don't forget the Salted Caramel Brownie while you're here.

    55555 by LiveUptownNow.com

  • Becky S.Fabulous atmosphere! Desserts are to die for!

    55555 by Becky S.

  • Brian A.Salted caramel brownie lives up to the hype! Get some.

    55555 by Brian A.

  • Larry J.Hanging out with one of my best old buddies

    55555 by Larry J.

  • Kristi C.A must visit every time I'm in Charlotte!

    55555 by Kristi C.

  • Briana S.Caramel Apple Almond Tart is so refreshing!

    55555 by Briana S.

  • John C.Place is awesome. Great pastries !!!

    55555 by John C.

  • Erika R.Great relaxed eclectic environment!

    55555 by Erika R.

  • David M.Chocolate pumpkin bread pudding!!!! Amazing!!!

    55555 by David M.

  • MichelleOne of the most eclectic places to hangout! Love it. Sit out on the front porch at a table, inside on a comfy couch, or choose the more quiet, green hall in the back.

    55555 by Michelle

  • Zach N.Everything is great. New here? Try a salted Carmel brownie, or a 1/4 baguette with roasted garlic feta.

    55555 by Zach N.

  • Ruben D.Thought I died and went to French pastry heaven.

    55555 by Ruben D.

  • Jenn M.Absolutely wonderful chocolate eclairs.

    55555 by Jenn M.

  • Walter H.Great Coffee and good pastries plus perfect place to hang out at.

    55555 by Walter H.

  • Kristen B.French macarons are the best.

    55555 by Kristen B.

  • Rocky P.Didn't even read the tips about the Salted Caramel Brownie, it just caught my eye. Its bangin. Nuff Said.

    55555 by Rocky P.

  • Sarita M.The best chicken salad sandwich (on baked croissant) that I have had in awhile! DELICIOUS!!

    55555 by Sarita M.

  • Michelle O.Oh-my-wow! Chocolate eclair and pretty much anything else on the menu! Best place I have been in charlotte.

    55555 by Michelle O.

  • Misha T.Macarons and salted caramel brownies are the best!

    55555 by Misha T.

  • Ana Maria Z.Enjoyed the macaroons. The neopolitan was also very delish. Lattes are also yummy! Not much seating though. Cool music and friendly staff.

    55555 by Ana Maria Z.

  • ChristenGet the macarons. Some of the best I've ever had!

    55555 by Christen

  • Christa C.Try their iced coffee with lavender-infused simple syrup. It's refreshing and delicious!!

    55555 by Christa C.

  • Joanna T.Holy salted caramel brownie!

    55555 by Joanna T.

  • Chris M.The Napoleon is brilliant.

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Lisa V.Very cool place, try it out!

    55555 by Lisa V.

  • Marcus O.Amelie's how can I help you

    22222 by Marcus O.

  • Cherie F.24 hr spot - amazing! Ambiance, decor, servers - fab. As a paleo chick, I wish they served almond milk. Didn't try the desserts but heard the salted brownie is a must. Saving it for my next splurge!

    55555 by Cherie F.

  • Marcus O.You cannot turn the other cheek on our pastries

    33333 by Marcus O.

  • Crystal D.If you can't find seating, check the atrium in the back.

    33333 by Crystal D.

  • CarolineDarrieux24h of delicious food!!

    55555 by CarolineDarrieux

  • Amy M.Strawberry bread pudding is delish!

    55555 by Amy M.

  • Alexa S.A must go! Best bakery hands down.

    55555 by Alexa S.

  • jFoSadly, the quality and consistency of both food and staff has waned. After spending over $1000 in the past year, the manager was unwilling to replace one poorly made item. I will never go back again.

    22222 by jFo

  • Sue J.Wish there were a place like Amelie's in Houston. Outrageous pastries and awesome atmosphere.

    55555 by Sue J.

  • Jessica B.Croque Monsieur

    55555 by Jessica B.

  • Laila N.Well I love Amelie's but I just had their vanilla creme brûlée and it's very eggy in taste, ill still come back but prob won't have the creme brûlée

    55555 by Laila N.

  • Allyson C.The chocolate croissant, salted caramel brownie & palmiers were my usuals. Now I'm really digging both the pistachio & salted caramel macaroons. And the spinach asparagus leek soup is outstanding!!

    55555 by Allyson C.

  • Jessica B.Twice Baked Chocolate Crossiant!!!

    55555 by Jessica B.

  • Edwin C.They have daily vegan soup options.

    55555 by Edwin C.

  • Mandie L.Best turn over I've ever had

    55555 by Mandie L.

  • Mandie L.Amelie's hittin the sweet tooth fix all day all night

    55555 by Mandie L.

  • Theresa E.The Potato Asparagus with Leek soup, paired with the Chicken Salad croissant is outstanding! And then....there are the pastries!

    55555 by Theresa E.

  • Jonathan V.Try the brownie

    55555 by Jonathan V.

  • Yvonne M.Networking for my women veterans with an awesome vet lady

    55555 by Yvonne M.

  • Brandy M.The Vanilla Macaroon and the Chocolate Salted Caramel Macaroon are awesome!!! Great atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff!

    55555 by Brandy M.

  • Melinda S.Try the chocolate mousse cup or soy chai tea. Cannot go wrong! Not to mention, amazing ambiance.

    55555 by Melinda S.

  • Courtney A.Just saying. The everything is good. And I do mean everything. Om nom nom

    55555 by Courtney A.

  • John R.Great little gem in the Queen City. Open 24 hrs!

    55555 by John R.

  • Megan L.The salted caramel brownie is like crack... in a little square.

    55555 by Megan L.

  • Brandon S.Only bad thing about this place is the occasional long lines. Everything else makes my world go round.

    55555 by Brandon S.

  • Kelly F.Pistachio macaroons...all I need!

    55555 by Kelly F.

  • Joel S.When ever you come to Amelie's make sure you get one of the great fruit tarts

    55555 by Joel S.

  • Daniel N.Got tired of hearing about the salted caramel brownies. Tried it. It was great! But the pecan pie was so much better! Ask them to heat it up

    55555 by Daniel N.

  • Chad M.OMG Salted Caramel Brownie! Git en ma belleh! By 10 they are small, unless I'm behind you in line, then hurry up and place a small expedient order.

    33333 by Chad M.

  • cayoyinSo over priced...

    11111 by cayoyin

  • Lynette H.Caramel salted brownie is to die for.

    55555 by Lynette H.

  • Tabatha S.Salted caramel brownie. Enough said.

    55555 by Tabatha S.

  • Kelly F.Don't bring young children here since they don't have any high chairs....not very accommodating

    55555 by Kelly F.

  • Marc L.Fantastic atmosphere, superb food and a Croque monsieur that is out of this world ...

    55555 by Marc L.

  • ebiemy favorite is the pb & chocolate petit four. so good

    55555 by ebie

  • Jonathan M.Great place to have meetings!!!

    55555 by Jonathan M.

  • Carolyn L.If you haven't been, you're missing out!

    55555 by Carolyn L.

  • Tim W.Hey guys! if any of u want a $250 gift card for free visit FourSquarePrizes.Com They're giving away free $250 amazon gift cards in exchange for only like 30 seconds of your time! Just got my mine lmao

    22222 by Tim W.

  • Andy D.A little pricey, but worth it! Chocolate torte is delicious as well as the baguette. Turkey bacon sandwich is perfect but way too small.

    55555 by Andy D.

  • CassandraBest chicken salad ever!!!!

    55555 by Cassandra

  • ScorpioKeemaThe Eclairs are EVERYTHING & that spinach asparagus leek soup OMG

    55555 by ScorpioKeema

  • Brigitti J.Salted Caramel Brownie...Amen

    55555 by Brigitti J.

  • Cheryll C.Open 24/7 364. Free wifi. Great desserts. Best place to do homework.

    55555 by Cheryll C.

  • Claude N.Based on the number of laptops, This place must have Wi-Fi.

    55555 by Claude N.

  • Melissa R.Chai teas are amazing!!

    55555 by Melissa R.

  • JoeJust got taint slammed right in the taint by a salted caramel brownie/hot chocolate combo

    55555 by Joe

  • JoeMacaroons. Cheese puffs. The soup. Oh my god the soup. Portabella onion is like the vaginal juice of Aphrodite in my mouth. Like a serious g spot orgasm from Aphrodite. In my mouth. I fuck fruit tarts

    55555 by Joe

  • Krissy A.Such authentic French pastries! Plus the lavender lemonade is delicious.

    55555 by Krissy A.

  • Fernando C.The Twice Baked Chocolate Croissant is R I D I C U L O U S L Y good. That is all.

    55555 by Fernando C.

  • Elizabeth C.Iced chai latte and danish haha are really good :)

    55555 by Elizabeth C.

  • Suzanne R.Everyone is leaving tips about the salted caramel brownie for a reason! SO GOOD. Such a beautiful place too, and the most beautiful pastries I've ever seen.

    55555 by Suzanne R.

  • Jorge A.@AmeliesBakery the ideal meeting place for good food, ambience, & marketing!

    55555 by Jorge A.

  • Jorge A.The best place to satisfy your sweet tooth & more

    55555 by Jorge A.

  • Jerry C.2-5pm is the best time to come if you want to find a good seat.

    55555 by Jerry C.

  • Tee G.The salted Caramel Brownie and Fresh Fruit Danish are to die for!!!!

    55555 by Tee G.

  • Patrice T.If u luv brownies the salted caramel brownie is great!

    55555 by Patrice T.

  • Sonia P.Spicy Thai Sweet Potato Soup + Salted Caramel Brownie + Twice Baked Croissant = Happiness

    55555 by Sonia P.

  • M B.Deelish butternut squash soup. The mushroom tartine (open-faced sandwich) is yummy, UNsalty & generously portioned / filling

    55555 by M B.

  • Elizabeth C.chai tea is lovely

    55555 by Elizabeth C.

  • Mark K.Pastries delicious. But if you just want coffee and don't want to wait forever, your best bets are Smelly Cat, Common Market or Central Coffee.

    55555 by Mark K.

  • Hilary P.Caramel salted brownie is one of the best desserts I've ever tasted. Delicious

    55555 by Hilary P.

  • Monika N.Salted caramel brownie is all I can say - divine!!

    55555 by Monika N.

  • Gabrielle S.this place is awesome

    55555 by Gabrielle S.

  • Shawn O.On my way now

    55555 by Shawn O.

  • DeCario A.Salted Caramel Brownie is where it's at.

    55555 by DeCario A.

  • Jimmy S.Salted caramel Brownie, absolutely awesome.

    55555 by Jimmy S.

  • Avni R.Best French macaroons!!

    55555 by Avni R.

  • Myles M.I want the Petite St. Honorie. And I will have about 3 dozen. Thank you.

    55555 by Myles M.

  • Leah H.Get the turkey & bacon sandwich it's to die for!!!!!

    55555 by Leah H.

  • Stephen C.Try the hot chocolate with a shot of espresso added! Amazing!

    55555 by Stephen C.

  • FamilyFunOpen 24-hours a day, the eats and treats are delicious and the decor is fun and funky. Check out the chandelier made of kitchen utensils.

    55555 by FamilyFun

  • Dianna A.Napoleon is heaven!!! A French press with extra cream and too much sugar. Ahhh-mazing.

    55555 by Dianna A.

  • Eric J.The fruit tarts are my favorite.

    55555 by Eric J.

  • candice d.Their eclairs are AMAZZZZING!!!!

    55555 by candice d.

  • Adam Y.Try the queso

    55555 by Adam Y.

  • Busty SinclairI just tried the caramel banana walnut bread pudding n almost licked the bowl when it was over...delish

    55555 by Busty Sinclair

  • Ferzaan TBest croissants ever.....grab yourself one grab me three ;-)

    55555 by Ferzaan T

  • Childrens Party PlusGo in on a late Friday afternoon to grab some yummies for a Saturday morning brunch!

    55555 by Childrens Party Plus

  • Will P.Try the russian tea. Delicious and refreshing.

    55555 by Will P.

  • Shannise JLovely and Sweet, the atmosphere and the carmel salted brownies.

    55555 by Shannise J

  • Chirl G.I'm in salted Carmel brownie heaven!

    55555 by Chirl G.

  • Brandi ATry the salted caramel brownie &/or the chicken salad sandwich!

    55555 by Brandi A

  • Eric LThe only thing better than the salted choc brownie is the eclectic patrons. Pull up a chair and make a friend 24 hours a day

    55555 by Eric L

  • Dianna A.Go for Neapolitan or the cream cheese hard crusted cream puffs.

    55555 by Dianna A.

  • Topaz W.Spinach Leak Soup :-)

    55555 by Topaz W.

  • Lizzy jgetting some work done, with a salted carmel brownie by my side:)

    55555 by Lizzy j

  • Alex P.Great sanwches. Amazing pastries.

    55555 by Alex P.

  • Maya H.Try the Chicken Salad and/or Chocolate Croissant. Thank me later!

    55555 by Maya H.

  • Jacqua C.Always say hi to your neighbor in the chair beside you :-)

    33333 by Jacqua C.

  • Jamie GGreat for those late night cravings!

    55555 by Jamie G

  • Matthew A.Pate de champagne is the best ever! No debate.

    55555 by Matthew A.

  • Carlos W.Tomato crab bisque + caramel salted brownie=bliss!

    55555 by Carlos W.

  • Bren B.Try the Eclair or Salted Caramel Brownie!

    55555 by Bren B.

  • cayoyin24/7 of pure awesomeness.

    55555 by cayoyin

  • Debe M.Mouth-watering baked goods!

    55555 by Debe M.

  • David L.Boylan sodas for the win.

    55555 by David L.

  • Stephen M.Salted caramel brownies/chocolate covered strawberry mousse and iced chai. Can't beat it.

    55555 by Stephen M.

  • Katey fBest late night chill spot

    55555 by Katey f

  • RandiSalted caramel brownie, chocolate croissant, chocolate mousse cup, tomato fennel soup, tomato crab bisque and tarts are out of this world. Honestly everything is fabulous

    55555 by Randi

  • Beau S.The salted caramel brownie is wonderful! The Napoleons are great as well!

    55555 by Beau S.

  • Lenn L.Dinner for two $15. Dessert for two $20. And loving every calorie of it!!!

    55555 by Lenn L.

  • David VSuch a great place to hang out and meet new people, great food and no fear of.. "should we leave now?" Cause they never close!!

    55555 by David V

  • Jack M.Delicious chunky chicken salad on a croissant. Yum!

    55555 by Jack M.

  • David S.They should have a discount available to foursquare check ins

    33333 by David S.

  • Charlotte CheapAbsolutely get the salted caramel brownie. But if it's your birthday get an eclair. Free on your birthday!

    55555 by Charlotte Cheap

  • Jody JGet a free eclair on your birthday.

    55555 by Jody J

  • Sam S.Twice Baked Chocolate Croissant.

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Sam S.Buy the brioche and take it home to make awesome French Bread.

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Chel🌊Get the dinner/salads. They're to die for. Not kidding.

    55555 by Chel🌊

  • Carol H.Vanilla frosted eclairs - yummy!

    55555 by Carol H.

  • Jason Y.A new favorite here: French Pressed coffee. Pair that up with the strawberry cream cheese croissant. You're welcome.

    55555 by Jason Y.

  • Tiffany W.Caramel Salted Brownie is heavenly!

    55555 by Tiffany W.

  • Chris T.Look out for the speed trap coming from uptown.

    33333 by Chris T.

  • Visit North CarolinaThis is where you go in Charlotte if a salted caramel brownie craving hits you at 3 a.m. Open 24 hours a day and full of great ambiance and pastries, you might decide this is your permanent residence.

    55555 by Visit North Carolina

  • George C.More then one way to exercise your heart, Amelie's

    33333 by George C.

  • George C.More then one way to exercise your heart! Amelie's

    33333 by George C.

  • Don P.Yummy Chai Latte!

    55555 by Don P.

  • RachelGet the pumpkin tart - it's the perfect dessert for fall!

    55555 by Rachel

  • Chris KDon't forget your mac book

    55555 by Chris K

  • Joe S.Best place to eat after the clubs close. Open 24/7 except Christmas day. Pastries are decadent. The turkey croissant is divine. Cool, hip staff & patrons. Quite the melting pot. Very eclectic w many b

    55555 by Joe S.

  • Mandy Schocolate filled cream puffs.

    55555 by Mandy S

  • lo m.eclair, chocolate cros, and their famous brownies this place is the greatest place ever and it never closes

    55555 by lo m.

  • Kelly KGreat place. Great place. Great food. Internet 24 hours. Great place to work after hours.

    55555 by Kelly K

  • @sullybridgetbNo others can compare to Amelie's...I'm Just Sayin'

    55555 by @sullybridgetb

  • Merridith O.The Seeded roast beef sandwish is to die for!

    55555 by Merridith O.

  • Justin B.U have to get a salted caramel brownie! And make sure u play apples to apples!

    55555 by Justin B.

  • Tenerio Kwill be there at like 3am ;)

    55555 by Tenerio K

  • Eric H.Salted caramel brownie is always a winner!

    55555 by Eric H.

  • Melissa F.FYI: Let them know its your birthday at the counter- FREE eclair on your special day.

    33333 by Melissa F.

  • Brittany Gastonmy favorites are the twice baked almond croissants and the roast beef on a croissant.

    55555 by Brittany Gaston

  • Mike N.Awesome Spicy Thai soup, chocolate tort, and the salted caramel brownie.

    55555 by Mike N.

  • Roland A.Go to Amelie's and have some of the Carrot Ginger soup, which like all their soups is made from scratch daily!

    55555 by Roland A.

  • Crystal D.Josh M is wrong. Soup isn't microwaved.

    33333 by Crystal D.

  • Kevin M.The cinnamon raisin bun should be put on the list if national treasures.

    55555 by Kevin M.

  • Rachel G.Three words: Salted. Caramel. Brownie.

    55555 by Rachel G.

  • Jason D.I heart Amelie's for their delicious pastries and great coffee. But you have to get the Salted Caramel Brownie.

    55555 by Jason D.

  • Larken E.Go to Amelie's and never leave (you don't have to because it never closes!)

    55555 by Larken E.

  • Anthony S.The Canada Dry is great!

    55555 by Anthony S.

  • Crystal D.Seriously, do I need to list the reasons why? It's heaven. Tip: Get the hot chocolate.

    55555 by Crystal D.

  • Josh M.Pay too much for microwaved soup.

    22222 by Josh M.

  • York EStand by the entrance and admire the pots and pans chandelier. Then get a chocolate éclair and comment on how cool it is that they have an "A" written on it in icing.

    33333 by York E

  • Benjamin The rootbeer is delicious. Eat a salted caramel brownie. Stay up too late. Feel like you're cooler than you probably really are.

    55555 by Benjamin

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