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Gumbo Shop Restaurant

630 Saint Peter Street
New Orleans, LA 70116

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(504) 525-1486

  • Sun - Sat 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Cuisine: Cajun Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 210 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA
  • Gumbo Shop Restaurant in New Orleans, LA

Gumbo Shop Restaurant Reviews

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  • clevin reviewThe atmosphere is relaxing...the food is unforgetable!

    44444 by clevin

  • luvjah2 reviewExellent Poboys

    44444 by luvjah2

  • Samantha reviewWonderful Creole cuisine in a beautiful & elegant setting, inexpensively priced.

    44444 by Samantha

  • kangareaux reviewSuperb food at a great value. Conveniently located in the French Quarter. Sit by the window and people watch, or in the courtyard during spring or fall.

    44444 by kangareaux

  • Emily RVegan/Vegetarians: Skip the Gumbo. It tastes like dishwater. Bland, flavorless, and off. However the Vegetarian Dish of the day was White Beans and it was amazing.

    22222 by Emily R

  • John XDon't let the long line distract you...great food. The Combo Platter was great as well as the Jambalaya. The service was a little slow and the only thing to lower the rating.

    55555 by John X

  • L M.Funky Monkey Drink

    55555 by L M.

  • Deniz Anever thought i'd like bread pudding. it was heavenly. seafood gumbo was also yumc though not the best i ever tasted. lovely and fast service. totally worth the long waiting line.

    55555 by Deniz A

  • Matt R.The chicken andouille gumbo is the best in the city. Full stop.

    55555 by Matt R.

  • Doug BGreat food, great service. Get here early or plan to wait.

    55555 by Doug B

  • Loukas EThe food is not good at all. Creole style food is supposed to be an explosion of taste, this restaurant provide s nothing like that. It is a tourist trap. at least the prices are reasonable

    33333 by Loukas E

  • Alex PlutzerThe classic seafood gumbo is better than most of the specialties. And they make a mean Sazerac

    55555 by Alex Plutzer

  • Xiao Y.The jambalaya was nasty but the rest was ok

    11111 by Xiao Y.

  • Praveen P.Awesome gumbo .. Try the chicken espignola 👌

    55555 by Praveen P.

  • Marigny9Yes, it's a tourist stop but there's good reason--this place is the holy trinity for solid gumbo, jambalaya & etouffe. Old-school quality service and a lovely courtyard to boot.

    55555 by Marigny9

  • Lee SimpsonHonestly some of the best food I've ever tasted. The platter with shrimp is amazing and the bread is fantastic.

    55555 by Lee Simpson

  • Kathleen DNot the best! Didn't like it at all. But get the alligator sausage and the bread pudding.

    55555 by Kathleen D

  • Lina LTry the Jambalaya and the Beef gumbo soup.

    55555 by Lina L

  • Vivian ELast meal in Nola :) Bloody Mary yes!Enjoyed the jambalaya, heavier on tomato. Crawfish etouffee > chicken andouille gumbo > shrimp creole, but all were solid. Great table bread and warm service 👍

    55555 by Vivian E

  • Kelly J.THE Best gumbo in the french quarter! We came back a second time it was so yummy. Do not pass this place up!

    55555 by Kelly J.

  • Maraline G.BBQ shrimp was delicious. Wow.

    55555 by Maraline G.

  • Elizabeth CGumbo soup

    33333 by Elizabeth C

  • diego JGumbo, jambalaya, Alligator sausages...all!

    55555 by diego J

  • Sam lask for the off-menu vegan/vegetarian gumbo

    55555 by Sam l

  • Eric MWhatever is on the specials... Great experience, loved the ambience

    55555 by Eric M

  • Naif Mfirst time to try Gumbo and absolutely love it

    55555 by Naif M

  • Priya aWent here on my last day on trio #2 to NOLA. Food is ok but it is very touristy. Try Coop's further into the French Quarter for awesome Jambalaya (and other foods!)

    55555 by Priya a

  • Jesse B.Great food where you can really sample all kinds of Nawlins fare (gator sausage ayy) and tasty cocktails (honeydew daiquiri pictured)

    55555 by Jesse B.

  • Christina S.This place is amazing, and my first stop when visiting New Orleans. The chicken gumbo is perfection, and the blackened chicken po boy is delicious (and a very big portion!). A must do!

    55555 by Christina S.

  • Chung-yee N.The seafood gumbo was very tasty and hearty. It was a really good no meat option.

    55555 by Chung-yee N.

  • Michael C.If you are near Jackson square, you have to try this place. Unreal gumbo and jumbolya.

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Jessy NunezDefinitely coming back again for the seafood gumbo!

    55555 by Jessy Nunez

  • Lisa PFantastic crawfish etoufee and pasta!

    55555 by Lisa P

  • Nimesh P.The chicken and andouille sausage gumbo is delish!

    55555 by Nimesh P.

  • Desiree ZThe gumbo trio is amazing!!! So are the drinks!!😊😍😍

    55555 by Desiree Z

  • Alyssa SPerfect place to sample New Orleans cuisine. Had the special, gator sausage, and seafood gumbo.

    55555 by Alyssa S

  • Bobby KennedyThe chicken andouille gumbo and crawfish etouffe were delicious.

    55555 by Bobby Kennedy

  • Marcin S.Nothing special. Tried Jambalaya and Gumbo. The latter one was better.

    33333 by Marcin S.

  • Brandi B.Honestly, the gumbo was tasty but seemed to be missing that certain traditional flavor. Sometimes they have a different daily gumbo - I actually found that selection tastier than their "traditional"

    55555 by Brandi B.

  • Kaitlyn Pezikawesome gumbo

    55555 by Kaitlyn Pezik

  • Heather BCreole combo and the gumbo

    33333 by Heather B

  • Rod LEtoufee...seafood gumbo...creamed spinach...and sangria

    55555 by Rod L

  • Daniel LI was skeptical because, you know, tourists, but the gumbo here is genuinely fab. Try their pepper and spice blends - magnificent.

    55555 by Daniel L

  • Nicki KThe chicken gumbo was to die for! As well as their strawberry daiquiri's.

    55555 by Nicki K

  • leokyivgood seafood gumbo here

    55555 by leokyiv

  • Mimi M.The Mayor is in the HOUSE!!!! I love this place!!!

    55555 by Mimi M.

  • Pawel P.Absolutely loved the food, get the course set

    55555 by Pawel P.

  • Rachel G.You can get better gumbo elsewhere in NOLA.

    55555 by Rachel G.

  • Anna VladauI had a traditional plate. It was good.

    55555 by Anna Vladau

  • Howard WalfishThe gumbo z'herbes is vegetarian, but it's pretty bland without adding hot sauce.

    33333 by Howard Walfish

  • IrenaAmazing food! Gumbo and étouffée are the best I've ever had.

    55555 by Irena

  • Venkatesh H.This is one of my favorite places in the French Quarter. I love the crawfish ettuoffee. The trick is to get here for an early to have the best experience. They have good drinks too.

    55555 by Venkatesh H.

  • Greg REverything was tasty. Get here early or prepare to wait.

    55555 by Greg R

  • bello belloFun - long queue, but well worth it

    55555 by bello bello

  • Kareem C. J.Good food bad service😔

    33333 by Kareem C. J.

  • Dave S.Turkey and andouille sausage gumbo is hearty & spicy—a delicious choice. But, any of their gumbo will do just fine.

    55555 by Dave S.

  • Supercat 27The Creole combination platter will take your taste buds on a historical journey of French, Caribbean and Cajun.

    55555 by Supercat 27

  • Nushy SCPretty good gumbo and nice patio.

    55555 by Nushy SC

  • Nate T.Get the bread pudding. Ask for ice cream with it.

    55555 by Nate T.

  • Hanan A.Some classic NOLA fare right here

    55555 by Hanan A.

  • Desmond NAmazing staff! Even better food.

    55555 by Desmond N

  • Abdarrahman Al-SharifWhat a treat, the food the service ,the gumbo was fantastic and the crawfish was as good, the service , we got drinks and the desert for free, on the house

    55555 by Abdarrahman Al-Sharif

  • Lauren Furgason(+) The chicken gumbo was perfection! Seafood gumbo and jambalaya were great too. Start with a crab cake and end with the bread pudding!! (-) Cocktails were a little too sweet for my taste.

    55555 by Lauren Furgason

  • Brent C.Blackened chicken is great!

    55555 by Brent C.

  • Praveen PandeyOuch! !! I got a really pissed server. Hope he does not spit in my gambo.

    22222 by Praveen Pandey

  • Jeremy EcholsCrawfish pasta is fantastic!

    55555 by Jeremy Echols

  • KristinBest gumbo in NOLA

    55555 by Kristin

  • Ace Y.Chicken Gumbo! No surprise right? Crawford etoufee.

    55555 by Ace Y.

  • Katie H.Seafood gumbo

    55555 by Katie H.

  • Carla CGreat gumbo! The restaurant has a cute small courtyard. Try the trio jambalaya, red beans and shrimp at once.

    55555 by Carla C

  • Fernando F.The crawfish is always a winner here.

    55555 by Fernando F.

  • Danielle P.Had the seafood gumbo and jambalaya--granted we got it to go and ate it in the back of a cab on the way to the airport--but still delicious!

    55555 by Danielle P.

  • Ronnie R.Put extra money in the meters they are slow!

    22222 by Ronnie R.

  • Sean R.Authentic southern food. Gumbo is a pretty simple dish, though.

    55555 by Sean R.

  • Jessica W.Best place to get authentic AND vegetarian New Orleans cuisine!

    55555 by Jessica W.

  • Toyo M.Listen to the specials. Or ask if they serve crab cake..its yum and not listed on the menu.

    55555 by Toyo M.

  • Ali G.After reading the reviews expected much more...

    22222 by Ali G.

  • Lane R.The vegan gumbo is not "new age vegan" but an old recipe. Made with collard greens I think? More like a soup. But tasty!

    55555 by Lane R.

  • Hannah WilsonSeafood Okra Gumbo, Creole Combination Platter (Jambalaya, Crawfish Étouffée, Shrimp Creole)

    55555 by Hannah Wilson

  • Madhu VulimiriCrawfish étouffée and bread pudding.

    55555 by Madhu Vulimiri

  • Amy G.Go for the étouffée.

    55555 by Amy G.

  • Pam AEverything

    55555 by Pam A

  • Pam ALove it here. Came here last year and again this year and it's the food is still just as amazing.

    55555 by Pam A

  • Kate D.Real Fruit Darquries!!! YUM!!!!!!!!! Order the Peach!

    55555 by Kate D.

  • Slawomir MYou gave to try seafood okra gumbo. Great very crispy bread!

    55555 by Slawomir M

  • Leonard C.Chicken gumbo and blackened fish poboy were excellent. Setting is historic, but the modern/ugly bar and the drop ceiling seem out of place with the historical character of the building.

    55555 by Leonard C.

  • Ashley R.Get the crawfish ettoufee. Amazing.

    55555 by Ashley R.

  • Gail L.Wonderful Gumbo. The best we had while visiting NO, LA.

    55555 by Gail L.

  • Chris L.This place was terrible. Food was cold and had zero flavor. I have no idea how they got such high regards for their gumbo. Skip this place and try something else.

    22222 by Chris L.

  • Zanya TWas really pleased until the food arrived. Is gumbo always this bland and gloopy? Jambalaya was average. Service was ok and atmosphere was good on the courtyard. In summary: a no go for foodies

    33333 by Zanya T

  • Cassie M.The jambalaya was amazing. You can also get a phenomenal Ramos gin fizz.

    55555 by Cassie M.

  • Ange M.Get the Fresh Fish St. Peter - it is not on the menu, but it is fantastic! Also the best Shrimp Creole in town. This is the place to come for authentic recipes.

    55555 by Ange M.

  • Jeannie L.Crawfish pasta.

    55555 by Jeannie L.

  • Baptiste R.Pecan pie for dessert is a must have.

    55555 by Baptiste R.

  • Jeremy F.Nice bit of theatre history for Tennessee Williams fans

    55555 by Jeremy F.

  • Nimesh P.My favorite is the boudain and all of their gumbos.

    55555 by Nimesh P.

  • Dangelis P.To damn crowded need more space

    55555 by Dangelis P.

  • Allison M.Oyster artichoke gumbo is fantastic!

    55555 by Allison M.

  • Leigh K.Blackened fish po'boy was stellar!

    55555 by Leigh K.

  • Kim K.Gumbo is of course excellent but the crawfish étouffée is some of the beat in NOLA. Order a lot of side portions to try it all and ask to sit in the cozy alcove on the back side of the courtyard.

    55555 by Kim K.

  • Addie G.Great Vegetarian Gumbo. Was too stuffed to try the bread pudding. :)

    55555 by Addie G.

  • RobenaLuv the bread pudding. Rice & red beans is ok but jambalaya... Sorry guys but Royal House's one is much better

    55555 by Robena

  • David E.Blackened Chicken with Garlic potatoes and Cajun corn. Mmmmm

    55555 by David E.

  • Gail L.Wonderful seafood gumbo, crab cakes and service. We will return. Ask for Brittany, she was friendly and answered all our questions.

    55555 by Gail L.

  • Puja P.There is food for vegetarians too !!

    55555 by Puja P.

  • MarcellaThe alligator sausage is a must. I grew up in Louisiana and have only had gator fried — this is way better!

    55555 by Marcella

  • Mona M.Sazarec perfectly balanced !

    55555 by Mona M.

  • Ross G.The Sazerac is a must here.

    55555 by Ross G.

  • Ange M.Best shrimp creole and jambalaya I have ever had.

    55555 by Ange M.

  • Geoff B.The bathroom sink is reverse what you'd think: left for cold, right for hot. Consider yourself warned...

    22222 by Geoff B.

  • Gambit New OrleansGambit's Best of New Orleans: Best Gumbo

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • Peter M.Gumbo wasn't so great. Too much thickening agent and gloopy. Not much flavour either. The service and the grand building was great though.

    55555 by Peter M.

  • Chet A.The chicken andouille gumbo is phenomenal and the bread is mouthwatering. This is a wonderful place to eat

    55555 by Chet A.

  • Steve H.Gumbo Trio is awesome!

    55555 by Steve H.

  • Curt R.Best gumbo you will have in New Orleans. Friendly and fun staff. Great location near Jackson Square. The wait is worth it.

    55555 by Curt R.

  • Terri S.Excellent food. Great vegetarian choices!

    55555 by Terri S.

  • Kimberly S.He food is good. I don't recommend the banana daiquiri.

    55555 by Kimberly S.

  • David E.Blackened Chicken w garlic mashed pot and Cajun corn. The best dish

    55555 by David E.

  • Hard R.Sit inside.

    55555 by Hard R.

  • Eddie Y.The complete Créole dinner is a great deal. Everything was delicious, with highlights being the shrimp gumbo and the whiskey bread pudding. The Hurricane was a deliciously strong drink too.

    55555 by Eddie Y.

  • Daniel R.Heads up: the closing time on 4sq is wrong. They're really open until 10:30pm. Also, the freaking best gumbo and crawfish étouffée eveeeer!!

    55555 by Daniel R.

  • Brad J.Bread pudding is to die for!

    55555 by Brad J.

  • John B.The blackened catfish, gumbo, and boudin I highly recommend. The crawfish Tasso pasta is inconsistent quality depending on the cook, so don't get IMO. Not too loud, not quiet either.

    55555 by John B.

  • Linda M.There is at least one vegetarian entree. Tonight: white beans with chopped onions and red pepper & rice.

    55555 by Linda M.

  • babs o.both the vegan and vegetarian gumbo are fantastic! vegan gumbo is not on the menu so be sure to ask for it.

    55555 by babs o.

  • LuckypooZa !.Great food, reasonable prices!

    55555 by LuckypooZa !.

  • Jon B.Consistently wonderful

    55555 by Jon B.

  • Jason H.Pretty much everything was great at this place. Gumbo, alligator sausage, jambalaya, all amazing!

    55555 by Jason H.

  • James H.Love Kim the waitress here! #NoLAtrip

    33333 by James H.

  • James H.Got scolded for leaving a bit of gumbo in my bowl ... gave me more bread and said clean your plate before I take it! ... awesome and fun waitress!

    33333 by James H.

  • Jeanne D.The bread pudding and icing (get on the side) dissolve in your mouth like spun sugar. The bread tastes like hot cookie dough. The icing was a box of confectioners sugar in a vat of butter. Decadent!

    33333 by Jeanne D.

  • Carolyn M.Amazing Food and Great prices, the staff is also GREAT! be sure to have at least one meal here

    55555 by Carolyn M.

  • Todd S.Bread pudding is a must have! Amazing

    55555 by Todd S.

  • Patrick S.The chicken gumbo and the combination platter were really good. Don't be afraid if there's a big line up, it moves pretty fast. The fresh fruit daiquiris were also delicious.

    55555 by Patrick S.

  • Patrick S.The vegan gumbo is amazing!

    55555 by Patrick S.

  • FaithServer appeared to hate his job and life but the food was great. Had sides of the etouffee, seafood gumbo, corn, and oh my goodness that praline sundae was divine!

    55555 by Faith

  • Nicolas C.Athena was great. Great food + great service.

    55555 by Nicolas C.

  • Erica R.Vegetarians rejoice: you can have gumbo too! Mix in the pepper blend and hot sauce though, it's a bit bland as is.

    55555 by Erica R.

  • Paul S.The seafood gumbo is amazing!!

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Hazal Y.try jambalaya, po-boys, red beans and rice with smoked sausage(a new orleans tradition) and more.. they are delicious!

    55555 by Hazal Y.

  • Suzan H.Try the Turkey And Sausage Gumbo - A great start to a day of adventure! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Suzan H.

  • Maxim A.Get the today's special.... Had the tuna medium, grilled, perfectly done.

    55555 by Maxim A.

  • LuluCrawfish étouffée - 'nough said.

    55555 by Lulu

  • HeatherHopeThey have a daily vegetarian entree. And sit in the courtyard!

    55555 by HeatherHope

  • Gambit New OrleansGambit's Best of New Orleans Readers' Poll 2012 Winner: Best Gumbo

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • KathleenCrawfish Etouffee and crab cake are delicious!

    55555 by Kathleen

  • Su Lin O.The jambalaya and the seafood and okra gumbo is delicious!

    55555 by Su Lin O.

  • 👑Carly R.Try the fresh fruit daiquiris! So delicious, you can taste the fruit!

    55555 by 👑Carly R.

  • Brian B.Hottest hand driers on the planet in then bathrooms. Oh ya...the food is amazing too!

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Traci D.Gumbo was good but not great. Not much sausage in it. Try the jambalaya and a frozen daquiri (we had strawberry & melon- one of the best drinks we've ever had!)

    55555 by Traci D.

  • Toni C.Go for the gusto order the Creole dinner.

    55555 by Toni C.

  • Phantomluvr L.Have the "Catfish St. Peter" Its like sex in your mouth

    55555 by Phantomluvr L.

  • ScioniQCityRaise your City iQ: Celery, Bell Peppers, and Onions is the holy trinity which makes a great Gumbo.

    55555 by ScioniQCity

  • Ashish K.Warm bread pudding! Creole dinner - chicken andouille gumbo, crawfish étouffée, macque choux corn. Soooooooo good!

    55555 by Ashish K.

  • @iamnotdamon™Ask for Ms. Gaynelle

    55555 by @iamnotdamon™

  • @iamnotdamon™Red Beans and Rice. Enough said!!! Get it!!

    33333 by @iamnotdamon™

  • Mauricio B.Bloody Mary's and chicken andouille are AWESOME.

    55555 by Mauricio B.

  • Jackie F.I used to love this place went today sat there for 20 minutes no service. Yeah I will not be going back there were 10 servers standing around and yet nobody could take my order.

    22222 by Jackie F.

  • Paula L.The turnip greens have a nice crisp flavor and the red beans and rice is phenomenal!

    55555 by Paula L.

  • Matthew D.The BEST food in NOLA!

    55555 by Matthew D.

  • Kristin K.Pat for president!!!! Best waiter ever:)

    55555 by Kristin K.

  • Rhonda M.Ask for Bridget! She is amazing! Excellent service!

    55555 by Rhonda M.

  • Nicola R.Best shrimp creole I have ever had.

    55555 by Nicola R.

  • Farrah S.The name & atmosphere drew us in but the food was very mediocre. Disappointed not spicy the jumbalaya was dry & small portions but the po boys were huge

    33333 by Farrah S.

  • Michael P.Service was ok at best. Food was good. Probably wouldn't go back because of service though

    33333 by Michael P.

  • Alejandro M.excelente el Po-Boys y el gumbo

    55555 by Alejandro M.

  • Mandy W.The Chicken Gumbo was delicious, but the service was mediocre.

    33333 by Mandy W.

  • Elizabeth H.Hot sauce makes the gumbo better!

    55555 by Elizabeth H.

  • Frank L.I never trust a place with no tips

    33333 by Frank L.

  • Marc S.Good. Hot. Fast. I had the chicken gumbo, it was great

    55555 by Marc S.

  • Timothy M.seafood gumbo. enough said. i have been eating the same thing here for 15 plus years.

    33333 by Timothy M.

  • Brad C.I managed to find the only bland food in Nola.

    33333 by Brad C.

  • Annie N.wasn't too great at all

    55555 by Annie N.

  • Jacob M.Very tasty jambalaya and shrimp po boy!! Bread is phenomenal!!

    55555 by Jacob M.

  • Taryn H.Not sure when everyone dined but my experience was horrible. Poor service, my $11 chix salad was so not worth it. Will NOT be back!

    22222 by Taryn H.

  • Gambit New OrleansGambit's Best of New Orleans Readers' Poll 2011 Winner: Best Gumbo

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • JamieSue C.Not very good. Jambalaya had little flavor and gumbo was watery. Yo mamas gumbo is better

    33333 by JamieSue C.

  • Allen A.Get the Creole Combination and substitute the red beans and rice for crawfish étouffée for just a couple of dollars more! Sop it all up with bread or some rice.

    33333 by Allen A.

  • Carolyn J.Get the combo platter. I honestly couldn't decide which was my favorite!

    55555 by Carolyn J.

  • Amanda @This place is a hidden gem. No wait at all, really fast service and the food was amazing!! They bring you fresh baked bread to nibble on too. Try the crab cakes and the shrimp po boy... Mouthwatering!

    55555 by Amanda @

  • Michelle Sprottms Brenda is the best waitress ! True example of southern hospitality NOLA style

    55555 by Michelle Sprott

  • Kyle M.Get the daily special regardless of what it is. It's good.

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • Stephanie C.The complete Creole dinner is amazing -- rice & beans, gumbo, etoufée, bread pudding with whisky sauce.

    55555 by Stephanie C.

  • Chris R.Shrimp remoulad is the best in the city!

    55555 by Chris R.

  • Mario LOur waiter, Will (who resembles & sounds like matthew mcConnelly) suggested the combo platter. He was right and you gotta have the bread pudding. Great service from Will!

    55555 by Mario L

  • emm v.If sonny isn't your waiter, he should be. Awesome food!!

    55555 by emm v.

  • Marlan H.For God's sake, the bread pudding.

    55555 by Marlan H.

  • Randy R.Wonderful andouille gumbo served by a lovely hostess Rose.

    55555 by Randy R.

  • Lezlie W.The bread pudding was soooo wonderful that we ordered a second one!!!!

    33333 by Lezlie W.

  • Jacob H.Awesome food, and GREAT pecan pie!

    55555 by Jacob H.

  • Amechi U.The chocolate fudge pie is delish!!

    55555 by Amechi U.

  • Amanda KCrawfish pasta and Tasso sauce is AMAZING!

    55555 by Amanda K

  • Amanda P.Not impressed. Save yourself the time, get a cup of gumbo and then go elsewhere.

    22222 by Amanda P.

  • Mona S.Don't get blackened fish nuggets, taste like fish scraps (spongy), and seafood gumbo had bits of shell in it; not sure if that's standard

    33333 by Mona S.

  • Eric K.Great atmosphere and pleasant staff. The better of the two gumbo places I tried while in NO.

    55555 by Eric K.

  • Jaimee Jambalaya is phenomenal. Try the fresh fruit daquiri you won't regret it.

    55555 by Jaimee

  • Trisha W.Catfish St Peter was AWSOME! Great place!

    55555 by Trisha W.

  • Craig DOkra gumbo and the jambalaya are great. Drinks are a bit weak but overall a great choice

    55555 by Craig D

  • Chaseton G.Wow, what a great place to eat!! Be sure to try their house salad with pecan vinagorette and the crawfish pasta!!

    55555 by Chaseton G.

  • Jason P.Don't buy any drinks, they will short change you. Food is pretty good, not the best but good.

    33333 by Jason P.

  • Colin CStuffed tomato with shrimp salad is awesome.

    55555 by Colin C

  • Guy P.Ask for Ms Brenda and eat what she tells you, especially the pecan pie.

    33333 by Guy P.

  • Guy P.Not what it was under the original owner and mgm't, but still a great stop for real food in the Quarter.

    55555 by Guy P.

  • Sarah J.the bread pudding is fabulous

    55555 by Sarah J.

  • Greg Kshrimp salad was amazing!

    55555 by Greg K

  • Kat C.Definitely recommend trying the St. Peter's Punch! Lots of alcohol masked in a fantastically fruity, sippable drink! Delicious!

    55555 by Kat C.

  • Darren TShrimp po boy was great but not traditional at all. Like shrimp stew with bread.

    55555 by Darren T

  • EverettTurkey & hot sausage gumbo is yumbo.

    55555 by Everett

  • Scott SShrimp po-boy. Can't go wrong with it!

    55555 by Scott S

  • Bryan W.Try the blacked fish nuggets!

    55555 by Bryan W.

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