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Cafe Fleur De Lis

4.6 of 5.0 from 102 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA
  • Cafe Fleur De Lis in New Orleans, LA

Cafe Fleur De Lis Reviews

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  • Zak CPancakes are truly special

    55555 by Zak C

  • Richard TBest recommendation for Fleur de Lis is that you can find locals eating there on a regular basis. Off season is best.

    55555 by Richard T

  • Rok K.The best shrimp and grits in New Orleans. I tried them all. They use the Nowait app for a waiting list which is great and you can get coffee in nearby French Truck Coffee while waiting.

    55555 by Rok K.

  • Jakub MCozy place with great breakfast! Prices are still "european"

    55555 by Jakub M

  • Yana DuplinskayaЗавтрак понравился. В кафе очередь минут на 40 была.

    33333 by Yana Duplinskaya

  • Leandro CEverything is good!

    55555 by Leandro C

  • Amanda S.Don't ask for separate checks. It took our serve 15 minutes (and sniping at us) to eventually tell us that we couldn't pay separately for 3 people.

    11111 by Amanda S.

  • Cemre RRude waitresses, horrible waiting time. The first epicfail in New Orleans. Avoid.

    22222 by Cemre R

  • Krista AFleur de Lis omelet

    55555 by Krista A

  • Krista ABloody Mary's are great!

    55555 by Krista A

  • Matt V.Seafood cakes benny, bloody mary (w/ shrimp if they have it). 👊

    55555 by Matt V.

  • Jeff CulpepperThe biscuits are amazing

    55555 by Jeff Culpepper

  • Alice JDelicious eggs benedict, friendly staff

    55555 by Alice J

  • Emily KaneThat hangover isn't going to cure itself.

    55555 by Emily Kane

  • jeff KFarmers omelette , green tomato Bloody Mary , hash browns. Use the NoWait app and save time 👌🏻 5 Stars

    55555 by jeff K

  • Melissa E.Hot damn, best breakfast we had! Bourbon street pancake platter is a must and the shrimp & grits were perfect!

    55555 by Melissa E.

  • Cami Wrightthe pancakes are amazing!

    55555 by Cami Wright

  • Jeremy CThe chocolate iced coffee is yums

    55555 by Jeremy C

  • Brian M.Great breakfast spot

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Sylvie S.Seafood Benny was great! Loved the grits too!

    55555 by Sylvie S.

  • Liana CascianiJuly 2015- don't get hash browns. Omelette Fleur de Lis was unbelievable. Cinnamon swirl pancakes I will dream about. And craw fish Bloody Mary with a recipe I will steal. Use the NO WAIT APP!!

    55555 by Liana Casciani

  • Doug J.Great breakfast sandwich

    55555 by Doug J.

  • Tom K.Grab the No Wait app to get in line before you arrive. 15 minute estimate took only 7 minutes.

    22222 by Tom K.

  • Jim S.Try the fries. OMG.

    55555 by Jim S.

  • Cami Wrightthe food was so good i had to eat here again the next morning!

    33333 by Cami Wright

  • Cami Wrighti got the big easy breakfast and loved it! the chocolate chip pancakes are the best ive ever had!

    55555 by Cami Wright

  • Mehmet Fatih Y.Any type of egg breakfast is good, crisp hash browns.

    55555 by Mehmet Fatih Y.

  • Soner BaşarırAwful service, but nice place

    33333 by Soner Başarır

  • Dena F.The flour de lis omelette is delicious

    55555 by Dena F.

  • Kevin M.My first taste of New Orleans food...outstanding! Sadly, it isn't open for dinner.

    55555 by Kevin M.

  • Alesia M.Shrimp and grits are excellent.

    55555 by Alesia M.

  • Linda Y.A+ biscuits and grits.

    55555 by Linda Y.

  • Mark LombardiGood breakfast sandwich.

    55555 by Mark Lombardi

  • Jesse M.Great Breakfast/Brunch!!! :)

    55555 by Jesse M.

  • James L.Service is amazing! Seafood Benedict is a must!

    55555 by James L.

  • vena f.Superior service! One if the best iced coffee solve ever had. Shrimp n grits, pancakes, eggs, sausage, hash browns ...nothing disappointed!!

    55555 by vena f.

  • Benjamin R.Try the Chicory Coffee

    55555 by Benjamin R.

  • Tanya R.The Seafood Benedict for Breakfast is awesome!

    55555 by Tanya R.

  • Alainna D.Very little wait for a seat, decent food prepared fast, and delicious cappuccino.

    55555 by Alainna D.

  • Kelly S.Fleur de lis omelet with crawfish sauce is a great pick!

    55555 by Kelly S.

  • Shannon H.Seafood cake Benedict is what you should get hands down

    55555 by Shannon H.

  • Russell A.The Fleur de Lis omelette to this day is the best omelette I've EVER had.

    55555 by Russell A.

  • Vincent V.Hashbrowns tasted oily. French toast were fluffy and moist but overall deceiving experience. Too long to get water. Too long to get coffee. Maybe they had to run to the river.

    33333 by Vincent V.

  • Albert T.They are only open from 7 am to 3 pm. The pancakes are really tasty - must try. Jessie the waitress was really cool and friendly although a bit chatty. She gave me tips on the NOLA nightlife!

    55555 by Albert T.

  • Leigh K.The pancakes are to die for. Real buttermilk pancakes! Melt in your mouth!

    55555 by Leigh K.

  • Rick L.Newer breakfast place in the quarter. Unique dishes with a fancy flare.

    55555 by Rick L.

  • Bailey O.The lox bagel is amazing! But huge! Perfect breakfast place

    55555 by Bailey O.

  • Taylor H.Get the Fleur de Lis omelet. Crawfish sauce is awesome.

    55555 by Taylor H.

  • Thomas R.Great food and fast service

    55555 by Thomas R.

  • Malissa P.Order the Seafood Benedict, their NOLA take on Eggs Benedict. Amazingly yummy! Service was superb and fast. Must try spot when in town!!!

    55555 by Malissa P.

  • Joann PanIf hungry, do yourself a favor and order the eggs florentine (seriously). Perfectly poached eggs on warm spinach served on a delicious buttery biscuit + a plate of the tastiest hash browns ever!

    55555 by Joann Pan

  • Roy L.Get a stack of pancakes. The best I've had!

    55555 by Roy L.

  • Brenda M.Egg not cook to desired texture. Atmosphere nice.

    55555 by Brenda M.

  • Stacey B.Get the French toast!

    33333 by Stacey B.

  • Jo APeach Mimosas!

    55555 by Jo A

  • Faith R.Yup the fleur de Lis omelette is bomb! Yummmm worth the 20 minute wait! Food didn't even take long to get to our table and its packed! Awesome !

    55555 by Faith R.

  • Julie H.Order the hash browns, they're delicious!

    55555 by Julie H.

  • Sandra A.Don't come here for lunch. Sandwiches are subpar and they don't put any mayo or mustard on the sandwich. So very dry. Menu inaccurate and when asked about why item- horseradish on sand wich omitted

    22222 by Sandra A.

  • Craig ASurprisingly good vegetarian panini. I didn't expect it.

    55555 by Craig A

  • Trisha B.The best breakfast all week. Better than any expensive hotel. French toast to die for and spinach wrap is healthy and amazing. Must eat here!!!

    55555 by Trisha B.

  • VinyBloody Mary's

    55555 by Viny

  • Crystal M.Shrimp and grits are soo good! Our waiter Thomas was super nice and provided great service.

    55555 by Crystal M.

  • Jennifer O.A disappointment; both food and service.For bacon, eggs, pancakes etc keep walking down the block to Camellia Grill.

    33333 by Jennifer O.

  • 🌺Sarah D.Awesome shrimp and grits. A must get!

    55555 by 🌺Sarah D.

  • Henry A.Cafe Fleur de Lis is now table service so come by and ask for me

    55555 by Henry A.

  • Tad JTry the Fleur De Lis Omlette

    55555 by Tad J

  • Marlon pGet the hashbrowns!

    22222 by Marlon p

  • Andrew C.Lattes are amazing. One of the best I have had, done right. Fleur de lis omelet is delicious - crawfish!

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • KJ R.We walked straight in and got the big easy breakfast which was AMAZING and very cost effective. Nice staff and quick service. Will definitely be back!

    55555 by KJ R.

  • Ellen F.For those silly people at the big hotels 2 blocks away waiting 20-deep at the lobby Starbucks, use your feet, get some fresh air, and get an awesome cafe au lait for half the price of your latte...

    55555 by Ellen F.

  • BrianExcellent breakfast pancakes breakfast sand country omelette to good to share

    55555 by Brian

  • Holly N.Best breakfast in the French Quarter that doesn't break the bank! Try the pancakes and hash browns!

    55555 by Holly N.

  • Neal R.Great hashbrowns, but instead of the American (fake) cheese they put on them ask for pepper jack

    33333 by Neal R.

  • Paul W.The pancakes are great. Sweet enough on their own that I didn't want syrup on them

    55555 by Paul W.

  • William H.Great food, awesome casual spot. Suggest their breakfast sandwiches w/ hashbbrows.

    55555 by William H.

  • Ron G.Big Easy breakfast is very good. Service was fast.

    55555 by Ron G.

  • Paula P.The hash browns and pancakes are AWESOME!

    55555 by Paula P.

  • Steven E.Great pancakes!

    55555 by Steven E.

  • Chad M.Try the Two scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, sausage - Great breakfasts are key. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Chad M.

  • pete c.The namesake omelete is one of the best in the city..shhh its already crowded enough.

    55555 by pete c.

  • caplady1225Hashbrowns are a must

    55555 by caplady1225

  • Sarah H.This place is amazing!

    55555 by Sarah H.

  • Patrick K.Ham steak is really good. Pancakes are awesome!

    55555 by Patrick K.

  • Brooks R.The Fleur De Lis omelet with crawfish cream sauce is amazing!

    55555 by Brooks R.

  • Jason R.Try the buttermilk pancakes - taste like funnel cake!!!

    55555 by Jason R.

  • Thomas R.Fleur De Lis omlette is great

    55555 by Thomas R.

  • Julie M.Hashbrowns are THE BEST I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!! Place is a little pricey, but good.

    55555 by Julie M.

  • Christopher M.Large portions. Crazy busy at times but tables managed rather than a mad rush.

    55555 by Christopher M.

  • Bethany D.Excellent food and service!

    55555 by Bethany D.

  • Sona M.Great Omlettes! Veggie was fab

    55555 by Sona M.

  • Michele O.My favorite breakfast in the quarter. Hash browns are a must. Everything is delicious and a good price. Don't stress about the line or getting a table. The hostess makes it work out!

    55555 by Michele O.

  • April D.Hashbrowns are cuhrazy yummy. Egg and cheese biscuit sandwich is good and not greasy like other places.

    55555 by April D.

  • Steve S.Breakfast was served very quickly and was tasty although I should have ordered an omelette. Wife ordered Eggs Benedict and loved it.

    55555 by Steve S.

  • amanda b.the ham, egg, and cheese on toast sandwich is delicious and the perfect size. my fav breakfast place in Nola. always yummy.

    55555 by amanda b.

  • Nikki A.good food but too expensive...

    55555 by Nikki A.

  • Samantha W.Extremely well priced for the quality and amount of food you get! Breakfast is amazing! Try the Big Easy! Will be back my next trip to NOLA!

    55555 by Samantha W.

  • Jason S.The fleur de lis omelette is amazing and the bloody marys are wonderful, but pricey. I'll be back.

    55555 by Jason S.

  • Deborah R.Tv's in the loo!

    33333 by Deborah R.

  • Patrick D.Food is great here. On table in under 5 min. Fleur de lis omelette is killer. Where else can you get crawfish in your omelette? I'm here every time I'm in NOLA

    55555 by Patrick D.

  • Jon B.Here's a tip. Don't eat here. Only people in the place and we've been waiting 20 minutes for our food.

    22222 by Jon B.

  • Chris N.The egg sandwich on a biscuit is to die for.

    55555 by Chris N.

  • Steve W.This place takes foreeeeeeve. Very slow.

    33333 by Steve W.

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