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Cafe St Jorge

3438 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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(415) 814-2028


  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cuisine: Cafes

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4.8 of 5.0 from 90 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA
  • Cafe St Jorge in San Francisco, CA

Cafe St Jorge Reviews

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  • Bikash M.Expect long waits and a crowd, particularly on weekends. They serve Stumptown coffee, which is pretty good. They're known for their avocado toast but it didn't taste so special.

    55555 by Bikash M.

  • Sarah E.Portuguese cheeseboard

    55555 by Sarah E.

  • Sarah E.Portuguese cheese board

    55555 by Sarah E.

  • Joseph BleckmanEspescies, Dona Amelia, and a Latte for here are all good

    55555 by Joseph Bleckman

  • Chad H.the goose is loose! ham and cheese + banana

    55555 by Chad H.

  • Suzanne L.Confession: I left a love letter at this cafe as a romantic gesture. I wonder if that person will read this tip.

    33333 by Suzanne L.

  • Stella NovenaThat's what a call breakfast. and lunch. and dinner. Get the Chia Bowl and a latte. Simply the best.

    55555 by Stella Novena

  • carla b.Order up at the counter, bus yourself, and the staff will thank you!

    55555 by carla b.

  • Mark TAvocado chili toast didn't pop, but the kale ginger smoothie did.

    55555 by Mark T

  • Dilek S.Delicious avocado toast and cheese+tomato toast. I also liked the pastel de nata.

    55555 by Dilek S.

  • Will JBreakfasting with the chia bowl will be the best thing you do all day.

    55555 by Will J

  • Cin TAvocado toast to die for!!! Add extra bacon and buy one of the pastel de nata, they are as good as in Lisbon 😊

    55555 by Cin T

  • Jenn C.Friendly staff, delicious drinks, and solid pastry selection. One of the few places I've seen in San Francisco that have homemade pastel de nata (Portuguese egg tarts)!

    55555 by Jenn C.

  • Jaakko CThe chia bowl is delicious and the sandwiches are full of cheese-yummyness!

    55555 by Jaakko C

  • Brandon CCappuccino and cinnamon toast are great.

    55555 by Brandon C

  • Dave P.Cinnamon sugar toast is bomb

    55555 by Dave P.

  • Dana LAvo toast is to die for!

    55555 by Dana L

  • Christophe L.The sardine crostini, croque-monsieur and avocado toast are all good.

    55555 by Christophe L.

  • Mark D.Great coffee and they have actual food (including tasty pastries, brunch items, and sandwiches). Sit outside on a warm morning, if you have a chance.

    55555 by Mark D.

  • Lea PThe chia bowl is delish. Super friendly staff. WiFi code is "portugalisawesome"

    55555 by Lea P

  • KarlaI love the food here, but the staff is never very nice. They seem especially annoyed on Sunday mornings when loyal patrons bring their kids. "ugh"

    55555 by Karla

  • Danielle DavisMy new favorite cafe!

    55555 by Danielle Davis

  • Hannah S.Avocado toast and chai latte are good!

    55555 by Hannah S.

  • Toland H.Stumptown lattes were really good. Also their famous Portuguese egg tarts come piping hot out of their oven at 11am on Saturday.

    55555 by Toland H.

  • Case MGreat almond coffee cake and stumptown cold brew

    55555 by Case M

  • Well + Away RBrooklyn-y hipster haunt for recharging over pastries, Stumptown coffee, and a perfectly sized quinoa salads. Free wifi!

    55555 by Well + Away R

  • Adam K.Coffee is on point and the quinoa breakfast bowls are quite popular. The waffles are a bit dry I'd recommend anything else. The biscoitos and especie are great with coffee.

    55555 by Adam K.

  • Rachel B.The GF option for the Breakfast Slider is incredible.

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Rachel B.What an AWESOME breakfast! The Breakfast Slider is served on housemade sourdough bread for the gluten-free option and it's HEAVENLY!!! HIGHLY recommend this option for Celiacs.

    55555 by Rachel B.

  • Ranu R.Love this neighborhood cafe. All of the Portuguese pastries and breakfast items looked delicious especially this avocado toast. Pro tip: add baked eggs. That, plus an iced coffee & you're good to go.

    55555 by Ranu R.

  • Jaime JorgePastel de nata!

    55555 by Jaime Jorge

  • LibbyGreat for gluten free options, chia bowls, coffee

    55555 by Libby

  • Hanah SPortuguese egg tarts!

    55555 by Hanah S

  • Noam LWifi password is 'portugalisawesome'

    55555 by Noam L

  • Rob DAvo toast is great, just the right amount of spice. Pretty hearty portion. Coffee is good too

    55555 by Rob D

  • Adrian PhillipsYou can't go wrong with the Avocado Chili Toast. They also make a great latte. Menus are up front, feel free to grab one if there's a line. Also be a good human and order before grabbing a table.

    55555 by Adrian Phillips

  • Quantified Tgood work spot. wifi pwd portugalisawesome

    55555 by Quantified T

  • Adam K.Chia bowl is surprisingly one of the best things here besides the Stumptown coffee. I can't recommend the waffles but the Portuguese biscuits are great!

    55555 by Adam K.

  • Marshall S.The goose is loose sandwich

    33333 by Marshall S.

  • Mark IseroCoffee and avocado bread.

    55555 by Mark Isero

  • Melon L.Uh-mazing chia bowls here. Perfect way to start off your day!

    55555 by Melon L.

  • Adam K.Portuguese biscuits here are great with the Stumptown coffee.

    55555 by Adam K.

  • Graeme ESmoothies are awesome, and toast

    55555 by Graeme E

  • Rem KoningColdbrew and Portuguese snacks. Great place to while away an afternoon.

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • FaunAvocado toast with chili and iced coffee (on tap)

    55555 by Faun

  • Annie Ochoa BenitezGreat almond capps & gluten free goodies

    55555 by Annie Ochoa Benitez

  • John L.Great coffee and Iced Stumptown brews to go. Portuguese breakfast is simple but satisfying in the morning

    55555 by John L.

  • Kaan A.Sardine crostini

    55555 by Kaan A.

  • Eric G.You may have lines now but you are still my neighborhood spot

    55555 by Eric G.

  • KarlaNo decaf brewed coffee :-(

    55555 by Karla

  • KarlaThe avocado toast is excellent. So is pretty much everything else on the menu.

    55555 by Karla

  • Pamela O.Drink Portland's Stumptown Coffee here.

    55555 by Pamela O.

  • CrewPlugs along left side of wall. Wi-Fi password: iloveportugal

    33333 by Crew

  • CrewPlugs along left side of wall. Wi-Fi password: iloveportugal

    33333 by Crew

  • Ashley M.Gluten-free, vegan, coffee snob paradise. Everything is delicious and there's seating for everyone.

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Tasting TableSpend the afternoon in Bernal Heights. The sweets at Cafe St. Jorge are always good, especially mid-afternoon.

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • Melon L.Stumptown coffee, Portuguese toasts, Portuguese egg tarts, etc., etc.

    55555 by Melon L.

  • Jessica C.Stumptown cold brew in bottles

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Joshua HaftelLove love love this place. The pastele, toasta mista, coffee, ambiance, everything. Thinking of loving to bernal just to be closer.

    55555 by Joshua Haftel

  • Hattie StroudPleasantly surprised by the Housemade Granola Bars.

    55555 by Hattie Stroud

  • Madelyn G.Check the special board

    55555 by Madelyn G.

  • Nitasha T.Incredible Hulk kale smoothie is perfect, not too sweet. Too much toast, too little avocado. Lovely place to spend a day, but the sign says keep it to 60 min at a table

    55555 by Nitasha T.

  • Kul W.The food is good here but it's sometimes difficult to get a seat if you want to work...and I haven't had good experiences with the wifi.

    55555 by Kul W.

  • alby barberCoffee is great but service sucks and pastry tasted of old cheese. Sad times

    22222 by alby barber

  • Trella R.Stumptown coffee! ☕️

    55555 by Trella R.

  • June K.Eat all ze toasts.

    55555 by June K.

  • Mason TangGreat Stumptown coffee, great pastries and toast.

    55555 by Mason Tang

  • Ayush K.I haven't found a single food item that I don't like.

    55555 by Ayush K.

  • Steve HopkinsThis place has Melbourne/St Kilda vibe. Grab yourself a coffee and relax in the sunshine in the front window.

    55555 by Steve Hopkins

  • Steve HopkinsThe vibe is relaxed and the coffee is awesome. I had the breakfast slider, which was excellent.

    55555 by Steve Hopkins

  • KarlaNote the speaker locations before sitting down.

    11111 by Karla

  • Josh E.Chia bowl is amazing

    55555 by Josh E.

  • Asher BlumbergChia bowl > Quinoa bowl #chchchia

    55555 by Asher Blumberg

  • Addie WalshAwesome spot, delicious food and good value.

    55555 by Addie Walsh

  • Staff PicksBreakfast is the most important meal of the day right? Why not start the day with Cafe St. Jorge's orange blossom waffle. Don't worry if you're vegan, they have dairy-free waffles too!

    55555 by Staff Picks

  • Anton S.Try the chia and quinoa bowls. Great healthy breakfast options!

    55555 by Anton S.

  • Cesar P.Very cute place with lots of hipsters and wifi. Excellent mocha.

    55555 by Cesar P.

  • Sintia VillanuevaOrganic ingredients, cold pressed juices, kale + quinoa salads and vegan + gluten-free pastries with a hint of tame impala playing in the background. I'm in love with this cafe.

    55555 by Sintia Villanueva

  • Stefanie S.pasteis de nata, warmed up with cinnamon

    33333 by Stefanie S.

  • Camille L.Free refills on coffee and iced tea (when dining in). The Goose is Loose is surprisingly tasty if you like sweet and salty.

    55555 by Camille L.

  • Caryl S.Great little coffee shop to work from. You walk in and suddenly it seems like you're not on a scruffy little section of Mission St. anymore. Great endless cup of coffee for $3.50.

    55555 by Caryl S.

  • Pamela O.The housemade Nutella cream cheese is delicious and textured with Hazelnut bits. Can't buy it by the tub, but the staff is nice enough to give you the recipe. :)

    55555 by Pamela O.

  • Chris Ellen M.We tried to eat here- too many folks with their laptops. One per table... There were four of us; they suggested we get our lunch to go! So we went... Elsewhere.

    33333 by Chris Ellen M.

  • Sofiya H.Avoid fresh green juice!!! 😦

    55555 by Sofiya H.

  • Pedro F.Fig toast is great. Also must try the Pastel de Nata.

    55555 by Pedro F.

  • Eric G.Eat and drink all the things

    33333 by Eric G.

  • Alexis F.Never feel left out gluten free toast is the jam, and when you add avocado... welcome to heaven. The custard pastries are three bites of utter delight.

    55555 by Alexis F.

  • Cheryl Y.Cafe St Jorge is my new favorite neighborhood cafe & wifi work-from-home spot! Delicious chia bowl, avocado toast, Portugese egg tarts & stumptown coffee!

    55555 by Cheryl Y.

  • Nathalie B.Such a cute little coffee shop

    55555 by Nathalie B.

  • Jeff P.Mocha is fantastic! And the pastries are excellent!

    55555 by Jeff P.

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