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1911 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115

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(415) 771-7779


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Thursday: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Friday: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 165 reviews

price range:$26 to $50



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Spqr Reviews

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  • Jon B.Incredible selection of pastas. The steak, topped with foie gras, was incredible.

    55555 by Jon B.

  • Rachel AThe pasta is too al dente for my taste, but the other dishes are great

    55555 by Rachel A

  • Curtis S.Once upon a time this place was great. Now? Ugh. Avoid. Salty to the point of inedible and pasta that's gummy. Such a shame.

    22222 by Curtis S.

  • James CThe salumi board was magnificent

    55555 by James C

  • Pavan CVery mediocre small portion food for ridiculous price. Beretta has way better food and quantity for better price

    33333 by Pavan C

  • Hristo DThe sturgeon dish was pretty good

    33333 by Hristo D

  • Israel JTodo, el ambiente la comida , de lo mejor de SF

    55555 by Israel J

  • EaterIf you're in the mood to indulge your decadent side, linger over your espresso and order the warm chocolate cake served with a molten center spilling out onto white coffee gelato and frothy spuma.

    55555 by Eater

  • Frost L.Too cozy. You basically sit next to another group side by side. Hard to have conversations. Food was meh.

    33333 by Frost L.

  • Camila AAppetizers and pastas were incredible!

    55555 by Camila A

  • Coopsie FOmg the duck lasagna...I died and went to heaven

    55555 by Coopsie F

  • Vansi V.Come here for lunch, and there's no wait and a cheaper pasta tasting menu.

    55555 by Vansi V.

  • Linda LEverything is good! Pasta 🍝 and crab 🦀 salad 😋

    55555 by Linda L

  • Michael CGreat food

    55555 by Michael C

  • Rebecca MaldonadoTheir ricotta gnudi with sage meatballs was amazing! Everything we had was delicious. They did a nice inventive twist of the classic tiramisu that left you craving for more.

    55555 by Rebecca Maldonado

  • Shirley L.Overall good experience, but found the lunch pasta tasting too expensive at $38 pp. One of the dishes was a deep fried corn which was only average.

    33333 by Shirley L.

  • Russell L.If they have anything with truffles, get it!

    55555 by Russell L.

  • James H.fazzoletti, white corn, pancetta, chive, cornbread and parmesan

    55555 by James H.

  • Wilson JDark and crowded but the food more than makes up for this, with true innovation on produce and technique being applied to Italian heritage. Damn good wine list too.

    55555 by Wilson J

  • Dave CummingsPasta tasting 😳

    55555 by Dave Cummings

  • Ricky S.One of the best meals I have had I a while. We had the wine paring which was a great choice.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Jason H.Amazing food at maybe a tad higher price for comparable restaurants.

    55555 by Jason H.

  • Peiying WenEnjoyed their appetizers - simple but creative. Their pasta on the other hand was heavy yet lacks flavor, in comparison to Flour + Water in Mission. Skip the dessert, not worth it.

    33333 by Peiying Wen

  • Leslie McClureThere's no parking here. No valet and no lots close. Take Uber or Lyft. It's not traditional Italian by any means. Very creative dishes and very good.

    55555 by Leslie McClure

  • EaterTry to score seats at the chef's counter and don't miss the exceptional wine list, curated by award-winning sommelier Shelley Lindgren.

    55555 by Eater

  • Elena JIl Servizio, il cibo, I Vini, tutto!

    55555 by Elena J

  • ShannaSome of the freshest pasta I've had outside of Italy

    55555 by Shanna

  • William BWine, Italian food, pasta

    55555 by William B

  • Lolosaurralways lovely, you can't go wrong

    55555 by Lolosaurr

  • Avagreat wine options! food is great but small portion sizes and high prices!

    55555 by Ava

  • Natalie Pappetizers and dessert

    55555 by Natalie P

  • Ting AMy favorite place when I really want to eat pasta.

    55555 by Ting A

  • Tiffany Zhongbest meal of my life. best Italian food ever. everything was just too good. we got the chicken mousse, wagyu beef (alright, tasted like sausage), smoked fettucine, some type of spaghetti.

    55555 by Tiffany Zhong

  • Amy B.Bucatini! Excellent wine service too.

    55555 by Amy B.

  • Sophie BPasta tasting menu. the best.

    55555 by Sophie B

  • Helen Z.Pasta is delicious here and weekend lunch is served here

    55555 by Helen Z.

  • Doug d.Brassicas and grains is a wonderful dish, deeply flavored, earthy, and texturally rich with a fabulous mouthfeel. It may not be low cal, but it is a very nutritious plate that feels good to eat.

    55555 by Doug d.

  • Vivian CPasta tasting menu is the way to go.

    55555 by Vivian C

  • Alison T.Amazing fresh pasta, interesting combos, rapidly changing menu. Chefs table is cool in theory but I always end up enjoying the bar seats more

    55555 by Alison T.

  • Asahi, pls.Start with chicken liver. Taste like sweets. Menu keeps changing but capellini is always perfect choice. Get knocked out with spring cabbage pasta.

    55555 by Asahi, pls.

  • Bre R.Cute place.

    55555 by Bre R.

  • Asahi, pls.Many dishes continuously change. Hard to imagine what each dish taste like from menu. Best ask for chefs table at booking.

    55555 by Asahi, pls.

  • Jennifer E.Everything here is delicious. Ask your server for recommendations. Their wine list is extensive and the cheese plate is fantastic.

    55555 by Jennifer E.

  • Cassandra LightWow this is the only place I'll go for pasta in sf

    55555 by Cassandra Light

  • Danny C.Everything. Pick a couple items and let the staff do the rest

    33333 by Danny C.

  • Janet WongMeyer lemon linguini

    55555 by Janet Wong

  • Robbie A.Innovative, tasty cuisine. Don't miss the foie gras.

    55555 by Robbie A.

  • Maxime B.Fancy modern Italian good, watch it being prepared in front of you if sitting at the bar

    55555 by Maxime B.

  • Amy YHomemade pasta = delicious (and far better than flour + water)

    55555 by Amy Y

  • Elina ✈Certainly one of the best spots in SF. ❤ the Frisee Salad, the Chicken Liver Mousse, the Suckling Pig Porchetta, the Brussel Sprouts and Pineapple Cake for dessert. Portions are appropriately sized.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • Asahi, pls.What's this refreshing flavor? Coriander and mustard? Capellini was really fantastic. You will surprise by tasting it as it's not like typical pasta taste. In good way.

    55555 by Asahi, pls.

  • Kelly P.Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday = tasting menu. Do it

    55555 by Kelly P.

  • The Tastes that Make the CityThe seasonal ravioli is the best ravioli in SF, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: SF Edition."

    55555 by The Tastes that Make the City

  • SFistThis is a place all adventurous eaters should go to experience something akin to what you'd find at the finest, trendiest spots in Milan, with dishes like Meyer lemon and abalone spaghetti "alfredo."

    55555 by SFist

  • EpicuriousThough modeled after a Roman osteria, the restaurant's cooking style and relaxed vibe are undeniably San Francisco. Reservations are not accepted, but it's absolutely worth the wait for a table.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Frances JamesUpscale, have never been but its supposed to be good. On our list.

    33333 by Frances James

  • Brad T.Holy cow! Fantastic everything. Food, service and old world wine selection all great. Order up anything. It won't disappoint.

    55555 by Brad T.

  • Frances JamesUpscale, have never been but its supposed to be good. On our list.

    33333 by Frances James

  • Staff PicksGrab dinner at SPQR for some of the most exciting soigné Italian cuisine in the city. And there’s a wine bar where you can perch and taste your way through their extensive wine list.

    55555 by Staff Picks

  • Vicki T.Get the cinnamon bombolini for dessert! Perfectly balanced, not overly sweet.

    55555 by Vicki T.

  • Raj S.Some of the best Italian dishes I've had in the States. Can't go wrong with the pappardelle or the ragu.

    55555 by Raj S.

  • Luis B.This place isn't good for vegetarians

    55555 by Luis B.

  • Anton S.Great vegetable dishes but not a big selection.

    55555 by Anton S.

  • LolosaurrSunset is a good time for dinner here with the last rays of sun falling into the restaurant, a nice balance against the darker interior setting. The warm corn salad was memorable.

    55555 by Lolosaurr

  • amy michaelsExcellent pastas.

    55555 by amy michaels

  • hugo l.Had a number of dishes here. Emperor has no clothes.

    33333 by hugo l.

  • Chefs FeedJennifer Puccio, chef of Park Tavern, eats here on her nights off. She loves the Chicken liver.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • R T.The chefs and staff run an incredibly tight ship while still maintaining a chill atmosphere. It was an honor to sit at the Chef's Table to see where the magic happens!

    55555 by R T.

  • Shirley L.Try to get a seat at the chef's table!!

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • SFGateThe menu changes often, but the five-course pasta tasting menu ($52; $36 for wine pairings) offered Tuesday-Thursday shows off Accarrino's exceptional skills.

    55555 by SFGate

  • SFGateSpecialties: Any pasta; chicken liver mousse; constantly changing menu might include main courses such as swordfish with blood sausage and citrus butter.

    55555 by SFGate

  • Daniel BouludThe finest Roman by way of California cuisine, a creative wine list and a great cookbook to pick up on your way out!

    55555 by Daniel Boulud

  • HHSea urchin panna cotta with bluefin tuna belly, fava bean, truffle brodo, and ice plant is amazing. One of my favorite appetizers of my life thus far.

    55555 by HH

  • R H.Good food but service was poor. Not coming back

    22222 by R H.

  • @d_d_dunnChicken liver mousse is insane. One of Chef Accarrino's signature dishes. You will not be disappointed. 2014 FWBNC.

    55555 by @d_d_dunn

  • @d_d_dunnBest everyday restaurant in SF. Always start dinner with Chicken Liver Mousse, and lunch with biscuits.

    55555 by @d_d_dunn

  • Seb RAfter reading the recommendations we were a bit disappointed by the food. Pasta seemed too desperate wanting to be more than it actually is - the ingredients didn't harmonize that well. Wine was good!

    33333 by Seb R

  • Duehie NSalmon steakbis really good. And fir the dessert, i strongly recommend rasberry fried pie. =)

    55555 by Duehie N

  • Joanne S.Tues to Thursday $56 5 pasta tasting menu

    55555 by Joanne S.

  • 💣Michael E.Scallops, wow. Hit up the somm, he knows his shit. Try an oxidative white or rosato👌

    55555 by 💣Michael E.

  • Vanessa S.Everything here is delicious--you can't go wrong. Don't be shy about asking for a wine recommendation!

    55555 by Vanessa S.

  • Jeff T.Perfect assault on your taste buds!! Chicken Liver Pate is a must along with the wine pairings.

    55555 by Jeff T.

  • David M.Make sure you call first to verify the gnudi is on the menu. It's amazing

    55555 by David M.

  • Hailey C.Can't go wrong with the pastas but save room for the panna cotta!

    55555 by Hailey C.

  • Olga G.Amazing food

    55555 by Olga G.

  • La Dolce VitaOne Michelin star

    55555 by La Dolce Vita

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleThe superlative pastas are a necessary focus to meals here, consider embarking on the six-course pasta tasting menu. – Green Guide Editor

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • Frances P.Get anything with the liver mousse

    33333 by Frances P.

  • Phil A.Tasting menu is the way to go

    55555 by Phil A.

  • Belinda G.The bolognese is delicious! Also recommend the burrata and the corn panna cotta!

    55555 by Belinda G.

  • David M.Ricotta gundi and pork meatballs - awesome

    55555 by David M.

  • Flavia S.Sweetest staff! Host actually WALKED to the bar next door to tell us that our table was ready. Food was flawless -the corn polenta and sweet corn ravioli were TO DIE FOR! I highly recommend this place

    55555 by Flavia S.

  • Fabio R.Absolutely flawless. Amazing food. Great service. Delicious deserts. Definitely one of my favorite spots in town.

    55555 by Fabio R.

  • Kevin L.You must get the uni carbonara and the wagyu appetizer if they have it. If the wine list confuses you, ask your server to put together pairings for you!

    55555 by Kevin L.

  • Nabeel H.Such an array of flavors on display means one thing: tasting menu

    55555 by Nabeel H.

  • Tri H.SPQR, thats how you spell food boner.

    55555 by Tri H.

  • Sean D.Chicken liver mousse is a must have

    55555 by Sean D.

  • Carolyn W.Sit at the chef's counter and do the pasta tasting.

    55555 by Carolyn W.

  • DuncanThe tap water here is delectable.

    55555 by Duncan

  • Helen Z.Try the Panna Cotta - #spqr #michelinstar #yummy

    55555 by Helen Z.

  • Brian B.Opt for the wine pairing, it's well worth it!

    55555 by Brian B.

  • F E.The tasting menu is a must if you have big appetite

    55555 by F E.

  • F E.The bar waitress is a doll

    33333 by F E.

  • Mr. S.Food was very good. Portions were relatively small. Price was reasonable.

    55555 by Mr. S.

  • lara l.If you can sit at chefs counter it's an entirely different and lovely experience!

    55555 by lara l.

  • Tracy SestiLove the pasta tasting menu here on Tuesday nights.

    55555 by Tracy Sesti

  • Peter B.Phenomenal. Simply phenomenal.

    55555 by Peter B.

  • Anton S.Pasta tasting menu is on 7x7's Big Eat 2013.

    55555 by Anton S.

  • Joel A.Pasta tasting menu

    55555 by Joel A.

  • Mary X.The smoked fettucini w uni, bacon, and egg was delicious! Desserts were yummy too!

    55555 by Mary X.

  • N8 W.Try the Smoked Fettuccine With Sea Urchin, Bacon And Quail Egg

    55555 by N8 W.

  • N8 W.Try the Cream Of Mushroom Soup

    55555 by N8 W.

  • Kenneth Cole ProductionsGreat find on Fillmore - sit at the back bar and watch the chefs prepare your meal.

    55555 by Kenneth Cole Productions

  • Pacific Union InternationalReservations are a must. The fried brussels sprouts and meatball sandwich are incredible.

    55555 by Pacific Union International

  • R B.Try the Pork Belly (Buta no Kaku Ni) (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by R B.

  • R B.Try the Cresta De Gallo (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by R B.

  • daryllmcthe rabbit was amazing AND you must have the semolina pudding for dessert!

    55555 by daryllmc

  • Austin W.Aaaaamazing

    55555 by Austin W.

  • Caroline B.Order one of the pasta dishes - they are to die for and the portions are just the right size.

    55555 by Caroline B.

  • Block122 B.Couldn't stop eating it was so good. Ate so much I forgot what I ate, but I know it was amazing and will be headed back soon. Bartender was super knowledgeable and on point.

    55555 by Block122 B.

  • David A.My wife is licking the plate. Nuff said.

    33333 by David A.

  • Anthony V.The lamb ragu is delicious.

    55555 by Anthony V.

  • jon a.the spring lamb tortellini with smoked lamb brodo was #delicious

    55555 by jon a.

  • The S.Prosciutto wrapped rabbit wow fabulously tender and light. Also red snapper crudo. Perfect to try blue bottle Gibraltar -creamy espresso

    55555 by The S.

  • The Daily SipBe sure to try the 80 Sips Challenge tasting menu March 19th-30th and rate the wines for a chance to win $500. www.bottlenotes.com/challenge

    55555 by The Daily Sip

  • jon a.Exec chef Accarrino is on Twitter @MattAccarrino

    55555 by jon a.

  • Ellen H.The biscuits served at brunch may be the best on the planet.

    55555 by Ellen H.

  • Andy A.Get in without a reservation by dining alfresco under the heat lamps. Good shot at a walk in table if you don't mind the temperature when it's colder.

    33333 by Andy A.

  • Ed L.Gnudi is great!

    55555 by Ed L.

  • laura c.A16’s sister restaurant, SPQR focuses on traditional Italian dishes which include fresh, house-made pastas and has a selective attitude toward Italian wine. Go with a group and try their small plates.

    55555 by laura c.

  • BrandieTry the Ortaia Terra Cruds. Yummy!

    55555 by Brandie

  • Savory ExposureEat one of everything and get advice on the incredible wine list from your knowledgeable server

    55555 by Savory Exposure

  • cyn k.absolutely adore their appetizers and pastas. never gone wrong.

    55555 by cyn k.

  • SF WeeklySF Weekly’s Best Of 2011 Winner – Editorial Pick – BEST RESTAURANT REINVENTIONFocus stayed nominally Italian, but the rustic Roman cuisine gave way to some of the SF's most forward-thinking food...

    55555 by SF Weekly

  • Annamarie M.Cioccolato fudge torta...

    55555 by Annamarie M.

  • Constance W.Order the crispy pig’s ears. SO GOOD!

    55555 by Constance W.

  • Owen S.Get a seat at the Chef's Counter to see the kitchen in action.

    33333 by Owen S.

  • Showtime NetworkTake a gander at the wine list… Hey, more communion is better, right?

    55555 by Showtime Network

  • Lee J.The crostini, Trout and insalata are great.

    55555 by Lee J.

  • Rosie O.Try the crostini burrata with chili, honey and candied hazelnuts, it's amazing! Escarole lemon salad is great too

    55555 by Rosie O.

  • Andy A.Try the new five course tasting menu for $46 and get a tasting size glass of wine with each course

    55555 by Andy A.

  • Ian C.Came for brunch on a Sunday. Food was good esp. the crostini, chicken liver and the buckwheat spaghetti. Was a bit pricey for the portions considering it was brunch.

    55555 by Ian C.

  • EaterAfter an autumnal whirlwind, Matt Accarrino continues to make SPQR his own. The chef counter has some of the best seats in town and the wine list remains top notch too. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • @A.G. Wine - iPhone/iPadFor a high quality red by the glass, try Moretti Omero’s Montefalco Rosso ‘05 (Umbria). The wine gains extra depth & complexity by blending in the indigenous sagrantino grape variety. Really nice!

    55555 by @A.G. Wine - iPhone/iPad

  • Grace K.Uni pasta and chicken livers are best items

    55555 by Grace K.

  • Frank A.Amazing!

    55555 by Frank A.

  • EpicuriousPart ancient Rome, part unpretentious California, this popular, critically-acclaimed restaurant excels in creating casually authentic Italian food. Try the homemade pasta with carbonara.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Jim PGood, good, good stuff.

    55555 by Jim P

  • Bri U.Everything was amazing! Be sure to order the app with Burrata Cheese and sun dried tomatos!

    55555 by Bri U.

  • Joe A.The Black Pepper Gemelli with peas and pecorino is super flavorful. The Roman cuisine is super barbaric. Get something you wouldn't normally get. You won't be disappointed.

    55555 by Joe A.

  • Kelly N.There is no question, you have to enjoy the duck ravioli.

    55555 by Kelly N.

  • jon a.Sit at the kitchen bar and watch @mattaccarrino in action

    33333 by jon a.

  • Vivian W.fried chicken and brussels sprouts.

    55555 by Vivian W.

  • Janae J.Everything Nastasha recommended was great! Yummmm!

    55555 by Janae J.

  • Katie W.The duck ravioli was AWESOME.

    55555 by Katie W.

  • Beatrice K.Awesome friend chicken liver

    55555 by Beatrice K.

  • Julie WOrder the sunchoke tortellini; to die for

    55555 by Julie W

  • Christine N.I'm sad to say that SPQR isn't the same after Nate Appleman left. Such a shame! It used to be one of my favorites. :(

    33333 by Christine N.

  • Megan DOrder the Spiced ricotta fritters for an appetizer and dessert!

    55555 by Megan D

  • anne j.sit at the kitchen bar and order the eggplant. even if you hate eggplant.

    33333 by anne j.

  • Laura F.Fried Chicken Tuesday!

    55555 by Laura F.

  • Justine  E.yes, brussel sprouts are delish!

    55555 by Justine  E.

  • Jonathan P.52. Fried brussels sprouts at SPQR (from 7x7's 100 Things to Try Before You Die | http://tr.im/7x7list)

    55555 by Jonathan P.

  • Joseph R.Get the brussel sprouts.

    55555 by Joseph R.

  • John M.Go to SPQR and sit at “the captain’s chair”€ at the edge of the bar, near the kitchen: best seat in the house to watch the action.

    55555 by John M.

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