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Rosamunde Sausage Grill

545 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117

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(415) 437-6851

  • Sun - Wed 11:30am - 10:00pm
  • Thu - Sat 11:30am - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, German Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 124 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Rosamunde Sausage Grill Reviews

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  • Paull Y.Get two if your hungry, and take them 'next door' to Toronado for a beer!

    55555 by Paull Y.

  • Rochelle M.Tuesday burger is a good deal.

    55555 by Rochelle M.

  • Vansi V.The lady behind counter is very nice and helpful. Ask her for topping recommendations.

    33333 by Vansi V.

  • Josh A.Order a sausage (vegan or not, all are delicious!) Cash or PayPal only. You can pay right away; leave a $1-2 tip for the cook, ask to receive it at The Toronado next door to enjoy with a tasty beer!

    55555 by Josh A.

  • Lorena BBeer sausage buenísima!! El lugar es pequeño pero la comida el personal que atiende es de maravilla!!!

    55555 by Lorena B

  • Borja MDelicious sausages, unbelivable!!

    55555 by Borja M

  • Caro JIf you like fast food place is appropriate, but I found it kind of overrated.

    55555 by Caro J

  • Nayara Cristina JÉ um pouco estranho ver uma nota acima de 9 num local que só vende hot-dog. Estranho até a primeira mordida. As salsichas são feitas na casa e com um sabor de outro mundo. Visita imperdível.

    55555 by Nayara Cristina J

  • Krystal GItalian sausage is amazing 😍

    55555 by Krystal G

  • Abde MThe Thai Sausage Special was to die for!

    55555 by Abde M

  • Jennifer LThe beer flight was perfect! Little tastes of all the amazing beer they had! The sausage selection is great and so delicious!

    55555 by Jennifer L

  • Nirnaya L.Some weird selection of sausages but when in haight right? Grab em 🌭 and go next door for some 🍻

    55555 by Nirnaya L.

  • Simon CWild boar sausage with sauerkraut is amazing!

    55555 by Simon C

  • Justin AHabanero sausage

    55555 by Justin A

  • Aron DThis place actually blew my mind with how bad the service was. It's a take out spot, and there was a single employee serving about 25 people. Don't go here unless you have an hour to kill#

    33333 by Aron D

  • Mark TWild boar sausage and brats.

    55555 by Mark T

  • Dai ShiCome for lunch on Tuesdays and get the burger special. Get here early or prepare to wait.

    55555 by Dai Shi

  • Jess BWild boar sausage!

    55555 by Jess B

  • Jess BWild boar sausage is the best!

    55555 by Jess B

  • Peggy GCash only. Super friendly service. Five-minute wait for sausage to be cooked upon order and served hot!

    55555 by Peggy G

  • Erik C.Get there early on Tuesdays for burgers.

    55555 by Erik C.

  • Jason LWeisswurst, Beer Sausage, everything...

    55555 by Jason L

  • Erik C.They deliver to Toronado, the bar next door. Swing by early on Tuesdays for a solid burger.

    55555 by Erik C.

  • Fernando Freitas AlvesBeer sausage r0x

    55555 by Fernando Freitas Alves

  • Ty CThe wild boar is good.

    55555 by Ty C

  • Janice LiThe best Rosamunde if only because of the cook. Chat her up and then bring your food next door to Toronado.

    55555 by Janice Li

  • Jen SMerguez with mango salsa and onions

    55555 by Jen S

  • Jesse A.Hot peppers are a must.

    55555 by Jesse A.

  • Chuck RoslofThey have a nice soda selection in addition to delicious sausages.

    55555 by Chuck Roslof

  • J.T. FalesVegetarian and vegan options available! 🙌🏼

    55555 by J.T. Fales

  • Dave CummingsThe cheddar brat was excellent but I regret not getting the wild boar

    55555 by Dave Cummings

  • Minjae L.great dogs - grilled to order

    55555 by Minjae L.

  • Nancy KThere are two veggie sausage options.

    55555 by Nancy K

  • Nancy KYou get a choice of two toppings but I usually do just sauerkraut. I love having one of their pickles on the side too.

    55555 by Nancy K

  • Adam SampsonThe Sausages are really Delicious - I would recommend trying more exotic offerings here.

    55555 by Adam Sampson

  • Sherry L.Wait could be long but very well worth it. Get the weisswurst with grilled onions and sauer kraut. The beer sausage is nice too.

    55555 by Sherry L.

  • Ondrej NI had so much better sausages than I had wild board here.

    55555 by Ondrej N

  • Lea Dessi-OliveAwesome little spot. They have a list of all the gluten free sausages and the have gluten free buns

    55555 by Lea Dessi-Olive

  • Elijah C.Sausage was ok. Not a gluten free thing in the place, save for the meat

    33333 by Elijah C.

  • Catalina F.Hot dog con salchichas gourmet artesanales. Probé la "beer sausage" con chucrut y cebolla caramelizada, un 10! Lo puedes pedir para comer ahí o para llevar al bar del lado donde venden cervezas.

    55555 by Catalina F.

  • Lino M.Beer sausage with hot peppers and grilled onions hmmm

    55555 by Lino M.

  • Lino M.Beer sausage is very good

    55555 by Lino M.

  • Yarian L.Sausages are great.

    55555 by Yarian L.

  • Joel B.Sausage that's off the chain and out the door.

    33333 by Joel B.

  • Ken P.The nurenburger brats are amazing - taste like Nürnburg

    55555 by Ken P.

  • James TWork as a team: one person orders the sausages, the other can try to get a table at Toronado.

    55555 by James T

  • Gavin S.Authentic German sausages! You can't go wrong with any order but don't take too long they run a very efficient operation.

    55555 by Gavin S.

  • Akiko I.$6.50 hotdog. Chicken habanero dog got a good flavor yet a bit dry, very spicy! Just ok. No French fries here.

    33333 by Akiko I.

  • James TSausage selection and toppings are key.

    55555 by James T

  • Matt D.Beer sausage. Then stand outside tornado, watch people drink at the bar, and eat your sausage while standing on the sidewalk.

    33333 by Matt D.

  • Bommy ChaGrilled wild boar sausage on a french roll with sweet peppers and beef chili. Take your basket next door to toronado and enjoy with a cold beer.

    55555 by Bommy Cha

  • Micha H.Habanero sausage!

    55555 by Micha H.

  • Jenny N.Get the $6 cheeseburger special -- only available on Tuesdays at this location! Nomnom.

    55555 by Jenny N.

  • Thomas GamstätterNürnberger Bratwurst und Sauerkraut.

    55555 by Thomas Gamstätter

  • Mike W.Come for seriously epic sausage sandwiches & bring them next to Toronado to enjoy a glass of craft draft beer. Don't miss the amazing chili topping and read about my visit on WinstonWanders below!

    55555 by Mike W.

  • Brad G.Small restaurant with a cult following. Grilled meat in tube form on French rolls. Up to 2 free accompaniments like sauerkraut, onions, peppers or spicy beef chili. Hell, yes. (1/2)

    55555 by Brad G.

  • Kimon A's F.Vegan Sausage kicks ass!

    55555 by Kimon A's F.

  • ken baldwinits not bad for lunch or a quick dinner if you don't wanna sit down.. they make their own sausages. they opened up restaurants in NY

    55555 by ken baldwin

  • Paul S.Had the Wild Boar sausage! So good! Take it next door to Toronado's and wash that sausage down with a great craft brew!

    55555 by Paul S.

  • Jessica H.The woman behind the counter is sooooo sweet!!!

    33333 by Jessica H.

  • Dan K.I'm all about that beer sausage with sauerkraut and grilled onions.

    55555 by Dan K.

  • Bo M.Wild boar. Spectacular.

    55555 by Bo M.

  • Navin W.Christine is an amazing hostess! She shared some of the specialties that only this grill has for their customers. Thanks, Christine!

    55555 by Navin W.

  • Christian V.They have a specialty of the week. Just get one and walk to Toronado. Ask there for the perfect beer to pair your hot-dog

    55555 by Christian V.

  • Jane N.Grab a vegan sausage and head next door for a beer. You really can't go wrong.

    55555 by Jane N.

  • Paulo S.The beer sausage was okay.. But it's a great meal to bring next door to Toronado's

    55555 by Paulo S.

  • Jessica D.Vegan sausages!

    55555 by Jessica D.

  • kimmi y.This place is nasty and the cook was terribly rude.

    11111 by kimmi y.

  • Jay R.Best sausages in the city

    55555 by Jay R.

  • Bre L.Know exactly what you want before you step up to the counter; staff is quite impatient, but these delish sausages are worth a little 'tude. Order, then pay upon pick-up & head next door to Toronado.

    55555 by Bre L.

  • Catherine F.The best burgers ever. Only on Tues

    55555 by Catherine F.

  • Michael S.Hungarian is awesome

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Nick B.For an authentic Berlin experience, order the bratwurst with curry ketchup. The weisswurst w mango chutney and grilled onions is great too. Then take it next door to Toronado and pair it with a beer.

    55555 by Nick B.

  • Jonah P.Vegan Sausages are made here, but they're literally just grilling a tofurkey sausage out of the package.

    33333 by Jonah P.

  • Kyle M.Wild boar, add grilled onions and chili. Wash it down next door with a Pliny. Happy.

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • Billy B.The chicken habanero is hella hot but very good.

    55555 by Billy B.

  • Jared F.Weisswurst is the bomb

    55555 by Jared F.

  • Carlos C.Wild boar sausage!

    55555 by Carlos C.

  • Jim A.Try the Wild Boar Sausage - Astounding!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Jim A.Try the Sausages (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Stephen V.The Andouille and Beer sausages are so good! The Hungarian sausage was only ok.

    55555 by Stephen V.

  • Wesley H.Tasty, tasty sausages! Grab one and bring it next door to Toronado for a beer.

    55555 by Wesley H.

  • David T.Duck sausage and grilled onions - goes perfect with Pliny the Elder

    55555 by David T.

  • Tanya O.Beer and a hotdog what more can you ask for

    55555 by Tanya O.


    55555 by Ben R.

  • Rebecca G.One of the best hot meals in the city - and you can bring your food in next door to Toronado (one of the best beer bars in Northern California).

    55555 by Rebecca G.

  • Adam F.Great burgers on Tuesdays

    55555 by Adam F.

  • Wolfgang S.Try the Pickled Gurkins - German style dill Gurken, a treat. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Wolfgang S.

  • Christopher M.Order the Merguez, and be very very happy.

    55555 by Christopher M.

  • Rod McLeodGreat sausages with a side of attitude (if you don't tip)

    33333 by Rod McLeod

  • SOrder, wait five mins and pay when your sausage is ready to look like a regular. You're welcome

    33333 by S

  • Jane H.Duck & Fig Sausage with grilled onions & sweet peppers is my favorite! Wild Boar and Beer Sausages are also excellent!

    55555 by Jane H.

  • Justin D.Chicken Tequila Sausage! Just do it!!!

    55555 by Justin D.

  • Miles B.Try the Wild Boar Sausage - With saurkraut and sweet peppers.

    55555 by Miles B.

  • Tamas K.Great sausages but super slow, unresponsive, European style service. Maybe there is a reason why the have Hungarian sausage. Bring a friend or a book.

    55555 by Tamas K.

  • Audrey H.The best hot dogs!

    55555 by Audrey H.

  • Kelly S.surprisingly good mayo-free potato salad.

    55555 by Kelly S.

  • Christopher B.Always try the special.

    55555 by Christopher B.

  • The Bold ItalicThe beer sausage is the most popular on the menu, and is perfect to go along with a pint at Toronado down the street.

    55555 by The Bold Italic

  • Tom A.Burger Tuesday!!!

    55555 by Tom A.

  • Brooks R.Thai chicken sausage with peanut sauce: outta sight.

    55555 by Brooks R.

  • HaighterationBeer sausage with spicy peppers, spicy mustard, and kraut. Eat at NocNoc or Toronado. -Ryan B.

    55555 by Haighteration

  • HaighterationRosamunde makes hamburgers on Tuesdays only…. Arrive early as the lines are long. -Lynn F.

    55555 by Haighteration

  • Wil B.Tuesdays Burgers are whats up!

    55555 by Wil B.

  • Christopher B.Grab some ice cream from Three Twins while you wait

    55555 by Christopher B.

  • ViatorStaffBest brat (or any other sausage) in SF. Get it "for next door" and have a beer at Toronado.

    55555 by ViatorStaff

  • Joshua K.Take your sausage next door to Toronado and order a great beer to go with it.

    55555 by Joshua K.

  • J.Fred D.Get yer fresh and freshly grilled sausage here and take it next door to Toronado for one or of the many brews on tap. Excellent!

    55555 by J.Fred D.

  • Robert P.Curry wurst is the way to go... Get the Nuernberger and ask for curry ketchup.

    33333 by Robert P.

  • Vivian W.share a tuesday burger and duck sausage on a bench at alamo square.

    55555 by Vivian W.

  • Douglas S.Beer sausage w/ kraut ftw

    55555 by Douglas S.

  • Pete R.Beer sausage w/ sauerkraut and peppers: check. Now off to toronado!

    55555 by Pete R.

  • Jolie O.The correct response to "whaddaya want on it?" Is "what do you recommend?" You'll get something way more awesome that way

    55555 by Jolie O.

  • Marc S.Beer sausage w/ spicy beef chili, German potato salad. Wacky staff is fun to watch while u wait.

    55555 by Marc S.

  • Mark M.Sister to the Lower Haight store, enjoy your Wild Boar sausage with a Maudite on draft.

    55555 by Mark M.

  • SFGateThe key here is to get your order and take it next door to the Toronado to enjoy with a beer. Don't miss Hamburger Tuesdays.

    55555 by SFGate

  • 7x7 M.You have to have the beer sausage with sauerkraut and grilled onions...it's #23 on 7x7's Big Eat SF 2010.

    55555 by 7x7 M.

  • Jonathan AMmmm... Wild boar with wasabi Dijon and peppers!

    55555 by Jonathan A

  • Timothy Jtake your "doggie" next door to Toronado fro a cold beer

    55555 by Timothy J

  • Spencer M.order your dog (andoullie) go next door to toronado, grab a Pliny, look for a seat. grab your doullie in 10 minutes, bring back to toro. perfection.

    55555 by Spencer M.

  • Kyle MOrder a sausage, head next door to Tornado and grab a beer from their crazy selection to enjoy with your delicious sausage.

    55555 by Kyle M

  • Christopher C.Have a Duvel Green!

    55555 by Christopher C.

  • Chris M.Hamburger Tuesdays! lunch only.

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Chris M.23. Beer sausage with sauerkraut and grilled onions at Rosamunde Sausage Grill(from 7x7's 100 Things to Try Before You Die | http://tr.im/7x7list)

    55555 by Chris M.

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