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Cartel Coffee Lab

7124 E 5th Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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(480) 269-3172


  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

4.8 of 5.0 from 82 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Cartel Coffee Lab Reviews

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  • Will C.Good chai but gets really busy in the morning and early afternoon however it's dead after 3pm. Outlets on the floor and a good quiet back room to get things done.

    55555 by Will C.

  • Ken JFantastic coffee (my latte was amazing)! Comfortable atmosphere with free wifi and lots of places to charge a laptop.

    55555 by Ken J

  • Ryan C.Cold brew on tap!

    55555 by Ryan C.

  • WyldKardCool name, cool space, and the roasts are done in-house. This place would totally fit in in Portland.

    55555 by WyldKard

  • Queen Cلاتيه لذيذ

    55555 by Queen C

  • Steffen AGreat coffee and atmosphere! Definitely going to be coming here often.

    55555 by Steffen A

  • M !.The one on one is perfection!

    55555 by M !.

  • Ana M.Good iced coffee

    55555 by Ana M.

  • Isa JEspresso it's a mass!! My latte (double) perfect I dont know how they roast but the taste its perfumed ... Stays

    55555 by Isa J

  • lindsey o.Cappuccino was bland. Iced coffee was decent. We didn't try the cupcakes, those are probably the money makers

    33333 by lindsey o.

  • Tim AIced agave latte!

    55555 by Tim A

  • Dominic Z.Love the cappuccino 👍

    55555 by Dominic Z.

  • Joshua MUpdating some coffee brewing getting and AeroPress

    55555 by Joshua M

  • Joshua MPour over coffees

    55555 by Joshua M

  • Joshua MEspresso and any style brewed coffee.

    55555 by Joshua M

  • Ricky S.They make a nice hot chocolate.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Shawn P.It's all good. Best coffee in town

    55555 by Shawn P.

  • ✨Andrew K.Delicious blends and an impressive variety of live brewing choices. The only knock is that it is by FAR the most expensive coffee in the Valley. (Cost me $5 for a medium!!)

    55555 by ✨Andrew K.

  • Emily GouldThey don't do to-go cappuccinos

    33333 by Emily Gould

  • Charlie Allred Secure Real Estate PhoenixGet the Cappacino!

    22222 by Charlie Allred Secure Real Estate Phoenix

  • Shiqi YangThey have very original tea. Just the Chinese way. Plaint tea without sugar or milk, and in a glass with a few times hot water refill. It's just my cup of tea!

    33333 by Shiqi Yang

  • Erik H.Get a Pop de Tarte, if you're feelin fancy

    55555 by Erik H.

  • Emily R.These pretzels are the bomb.com

    55555 by Emily R.

  • Craig G.We had the turkey bene and the bananas fosters which we split between the two of us. Both dishes were amazing!

    55555 by Craig G.

  • Kyle R.The best location of the Cartel group. These guys are kind and are genuinely excited about walking you through their single origins or new brewing methods.

    55555 by Kyle R.

  • Randy M.Best coffee I've ever had in US

    55555 by Randy M.

  • David LeongIf you want garbage coffee but a "hip" shop, this is the place for you.

    33333 by David Leong

  • Clair W.Good place to get during the day to complete computer work, or to meet someone. Good music, but not overbearing.

    55555 by Clair W.

  • Cristopher M.Stay until closing and you might get a free beer or muffin!

    55555 by Cristopher M.

  • Michael S.Great cappuccino. In fact all of the espresso drinks are good.

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Phoenix New TimesPretty much the ideal for in-house roasted coffee in the Valley, this hip house of java features intricate cold brews and espressos crafted with an attention to detail that borders on obsessive.

    55555 by Phoenix New Times

  • Franchesca GonzalesPoor service

    11111 by Franchesca Gonzales

  • Cliff S.I love this place! Great coffee, great atmosphere and the staff is super friendly! There it here!

    55555 by Cliff S.

  • JK G.Here solo? The chaise longues in the front window are the best seats in the house. Great people watching, and very comfortable.

    55555 by JK G.

  • Greg LGreat drinks but the WiFi is unreliable.

    55555 by Greg L

  • NoahDare you to ask for a packet of sugar.

    22222 by Noah

  • Tiffany V.The wifi password is: espresso (not sure if they change it daily or not!)

    55555 by Tiffany V.

  • Vaska L.This place never disappoints. Come here if you want REAL coffee drinks. Staff here is awesome.

    55555 by Vaska L.

  • Urban WGoose island Sophie on draft

    55555 by Urban W

  • Libby H.Free wifi! Password "espresso"

    55555 by Libby H.

  • Danny EPeach black tea is a must!!

    55555 by Danny E

  • Ricky P.Need to use the Internet? They have complimentary wireless access. But it's locked! The password is "espresso". Clever. Happy surfing!

    33333 by Ricky P.

  • Paul O.The toddy gets better every time.

    55555 by Paul O.

  • CX C.Try a soy agave latte...yum!

    55555 by CX C.

  • Paul O.Try the toddy.

    55555 by Paul O.

  • Mark G.Everyone says the cappuccinos are great here… it's no lie. IT'S THE BEST CAPPUCCINO I'VE EVER HAD!

    55555 by Mark G.

  • Jon C.Sometimes they have some Mexican Hooker on reserve, it is horchata mixed with coffee and it is amazing, it has to be on a special day though, just ask every time you are in there

    55555 by Jon C.

  • Bob CNo oven anymore, so no "Big Ben" anymore. But, "English Jammer" is yummy and uses the same great English Muffins. WiFi is still super fast.

    55555 by Bob C

  • Elena S.BEST COFFEE EVER!!!!

    55555 by Elena S.

  • Bill VIf not in the mood for coffee, try a nice cup of English breakfast tea. Quite pleasant!

    55555 by Bill V

  • Kyle R.Great single origin cup

    55555 by Kyle R.

  • LaTricia W.Awesome location. Great place to take a breather and listen to some awesome music.

    55555 by LaTricia W.

  • Kudzai JLove, love, love this place. The best quiche ever!

    55555 by Kudzai J

  • FarrahVegetarian Big Ben sandwich is amaaaazing! Order this! You will not be disappointed.

    55555 by Farrah

  • SamthraxCheck out their beer selection! Try the Mr.Pineapple and a Gubna of course :)

    55555 by Samthrax

  • Courtney N.They also serve beer + wine.

    55555 by Courtney N.

  • Orlando KTry the Toddy...

    55555 by Orlando K

  • francine h.They have a neat wine bar at night.

    55555 by francine h.

  • Alin F.Slow down get a cappo and relax

    55555 by Alin F.

  • FarrahAmaaaazing dirty chai! Super nice staff, great atmosphere, lots of craft beers, sandwiches, pastries, etc. I'm so glad I found you, Cartel

    55555 by Farrah

  • Jason RThe Siberia is one of their best coffees, but on a hot day you can do know wrong with a Toddy!

    55555 by Jason R

  • Chris L.Unbelievable. Staff is super knowledgeable, willing to educate you, passionate. Artisanal focused.

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Arizona CoffeeAwesome cappuccino's!

    55555 by Arizona Coffee

  • Alin F.Agave or vanilla latte is a must

    55555 by Alin F.

  • Ed H.Try the Cappuccino - One of the best I've ever had!

    55555 by Ed H.

  • Christal C.I love their agave latte!

    55555 by Christal C.

  • Joshua E.Great looking spot with a cool layout. Wireless is really slow, unfortunately.

    55555 by Joshua E.

  • Jelena I.You can never go wrong w/ the Iced Toddy, add some Pure Cane Syrup & Cream & you're all good to go.

    55555 by Jelena I.

  • Laura JAwesome study spot.... Free wi-fi, bomb coffee, comfy couches!

    55555 by Laura J

  • Chad N.Happy hour is 4-6! Half off some of your favorite drinks and all pastries.

    55555 by Chad N.

  • Kelly L.Love the heart design they put in the froth of my chai!

    55555 by Kelly L.

  • Tom W.Italian soda with cream is awesome

    55555 by Tom W.

  • Chris L.Can buy Cartel beans here too!

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Dallin B.Great Macchiatos here!

    55555 by Dallin B.

  • Heather F.The iced agave latte is heaven. Also...sitting outside in Jan with my Mac drinking an agave latte is heaven. =)

    55555 by Heather F.

  • Lindsey W.this coffee shop has a selection of records you can play!

    55555 by Lindsey W.

  • Philip TIf you haven't had one of the delicious Agave Lattes, make sure to try one, it'll blow your mind!

    55555 by Philip T

  • foursquare Expertthe chai is so good. great vibe and great ppl working here.

    55555 by foursquare Expert

  • David@MusicPlayce ♫.Sola = excellent coffee, great music, authentic style, engaging conversations. All that is missing is you! Come here now!!

    55555 by David@MusicPlayce ♫.

  • Brent NGet an iced toddy and then beat up the rest of your day with a smile on your face!

    55555 by Brent N

  • JP T.iced agave latte...yeah, it's that good!

    55555 by JP T.

  • Lorie Tmy friend amanda turned me onto this coffee bar in old town. great chai :)

    55555 by Lorie T

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