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Two Amys

3715 Macomb Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20016

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(202) 885-5700


  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants, Pizza Places

4.8 of 5.0 from 165 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Two Amys in Washington, DC
  • Two Amys in Washington, DC
  • Two Amys in Washington, DC
  • Two Amys in Washington, DC
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  • Two Amys in Washington, DC
  • Two Amys in Washington, DC
  • Two Amys in Washington, DC

Two Amys Reviews

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  • S JBest pizza in D.C! Tastes like pizza from Italy.

    55555 by S J

  • Leo RCute Local's favorite stop great for families with kids and take a lay back bite, my favorite was the Speck and the Vongole pizza.

    55555 by Leo R

  • Kris W.everything here is good! reasonable wait time a bit noisy but can't be helped friendly and excellent food

    55555 by Kris W.

  • Sandra RubinchikSorry, didn't think the pizza was worth the schlep. (But the cod croquettes were pretty great.)

    33333 by Sandra Rubinchik

  • Nick B.I've found that a classic 2 Amys pizza with olives and pesto is a great combination.

    55555 by Nick B.

  • Reagan HanselmanI want to cry, this pizza is so good. The almond cake was delightful.

    55555 by Reagan Hanselman

  • Michael G.Ingredients are fresh, but there's something clearly lacking in the execution. It's just OK. For a more authentic Neapolitan pizza, the choice of the Italian community is Da Marco in Bethesda.

    55555 by Michael G.

  • Adeem Al ShuaibiFamily friendly 👨‍👩‍👧

    55555 by Adeem Al Shuaibi

  • Maggie M.Great wood-fired pizza.

    55555 by Maggie M.

  • Leandro L.Quality neighborhood institution. Neapolitan pizza at its best. The vongole rocks it.

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Kurt EI was not impressed with 2 Amy's. The pizza is super salty and the portions and dishes very "American" style. I wouldn't say this is a typical Italian restaurant- not at all!

    33333 by Kurt E

  • Jessica PlacenciaAmazing pizzas, salads GET THE ROSÈ it's special. Often packed so plan ahead.

    55555 by Jessica Placencia

  • Andrew @Decent pizza, nothing earth shattering though. Could do with more tomato sauce

    33333 by Andrew @

  • Gideon O.Great pizza. Get anything, it's good.

    55555 by Gideon O.

  • Chris KPizza was out of this world, roasted olives were de-lish, and the porchette was amazing. First time here, will be back!!

    55555 by Chris K

  • Taner KBest pizza I have ever tasted, by far...

    55555 by Taner K

  • Adam H.While the Margherita is super traditional, it's a must have here.

    55555 by Adam H.

  • Lyda AThe margharita is always a favorite but the calabrese is amazing!!

    55555 by Lyda A

  • Badr MIt was delicious 😍 you have order bruschetta and pizza margherita , also all staff was nice

    55555 by Badr M

  • Julia Lord NickleThe puttanesca!!!!

    33333 by Julia Lord Nickle

  • Svetlana SПицца - пальчики оближешь.

    55555 by Svetlana S

  • Behrad B.If you're only getting one pizza, make sure it's the Margherita Extra!

    55555 by Behrad B.

  • Behrad B.The Norcia is a solid choice: tomato, salami, grilled peppers, fresh mozzarella, and grana.

    55555 by Behrad B.

  • Matt S.The pizza and service are terrific.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Neville E.I suggest give it a try. It is not your typical style of food. I enjoyed the sardines even if it is salty. The pizza is simple but very enjoyable. Get there early if not your going to wait for a table

    55555 by Neville E.

  • Antonello Sthey have fresh prosciutto

    55555 by Antonello S

  • Indy MOrdered the two Amy's pizza with pesto; AMAZING!!! 😍🍕😍

    55555 by Indy M

  • JP P.We waited 15 min in the middle of the day for a server to come, but instead we were watching the staff argue on whose had our table. I hear the pizza good but we left because of the wait.

    22222 by JP P.

  • loran j.Great authentic Italian pizza but be prepared to wait a while. They have a really good beer selection, if you can muscle your way to the bar thru the crowd.

    55555 by loran j.

  • Ana Marie 💃I rarely get pizza in DC but this margherita is worthy!

    55555 by Ana Marie 💃

  • Morgan T.This place is casual but has some great pizza. Get the orange salad and the Santa Brigida. They also have a sparkling red wine.

    55555 by Morgan T.

  • Natalie K.Delicious pizza and a great beer selection. If it's busy see about sitting at the bar - it's full service too.

    55555 by Natalie K.

  • Shelby R.Delicious and authentic pies! Went for lunch time on a weekday and it was packed! Gets a little noisy with kids..

    55555 by Shelby R.

  • Jon R.Amazingly good pizza and fried risotto!

    55555 by Jon R.

  • Steven A.The margherita extra was fantastic (try it with prosciutto for something different), but the polpettine al forno were out of this world: some of the best meatballs I've ever tasted.

    55555 by Steven A.

  • Douglas MAwesome pizzas, good selection of beers and great atmosphere

    55555 by Douglas M

  • Claire LewandowskiNo-fuss four-top tables, friendly service, and fast, delicious Neapolitan pizza. Get an espresso post-dinner.

    55555 by Claire Lewandowski

  • Kate ModicAlways get a pizza. Always.

    55555 by Kate Modic

  • Mike DeVollGreens, suppli, and burratta. Go.

    55555 by Mike DeVoll

  • Karthik R.Solid Neapolitan pizza. Ask for the off the menu special - pepperoni, hot peppers, grana cheese on margherita base

    55555 by Karthik R.

  • Tyler HastingsAlways crowded - but worth it for the terrific pizza.

    55555 by Tyler Hastings

  • Ashley G.Margherita pizza is the only way to go! Love the deviled eggs

    55555 by Ashley G.

  • Colleen N.From Washingtonian: Get the Cockle Pie

    33333 by Colleen N.

  • Aoy CPizza pizza

    55555 by Aoy C

  • Edward P.Great pizza and "little things"

    55555 by Edward P.

  • Chad C.Norcia! Oven-roasted olives! The small plates! You can't go wrong. Used to live around the corner from this place. Now I live in chicago. When I am in DC I eat here as often as I can.

    55555 by Chad C.

  • Chefs FeedAnthony Chittum, chef of Vermilion, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Deviled eggs.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Mallie T.The terrace out back is lovely in the summer

    55555 by Mallie T.

  • Robb F.Washingtonian recommends the cockle pizza.

    55555 by Robb F.

  • Vedran R.Margherita is to die for! Sweet buttery mozzarella, mild tang to tomatoes, and fragrant basil combination is unbeatable!

    55555 by Vedran R.

  • T BTry the small plates to share at the bar on Saturday. They're all great!

    55555 by T B

  • Zoe JTry the polpettini, the best mini meatballs in DC.

    55555 by Zoe J

  • Ana Paula SilvaIt gets busy and it is pretty loud; however the service and the food are good!

    55555 by Ana Paula Silva

  • Konstantin Z.Try Suppli

    55555 by Konstantin Z.

  • Andrew C.Yes, the pizza is fabulous- as are all of the small bites: cheeses, meats, etc. I recommend the goat ricotta with honey and pine nuts. Soft and sweet in just the right ways.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Isa L.Not impressed.

    22222 by Isa L.

  • Alicia C.Pizzas are delicious, but go for the small plates if you're looking for a flavor bomb....mmmm

    55555 by Alicia C.

  • Dana F.Amazing meats & cheeses. Great pizza too.

    55555 by Dana F.

  • Buzz C.The canoli is yucky.

    33333 by Buzz C.

  • Amber H.Meat and cheese platters delicious. Pizza was wonderful - wasn't crazy about sausage on pizza (tasted kinda watery and oily). Salads were also awesome!

    55555 by Amber H.

  • Lee S.The 2Amys sausage and peppers special was fantastic. The cannoli is ... Different.

    55555 by Lee S.

  • bob k.Best pizza in town!

    55555 by bob k.

  • Jonathan W.Best pizza I've ever had.

    55555 by Jonathan W.

  • Paul A.Try the pizza.

    55555 by Paul A.

  • AliceGreat food! Do not order cuvée house wine ... Blah!

    33333 by Alice

  • Andrea R.Burrata Cheese is Amazing! Rapini is a must! They use the most delish balsamic vinegar! Fav Salad on the menu is the Escarole. The Pizza is Certified by The Italian Government Neapolitan Pizza!

    55555 by Andrea R.

  • Dalal D.Great pizza..loved the etna pizza 🍕... Very flavorful 👍

    55555 by Dalal D.

  • Krisha P.Get the margherita pizza!

    55555 by Krisha P.

  • OMARBest pizza place in town one must try each plate and staff are very sweet

    55555 by OMAR

  • Silvia L.Best pizza I've had in the US

    55555 by Silvia L.

  • Reem A.Best pizza in town !!!

    55555 by Reem A.

  • Max F.Hands down best pizza in DC.

    55555 by Max F.

  • Ursula P.Best pizza in town! To avoid a long wait, grab a table in the area behind the bar. No reservation required.

    55555 by Ursula P.

  • Bailey M.Hands down best pizza in Washington. You can build your own. I suggest trying the goat cheese with pesto!

    55555 by Bailey M.

  • Geoffrey M.Truly authentic pizza! You'll never look at chain pizza the same way again. Order the Margherita Extra if you love cherry tomatoes as I do.

    55555 by Geoffrey M.

  • The Q.Believe the hype. This is some tasty pizza.

    55555 by The Q.

  • Taylor W.Best pizza in D.C.

    55555 by Taylor W.

  • ThePurplePassport.comNeighborhood pizza joint dishing up tastes-like-Naples pizzas straight from a wood-burning oven.

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • ToryBurchThe perfect pizza pie- don’t miss the donuts served on Saturdays and Sundays at lunch.

    55555 by ToryBurch

  • BoBB C.!¡!Only 1 Way 2 RoKK!¡!

    22222 by BoBB C.

  • BoBB C.'Nuff Said!¡!

    55555 by BoBB C.

  • Paul K.Grab a drink in the bar while you wait for an back patio table. The Mascerelli montepulciano rosé is bright and dry, pairing lovely with a warm evening and the best pizza in DC.

    55555 by Paul K.

  • Coskun U.2 Amys pizzasi bende puan birakmadi

    55555 by Coskun U.

  • Katie H.You absolutely can't go wrong with the Margherita pizza. Everything about it is perfection from the first bite to the last. I was on a date and I still ate my whole personal pie. (He did too)

    55555 by Katie H.

  • Nour K.Make sure to order the squid and potato salad. And the oven baked pizza is the best in town

    55555 by Nour K.

  • Leah W.Try the negroni. It's so delicious.

    55555 by Leah W.

  • Craig F.Wonderful food! Great service!

    55555 by Craig F.

  • TaraGet ready for a long wait. They do a great job at crowd control though. Getting there early in hopes of a shorter wait is useless since this kid friendly restaurant has lots of families waiting early

    55555 by Tara

  • Home Owner Solution Network I.the best pizza in arlington

    55555 by Home Owner Solution Network I.

  • Kelly D.Try the Abruzzese! Delicious!

    55555 by Kelly D.

  • Lexi L.Norcia Pizza for the win.

    55555 by Lexi L.

  • Kirsten M.Really friendly staff - electric outlets at the high top tables near the bar for the studiers!

    55555 by Kirsten M.

  • Derek F.Potato and prosciutto croquettes and Norcia pizza are a few definite must-haves at this tasty pizzeria.

    55555 by Derek F.

  • MitraPuttanesca

    55555 by Mitra

  • Cait W.Overrated. Try Vace in Cleveland Park instead!

    33333 by Cait W.

  • wonderwillowFor dessert- get the Marsala Custard and an espresso. Eat the first half of the custard alone and the second half dipped in espresso. You're welcome.

    55555 by wonderwillow

  • Roya S.Order the Suppli a Telefono (fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella) with a side of marinara sauce. Your life will never be the same.

    33333 by Roya S.

  • Barricade M.Head to Rock Creek Park Trails and get a FREE copy of Barricade on DVD. All you have to do is find where we hid it! http://bit.ly/QBQ0qf

    33333 by Barricade M.

  • kevin b.I stick to the d.o.c. Pizzas. I'm always happy.

    55555 by kevin b.

  • Laura W.Have them slice your pizza for you. Their knives are pretty dull, and it makes it easier for you! Get the 2 Amy's pizza over the Margarita... The cheese is better.

    33333 by Laura W.

  • Penn A.The best pizza in DC, hands down. The margherita pizza is perfection.

    55555 by Penn A.

  • kelly m.Everything is good.

    55555 by kelly m.

  • patrick s.Best pizza in the DC metro area bar none but unfortunately the worst lines + limited waiting space.

    55555 by patrick s.

  • BenjaminFantastic beer and wine lists - try the sparkling red. Weekday lunch is the easiest time to get a table.

    55555 by Benjamin

  • JohnHands down the best authentic Italian D.O.C. pizza south of Jersey and one of the only restaurants to serve "suppli" -- a fried-cheesy-ricey delight tasting like its directly from the "Old Country."

    55555 by John

  • Leandro L.Try the Cinnamon Doughnuts - Doughnut goodness:http://www.foodnomad.net/2012/04/2amys.html (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Leandro L.Try the Vongole Pizza - A closer look:http://www.foodnomad.net/2012/04/2amys.html (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Leandro L.Try the Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout - Dark & Heavy. More:http://www.foodnomad.net/2012/04/2amys.html (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Leandro L.

  • Geoff F.Easily the best pizza in dc. Make sure you get a d.o.c. pizza, you'll be glad you did.

    55555 by Geoff F.

  • Victoria V.Salt cod croquettes are out of this world and the Norcia pizza is amazing. Be sure to get here early for dinner - there is usually a wait.

    55555 by Victoria V.

  • Eric A.Upstairs is smaller, quieter, and generally more comfortable

    55555 by Eric A.

  • Nour K.Try the Pizza - Le pain quotidien (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Nour K.

  • Damla T.Definitely the best pizza in DC. Try the Pizza Margherita D.O.C. Expect a long wait on weekends but worths it.

    55555 by Damla T.

  • Washingtonian MagazineSome of our favorites—deviled eggs topped with piquant green sauce, gorgeously fried prosciutto croquettes—never leave the menu. Look to the specials for interesting spins on seasonal veggies.

    55555 by Washingtonian Magazine

  • FiOS 50Grab a seat at the bar and order a charcuterie plate while you wait for your table to try the authentic and much in demand Neapolitan pizzas.

    55555 by FiOS 50

  • Darrin F.It's well known as a great pizza place but I think it's underrated as far as romance goes. From good Wine to great food and AWESOME price, this is a great date place.

    55555 by Darrin F.

  • Matt R.Get the Marsala Custard to share with a friend.

    55555 by Matt R.

  • Spencer A.Wow, the Suppli a Telefono (fried risotto balls) are fantastic, must try!

    55555 by Spencer A.

  • T.Salt cod croquettes, pizze vongole and a Negroni. Worth the wait (which is never as long as they predict).

    55555 by T.

  • David L.The one place in the city for truly authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their White Pizza is superb!

    55555 by David L.

  • Molly W.If you can't handle restaurants that are too loud, beware it loud with a capital L. Foods great though and there is always curry out.

    55555 by Molly W.

  • Joe R.Cool place. Atmosphere is okay. Very loud tho. Probably not worth the 40 minutes I had to wait.

    33333 by Joe R.

  • EaterIt can be to get into the airy dining room at 2 Amys, as the Cleveland Park restaurant has a reputation for its authentic Neapolitan pies. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Grant M.Puts a whole spin on the D.C. scene. Love it

    55555 by Grant M.

  • Ley M.Very good pizza in dc

    55555 by Ley M.

  • Tammy G.If they have it, order the grilled spring onions wrapped in prosciutto.

    55555 by Tammy G.

  • AlexPlease get the potato frittata.

    33333 by Alex

  • jeffrey m.Authentic, Italian pizza

    55555 by jeffrey m.

  • Donald P.Note: weekend lunches are super kid friendly. Lots of them... Everywhere.

    55555 by Donald P.

  • PizzaSnobo p.Great ingredients, but the margherita pies have very little sauce and the cheese doesn’t melt enough. People love this place, but there are plenty out there who don’t.

    55555 by PizzaSnobo p.

  • Cesar M.Try the Margherita with salami!

    55555 by Cesar M.

  • krista h.best. pizza. ever. try the bruschetta with tomato fondutta--severely underrated.

    55555 by krista h.

  • Jenna C.Try the roasted olives!

    55555 by Jenna C.

  • Laura B.2Amys has the best pizza this side of Naples, Italy. Don't overlook the amazing small plates and specials.

    55555 by Laura B.

  • FoodspottingTry the Suppli A Telefono

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • BravoBest pizza in DC hands down! Relaxed, comfy and besides the pizza, great beers. -Tamesha Warren, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • Gregory N.Add an egg as an extra pizza topping. So delicious.

    55555 by Gregory N.

  • Travis V.Visa only. Try the chocolate truffle swirl ice cream. My girlfriend says, "I would love a 2 amys pizza for Christmas." Seriously.

    55555 by Travis V.

  • Stephanie S.the pizza is good but the small plates are the way to go...along with the house cured meats. SOOO good

    55555 by Stephanie S.

  • ali g.The fizzy red wine (gragnano) cures all woes

    55555 by ali g.

  • johnny JBest pizza in dc and very affordable too

    55555 by johnny J

  • Tim S.Oven roasted olives. Not sure you can get those anywhere else in D.C.

    55555 by Tim S.

  • DoraThis wood-fired pizza place is at the top of every DC local's list for a grown-up restaurant that's family-friendly. Powered by ParentsConnect.com

    55555 by Dora

  • Saurabh R.great pizza with the most amazing beer selection and great proscuito

    55555 by Saurabh R.

  • Brian F.Stools in the bar area are very uncomfortable. But everything else about this place is outstanding.

    55555 by Brian F.

  • Justin AThis is TRUE DOC neapolitan pizza. Do not skip it.

    55555 by Justin A

  • Ashley M.Best Pizza Ever!! The Margharuta Extra and the Burrata Appeizer are the way to go. Heavenly!

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Michael C.This is only the second place that I know of in the US with Old Speckled Hen on tap. Fantastic complement to their pizza. (ps the other placeto get it is Spotted Pig in NYC)

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Megan SullivanSanta Lucia/ Castel del Monte. Great wine

    55555 by Megan Sullivan

  • Harriti S.Must try the Rucola Pizza, the best!

    55555 by Harriti S.

  • Lynn M.If you want a quiet(er) spot, try the lovely little outside deck (although it can be quite crowded with young families). The upstairs, a fairly new addition, is wonderful!

    55555 by Lynn M.

  • Diane C.Any crostini-delicious and the braised fennel is fragrant and sweet

    55555 by Diane C.

  • DmedusaDIf it's crowded, call in an order to go & it's always ready in 10-15 mins.

    55555 by DmedusaD

  • Janet M.The eggplant parmesan is on the best dishes list in Washingtonian's 100 Best Restaurants.

    55555 by Janet M.

  • Alex L.Order the "suppli a telefono" (deep-fried rice balls), which are delicious and as good as the real deal

    55555 by Alex L.

  • ReidIf the pizza with sausage and "hotties and sweeties" peppers is on the specials list, don't consider getting anything else. Amazing.

    55555 by Reid

  • JC G.Always order the Suppli, if u like fizzy wine go w/ the Gragnano, if crowded order special dessert once you are sitting. Calzone is great for sharing along with a Escarole Salad.

    55555 by JC G.

  • warrenThe DOC is a classic. As is the lawnmower.

    55555 by warren

  • Tammy G.arugula pizza. olives. vino.

    55555 by Tammy G.

  • Noah K.Expect a fairly long wait and a loud atmosphere! But the pizza is divine.

    55555 by Noah K.

  • Kim S.vegan pizza eater.. decent options. thin and soggy crust- if that's your bag you'll love it. prepare for LONG waits. it's loud. yet despite it all, good times.

    55555 by Kim S.

  • Scott T.best pizza in dc and I live near it! gets busy though so come early!

    55555 by Scott T.

  • robert bthe best pizza in dc

    55555 by robert b

  • Bttr M.order out - it can be pretty loud. and get the deviled eggs.

    55555 by Bttr M.

  • Aaron L.Get the Pizza Margherita D.O.C. -- probably the best in the city.

    55555 by Aaron L.

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