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BGR The Burger Joint

1514 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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(202) 299-1071

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants

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4.4 of 5.0 from 107 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC
  • BGR The Burger Joint in Washington, DC

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  • Hungry Games on Aug 02, 2013

    Over the weekend, I was hanging out in a coffee shop in Dupont with fellow food blogger Pants, who writes about her quest to find the best sandwiches in DC...

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BGR The Burger Joint Reviews

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  • Brent B.Not impressed. The buns were very cold and my fries weren't cooked all the way through.

    22222 by Brent B.

  • Staceyeverything is always cooked to the perfect desired temperature.

    55555 by Stacey

  • Rob JThe veggie burger is worth forgoing the 🐮 version for.

    55555 by Rob J

  • Stephanie DGood food when you're having a bad day. Love the fries & a shake or root beer float. Huge servings.

    55555 by Stephanie D

  • Alaa S.The Wellington! That's all you need! The mushrooms are SO good!

    55555 by Alaa S.

  • Amy MarieGet the table by the window so you can people watch. The veggie burger is unique. Doesn't taste like a burger at all. It's rice based and sweet but very good.

    55555 by Amy Marie

  • Ron OppenheimThey toast and butter the bun really well. Fries a bit salty, bit otherwise, a great meal.

    55555 by Ron Oppenheim

  • Robb F.Washingtonian recommends the Wellington burger.

    55555 by Robb F.

  • Rachel O.Great atmosphere.. Love the music selection. Super friendly staff. Loved my burger with blue cheese! And don't forget to get some Parmesan fries! Delish!

    55555 by Rachel O.

  • Mustafa STried "The Legend"; it lived up to its name.

    55555 by Mustafa S

  • Alex O.Good burgers, especially the Greek and Wellington, but mediocre fries. Save some money and calories and just order a burger. It's certainly enough for a healthy-sized meal.

    33333 by Alex O.

  • Faisal B.Overrated.

    11111 by Faisal B.

  • J.W. E.So annoyed I just are here- my room service burger is better...and it costs the same!

    22222 by J.W. E.

  • Seth R.Not sure if it's changed. Wellington burger didn't have topped onions and weird mojo sauce. When I complained the guy said it was exactly as should be. this place used to be better...

    22222 by Seth R.

  • Charlie Y.They have the best Shakes in DC metro area !!!

    55555 by Charlie Y.

  • Tiffany C.One of the most flavorful turkey burgers I've ever tasted. Looking forward to trying the Wellington next time!

    55555 by Tiffany C.

  • Sylvia M.Best burger I've ever had, must try the Wellington.

    55555 by Sylvia M.

  • Shantee H.One of the best burger places. Not at all over priced for what you're getting...

    55555 by Shantee H.

  • Iman A.Amazing burgers, tried almost everything on their menu,,

    55555 by Iman A.

  • Carlos P.Veggie burger

    55555 by Carlos P.

  • Jenn L.The Greek is the best burger ever!

    55555 by Jenn L.

  • Real Living | At HomeYUMMY! We love these guys. A worthy mention on this list. Can't go wrong with them.

    55555 by Real Living | At Home

  • Rodolfo D.Get the rosemary, roasted garlic fries ! They are delicious.

    55555 by Rodolfo D.

  • Grace G.Try the Wellington burger !

    55555 by Grace G.

  • Niara P.Do NOT waste your $10 on the veggie burger here - it is AWFUL! I should have asked for my money back.

    11111 by Niara P.

  • Benjamin D.Best veggie burger in town. Made w/a touch of molasses.

    55555 by Benjamin D.

  • Christopher D.The Southwest might be one of best burgers in DC.

    55555 by Christopher D.

  • Steve G.The Irish burger with the corned beef on top was awesome. Onion rings were excellent and french fries too. I will definitely make it a point to stop here next time I'm in DC

    55555 by Steve G.

  • Eric B.No need to reiterate other points about the food -- it's great. But the service and decor is worth mentioning, as they're both top notch.

    55555 by Eric B.

  • Washington PostBurgers with "mojo sauce" and sweet potato fries are worth the wait. Also try the Greek, a lamb burger with tzatziki sauce and feta.

    55555 by Washington Post

  • Brett W.Daily lunch special is the way to go. Burger, fries, and drink for a little under 10 bucks and it'll fill you up.

    55555 by Brett W.

  • Celia A.The Wellington with an over easy egg & bacon = #TheTruth

    33333 by Celia A.

  • Jeremy C.The sliders beat everything else here.

    55555 by Jeremy C.

  • Nicole B.There are secret tables in the back!!

    33333 by Nicole B.

  • KatBest, most scrumptious burger in DC (sorry Shake Shack) hands down (...and start eating that burger right away). Loved the soda fountain. It could use a little better ventilation with an open kitchen.

    55555 by Kat

  • M. G. S.The Wellington is the best imaginable, even without the bun. The asparagus is great too. Fix the ventilation-my eyes and throat are burning in here!

    55555 by M. G. S.

  • Greg A.Mehhh...prices could be better but it's closer than black and orange so I make it a mission at least twice a week

    55555 by Greg A.

  • Michelle D.School house rock plays in the bathroom....sunday is double d's a must

    55555 by Michelle D.

  • Je'nique H.BurgerOrgasm!!! Really good on a Friday :D

    55555 by Je'nique H.

  • DarcySweet potato tots!

    55555 by Darcy

  • Mary W.Awesome sliders. Turkey burger is pre made with gorgonzola in it.

    55555 by Mary W.

  • Dave G.Food poisoning. They served me a raw burger and founder, Mark Bucher, responded with rude request. Be VERY careful dining here and with so many other options within minutes, you can do MUCH better.

    22222 by Dave G.

  • M. G. S.Hot damn! I don't know what they do to those mushrooms but the Wellington is simply to die for!

    55555 by M. G. S.

  • M. G. S.The Wellington is ridiculously good! What do they do to those mushrooms?!

    55555 by M. G. S.

  • Shaun D.Very disappointed. Burger was dry and salty. Service was downright RUDE ! Soda machine was empty. Food avg. Prices way too high for value.

    22222 by Shaun D.

  • Ryan O.Best burger in DC, hands down.

    55555 by Ryan O.

  • Andrew F.The turkey burger with pickles, tomato and lettuce is amazing!

    55555 by Andrew F.

  • JennYou must get sweet potato fries, and definitely add blue cheese to that plain ole burger. So delish.

    55555 by Jenn

  • Kelly M.The turkey burger is a meal in itself. The lobster roll is all huge chunks of claw meat. Delicious!

    55555 by Kelly M.

  • Summer H."I don't care that it's a chain, the sliders here are awesome and they have over 50 sodas to choose from.."- Carlos, SFS'14

    55555 by Summer H.

  • al v.Nice, juicy, man burger. Just a bit too much bread for my taste. Although, this cooked to order, and prime cut of aged meat makes this burger a winner. Skip the caramelized onions, get the mojo sauce.

    55555 by al v.

  • Jared C.The best burger joint in DC. Great burgers, great fries, AWESOME soda fountain.

    55555 by Jared C.

  • Sean G.fairly decent, though pricey...

    55555 by Sean G.

  • Joe B.The veggie burger and ahi tuna with pineapple, pickled ginger and teriyaki are awesome "meatless" options. Can't wait until lobster returns!

    55555 by Joe B.

  • Anthony A.Amazing burgers! Try the Coke Freestyle Machine!

    55555 by Anthony A.

  • Shannon Y.ordering by the phone has made my life a lot easier

    22222 by Shannon Y.

  • Humberto M.Good choice, partner. Make sure to see what the burger of the month is before you order.

    55555 by Humberto M.

  • Burger DaysBGR’s July Burger of the Month, the Red, White and Blue Burger was Adam's favorite of the year. Perfect combo with a juicy tomato, decently fresh bacon, ranch & blue cheese– it was all on point.

    55555 by Burger Days

  • Harold W.Southwest burger's where it's at here...sides overpriced tho

    55555 by Harold W.

  • Mike R.The next level...when you want something a lil nicer than FIVE GUYS...which is awesome in it's own right:)

    55555 by Mike R.

  • R Derrick T.Skip the Southwestern Burger. It's a very spicy sloppy joe - not a solid patty.

    55555 by R Derrick T.

  • Washingtonian MagazineThe big, juicy patties are crafted from dry-aged beef and set on puffy brioche buns. We like them dressed with cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and grilled onions.

    55555 by Washingtonian Magazine

  • Diana E.Classic turkey burger with sweet fries. Huge portion, but so yummy.

    55555 by Diana E.

  • MMA NationThey're known for their nine-pound burger, but just about everything they make is tasty. Service is a little slow, but portions are gigantic.

    55555 by MMA Nation

  • Rica S.Outstanding burgers - did the Wellington and sweet potato fries ... YUM

    55555 by Rica S.

  • Wesley S.You must get the Turkey Burger..

    55555 by Wesley S.

  • David G.Happy cows mean great beef.

    55555 by David G.

  • M Squared Real EstateNow that's what I Call a Cookie!

    33333 by M Squared Real Estate

  • Logan K.Southwestern burger was amazing!!!! A must try if you like a little kick!

    55555 by Logan K.

  • Carl G.Le burger, le burger, le burger

    55555 by Carl G.

  • NikitaI've been here a gazillion times, but I just found out that there is a VIP card that makes your 10th meal free. I'm sure they owe me a meal by now, but better late than never I guess.

    33333 by Nikita

  • Shantee H.The onion rings are heaven...

    55555 by Shantee H.

  • CharleyI've never had something here I didn't enjoy

    33333 by Charley

  • Going Out Guide from PostLocalThis joint made our list of Best Burgers in the D.C. area. Check out and complete the list here:

    55555 by Going Out Guide from PostLocal

  • Examiner.comThe best deal can be found Mon. - Fri. 11am – 2pm. The Box Set offers a regular or veggie burger, fries, & a fountain soda for $8.99 – a total steal considering that a burger alone can run about $9.

    55555 by Examiner.com

  • Patrick F.On the drink machine hit "Coke" to get more options like Vanilla, and even Orange Coke!

    33333 by Patrick F.

  • Jeff H.Fry orders are huge...bring a friend

    33333 by Jeff H.

  • Ben N.Good food, but pricier than you'd expect. Still, good eats.

    55555 by Ben N.

  • Andy W.$18 for a burger, fries and a shake. And it's not even a good burger. Are they kidding me?!

    33333 by Andy W.

  • Mike F.Wellington is awesome!

    55555 by Mike F.

  • David S.Try the flavored Coke Fountain! The Raspberry Coke is great.

    55555 by David S.

  • Warren R.The soda machine has every flavor of coke... Ever

    33333 by Warren R.

  • Jessie H.Burgers pretty big, don't get greedy like me and order a lot.

    33333 by Jessie H.

  • Rusty M.Carnivores! Get The Cuban: beef, pork AND ham.

    55555 by Rusty M.

  • Mark L.Burger was AWESOME!! Fries: not so much. Cold, flavorless.

    33333 by Mark L.

  • ReneeThe most amazing soda fountain ever! You gotta check it out.

    55555 by Renee

  • Erica J.Great burgers. Southwestern burger hit the spot. You get tons of fries so a single order is good for 2 ppl.

    55555 by Erica J.

  • Miriam W.Loved the sweet potato fries with rosemary. The veggie burger was good, but fell apart as I was eating it.

    55555 by Miriam W.

  • Suzette G.Didn't love the turkey burger... The other carnivores in my posse seemed pleased

    55555 by Suzette G.

  • Danny P.Awesome burgers, onion rings are too much for one person to realistically eat.

    55555 by Danny P.

  • Mike S.Terrific veggie burger. Onion rings also top notch. Recommended.

    55555 by Mike S.

  • kazahelA single order if fries can easily feed four (really)! Try the Parmesan fries & veggie burger or very spicy southwestern burger. Highly recommended.

    55555 by kazahel

  • Christopher BGrew up in CA; this place is better than In-n-Out. Yep, I said it. Would trade offspring for pumpkin shake as well.

    55555 by Christopher B

  • Meredith B.Cherry Coke in their soda machine! Delish veggie burger if u like the sweet twist.

    55555 by Meredith B.

  • Donovon B.For those of us who are not Big Red Meat eaters you will become one after eatting one of their burgers! They are cook to order the way you ask to perfection. Try the Wellington w/ black truffles Heave

    55555 by Donovon B.

  • Ashlie S.The Wellington was amazing w asparagus. Mmm delicious!

    55555 by Ashlie S.

  • Jacob F.Lunch special with bacon and cheddar. To. Die. For.

    55555 by Jacob F.

  • Kurt POverpriced, average-tasting burgers and soggy fries - I'd take Five Guys over this place any day.

    33333 by Kurt P

  • Tim M.This place just isn't that good. Walk the 3 blocks to Rogue States on the other side of the circle or even 5 guys up CT ave

    33333 by Tim M.

  • Pete G.you can feel your heart valves closing when u eat it, but the bacon cheeseburger here is one of the best ever!

    55555 by Pete G.

  • Dan MKeep it simple and enjoy a bacon cheeseburger. The asparagus fries are to die for, add rosemary and garlic to them and get a double order -- you'll thank yourself later.

    55555 by Dan M

  • Keaven F.Cold fries cooked in month-old tasting oil, and a mediocre burger with carmolized red onions (really? Come on!). At $10? *Never* going back to this place. Ever.

    22222 by Keaven F.

  • Michael H.Great quality meats and fries, fun environment but a little pricy. I think I like Good Stuff Eatery a little more but I live in Dupont so I'll definitely eat here more often.

    55555 by Michael H.

  • Ben T.Love the double chocolate shake. Real ice cream, whipped cream on top.

    55555 by Ben T.

  • Eric S.Lobster burger, Wellington burger, 9Lb burger - check out new BGR in Dupont Cirtcle for the cross b/t 5guys + Matchbox. Delicious.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Adam S.poor service, average burger, sky-high prices. you can do better. go elsewhere.

    22222 by Adam S.

  • Anna J.The grilled asparagus was great, the veggie burger, not so much. Get the Vanilla bean instead of the Double Chocolate shake if you're torn.

    55555 by Anna J.

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