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8764 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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(310) 432-2000


  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Monday: 8:00 am - Midnight
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - Midnight
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - Midnight
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - Midnight
  • Friday: 8:00 am - Midnight
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - Midnight

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 169 reviews

price range:$26 to $50



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Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA
  • Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA

Cecconi's Reviews

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  • Aitch BEverything fine and superb, tasty but the service really clumsy.They stole my wallet and once i said that im going to call 911 they get my wallet back in 5minutes 🤦🏻‍♀️&Make sure to check your bill!

    33333 by Aitch B

  • marta MHorrible service

    11111 by marta M

  • Chloe Lthe ambiance outshines the food here, and it's a gorgeous restaurant.

    55555 by Chloe L

  • Brian TolmanGreat service. The wait staff is terrific!

    55555 by Brian Tolman

  • James H.Classic old fashioned

    55555 by James H.

  • Anna H DTruffle pasta

    55555 by Anna H D

  • Aaron G.Very good branzino!

    55555 by Aaron G.

  • Caroline R.Beautiful spot with marble and a huge bar.

    55555 by Caroline R.

  • Lydia BerkennouDefinitely worth your money. Service is good, food is so delicious. Had a really great time there.

    55555 by Lydia Berkennou

  • M RCalamari , Bresaola pizza, spaghetti with lobster, steak .

    55555 by M R

  • Mollie M.If you want a little LA swank in your trip.

    55555 by Mollie M.

  • Mollie M.Because it's LA! And the food is top notch.

    55555 by Mollie M.

  • Liubov R❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    55555 by Liubov R

  • AT SNo idea how the are still open the food isn't good but the place is nice

    33333 by AT S

  • Hajar SAmazing food we ordered Fried calamari, baked gnocchi, fried zucchini,grill fish ,lamb ragu and lobster spaghetti 👌🏼

    55555 by Hajar S

  • Cherith Z.Excellent, top-notch service. Gorgeous atmosphere if a little loud. Food is good, pasta made in-house is wonderful. Valet $10 cash only

    55555 by Cherith Z.

  • Alieh Truffle Pizza is the best in LA

    55555 by Alieh

  • Emma Ifab pasta and tiramasu

    55555 by Emma I

  • Stephanie M.Very Beverly Hills crowd. Servers are a bit snobbish if you aren't dripping with money. Food is good though.

    33333 by Stephanie M.

  • Karim BFoods, music, people

    55555 by Karim B

  • Rayshawn JGo during happy hour. The black truffle burger is only available during that time. Small but decent.

    55555 by Rayshawn J

  • Robby RCame here , liked it and will come again.

    55555 by Robby R

  • Thomas CGreat good, great setting.

    55555 by Thomas C

  • Paul T.Great spot for breakfast meetings in an upscale setting.

    55555 by Paul T.

  • S A.Better than londons one

    55555 by S A.

  • Countess Rose P.The lobster spaghetti is amazing

    55555 by Countess Rose P.

  • Ricky j.There is nothing bad at the spot

    55555 by Ricky j.

  • Sam L.Great brunch! Have a Bloody Mary and the 'green' eggs on toast! Valet is complementary as well.

    55555 by Sam L.

  • Andie DEverything is good! My favorites are calamari and salmon! dessert: profiteroles

    55555 by Andie D

  • Alicia TGreat food, atmosphere, and cocktails!

    55555 by Alicia T

  • Charles T OFine Dining At Its Best!

    55555 by Charles T O

  • Pierre-ÉlieVery nice staff, good food, good cocktails, good music.

    55555 by Pierre-Élie

  • Andrey CNothing really special about food, but great atmosphere ...:)

    55555 by Andrey C

  • Magic MOutdoor Place, yum food, good price

    55555 by Magic M

  • Pablo G.pizza margeritha and italin calamari are a matador combo

    55555 by Pablo G.

  • Thomas C.I come for the old man brunch: New York Times printout, full English breakfast and strong coffee. No booze though. Parking is usual LA nightmare

    55555 by Thomas C.

  • Owen JAlways get an order of the meatballs. Garganelle is my go to for lunch.

    55555 by Owen J

  • Asahi, pls.4-7pm 7 dollar truffle burger is the must buy don't miss veal tonnato either.

    55555 by Asahi, pls.

  • Luiz Felipe RA little noyse but good food and wine.

    55555 by Luiz Felipe R

  • LA Weeklyhe grilled octopus, lemon, caper and olives appetizer is mindful of Southern Italy. Slightly sweet, with the crunch of celery added to the mix, the dish manages to be light yet substantial.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • LA WeeklyThe simple luxury of eating in a greenhouse — outfitted with enough marble to sink a ship — makes Cecconi’s a terrific date-night restaurant.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • LA WeeklyAugment your meal with the Break in Oaxaca cocktail, an unusual blend of chamomile-infused mezcal, chocolate, lemon, maple syrup and frothy egg white. The dried flowers on top bob like buoys.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • Caridad La comida buena, el lugar muy padre, el servicio dejo mucho que desear

    33333 by Caridad

  • Nabil B.Great food and atmosphere. Like the place. Truffle pizza and burrata

    55555 by Nabil B.

  • Amanda VinciDelicious Italian, high end clientele. Drinks are on point.

    55555 by Amanda Vinci

  • Shereeneh AOrdered a type of pasta (was it agnolotti?) with oxtail and mascarpone, It was good. Fried calamari was great. Cheesecake wasnt good. Our waitress had a shitty attitude. Atmosphere was nice but loud

    33333 by Shereeneh A

  • VEEV SpiritsThe 4-7 Happy Hour at Cecconis is a must. Our go-tos are the La Dolce Vita cocktail and the burrata, heirloom tomato & avocado. All for under $15!

    55555 by VEEV Spirits

  • Melissa P.Secret steak, now you know

    55555 by Melissa P.

  • Ed KGreen eggs are amazing

    55555 by Ed K

  • Andre GilyovExcellent restaurant, the prices are pleasantly surprised, not as expensive as one might expect, even when such a kitchen. The kitchen is excellent, meat cooked perfectly, a huge srpasibo chef.

    55555 by Andre Gilyov

  • LA WeeklyDon't miss their $7 black truffle burger (on the 4-7 happy hour menu). It’s as funky as anything those big-boy burger places tend to throw at you, but with a laid-back classiness that’s hard to match.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • Nina VirGreen eggs — v dank

    55555 by Nina Vir

  • Thaís Alves LamônicaAmbiente maravilhoso, comida maravilhosa!

    55555 by Thaís Alves Lamônica

  • FirassCant go wrong amazing restaurant

    55555 by Firass

  • Ana VitikHelpful waiters

    55555 by Ana Vitik

  • Melissa VLoving the pizza

    55555 by Melissa V

  • Jessie W.always a celebrity sighting here

    55555 by Jessie W.

  • Conor C.Prix fixe Thanksgiving menu was absolutely DELICIOUS. If you're in Los Angeles for the holiday and don't feel like cooking, I thoroughly recommend Cecconi's!

    55555 by Conor C.

  • Abu Aya aka KDGreat italian in melrose

    55555 by Abu Aya aka KD

  • Joseph KGood grub, beautiful people! Too much of "The Hills"- Hipster types at times but, nice view. Awesome events!

    55555 by Joseph K

  • Matthew BPower Players (DM Mark Evans) & Movie Stars everwhere!

    55555 by Matthew B

  • First We FeastFrom 4 to 7pm, you can live lavishly under chandeliers and sit at a marble bar while enjoying a ballin'-on-a-budget burger for $7.

    55555 by First We Feast

  • The Wall Street JournalGo for the pasta specials, with Bolognese or pancetta.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • LAistThey'll ask you how spicy you like it, what base spirit you'd like, whether you want a salt rim -- they'll build the perfect bloody with a house-made base that's been aged to round out the flavors.

    55555 by LAist

  • LAistit's been rolling strong ever since. From 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., a server rolls around a wooden bar cart, stopping to prepare Bloody Marys to-order.

    55555 by LAist

  • Tim LNever been in this place but heard a lot of great reviews which intrigues me more to visit and try it out. And by barely looking at the images above too it even convince me more to check it out.

    33333 by Tim L

  • Gina B.Valet parking is complimentary. Nice!

    55555 by Gina B.

  • Daniel Johnperfect for Brunch

    55555 by Daniel John

  • WEHO G.Best Happy Hour on Robertson!

    55555 by WEHO G.

  • Canan H.5 out of 10 👎

    33333 by Canan H.

  • Fernando F.Very nice place with a very rude waitress

    22222 by Fernando F.

  • Danielle M.Check in and you get a free glass of prosecco!

    33333 by Danielle M.

  • EyalGreat brunch place, terrific bloody Mary's, steak and eggs delicious. Back room available to rent for private parties and looks really cute.

    55555 by Eyal

  • Antonova A.Very tasty stylish Italian place. Order Vitello tomato and spaghetti vongole

    55555 by Antonova A.

  • H.C. @.Aperol spritz is a classic & quintessential cocktail to get here; fizz means fun!

    55555 by H.C. @.

  • Taylor Q.Very boutique looking restaurant, with very unique menu items. Any truffle fan will enjoy the veal ravioli with black truffle.

    55555 by Taylor Q.

  • Marte S.La pizza era buono!! But don't forget to make a reservation.

    55555 by Marte S.

  • Greg S.Try the Bee's Knees (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Greg S.

  • Truffle P.The crepes with Nutella and strawberries are delicious - although they seemed to have swapped the Nutella for syrup which was still really good.

    55555 by Truffle P.

  • Los AngelesBlistered crust pizzas are a good bet. There’s one with shaved truffles for big spenders. We like the version with tiny circles of crisp-edged, spicy salami and broccolini.

    55555 by Los Angeles

  • Cecconi'sOur Wi-Fi password is: cecconis123

    55555 by Cecconi's

  • Nancy F.The green eggs during breakfast/brunch are a must!

    55555 by Nancy F.

  • Caroline O.Bartender Juan makes a mean Manhattan.

    55555 by Caroline O.

  • Caroline O.If you come for breakfast you get a free pot of LAMILL coffee.

    55555 by Caroline O.

  • AuntiSharLove this place and the guy who runs it!

    55555 by AuntiShar

  • Matt V.You MUST try the Truffle/Goat Cheese Pizza! It's fabulous.

    55555 by Matt V.

  • Boris van Hoytema 🚁Lunch here, reasonally priced, good quality

    55555 by Boris van Hoytema 🚁

  • Luxe L.Dine with an foc. @giovanniferro

    55555 by Luxe L.

  • Shahram M.Black truffle pizza all the way!

    55555 by Shahram M.

  • Amer S.Omg the best truffle pizza ever. Don't miss it!

    55555 by Amer S.

  • Navid A.afternoons at the bar is just the best ..

    55555 by Navid A.

  • Nick B.There are power outlets in the corner tables outside. The wifi is free. Great tea selection.

    55555 by Nick B.

  • Glitterati ToursBreakfast is phenomenal...always. An endless pot of coffee. For dinner, we love to special order a sodium delight---a prosciutto and heavy anchovy pizza.

    55555 by Glitterati Tours

  • Manoela G.The food is spectacular and the Service is great!

    55555 by Manoela G.

  • Kelly B.Though not a pizza place they make a serious pie!

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • Shelley L.Try the eastern standard drink! Delicious and refreshing.

    55555 by Shelley L.

  • Peter K.Blin al tartuffo nero - Blin with black truffels super yummy!

    55555 by Peter K.

  • ShoppingandInfowas here for baby shower - love this restaurant

    55555 by ShoppingandInfo

  • Barbie C.Love the ambiance here

    55555 by Barbie C.

  • MEHMET B.And you should not miss spagetti lobster..

    55555 by MEHMET B.

  • MEHMET B.Very good italian. Loud crowd. Nice setting. Free wifi. Decent italian food. Gnocchi, octopus must try.

    55555 by MEHMET B.

  • Kelly B.A crisp Neapolitan-ish pie, made better with freshly shaved truffles!

    55555 by Kelly B.

  • Роман Б.Томатный супчик. Пицца со свинкой очень все вкусно!

    55555 by Роман Б.

  • Valeria K.Ricotta waffles with mascarpone were divine this morning!

    55555 by Valeria K.

  • Kayden H.I love this place. The Picante cocktail is awesome. For food, octopus and tomato soup are safe bets.

    55555 by Kayden H.

  • TarekLobster spaghetti.

    55555 by Tarek

  • SonnypongGo for the Lobster Spaghetti & the Grilled Salmon Asparagus - to die for

    55555 by Sonnypong

  • Ian R.Sunday night is family night, salad, pasta, and pizza for 4 served family style for $50 total. Also, they have nannies with arts/crafts for the kids and a magician wandering table to table.

    55555 by Ian R.

  • Marielle S.Tuna tartare is lovely! Excellent team, lovely bar!

    55555 by Marielle S.

  • Jessica G.Try the chilled tomato soup

    55555 by Jessica G.

  • Kathleen B.Best breakfast. Quiet

    55555 by Kathleen B.

  • Francesca B.wonderful food in an unique location !

    55555 by Francesca B.

  • Sharon S. S.I am a proud, gay woman who was harassed right away by the hostess, an African-American woman was whispering 2 a co-worker, that we were Di..She said aloud, 'My religion does not support ur kind!

    22222 by Sharon S. S.

  • Celebrity HotSpotsJennifer Lopez grabbed a bite to eat with friends here after judging an American Idol episode

    55555 by Celebrity HotSpots

  • Eileen L.Come on a Tuesday or Saturday for Brits in LA Breakfast Club!

    55555 by Eileen L.

  • Gilt CityThe octopus is tender and meaty, with big chunks grilled over wood-fueled flames until charred and then tossed with lemons, olives and capers.

    55555 by Gilt City

  • Carrie M.Sit at the bar its more comfortable and great for people watching.

    55555 by Carrie M.

  • Jesyka S.Marino and Chris are the best ...also ask for Patrick or Jamie... I live at this restaurant and the truffle pizza is amazing!

    55555 by Jesyka S.

  • Monica D.Fabulous Thanksgiving Brunch!!!

    55555 by Monica D.

  • Taste TerminalChef Andrea Cavaliere shows us how to make Black Truffle Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving.

    55555 by Taste Terminal

  • Syndicate Media GroupLA [Eat] Fun spot to enjoy a little furtive celeb watching while chowing down on made-from-scratch pasta. The desserts are miniature works of art.

    55555 by Syndicate Media Group

  • Bill H.The most civil lunch spot in LA...

    55555 by Bill H.

  • Sam KimaSumptuous food indeed

    55555 by Sam Kima

  • TalenthouseSometimes we grab a fancy cappuccino here but their food is great too ;-)

    55555 by Talenthouse

  • Chris J.The most amazing Filet on the bone. Great place to mix and mingle with friends as well.

    55555 by Chris J.

  • Showtime NetworkLove this restaurant. Great Italian food and beautiful decor. My pick: lamb chops. -Francine, The Real L Word

    55555 by Showtime Network

  • Ashley Q.All show and no go. You pay for the type of crowd and the ambiance rather than the food, which is of little quality.

    33333 by Ashley Q.

  • Maura C.The server, Marcello(sp) was amazing, charming and not bad to look at :) he made dining at Cecconi's a fantastic experience. Tip him well, he deserves it!

    55555 by Maura C.

  • Brittney C.Step Up Women's Network Power Breakfast!

    33333 by Brittney C.

  • Justin B.Small pasta

    33333 by Justin B.

  • Justin B.Don't trust the waiter. If u have an app or salad order the d

    33333 by Justin B.

  • Emily P.Just walked in, greeted by a super friendly hostess and led to the super friendly bartenders- now enjoying a delicious peach Bellini!

    55555 by Emily P.

  • Jonathan R.Had to have one of luigis old fashions!

    55555 by Jonathan R.

  • Showtime NetworkIt’s no easy feat to get a table here, so congrats! Dine like a Borgia (you deserve it!).

    55555 by Showtime Network

  • Chris J.Wed and Thurs are the best nights to go!

    55555 by Chris J.

  • Dominique P.Try the rosti, duck egg and truffle. Miam!

    55555 by Dominique P.

  • Bullfrog & BaumThis classic Italian restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes as well as cicchetti (Italian tapas). Try the Scallops wrapped in Pancetta & Rosemary - delicious.

    55555 by Bullfrog & Baum

  • FoodspottingTry the Goat Cheese And Black Truffle Pizza

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Kat Jbest grilled octopus i've ever had!!

    55555 by Kat J

  • Gabriela C.Amazing! The best smoked salmon I've tasted! Impeccable service! In addition, Chef Curtis was on the next table.

    55555 by Gabriela C.

  • Steven B.The pizza and meatballs here are incredibly good

    55555 by Steven B.

  • Adrienne Jane L.Watch out for the $120 rosotto special

    33333 by Adrienne Jane L.

  • Vishal S.Skip the baked gnocci in favor of the pizza. Best chicken pillard I've ever had.

    55555 by Vishal S.

  • Shawn K.Don't smell the truffles. Just dont

    55555 by Shawn K.

  • R JBlueberry compote hotcakes!!!

    55555 by R J

  • Bunny M.a good martini ...

    55555 by Bunny M.

  • golden Guns ANothing like a breakfast at Cecconi's to start the day off right. Mimosas for everyone in the "Breakfast Club" on me.

    55555 by golden Guns A

  • Johnny P.formerly Mortons

    33333 by Johnny P.

  • Jared C.Medium = Bloody Red

    33333 by Jared C.

  • Juicy CoutureRent the Butterfly Room for a private dinner party. There’s a sick Damien Hirst on the wall in a deco cool Old Hollywood setting. Perfect for birthday soirees.

    55555 by Juicy Couture

  • ChrisOff the frickin charts. Sophisticated, world-class and a bathroom with granite and copper. Did I mention the food? A perfect 10.

    55555 by Chris

  • Rachel JNot just great at night (thats what she said)....come here for free wireless, coffee, and newspapers in the morning.

    55555 by Rachel J

  • Allegra R.The meatballs are AMAZING. Order some to share at your table. The secret? Lemon zest. Yummtastic.

    55555 by Allegra R.

  • Los Angeles TimesThe calamari are big ones, napkin ring-size and very tender. The dough is pale instead of crisp and golden. They come with an excellent aioli, silky and delicious.

    55555 by Los Angeles Times

  • Craig Y.They are doing a sunday roast this week - yum!!!!!make sure to rsvp with the brits in la first

    55555 by Craig Y.

  • Jonathan R.The best old fashioned in town!!! And when I say town, I mean all of Southern CA!

    55555 by Jonathan R.

  • Showtime NetworkThe food is as gorgeous as the restaurant itself. Great place to people watch and more often than not you’ll be sitting next to someone famous. Also great for private dinner parties. - Nikki

    55555 by Showtime Network

  • Karina M.Summer vegetable salad is to die for topped off with Italian champagne

    55555 by Karina M.

  • Duke H.Great food and good service for b,l,d, or drinks.Terrific environment, cool crowd

    55555 by Duke H.

  • Eric P.Get the seared ahi tuna salad at the bar and enjoy the people watching. A fantastically cheezy crowd on some nights.

    55555 by Eric P.

  • Craig Y.Cecconi's have some great deals Inc the British breakfast club on Tuesday mornings. $13 all in Inc tax and tip

    55555 by Craig Y.

  • Brad A.Outside is great

    55555 by Brad A.

  • Brian AExcellent wood oven-baked meatballs, probably the best eggplant parmesan I've tasted, great veal chop and absolutely IMPECCABLE service.

    55555 by Brian A

  • Stephen B.Try the lobster - seriously good!

    55555 by Stephen B.

  • Victoria PGo to the bar and have a drink for the atmosphere, but skip the overpriced meals at Cecconi.

    33333 by Victoria P

  • Missie B.Upscale dining. Loved the stuffed mushrooms and wine list. Used to be the old Morton's.

    55555 by Missie B.

  • Rich K.the chopped salad is amazing

    55555 by Rich K.

  • Richard N.join the breakfast club for 30% off before 11am

    33333 by Richard N.

  • Michael Tthe veal chop and the octopus are fantastic here...

    55555 by Michael T

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