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  • Max Lager's Grill and Brewery in Atlanta

    Max Lager's Grill and Brewery

    by SandBookWich

    The Peachtree Special is a wood-fired chicken sandwich with white cheddar, bacon, onion mayo, and an onion roll. It sounded amazing; it was sadly nothing special. The seasoned fries were excellent.

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  • Annie's Thai Castle in Atlanta

    Annie's Thai Castle

    by Spatial Drift

    I didn't have my socks knocked off by Annie's Thai Castle, but I enjoyed reasonably-priced and well-made mainstream american thai food. I'm not sure if Annie's has seen a decline since the hype that I have picked up on over the year, or if I am just missing something obvious. Either way, I'm okay with it because (finally) when coworkers ask for suggestions for lunch, I can whip out Annie's as an affordable alternative to some of Buckhead's other offerings. 3 stars.

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  • Taqueria El Rey Del Taco in Atlanta

    Taqueria El Rey Del Taco

    by Spatial Drift

    Adam and I think that Taqueria El Rey Del Taco is a lot like your typical pay-a-little-get-a-lot mexican joint, but while the majority of those places sacrifice quality to achieve the price point, the quality of the food here is higher than that average. Despite having heard good things about it already, we were still pleasantly surprised.

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  • Gios Chicken Amalfitano in Atlanta

    Gios Chicken Amalfitano

    by Spatial Drift

    Overall, the Giovanni empire is a great thing for food lovers as its no frills, delicious food presented in a casual and welcoming atmosphere. It is exactly what the Atlanta food scene needs more of.

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