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Spotlight Features

We have lots (and lots) of data and some of it is quite interesting. We will periodically add new features here and we would love to hear requests if you have some.

  • Restaurants along Highway ExitsRestaurants on Highway Exits
    A list of restaurants you can find at thousands of highway exits in America.
  • Restaurants at NightRestaurants at Night
    A view from space if only all of the restaurants in our database turned on their lights.
  • Vegetarian RestaurantsVegetarian Restaurants
    Search from over 4,000 vegetarian restaurants.
  • McDonald's vs StarbucksMcDonald's vs Starbucks
    Having both the McDonald's and Starbucks data, we combined them both to show who has the greater saturation for a particular area. Overall McDonald's comes out on top, but in a few places like Seattle Starbucks has the edge.
  • McDonald's saturation calculatorMcDonald's saturation calculator
    After seeing how many Starbucks locations there are, we wondered how the king of fast food would cover America. Just as we suspected they are everywhere. Check how many are near you.
  • Food for the Fortune 500Food for the Fortune 500
    Do you work for a huge company and need somewhere new to go for lunch? Just find where you work and we'll find restaurants close by.
  • Dine at a haunted restaurantHaunted Restaurants
    Looking for something unique? These restaurants are said to be haunted, let us know about your dining experience.
  • Find restaurants near your team's football stadiumFootball food
    Nothing is as good as a hotdog at the game, but if you are eating before or after your team takes the field, or if you don't have tickets, but still want to party near where the action is happening, then this will show you all of the places near the stadium.
  • Starbucks saturation calculatorStarbucks saturation calculator
    We all know that there are lots of Starbucks locations, but you'd be suprised by how many are close to you. On average there are 10 Starbucks locations within 5 miles of you. With this calculator you can enter your ZIP code or city and find out exactly how your Starbucks saturation compares to the rest of the US. You can also see our Starbucks Report to see some interesting things that we discovered.